Tongues have power. They can tell truth, or they can tell lies. The key is an upright heart. Then we will have righteous lips that serve and feed many. Best we can do is propagate our faith, the Gospel of Jesus. (Proverbs 10:19-21, Psalm 64:4-7; Psalm 23:1-3)

Speaker: Thomas Schaller
Sermon: 12591
7:00 PM on 10/4/2023

P. Schaller – Tonight we’re
doing a message on the tongue. I got this tongue – how does that? Anybody know the song?
Okay, P. Taggart. Do you know it? We have a microphone. Run it down to P. Taggart. Ulla and P.
Taggart. (Song). Okay. Wow! That was brilliant! Thank you.
Turn to – just as an introduction – Psalm 100. That was the introduction actually. That was
awesome. I’ve got this tongue. How many want to hear this message? You want to hear it? All
through my Christian life, if I could ever hear a message about the tongue, I was all ears. I really
wanted to hear it. It’s such an important part of life.

Psalm 100:4, really, really to be thankful deep in our hearts for the gifts of God. The reality of God
in life. The grace of God. That God would love us like he does, care for us and carry us. Provide.
Be the source of life, the new life. The Spirit of God in us. So, we are learning and being trained
by God in the family of God. This is a family. By the way, I said to somebody recently, my family
in the church family. So, in a way, I have two families. I have my family – my wife and I and our
family, and then we are in the church, which is the family, the big family. You are our brothers
and sisters, and you help us a lot. You help us by your love. By entering the courts with
thanksgiving. His gates. Enter his courts with praise.

We have a very good starting point for our tongue, and it is thanksgiving and praise. I’ve
noticed that in our church that we do love to sing and praise God. I love it. I love to come
together and praise God. Our brother down here in the front row is from North Carolina? South
Carolina. And he moved up here to Baltimore and has been with us for some months or a year.
About a year now. I asked him, how do you like it up here? He goes, I like it. I said do you like
the church? Love the church. Love the church. Do you miss North, South Carolina? Yeah. It’s not
the same but. But what?

Here we are and he mentioned something about worship and just sitting here. He said I just get
excited about coming to church because we worship God. Isn’t that amazing? It helps all of us.
We are worshippers. We drink the same spirit. We are worshippers no matter where we are
from. Many of the immigrants that come here to Maryland from other countries, many of them
when they come to our church, and we have a few hundred of them that are new in this
country. They are looking for the people of God that worship God. That’s us. So, they feel at
home, cause we drink the same Spirit.

Psalm 100:4, is he? Don’t doubt it. Embrace it. Receive it. Think about it. Roll it around. Embrace it.
Think about it. He’s good. He is for you. He is for us. He is God. And he is for us. And he says it
to us in many ways. So, his language, the language of God to our heart is where we get our new

So, turn now to Proverbs 10. Keep P. Scibelli in prayer. Tomorrow he goes to Nepal and then
after that to India. Thank God for him and others that are ministering. Our pastors retreat. I see
P. Adam. Right? P. Adam. P. Glen. Wow! Any other pastors here going up to the retreat you
want to just raise your hand? Anybody here going up? P. John. Okay. Great. We’ll have a good
couple days together. Finnish people, too. A couple Fins came. Let’s see. Are they here now,
maybe? (He’s naming them). The ladies aren’t going to the pastors retreat. Isn’t that beautiful?
Those three Finnish pastors coming for that.

Okay. Proverbs 10:20. Actually, let’s look at 10:19. Meaning in the multitude of words there’s no
lack of sin. A lot of words and I might just not say it right or there is exaggeration. There’s
leaving out information. There’s accentuating a minor part. I really have trouble telling the truth
in one sense. There’s a multitude of words. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t talk, explain
ourselves. It just means we need to be aware that we need help.

Remember Jesus said when you are being persecuted, don’t worry about what to say or even prepare, but my Father will speak through you in that hour. Imagine that God could take control of our tongue and have
authority over our tongue like Pentecost when the cloven tongues of fire were over the
believers’ heads, 120 people, and they spoke the gospel and told the truth. Did not bear false
witness but were anointed for that ministry for the Holy Spirit to speak in different languages
even. And what a work of grace that was.

Today, as life goes on for all of us, it is our joy to be fed spiritually by words. This book coming
to our hearts. Words being spoken. In prayer. When we are in prayer, and a word comes to us
in prayer, and we take that word and just put it in our hearts and meditate on it. Then, in God’s
timing it becomes a subject of fellowship cause it’s a word of life. Holding forth the word of life.
Having the Word in our families. Having the Word in our friendships. Having the Word in our
marriages. Having the Word in our church. Having the Word on the street or in the grocery
store even. Not hyper spiritually, but a word of love, a word of kindness, a word of
encouragement, a word of truth.

So, it says that here. Vs. 19. There is a tendency for sin, but he that refrains his lips is wise. How
could I not gossip? How could I not care about information. We see it in the human nature. This
is really where a lot of people live. In Psalm 64, it drives people away. Look at Psalm 64 with me for a
moment here. Vs. 5. This is the gossip and slanderer and how she or he lives. They shoot in
secret, verse 4, with their tongue. Suddenly do they shoot at him and fear not. Like we
shouldn’t care too much about what people say about us. It’s okay, but the reaction. And if they
are wrong, they are wrong. Let them alone. Let the blind lead the blind. They both shall fall into
a ditch. What is that to us? Let us fear God. Let us enter his courts. Let us have fellowship in the
Holy Spirit. Let us praise God and thank God and be very loving and edifying and truthful as a
way of life.

Vs. 5. Psalm 37, they may succeed. They may slander you. They may pollute your reputation. But
they cannot touch your character. It’s like Christ. His reputation. But what was his character?
Reputation is what people say about Tim Tebo for example. Tim Tebo and whatever, but what
about his character? That’s his. The heart knows its own bitterness and also its own happiness.
It’s own contentment. And what people would say about saints of God.

By the way, if you are a godly person, you will suffer that it says. You will. But how do you
handle it? We don’t become like our accusers. We instead walk in wisdom and in love. We’re
patient. We are kind. We pray and God takes care of us. Look at what happens to these people.
So, do not be one of these. Vs. 6. By the way, has anyone ever heard of that phrase, everyone
has a closet. Is it? A closet. They have what? What is it again? Skeletons in our closet.

Everybody has but because of Jesus, those closets are empty. Because of Jesus, we have a new identity.
Because of Jesus we are forgiven of our sin. Because of Jesus, it’s none of their business. But
they will accomplish a diligent search. They will dig it up as much as they can in vs. 6.
They search out iniquities. These are people that are shooting at you. Now, the arrow, ancient
world, arrows flying across the factory floor or from one town to another or from one social
media platform to another. They will accomplish a diligent search. Vs. 6. It’s a real thing. They
think about it at night. It says that in Proverbs 4:16. At night.

They can’t sleep until they invent some mischief about you. They invent some story line. They slander you. They target you. I was reading the Bible today for many hours actually. All afternoon here cause today was
prayer and fasting day. And I enjoyed that. I felt it from the Lord to just pray. I read a verse
where the wicked will target you. They will. And this is what this is saying. They have deep
plans. Deep thoughts to take you down. Maybe it will happen in your neighborhood. Maybe it
will happen at work. Maybe it will happen in your family. Maybe there would be some deep
thoughts to take down a family member or hurt you as a parent or grandparent or friendship.
They do this.

Look at vs. 7. Suddenly, they are in a depression. Suddenly, they don’t understand it. Suddenly,
they have this feeling, this horror, this worry, this concern. Suddenly, they’ve been shot. Vs. 8.
That’s why you cannot do this, because you will be alone. People will flee away from you,
because they know. They’ve seen it. They’ve studied it. they’ve watched it happen. We cannot
be like the world. We are different with our tongue. We cannot do it like they do. They
exaggerate. They lie. They search out iniquities.

They gossip. Their tongue has no godly authority. They don’t have that authority that you have over your tongue and what that means. Go to Proverbs 10 and see this. Vs. 20. You don’t have a wicked heart. You don’t have a wicked
heart. You have a new heart. And you feed that new heart with words. Words of life. Words of
encouragement. Words. In a marriage, don’t live in a reaction with each other. Learn
longsuffering. Longsuffering. Learn to be kind.

I heard this interesting story Timothy Keller told about he and his wife. He said at the end of the
day – he was a preacher up in New York City as many of you know. Very good preacher. Very
good messages. He said in the evening when he went to bed, he’d sit on the edge of his bed
and he’d take his shoes off and throw them in the closet. They go clunk, clunk. And after doing
that, he had the habit of doing that. Going to bed and throwing the shoes in the closet. His wife
said would you stop doing that?

He said, yes. Yes, I will. But then, the next night he just did it.
She didn’t say anything and after a while, she did. I thought that we agreed that you would not
do that anymore because the scuff marks of the shoes are in the closet and like why do that?
That irritates me. he said I won’t do it. And guess what? He did it. He just kept on doing it. He
didn’t even realize it. But his wife was quiet about it like longsuffering, like patient with it. And
then they had another talk about it.

Then, he made a sign. It was like “Don’t throw the shoes in the closet. God.” And put it there.
He stopped doing it. What I heard in the story is like two parts. The wife and the husband. And
not fighting. But longsuffering, patience, forgiveness, understanding, mercy. You see, the
husband is to love the wife the way Jesus loves the church. That’s a long time of patience and
waiting and waiting for the change and patience and love and ministry.

Tonight. God is ministering to us. And how many here just keep on throwing your shoes in the closet type of
thing? You just keep on pushing things in the refrigerator or pushing the toothpaste from the
wrong end or parking the car constantly on the grass or whatever it is that is like these human
things that we all have but you’re stubborn. You’re stubborn and you’re right. I will throw the
shoes in the closet as much as I want to and I will do it day and night! I am the head of the –
whatever the story is. This is a new life. This is the Spirit of God teaching us. Marriage is about a
lot of love and a lot of forgiveness.

One lady said to me, do you know why I got divorced? I go, why? Because my husband and I
could not agree on putting the toilet seat down or up, and I said it’s to be down, and he said it’s
to be up. And that ruined our marriage. All right. Turn to your neighbor and tell your neighbor,
how would you label that message? The tragic story of the toilet seat. Okay.

Okay. I just asked Jesse. He’s getting married in ten days or so. Is it ten days? Ten days. (clap).
He’s getting married. Let’s have a moment of silence! What will surface in his marriage? Right.
Yes. Who knows? Something. Something. Right. How about with us as brothers and sisters in
the church? How do we talk to each other. Can we mature and realize somebody talks to me.
Let’s say I have a weight problem, or I have a discipline problem or something. Someone talks
to me about vitamins.

That actually happened in our café. Somebody was new in our church,
and they got offended because somebody said something about food or vitamins, so they’re
out of here. You got to have some sense of what this is. This isn’t about people correcting each
other. This is our prayer: the manifestation of the living God amongst his people, and that
manifestation is a ministry of grace and truth by the Holy Spirit. And your tongue is what is it?

Silver. A tongue of the just is as silver, choice silver. It means it has a lot of value. Your tongue
has a lot of power. It can destroy and it can edify.

By the way, I don’t blame someone for talking freely, casually about vitamins or about food. I’m
not saying that. What I am saying is that in relationships with each other, you have some
choices. When you get offended, are you going to survive and keep on in the relationship or are
you going to say I’m out of here. In your marriage, if you have a hard time, are you going to
keep on and learn longsuffering, humility, meekness, patience, the fruits of the Spirit? Yes,
that’s what we need to do. The problem isn’t that it isn’t that. The problem is right here. I need
to learn how to hear and how to talk, how to be patient and how to forgive.

I don’t know when it was. Ten days ago, I told this story. I had these chocolates in my house. My
wife is over there! Okay. So, she’s amazing. That’s clear. I had these chocolates. These soft little
chocolates with the dusting of dark chocolate and, you know, I got them at Christmas. So, what
is the month? October. So, it’s not like I devour chocolates, right?

We had a president, did you know he ate two pounds of chocolate every day? Anybody know
that? President Taft I believe. Wasn’t it? He ate chocolate. You could tell he was eating
something! Okay, so, anyway. I got off on that! So, they were, the chocolates were thrown out.
So, where are they? Lee, where? You know. Just. That was good for me. That’s good for me.
These things that happen between people, and if you are in a church where you are overly
sensitive, then we like to say you and I let’s all realize that we can be, but let’s take another
look at this and say maybe I need this. I want God to teach me, so I can be conformed to the
image of his Son. I can be longsuffering.

Cause sisters and brothers, it looks like the world is going crazy. We don’t know what will
happen in the future, but one thing for sure, we need Jesus Christ to be real in our life. Come
on. He’s got to be there. He’s got to be real for me in my heart and in my words and in my
vision, my focus. We need to understand that a lot of times things are said, and things are done,
and I need to learn to love. The love from God isn’t that kind of sensitive human kind of love.
It’s another kind. It’s tough. It’s an amazing love. It will be there. It will not fail.

It will endure all things. It’s a love that can take it. it’s a love that – and then we grow and grow in that love.
Let’s finish this up. Chapter 10:21, notice these are right in a row – 19, 20, and 21. Now, if you
have an upright heart, do you know that there are people that would like to be around you cuz
of your heart. By the way, be around people. You come here on Wednesday night which is
awesome. Praise the Lord for this. This is a great thing. Be around. The righteous will feed you.
The righteous people will feed you. You don’t even realize it. But their spirit, their attitude, their
words, their mindset, their value, their focus on the right things feeds us.

I want to be with – strong word – I like to be with heroes. I like to be with people that believe in something in their heart. I want to be with people that mean something. A woman with a family, raising a family,
and she is a righteous woman. She’s going to minister to us. Like her life. And that’s what’s
happening by God’s grace amongst us.

So, the lips of the righteous feed many. You’re righteousness is precious and valuable. The lips
of the righteous feed many. Many. Children benefit from it. They’re taught good things at
home. They’re taught good things at school. They have a righteous teacher. A good teacher. If
we have leaders in our country, if we vote them in, – the problem is that we are not good at
that. It looks like. We’re not good at choosing the candidate that would have integrity and
honesty and humility and righteousness. So, we are in a difficult place.

The best thing we can do is propagate our faith, share our faith with people and feed many. The lips of the righteous will
feed many. The best thing that we can do is to share our point of view with love, with kindness,
with wisdom and encourage young people and teenagers and adults and lead them in
righteousness that’s imparted to us.

But fools die. That’s sad. For want of wisdom. They do. They die. Cause nobody told them. I
don’t want to say nobody. They just didn’t hear it or they didn’t want it. They just didn’t pay
attention. They didn’t get it. They died for lack of wisdom. It’s a sad thing. They get sexually
transmitted diseases. Nobody tells them. They get addicted to certain things. Nobody tells
them. They are drinking hard.

Remember that little piece I shared with you? A relative and why don’t you drink? I just say
because in the family I would hate to think that my family would be in a car accident or cause
one or something tragic would happen because of alcohol. Or a marriage is broken up because
people drink, and they talk and they say – some guy would say – he would never say it if he was
sober. But he’s drunk. I’m thinking of divorcing you. Next morning, the woman says, do you
remember what you said to me last night? No, I don’t remember. You said you would divorce
me. That hurts. Did you say that? No, I never said that. Yes, you did. You were drunk last night,
and you said that. That’s like, wow! Are you serious? They get in a fight over it.

What am I saying? There are fools that die because they lack wisdom. I remember that Mark
DeMoss said not only do you make a judgment about something as to whether it is legal, but
also is it moral but also is it wise? because it would be legal, and it could be moral but not wise.
Is it wise?

So, there we are. That’s our message tonight. Maybe we got to end it on a better note. And that
is the praise and the thanksgiving. I like to think that in the immediate environment of my body
I might have a world that I can somehow effect by my words. I say the devil has no right to be
around me right now. I have God. The angels of God are with me right now. And by the way,
devil if you are listening to me I rebuke you. I resist you. I’m against you. I don’t agree with you.

I disagree with you. You can go to hell. One day, you will be. You have no part in my life. And
then you say Jesus thank you for the authority you have given to us in our hearts and in our
mouth. We have the power to bless.

When you get in a car, before you get in the car you can say, Lord, just quietly to yourself. Lord,
I want to go in the car, and I want to bring a blessing. Give me words. Help me. Bless me. Get up
in the morning and say, Lord, fill our house with joy and life and love. May you help me have
the right spirit and walk today in wisdom.

Maybe you’re quiet, but what I’m trying to say is your tongue is a tool used by God. It is. It’s a
sword. The sword of the Spirit is the Word of God, and it does work. And it ministers to us, and
it helps us. Govern us Lord by your Word. We’ll be submitted to it, agree with you, and worship
you in your Word.

And then, what about prayer. You can read the word. I want to do this. Let’s just go to Psalm
23. It’s a psalm many of us know. You can get on your knees and say the Lord is my shepherd.
Keep your eyes there on the text. I shall not lack. The Lord is my shepherd. I get off my knees
and say, Lord, the Lord is my, my shepherd. He is my shepherd. I won’t lack anything. I won’t
lack anything. I believe that. Nothing missing. Everything is perfect. You are my God. And I
praise you. Fill me with your Spirit today and help me and lead me, God.

Vs. 2. You just take time. Green pastures. What are they? Not desert. Green pastures. I lie
down. I’m fed. I’m in green pastures. What kind of pastures? Green pastures. That’s where I lie
down. You see, I’m taking the Word from the page in my heart and saying in my mouth. Now,
I’m in the doctor’s office waiting to go into the doctor or the dentist or something. And there I
am. I have the Word in my mouth. Actually, I got a speeding ticket. Yes, I did. I was going 47 in a
30 on Seminary Ave.

So, I went to court. I’m sitting there in a courtroom with a lot of people. And the judge – I praise
God for the legal system. I love it actually. I love the judge. The guy’s running it. The police
officers. The work they did. I’m sitting there. Pleading guilty. Yes. Judgment before probation I
think it’s called. So, I didn’t get any points on my insurance or my record affecting my insurance.
I just could sit there, and I have a meditation. I have a meditation of thanksgiving.

I have a meditation of praising God. Thank you, Lord. I’m 71 years old. When this happened to me when
I was 24, it would shake my world. A speeding ticket would be not good. But I’m old. I got 71.
Thank God I can drive still! Thank God that actually I can speed a little bit. Thank God I got a car.
Thank God my wife is home making me breakfast or something. Thank God. You see what I’m

Our life is different, and the way you live, and you conduct yourself is the grace of God in your
life. And when we have it with each other, this is our family. This is our family. We respect each
other. We speak well of each other. We think the right way of each other, because that’s how
God thinks of us. God forgives us. God loves us. God gives us the grace. God teaches us. That’s
it. Amen.

Okay. Just in closing, did this message mean anything to you? Did it help you in any way?
Anybody? Yeah. It did? It is something that for months now personally I have been thinking
about can I bring into this, my world with the Lord, words. Words of life. Even when something
bad is happening, could I in my heart like see beyond it? Let’s say there is a relationship with a
person. It’s bad. Could I see beyond it? Could I build? Could I forgive? Could I ignore a bad thing
and build something good.

Like for example, something bad happens. Somebody took money. And you could go to that
person and say, you know, I know you didn’t really mean this. I don’t believe that this is really –
it’s not who you are. I don’t believe that. I believe. See. It’s not flattery or manipulation. It’s not
that. It’s maybe what, maybe longsuffering, patience. Dealing with problems but not attacking
and reacting. I’ll throw the shoes in the closet if I want to. Okay. That’s one approach. You can
do that, and a lot of people do. Cuz we don’t have the understanding of the Spirit. Our heart
and our words can actually become more like the wisdom of Christ. How would Christ deal with
Peter when he denies him? You know, I mean, come on. And the disciples when they lack faith
and they’d been with him. How long do I be with you guys? Like how does it work?

So, I just want you – I just provoke you to think about it tonight. Just before we close, take a
moment, and reflect on it. You could say to your neighbor a word about it just before we close
in a minute or two. Just say to your neighbor, you know, yeah. I would love to have a different
tongue. I’d love to learn how to do this. How to be kind. How to be kind. Notice it seems like
people are carrying anger around. Not us. We don’t carry anger around. We carry something
else around with us. Isn’t that amazing? We really do.

So, worry is another thing. A lot of people worry a lot. The carry the worry. They talk about it.
they talk about how bad things are and so on. But what about God put us here. What about
God put me here and I got something. I’m not worried. I got something. Love is not worrying.
We have love in our hearts. Let me encourage you. Laugh together. How about laughter? What
a big thing that is? Laughter and joy. Okay. Just take a minute with your neighbor and we’ll
dismiss you. What did you learn about it? Okay. Julius just said – do you want to say it? Okay.
Oh, wow. This is cool. It’s something I can do. I can come home from work and I can just spew all
my things on my family. I can bring the stress of home – I mean work – home and it has an
impact on the atmosphere in my home. So, that’s – don’t do it, right?

Sometimes, I decided because I know that when I come home, my wife wants to talk to me a
little bit. We talk a little bit. And so, I would just say cause sometimes I’m all talked out. I don’t
really want to talk. But I just say before I go in the house, I just know that she needs that. It
sounds like a program, but I don’t mean it, Lisa. Honestly.

Oh no! Oh no! But even sometimes you can convince yourself by what you say. Like I’m tired. I’m tired. I’m tired. Well, what does that mean? I’m discouraged or I’m tired. Now, I live in that. But couldn’t it be that you could say
something else like Romans 8:11, the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead will quicken
my mortal body? Or could I say that God inhabits the praises of Israel? And if I’m inhabiting
God, he’s inhabiting those praises. And how can I, why do I define my world by my bad mouth?
How about cursing? Like just cursing. What about changing that and blessing? Blessing. Bring
blessing, right? This was our message tonight.

So, we’ll have a rap tonight on the patio. I wonder if P. Glenn, would you like to join me? P.
Adam, you’re invited. The two of you with me. We’ll have a rap on the patio okay. All right. I
want to let you go. (Prayer)


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