Our vertical relationship with the Lord is most important. God will pour down the power. Moses was up on the hill with rod of God in his hand. Moses up on hill had real authority. He was the vertical part controlling the horizontal battle down in the valley. (Zech. 12:10; Exodus 17:8-12)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Steven Scibelli
Sermon # 11680
7:00 PM on 5/15/2019



P. Schaller

Zech. 12 There’s something on my heart as I think of the end of May and the month of June. I think of our church calendar and our many things that we do around here. Do we do a lot around here? Do we do too much? Maybe somebody does too much. I don’t feel that but regardless, what I want to talk about is relating to a busy life, a heavy load for some people and I think this will be helpful tonight.

Two parts: the first one I want to build you up a little bit; the second one, tear you down! No, the second one, build you up even more.

Zech. 12:10, I said to P. Scibelli I speak on this and if he wants to make some closing comments, he can. That would be a blessing too if he feels lead.

Zech. 12:10, I will pour out on the house of David – this is in the Tribulation time, very strongly applicable but it can be now, too. I would also like to put in there, I do not believe in replacement theology. The church doesn’t replace Israel. I want it for application. I will pour upon the Greater Grace churches, the believer. That’s an application. We can believe that. It is literally the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem and the spirit of grace. That’s an important phrase. I can know grace theology but I also need the spirit of grace. I can say the right thing and teach the doctrine, but I need the Spirit of God also, the grace of God in me, the love and forgiveness and grace that is toward yourself and toward other people. That’s an important point.

Say to your neighbor, you can say the right thing but we also need the right spirit. We have grace saving me, grace keeping me. The grace of God and then the spirit of grace and of supplications. What does that mean? Prayers. Supplications. The spirit of grace and prayers. This is what happened in our history, in our ministry years ago. I was part of it. A very little part of it, but I was involved. I was part of it. The spirit of grace and the ministry of grace and the prayers that were given to us from God and we prayed we would send people and there would be authority in the pulpit. There would be wisdom on the street. There would be prayers in the home, in the Bible studies. New Bible studies. Crossroads Magazine published. In there listed was 121 Bible studies every week in the New England area. That was the Bible Speaks and the Spirit of God moving and the prayers that were happening.

I’m a little bit concerned about our summer. And about the coming month of June. And about everything that is going on. I’m asking you tonight to pray with me and think with me about this subject. I cannot tell you what to do, but I know you are people of the Spirit. You come to the church because you have a spiritual life of faith and you are hungry, spiritually hungry and listening to the Spirit speak. The anointing of God ministers to us. We come because we have vertical relationships. We have all kinds of horizontals that are happening.

In the context of this verse, Israel, they are not believers but God pours his Spirit on them, a spirit of grace and prayer and they will look on me whom they have pierced. The Jewish people who have not believed up to this point will look at me whom they have pierced and mourn for me as their only son. A husband and wife had one son and he dies and their pain would be so great because their only child has died. He said Israel will mourn like this as if someone had lost their only son and shall be in bitterness for him. They will realize the one who is crucified is the Messiah. My point is, the power that is here. I pour out on the house of David. I think it happened at Pentecost. He poured his Spirit at Pentecost. They realized the one they had crucified 50 days earlier was their Messiah. They mourned and were saddened by it. The Spirit restores and heals and they worship and realize who Christ is.

Ex. 17, I talked to Sam Miles today who is in Kansas City and he is coming here for our graduation. He’ll be here on Sunday. He said, what do you want me to do? Preach. What do you want me to preach about? I said I’ll pray and let you know. He said what’s on my mind is prayer. I said that’s a bullseye! If you come out here and minister to us about prayer, wow! That is powerful. We’ll be praying that God will minister to us on that subject.

Ex. 17:8-9, I’ll be up on the hill and I’ll have the rod of God in my hand. You’ll be in the valley in the fight. We could say down in the valley in the fight is like the horizontal. Moses up on the hill is the vertical or the real authority in the battle. Moses up on the hill with the rod in his hand is the guy God has anointed to be the guy Israel will be blessed. Israel will have victory through something Amalek knows nothing about. Amalek is counting soldiers and spears and swords. God is counting hearts. He is present.

Many times I reflect on the past. I think of how that happened. Maybe I forget what happened on the hill that nobody saw. Something happened on the hill or in the closet or back room. Someone’s knees behind the bed. Someone praying. A mom, Bishop T.D. Jakes, he’s a fireball. He said my mother became a warrior far superior to any epic hero. She became a giant on her knees. He was in West Virginia preaching. He had to climb over railroad coal cars because the train was there. He preached with fire. He was Pentecostal type but Spirit filled. His mother prayed with a sword in one hand and she battle the enemy of death and disease and kept beseeching God’s help and his mercy.

I don’t give up in the ministry. Some are very busy. I feel the devil wants to make me too busy or too lazy. The devil would like me to be lazy or drive me in my work. We are too smart for that. We have found a beautiful place of spiritual intercession for an hour or two or three hours of prayer. Hours of waiting on God. I’m not doing much talking. I’m just listening and loving and receiving and in communion and asking and being quiet. I’m not going to look down in the battle. I’m not wanting to get into the horizontals as much as I want to listen to what God is saying or doing. I relate to God in a life of faith and believe the Spirit will do a lot more than what the flesh of man could do. Prayer moves mountains. So do bull dozers but that’s a lot of work. A man in his bedroom waiting on God, responding to God, mixing faith with God and being quiet and listening has power with God. vs. 10. Please have a top of the hill in your life. Have something, the top of the hill in your life. Up there, that’s what’s needed, the top of the hill. We get in the swamp and try to get out of it. We need the top of the hill. We need higher thoughts than frustration or anger or resentment or worry or fear about my life.

In a few weeks, Luke, our Chinese student, is returning back to China. He doesn’t know what God has for him except he is connected with the local church and everything happening there. Just like Nathan, our Chinese student here a year ago is head of the Bible college in China with 90 students. Luke and all the other international students that will be leaving and going back home, every one of them need the top of the hill for their lives.

vs. 11. Amalek had no idea. Amalek is saying we’re winning. We’re winning. We’re losing. We’re losing. I wonder why? What’s going on? They don’t know there is a man at the top of the hill and where his hands go and what is going on with him and God is going to determine what is going to happen down below. I want to have victory in my own life but I’m concerned about it. I cannot do it. I’m concerned about your life. I’m concerned about Greater Grace worldwide. I don’t think we can do it. I know we can’t do it. I don’t believe we can do it. We can do church but we can’t live with God. We cannot find God and be powerful with God and have souls saved by God’s grace and edify people, disciple people and see the power of God manifest around the world. But we can.

It works like this. Moses’ hands were heavy. vs. 12. Stone speaks of Christ. Heavy hands speak of me and you. My hands are heavy. Has that ever happened to you? Has it happened to you? Have they ever been heavy? No more. I cannot do this thing. Don’t talk to me. Talk to your neighbor. My school is heavy. My life is heavy. My job is heavy. The Beltway is heavy. My boss is heavy. I cannot go to the church anymore. My arms are heavy. Evangelism is heavy. Prayer is heavy. The Bible is heavy. I wonder how many empty chairs here because people’s arms are heavy. Moses said it. The humblest man, the most powerful man, the man that divided the sea with that rod is saying my arms are heavy. Of course, they are. God is saying of course they are. GGWO could be history. It’s over. People talk about the past and the great days and revival and now our arms are heavy. Can’t do it anymore. Can’t do an early morning prayer anymore. Can’t do an outreach anymore. Can’t be a missionary anymore. Can’t even make it to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. My arms are heavy.

The Holy Spirit in you is a spirit of grace and supplication. He is a spirit of grace and supplication. He is a Spirit of God. God is in us. We got good news. We got the spirit of grace and prayer. We got the Holy Spirit that allows us to sit in a chair for a thousand years and not move and the Spirit is moving in you and speaking and talking and edifying and saying you know, my Son was crucified for you so you can be free. I set you free by my Holy Spirit. I gave you my best. I gave you my Son. Because of my Son, you can live and move and be in him. I got people to lift up your hands and help you out.

vs. 12. We have prayer. I don’t know how to say it to your folks. The Lord is speaking to us about it. What I’m getting at is people are getting visas and airline tickets from parts of the world to come here. We want the Lord to fight in the valley and get these things done. We’d like the new students that come here in August and September – we want God to do that. Who they may be we don’t know that. Summer harvest Europe with P. Gary is a subject of prayer. Summer harvest with P. Cooper and P. Gary and Colleen Collins with Vacation Bible School this summer. People getting married that God would do that in his plan. We’re not involved. That’s God’s work but we want good things to happen. Marriages to be healed. The prodigal to come home. Cancers to be removed. People’s footsteps ordered by God and they end up over here in the plan of God. It ends up over here in the plan of God. Prayer did it. I believe this ministry is born out of prayer.

Josh McDowell said prayer is talking with God. He knows your heart. He’s not so concerned with your words as the attitude of your heart.

Max Lucado said our prayers may be awkward and our attempts feeble. The power of prayer is in the one who hears it and not the one who says it so our prayers make a difference.

Maybe we are so busy doing what we are supposed to do we don’t say, Moses, get your hands up. It’s not going too well down here. He said I can. Hur and Aaron – I almost said Ben Hur! Hur and Aaron got their hands up. The Body support, the Spirit of God moving and working and it happens and we have our victory. Will you pray with me these weeks and have special times of intercession.

Friday night they do it after P. Scibelli’s class at 8:00, P. Atul and a group of people. Friday night all through the summer. Prayer as a Body. Then in your own private life. Those prayer warriors in the past, do not stop.

I remember Dr. Stevens picking me up one day. He always respected the prayer life I had and talked about it in his messages. I appreciated it and felt honored he felt that way. He was talking to me in his car and wanted me to talk to him about prayer. That’s kind of humbling. I know what he feels. I know why he said it. Nobody can say I have mastered this subject. Sometimes we drift away from it. You may as a pastor get so busy you are not there as much as you should be. You want the inspiration and voice of God to minister to you in times of quietness and mediation. Remember the S. Korea preacher. He said he would pray out loud. He would say very loud prayers. The shout of a king is amongst us. Sometimes there is music, tears, quiet, and sometimes a very short prayer.

Let’s be people that are sensitive in our conversations with each other. Have a prayerful conversation with the people you are with. Let everything be done with thanksgiving and let our request be made known unto God. That’s it. Amen.


P. Scibelli

Isn’t that awesome? When you’re sitting there, would you stand up P. Love and Pastor T. J. and P. Andrulonis? I was thinking when you were speaking, put your hands up in the air. Hold his hand up. That can be tiring for everybody. Sit down. Now hold his hands up. It’s much easier when you are seated. That’s a simple illustration. Resting and sitting and praying.

We will have a time of prayer tonight as we close. Not a rap tonight but a prayer meeting. We can be here for a prayer meeting.

You preached a message a while back, Behold, He Prays. Saul gets converted to Paul and the first thing happens he’s led by the hand because he’s blind and goes in to someone’s house. God speaks to Ananias and I want you to go to this man. Behold, he prays. Behold, Saul of Tarsus or Paul is praying. Nehemiah considered going back to build the wall. It’s incredible how many times it says hear the prayer of your servant. He’s weeping and broken. Will God hear the prayer of your servant? Ezra 9, Ezra was faced with incredible opposition.

Eph 6:18-19 six different words are used. Prayer is part of the armor of God. He spends six or seven words on this idea of prayer. Issues in families, problems in marriages, financial this or that, opposition in the atmosphere, disciples to be made and often times prayer is the spare tire rather than the steering wheel. Thank God we have a ministry born in prayer.

Ps 109:4 David said for my love for God my enemies are coming against me but I give myself to prayer. That was his answer, his victory, his life.

Let’s pray and maybe there are things you can verbalize and things you do not verbalize. God will touch us and hear our prayers.



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