Our tendency as people is to idolize. We can value what’s created more than our Creator. What will you do when your water supply is bad? The answer is the Tree, the Cross, and His love in our hearts. He has overcome the world. Be spiritually minded to gain life and peace. (John 16:33; Exodus 15:24-25; Romans 8:5-6)

Speaker: Thomas Schaller
Date: 2024-03-17
Sermon# 12684
Time: Sun 11:00am


P. Schaller –

Jireh. Jehovah Jireh. I believe that word means sufficiency, doesn’t it? Jehovah Jireh. God is my sufficiency or
in the song he’s enough. He will provide. Yahweh provides. Jehovah Jireh. He will provide.
Where do we see that in the Bible? Anyone remember? Let’s turn to Exodus 15. The song is
beautiful. Huh? The Lord will provide. Huh? It’s good.

Oh boy. I have a Bible with my pages sticking. Vs. 24-23. Exodus 15. What’s bitter water? What’s
another way of saying bitter water? What’s the meaning of bitter water but salt water. Like
they came to the sea water and it was bitter. They couldn’t drink it. And he cried and the Lord
showed him a tree.

Wait a minute. We got a water problem and the Lord shows us a tree? Yes. You have a marriage
problem. The Lord shows you a church. You have a health problem. God shows you the Bible.
You have a relationship problem, money problem. God shows you the tree.

What tree? The Cross. Christ was crucified on a tree. The waters are bitter. The waters are salt
water. You cannot drink them, but then God showed Moses a tree. What did he do with it? It
says he cried unto the Lord and the Lord showed him a tree which when he had cast into the
waters – you see, life isn’t only your circumstances. Like we have our circumstances but what
do you cast into the waters? What do you cast into your bad, in your badness, your bad
trouble? Your badness that’s happening to you.

You know, sometimes we feel like Lord, change the waters. And the Lord says I want to show
you a tree. I want to show you my way is not your way. My way, my way, okay. He’s a couple
thoughts to start and it is, uh, here’s a person and I’m talking.

As we’re singing and worshipping, I’m thinking of you guys. I’m trying to like understand you,
pray for you and help you. I want to help you because I understand that life is spiritual. That we
were born again. You are a born again child of God. Some of you may doubt it. Like some of you
might say yeah I know, but. And we all have our lives. I am happy to say that we are listening to
God’s Word and this is what really makes a difference between us and others. Us. Yahweh.
Jehovah Jireh. The Lord will provide. He will provide. It may not be a pile of money. You might
say you know what we’ll solve all my problems? If I have a pile of money. I throw money at all
my problems and it’s over. Problems are gone.

The Lord says, no. You need a tree. You need a tree in your life. Cast the tree into the waters. So, we’ll see that in a minute here.

Let’s look at this little picture. We are idolaters. Okay. Here’s an – an idol is – I’ll draw an idol
here. It’s something created that I have a lot of value on it. I put a lot of value on it ad it can be
a good thing like a child that was up here in the arms of the parents. A child can be an idol. And
so the idea is and this is only a kind of I’m trying to draw a picture to give the idea but the
picture is not perfect. Believe me. But you can put your love on a thing and go into it and possess it. You really have it. You possess this thing that you love so much. You love it so much.

Your job. Your career. You love it so much. Your family. Your life. Your – the way you are. Your
friends. We are idolaters. We put a lot of love on the things that are valuable to us and things
that we love, but here’s the lesson.

When you have God and you have the love of God, God radically he saved you. He gave you a
new nature. He gave you a new heart. He gave you the Holy Spirit. Now, you have love that
goes to God. Okay. It’s very much and you can’t love both with the same. You cannot have your
heart on your child.

I say this to my wife and she knows this well. I don’t love you first. I love you second. Why? Cuz
she’s not my idol. She cannot have my life, my whole life, my mind, soul and strength. And she’s
not worthy of that. Anything – these are all created things.

These are the things that are created. My wife is created and my self is created. People can idolize themselves. Idolize their loved ones. Idolize their life. But you and I have been delivered from that. We have been born
again and our love is on God. God has set us free from idolatry. That’s a blessing for my wife.
What if she was #1? I loved her with all my heart, mind, soul, and strength and she’s my God.
What’s that put, what position does that put her in? She has to be my God? I mean she has to
be, like not be – she has to be there for me all the time. She has to somehow make me happy.
Somehow satisfy me. What a bondage for her and for me.

You are not made to be an idolater. You are made to be a worshipper of God and have no other
gods before you. And that’s where your life changes and you find yourself Spirit-filled. Then, I
love my wife and say I love you. I love you with God’s love very much. Very much. And if you
ever fail me, no problem. I love you. I can forgive you. No problem.

You see when your water supply goes bad, what are you going to do about it? When your idol
goes bad, what are you going to do about it? When the thing you love so much dies. When the
thing you are building your life on collapses, what are you going to do about it? Right. So,
there’s the answer. God provided a tree and Moses could say I don’t need a tree. And the Lord
says you need a tree. Yeah. We say I don’t need that. I need, I need an answer for my problem.

The Lord says, no. This is your answer. Follow me. I will make you a fisher of men. I will speak to
your heart. Follow me. I’ll put love in your heart and love will change your life. I’ll put love, my
love in your heart and my Holy Spirit will live in you and by the Holy Spirit, you will find a new
kind of freedom, a deep joy, and a peace in your heart. When the water is bad, when you are in
trouble in the hospital, when you get a bad phone call and I’m sorry to say those kinds of things
but at the same time, why not say them?

Jesus said them in John. 16:33. These words I have spoken unto you that in me you might have
peace. In the world, tribulation. But be of good cheer. I have overcome the world. Thank you,
Lord. Yeah. I have overcome the world. Wow! Beautiful. Okay.

So, I would like to say that picture could go like this instead. It goes like this I think. Here is you
and now you are a worshipper of God. And you go, you are in the heart of God and you know
God and so then what about this world? What about your child and your family? I say I love
them. And I hold them loosely. I love them. I am a part of their life, but they are not controlling
me and I’m not controlling them. I’m an advisor. I’m a helper. I pray for them and I love them,
but it’s not possessiveness. It’s liberty. You hold the things of this life loosely.

That’s why when it says when we pray, we pray with uplifted arms. And our hands are open,
because we’re not clutching on life. We’ve given up our life to God. And God returns back to us
our life. And now, we’re able to manage our life much better. We’re able to let something go.
We’re able to forgive somebody. We’re able to say I love you. And I’m praying for you. We’re
able to handle life a lot better when it doesn’t control us. But God is in our hearts and now with
God, we live in this world and we’re able to take the tree and cast it into the water.

Let’s close with that part. It says there the waters were made sweet, vs. 25. Exodus 15:25, okay. So,
now let’s turn to Romans chapter 8 for our message that relates to this. So, do you see what I
mean by this? I think you got it. The world we are in, we are able to leave something alone.
We’re able to touch something. We’re able to be responsible for it. We do the best we can, but
we walk with God and we can walk away from things. We can be free from them.

Romans 8, let’s pray for a moment. (Prayer). So, we were in Hungary a week ago. In Budapest.
What an awesome, beautiful time we had. I have a notebook here where I took down notes
from different speakers. Maybe you saw it online. We also had private meetings with different
leaders and we emphasize again and again that there’s a tree. That you can cast into your
trouble and it can be changed because God is like that. He is the one. So in the next weeks, I
want to bring some of the lessons to your mind and Wednesday night we started on
submission. And we spoke about how important it is to be submitted to God first of all.

So, if you put here this word “submission” and you have HUPOTASSO is the Greek word.
Military word for being submitted under in rank. You have rank in the military and when
somebody is submitted under an authority that is over them. And of course, you have to find
that authority to be submitted to and of course that this is Christ. God, he is teaching us that.
In the Trinity, we have the Father is the authority administratively, though the Father, the Son,
the Holy Spirit all are three persons in one God. Beautiful thought. Three persons in one God
with love and humility. The Father is the head of Christ. And Christ and the Father, they send
the Holy Spirit into your heart and the Holy Spirit in you.

You are submitted to God as a worshipper. So, this is an order that’s outlined in 1 Corinthians 11 and important in your life to be submitted because you are submitted to God and because the Spirit does that in your heart,
then you have authority. There’s an authority in your life. Here you are and now you have God’s
authority that is in your life.

What kind of authority is it? It’s an authority to love. It’s an authority to be a servant. Authority
to forgive. Authority to be submitted to one another. For a man to be submitted. 1 Corinthians 16:16,
Paul said to be submitted to the men that were with him, the team that he had. We are
submitted to elders and leaders in the church, Hebrews 13:17. Also to the civil authorities, 1 Peter
2:13. And we did that during covid as much as we possibly could with a spirit of submission and
honor to the authorities which was a confusing time. That would be another message. But
believe me, submission is important. Not as in the military. Yes, but this is deeper. This is love.
Love touches you. It’s easy to be submitted in love and truth. This is wow! This is a great

It is easy to be submitted to somebody that is very thankful. Like my wife and I, we have a
beautiful marriage and I’m very thankful for it. One of the things that helps me I know is that
she’s a very thankful person. She’s very thankful for things. And I am also. I learned that. I am to
be thankful. It’s hard to argue with somebody who is thankful. It’s hard to argue and be not
submitted but to be like I’m not going to submit to him or her. I don’t like the way they think. I
don’t like the way they talk. I have an opinion about it. How easy it is for marriages to fall apart
because they lack this spiritual element of love. The fruit of the Spirit is love. How do you get it
but by being submitted to God.

God loves humility. Maybe I can get back to this in a minute. I’ll put down here the authority
word because we didn’t cover that but we’ll come back to it. All right. So, the best example of
submission was with Christ. When he was here in the world, he was submitted to the Father all
the time. He always did what he saw his Father do. He listened to the Father. He was perfect
without sin. He was pleasing the Father all the time.

You might say that’s him. That’s not me. No, wait a minute. Yes, that’s true but he left us here
in his stead. This is 2 Corinthians 5:18. We have, we are here in this – these are big words. We are
ambassadors for Christ, and we are here in Christ’s stead. What does that mean? We are here
in his place. God has sent us into the world to be here cuz he isn’t here. Jesus is gone. And he
sent us. As the Father sent me, so I send you. Can you imagine that we’ve been sent into this
world and to be here in Christ’s place?

So, we have a vertical relationship with God. You have been – I like this phrase, “radicalized.”
We’ll preach a message on that sometimes. Within this week I think. Radicalized. Meaning a
Christian is not just a nice guy that becomes a nicer guy. And he just lives by the Bible and he’s a
nice guy. No, that’s not – being a Christian is I have sinned. I’m not actually a nice guy. Deep in my heart I’ve got issues. I’m a worshipper of other things. I believe in Jesus.

Yeah, I believe in Jesus but come on. What the world needs is just a bunch of nice people, and God is saying you
don’t know the Gospel. You’re worse than you can imagine and you need a new birth.
Regeneration by believing in my Son. Through that new birth, he radicalizes your life. You
become a worshipper of God, not a worshipper of your family. You become a worshipper of
God, not a worshipper of yourself.

You are Spirit-filled and God sent you into this world to be an ambassador. That’s from another
country far away. Heaven. Sent here to have a message of love in this world. So, this radicalized
life means nothing is more important to us than him. We have found him. He has found us. He
indwells us. We have the Spirit of God in us. The Spirit of God is love and joy and peace.
Sometimes, I may not feel that love and that joy and that peace or know it. Not feel it but I
might not realize it or recognize it or might not even have it because I’m carnally minded.
So, this is the text Romans 8:5. Do you see that.

Okay. Romans 8:5, flesh. SARX. Greek word. Sin nature. Old sin nature. That’s all that it means. We mind the things of our sin nature. We worry a lot. We have fears. Remember when Adam sinned, one of the first things that happened was
he lost God. He hid himself, right. He hid himself and he’s um and then God says, Adam, where
are you? And when he finds him, what happened? God says to him, what happened? He
immediately goes to the woman. The woman. You remember the woman you gave me. What’s
the implication? Have you sinned, Adam? He didn’t admit it. The woman you gave me. like you
gave me her and this is what happened.

Why? Cause the flesh, the sin nature, has a very hard time of being open and transparent and
honest. We need the Holy Spirit to convict us of how wrong we are. And to be very direct with
God. Really answerable with God. To be honest.

That’s why when we read this book and you have to as a believer, you have to learn to read this
slowly, prayerfully, and let it go speak to your spirit. Cuz John 6:63, my words they are spirit and
they are life. That’s what I saw in Hungary and this wasn’t just Hungarians, but this was like
from 50 different countries people came. I saw in the room that great worship and the beautiful
Spirit, that Spirit of God.

And if you were to talk to everyone of those thousand people or how many it was there; if you
were to sit down and be with them, you would have fellowship with God. Not all of them, but a
lot of them. Fellowship with God in the Spirit of God. Because when we learn to walk with God
in a personal way, we learn to be submitted to each other and look for Christ amongst us. To
discern Christ. To see Christ. To hear Christ in the fellowship. It’s different from the world. The
world can’t do it. They have the United Nations. They have conferences and everything, but it’s
not this. It’s not this. This is Body life. This is the Spirit of God giving us direction.

The world says the water is bad. The water is bad. We can’t do anything about it. It’s sea water.
There’s no answer. We’ve been brought out here to die. There’s no solution to our problem.
There’s no where to go. My troubles are increasing. I’m in a lot of trouble. I don’t know what to
do. I have no answer.

But the spiritual person goes, God, God you know I’m here. What do you, what do you have?
What do you have to say to me? Your name is Yahweh Jireh. Jehovah Jireh. You will provide.
What will you give me?

And he says, a tree. Okay. A tree. That’s the answer. A tree is the answer. Thank you, Lord. I
worship you. You give me the answer for my life. You are God. You give me what I need. Then,
he says take it and throw it in the water. Throw it in the water. It’s different. That’s a spiritual
person, isn’t it?

That’s what the Spirit wants to say to us, but you – I used to this when I was sitting where
you’re sitting. I used to say, well these, all these people are, they’re great people. But I am not.
They have problems but they don’t have the problem I got. They don’t understand me. They
don’t know. And then I talk about myself and I would just live like that. And then, you can go
away and never come back to the church. Cuz you say there’s nothing there for me. they don’t
know my problem. They don’t know what I’ve got. They don’t know what I’m dealing with.
And I’m saying, I’m saying to all of us, wait. There’s an answer here.

There’s an answer for you. The Spirit wants to say something to you. Yeah. The Spirit will lead you. Jesus’ way is not the way of the world. Jesus’ way is – look at back at this. I’ll show you something. This one. When
I’m an idolater and I love deeply these things, then when they go bad I might say I just got to
get another one and I love that deeply. When you lose that, you just say I got to get another
one. Another way of saying it, I love to live in Florida.

When I live in Florida and after a couple years it goes bad, I got to go to California. I just get another one. I get another. I might say what I thought it would be, it never became what I thought it would be. I just have to change it.
Now, this is a definition of a fool. He cannot come to the end of himself and realize it’s not
Florida, California. It’s not my wife. It’s not my empty life. It’s not my empty career. It’s
something deeper. Where is God? I need God in my life. Where is God? And you come over
here and you and I have to be serious about it.

And I mean that’s why Paul writes about fasting and prayers often. Fasting is when you’re
pretty serious about something cuz like food is important to me. I don’t know about you. I don’t
like going without food. I don’t. I like to eat. I just don’t like the feeling of being hungry all the
time. I don’t like that. So, I eat. How about you? Huh? Okay.

Imagine being so serious that you stop everything and you say to God I am serious. I need an
answer. Could you fill me with your Spirit? I know you say you do. But I need something going
on in my heart. I need a fresh relationship with you. I need you to move me in my heart. I need
love in my life. I haven’t had joy for a long time. I’m very good at complaining and arguing with
people and proving myself right, but I am coming to you God. And I’m quiet. I’m quiet before
you. And I ask you to show me and speak to me and show me the tree if that’s the answer. Like
show me something not the way man does it, but show me the way you do it. And the Lord
does. And when that happens, you get excited about it. It’s spiritual.

I love being in a church where it’s spiritual. I love to be in a church where people have
discovered the Bible in a fresh way. I love to be in a church where young people are excited
about Jesus. And older people are excited about Jesus again and again and they find it. They
believe in it. And when Jesus is at the center and God is right there with us in our hearts, then
we’re able to manage all of these things that we are a part of. We kind of hold them lightly.

I think of a person spinning a basketball on their finger, and they just have it and they hit the
ball. You know how they do it. And they are just spinning plates or spinning basketball and it’s
like it just has to be like a balancing thing and a chemistry. But it’s like if you grab it and hold it,
that’s a different things. But spinning it is a different thing. And your life is like a different thing.
The way you relate to life.

The way you handle your problems. The way you forgive people. It’s
a different thing. It’s not the flesh. It’s different. It’s the Spirit. Even enjoying your recreation.
You handle it a different way. Even eating food. You are enjoying the food but it’s a different
thing. It’s not controlling you. You are able to manage your life. Like going to work and you
enjoy it. It’s a different thing because you’re a walking um in the Spirit of God. Okay.

Turn Romans 8 and we’ll just finish up here. It’s vs. 5. By the way, I don’t know what attracts
you on your phone but the advertising and all the stuff that goes on and the girls in bathing
suits and whatever the things that go on and all this stuff. What fascinates you? What grabs
your attention? What is the thing that appeals to your heart? It might be the things of the flesh
because the world that’s how they operate. And they that are in the flesh, they mind the things
of the flesh. They are attracted to those things.

But is it possible to be drawn to something else? Is it possible to be drawn to another mind?
Another mind, another fascination, another thing that interests you, that draws you in your
faith to love and purity and honesty and integrity and humility? Is it possible? I’m not saying,
I’m not saying that these things are what we embrace by a mechanical recipe. I’m saying the
Holy Spirit is in you and you have an attraction to that.

Look at vs. 5 with me. Let’s run an experiment. Let’s live by faith this week. If we walk by faith,
we’ll be attracted to the things of the Spirit who says walk by faith. Pray by faith. Trust me by
faith. Be kind by faith. Be thankful for everything and do it by faith. In everything give thanks.

Vs. 6. It really is a miserable way of living. Carnally minded. You are worried about things you
shouldn’t be worried about. You’re afraid of things that have never even happened. You have a
carnal mind. You make excuses for things that you shouldn’t even be – uh, just be honest. And
it goes away. You don’t have to hide. You don’t have to pretend. You are carnally minded.
You’re worried about what people think about you.

You and I are worried about likes and dislikes or what people say or what they think about you or something that, a lie about you. I told a brother in Hungary, I said the young preacher went to an old preacher and he said to
the old preacher, he said they’re laying about me. They’re lying about me. What should I do?
And the old preacher said, here. Take this pillow. Go outside and open it up. So, he went
outside. He opened it up and the feathers went everywhere. The young preacher goes back
inside. I did it. And the old preacher said, now go back out there and pick up all those feathers.
Go ahead. Go out there and pick them up.

So, he went outside and they were everywhere. They were gone and so on. And he said, no. I
cannot do it. He said the same thing with tracking down lies. You cannot correct them. The
carnal mind says it’s not fair. It’s not fair. The spiritual mind says I know it’s not fair. But I have a
tree for you. If you have a tree, the tree. If you have my mind, if you know my Spirit, if you are a
worshipper of me, then you can throw that in that water and your life changes. You have an
answer for your life. Trust me. Wow.

Vs. 6. Do you worry about the people that have advantage over you? Are you worried about the
people that are in control of your life? Somebody said uh that man ruined my life. And we – P.
Lange and I have this thing where we talked about – he said it I don’t know many years ago. But
you cannot give somebody that kind of authority. He ruined my life. You cannot give that to
somebody who steals your money or affects your health or ruins your family. You cannot say
that man ruined my life. You’re giving a man the authority and you’re saying what you can’t say.
Cuz there’s, life is bigger than that evil man, isn’t it? Who’s bigger than that evil man? Who’s
bigger than him? God. God is in it. Is God in it? God is in it. He is.

You might as well say God ruined my life. But I don’t dare say God ruined my life so what should
I say? I cannot say God ruined my life. I got to say this is the life that God gave me. And God
gave me hearing ears. God gave me a walk with him. And I’m submitted to God. Lord, if now is
the time my life is over then so be it. I worship you. Blessed be your name.

But do you have anything to say to me? He said I’ll show you a tree. I’ll show you something
that the world doesn’t know about and I want you to bring that tree and put that in where that
you say that man ruined your life. No, he didn’t. He cannot ruin your life. I’m the only one. And
I’ve decided in my own life that will never happen. Because all things that happen to you, all of
them work together for good and I know the thoughts that I have toward you, thoughts of peace and an expected end in Jeremiah 29:11. And I am for you. I am for you. And I say, Lord, what’s
the proof that you are for me? And he said, I gave you my Son. And if I did not spare my own
Son, how will I not with him freely give you all things and now I’m getting in the Spirit. Now I’m
listening to what the Spirit is saying.

The other way is a carnal mind. He ruined my life. But this other one is a spiritual mind where I understand who God is and what God is saying to me. Isn’t it true? Okay.
I have to finish here. We have a great need because in the Spirit you have a capacity to be
reconciled to people. To ask for forgiveness. You have a great capacity to just be honest and
direct because you have God in your life and have the Spirit of God. Then I have this story I read
at the 9:00 service which kind of illustrates that. If you want to hear it in a little different
version you can listen online to the 9:00 service. Cause we’re running out of time, I just want to
finish with this.

In Matthew 5:23-24, you go to the altar with a gift. You want to give the gift to God. And there at the
altar, I remember my brother has something against me. So, l leave my gift at the altar and I go
be reconciled to my brother. And then I come back and I worship God, you know. Cuz I have
something in my heart that I need to deal with, with my brother. I want to be reconciled to my

So, this woman in New England “rocked an audience with laughter. At the same time, it shook
their consciences.” And the story goes this way. “She and her neighbor hated each other like
poison. The point of contention was the neighbor’s ducks which used to get into her garden to
spoil it. One day, she found her opportunity. She put all the ducks into a cement weighted bag
and dropped them into the river.

Later, she became spiritually changed. One day, in the quiet hour those ducks came up in her
mind.” So, let me make that clear. The woman got rid of the ducks. Sorry about that for all of us
who have, who hare sensitive about that. I know that. Okay. But that’s the way people are
sometimes. And then she got changed by Christ. Christ changed her life. And it came up in her
mind in her quiet time that she should tell her neighbor.

So, she would have to confess. Her response was, “Now, Lord. This is carrying things too far. I’d
be ruined if I confessed that. One day when the neighbor was on the lawn, she started
trembling toward her. She managed to blurt out the truth. Told the whole story. The neighbor’s
jaw dropped. My heavens! I always wondered what happened to those ducks. The woman
volunteered to pay for the ducks, but the neighbor said she was just as responsible. The whole
matter was buried. They are wonderful friends now. The subject of ducks is never mentioned.
Restitution often comes before restoration.”

You know, I don’t know you might say – I don’t know how you think about these things but they
happen. They’re in our lives. And you know, when we live before people we have a carnal mind.
We cannot forgive very easily. We look for revenge. We talk bad. We are jealous. We gossip.
We backbite about people and all that. All that is carnal mind. That cannot happen. You have to
change. You have to stop doing that. You have to stop thinking like that. You have to have Jesus
in your life and in your tongue and in your heart. You have to deal with that because you will
break up relationships.

In Psalm 64, they will go away from you. People will leave you alone because of the way you talk
and the way you think. That happens. And we were just with hundreds of people in Hungary
where we are making some of these points as firmly as we can. We have to forgive. We have to
leave it alone. We have to change our way. We have to be Spirit filled people and learn how to
live that.

And by the way, I’m not saying something that you know only very gifted people do this or only
very special spiritual people do this. No, I’m talking about you and me. This is for us. This is for
the regular common guy and gal that has difficulties.

And I’m saying when we have Jesus in our life and he teaches us something, then follow him.
And you will find that God will be blessing your life. He will be helping you and life will be
easier. It’s hard but this life is easier. It’s a Spirit filled life with love and joy and peace in your
heart. Okay. Amen. Pray with me.


Please enjoy these sermon notes from the messages preached at Greater Grace Church in Baltimore. These notes are provided to aid in your study and understanding of the Word. Note that these notes do not represent complete, word-for-word transcriptions. Also, they may contain omissions as well as some errors in spelling and structure, etc., as we attempt to provide them as soon as possible. Our hope is that these notes serve as a way to help you search and connect with messages on related subjects and passages. Thank you for your interest in the ministry of Greater Grace.