Jesus spoke of coming again the clouds. We look for that moment, when He shall establish His throne on earth. Gone will be the anti-Christ spirits. A new earth shall rejoice under His rule and reign. We prepare for that day with expectation and hope from the Word. (Matthew 26:64; Daniel 7:11-14)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12074
11:00 AM on 4/11/2021

P. Schaller –

Just a short word, Matthew 26. Has Christ been raised from the dead? Yes, this is Easter season and we are
celebrating that with Donny Fisher. Where is Donny Fisher? There he is and many others we
are celebrating. Now listen. Christ was brought before the Sandhedrin and they said, tell us
plainly. Are you the Christ. This is Matthew 26:64. This is the big issue. Are you the Christ, the Son of
God? “Thou hast said.” I am is the meaning. You have said. vs. 64. this is something you
wouldn’t normally say just before you are being crucified, arrested, apprehended, and brought to
be tortured. Would you say, I am and you will see me sitting on the right hand of power coming
in the clouds of heaven? Normally we wouldn’t. Christ doesn’t back down. He’s not intimidated.
He’s not afraid. He’s telling the truth. He is the way, the truth and the life. This is the Spirit of
God. What is he talking about? About the coming kingdom. If you are here today and you
believe that Christ has been raised from the dead, then the questions are what is he doing now?
How is his influence here in this world?

And also, when does this age end and another one begin. When he says, he’s coming in the clouds of heaven, when is that going to happen? Is it really going to happen or is he just saying this like poetry or something. You will see me coming in the clouds of heaven. Really? Yes. Yes, really. He’s coming a second time. The first time as a
servant and the second time as a king. When he was a servant, he was also king. The king of
the Jews. The Jews wanted Pilate to change the saying over Christ. In Hebrew, Latin and
Greek, the King of the Jews. No, no. Say he said, I am the king of the Jews. And Pilate had
enough of it. What I have written, I have written. And he was right, because he is the King of the
Jews. He is coming. That’s very encouraging. That will be our subject today. The coming of
Christ, the Millennial reign and it’s going to provoke us in our imagination and in our thinking and
I believe it will be edifying for us today. God bless you.

You may be seated. He is risen! The kingdom is coming. And through the years in this pulpit, we have drawn this picture to explain and teach how we look at life. We have, we liken it to a house. The first floor of the house is the
natural world that we live in. The natural life that the average person lives looking at life only
through their own eyes by nature, how I see the world around me. I will live 70 years maybe. I
will have a paycheck. I will eat so many hamburgers and barbeques. I will have a family maybe,
a job. I will live and I believe in God and I live my life on the first floor of the house. When Christ
came, he talked about things that were extraordinary like Matthew 19:28. He was with his disciples
going to Jerusalem and predicting his crucifixion. Are we doing okay? He’s predicting to his
disciples, vs. 28. In the regeneration. That’s an important word. There’s really two times the
word is used for the individual. Here’s a picture up on the board. A person regenerated. They
are born of Christ. They are changed.

This is one. And then the Earth is regenerated. This is changed. The Earth. The way the world is today as we see naturally. Animals eating each other. Ultraviolent rays in the atmosphere. Physics and chemistry in business and accounting and money and systems and elections and tyrants and governments and life as we see in our
history. Will the Earth be regenerated, and will there be some change for this Earth? Look at the
verse. vs. 28. Where is he today? He’s at the right hand of the Father. He’s sitting with his
Father at his right hand with all authority in heaven and in earth but we haven’t yet seen the full
extent of that authority. We have seen it first in us. When we were born again, Christ came into
our hearts and gave us a new heart and a new spirit. When we are filled with the Spirit and
affected by God in such a way that we loved him. We love God. We have been born again.
Though not perfect, though we fail, yet God will never forsake us. Though there are changes we
are anticipating and we have a way of life where our mind is renewed, and we see things in a
fuller way. We say this. Let’s stop here for a second and finish, vs. 28. What does that mean,
twelve thrones? When will there be twelve thrones.

There were twelve but one Judas was not of the group. He was a devil and he’s gone so who is the twelfth apostle? Probably Paul and he has a throne. What other apostles? All the other eleven. Where are those thrones? Are they on
the earth? And why? Are they Jewish? Are these Jewish apostles? Yes. And why is it important
that they would be Jewish and governing the twelve tribes of Israel? Because as we read our
Bible and study it, all these pieces come together and we can anticipate the coming world order.
It will be different from what it is today. The Bible calls this time an evil world, a world of
deception, a world of unbelief, false teaching. A world of the flesh and of Gentile leadership.
Who is the president of Russia, of China, of Vietnam? Who are the leaders in the United States
and Latin America and all of these countries? Categorically they are Gentiles. This is the time of the Gentiles. What about Israel? It’s a little country with little significance. Yes, now it is but it’s
not going to be that way in the future for the King of Kings is coming and he is the lion of the
tribe of Judah and he has authority and will establish his kingdom on the earth.

Where does it say that? 2 Thessalonians 2, Daniel 7:13. I’d like to draw your attention to that verse. Daniel 7. This is a
teaching morning and I want you to follow it with me. I believe the Holy Spirit is with you, with us
and has anointed us to learn something and when I leave from here I’m going to carry with me
some thoughts that the Lord will put in my heart as we think with God. We are living in what we
call the end days or the times of sorrow or the beginning of sorrows and we see an incredible
development in the world of technology, economy, globalism, politics that we have never seen
before. The information that you have individually, personally, privately – a lot of that information
goes to digital platforms and those digital platforms coming together means that there’s the
possibility of all of that information falling into the hands of people that are in control. They know
everything about you. They will know every medications, how many stop lights you went
through, what things you buy, what you sell, what you look at on your iPhone.

They will know all kinds of information on you because it’s all digitized and it’s happening every day you use your
iPhone. Everyday there is a camera that picks you up on the street. Everything about you can
be known and put in a package. The day is coming the Bible says when people will not be able
to buy and sell without the permission of those that are in control of that. They will know you.
That day is coming. The Bible predicts it. We are not there yet but it seems we are very close,
so like what is going to happen regarding the Bible prophesies and the times that we are in and
the coming kingdom. I’m going to move ahead a little bit faster beyond the Tribulation period but
there will be the Rapture of the church, the Tribulation period, and then the Millennial kingdom.
The Millennial kingdom is this time here when the Earth is regenerated. Animals will be different.
There will be species that are the same but there will not be eating each other.

There will be death but not in the degree we know today. Everything is dying all the time. In the Millennial
reign, it will be different. Language. We will have a similar language in Zechariah 14. Nations
worshiping in Israel. David being a king on a throne in Jerusalem. Jerusalem changing and
being much bigger than it is. Ezekiel’s temple being built in the city and water coming out going
east and going west. One is going to the Dead Sea and will heal that water. The other is going
to the Mediterranean Sea. Many details about the Millennial reign that are fascinating for us and
one of them is this one. That those that will be control of government will be people Jesus has
honored. The meek shall inherit the earth. The proud and arrogant and unrighteous leaders that
we commonly have amongst us – not everyone – but it’s very common for us as men and
women to be, to have power and have a desire for money and personal advantage and power.
Jesus came and was another kind of king.

He was not after the power or the money. What was he after? Righteousness. I please my Father. Every thought, every footstep is to please my Father and if he leads me to the cross, I will obey him. Not my will but your will be done. I will
honor my Father all the time. That made him the King of Kings. That made him the Messiah and
that means there is a kingdom coming. Though now we don’t see it as clearly as it once will be
manifested. It is coming. He said it. If you go back to Matthew 26 and we read it at the beginning. The
guys are great working up there. Matthew 26:64. It takes a lot of explaining to get to be where we
want to be here. He said to the high priest, I am the Messiah. I am the Savior. vs. 64. I’m telling
you right now you are going to kill me but I say to you, I’m coming. I’m coming. Right now you
are going to murder me and I’m going to be crucified but let me tell yo you something. I’m
coming. I’m coming. Isn’t that amazing! I’m coming.

And he knew this because he was the Messiah. His body would not see corruption in Psalm 16. Then he said his body would not deteriorate in the grave. He came out in a resurrection body. By the way, he ate on the earth
with the disciples honey and fish, remember? But he also disappeared. He would disappear and
then he would appear. He could eat food with a resurrected body because he wanted them to
know that he is the resurrected body. They knew cause at the Mt. of Transfiguration when he
was praying, he turned white. Remember? He was up on the mountain and he turned white.
Why did he turn white? Because that was his glorified state and his humanity was covering it.
You couldn’t see that glory unless God showed it to you. But it was there. It was there. It was in
him. He was clean, pure, powerful, the Messiah without sin. The Savior of the world. The One
that died for us. And the new King that is coming. Notice it. vs. 64.

Wait a minute. What year was this when he said that? Approximately, what year are we at in our history? 32 A.D. How
could a man, Caiaphas, see Jesus coming when we are at 2021? How could Caiaphas see him? Because in Rev. 1 it says when he comes back, every eye will see him including those
that pierced him. They will see it. They will see it. You will see me. I will be coming in the clouds
with glory. Is that going to be or not? Really, I want to talk to you like a family. I realize we all
need help in understanding and processing this amazing information. You are the people that
know where we are going. There are three things the world doesn’t know that we know. They
don’t know where we came from. What does the world say we came from? What? The rocks.
Yeah, we came from the slime, the Nile River. Where did we come from? Evolution. Accident.
Aliens brought us here. Where did we come from? They don’t know. They are guessing. They
are trying to figure it out. They do not know.

They do not know, but what do you know? Huh? God made Adam out of the dust of the ground and he breathed in him the breath of life and walla! That’s us. Where did you come from? God. God made me. God made me. You could say
my mother and father but go back further. Where did they come from? God made us. 2) The
world doesn’t know who we are. An accident. I told a guy that. He’s an evolutionist. I said you
are an accident. Have a good day! God bless you. You’re an accident! That’s your message.
Your message is not a message. You’re an accident. And you’re an accident waiting to happen.
You’ve got nothing going on. You don’t know who you are. Who are you? I am a child of God by
the grace of God. We have been regenerated and born. I’m saying this – you know what I mean
– I’m not mocking or arrogant regarding people. I love them.

I pity them. I’m sorry. They don’t have much going on. They don’t know where they came from. They don’t know who they are. And then the third thing is what? Where are we going? Where are we going? The Communists
said that the society is improving but the individual is only contributing, the only reality is
material. All you do is live 70 years to contribute to the community. You die but the community is
evolving in improvement in a Communist state which ultimately brings you to a Utopia. There is
no evidence of that in history. Communism is an incredible disaster psychologically,
economically, internationally, politically, and spiritually in every way. Communism is not the
answer for the human race. There is no message there for the individual. Jesus is the answer
for you and me. He will even return and give to you reward. You might say I don’t want reward.
It’s okay. Fine. Bear with me. You don’t have to have it. If you wanted it you probably wouldn’t
get it! So, anyway. You get it. It’s another system. It’s not about your ego.

It’s not about your work. It’s about something else. It’s about a spiritual life and knowing God in humility and faith.
But the reward is an honor to God because you have obeyed him and in your obedience he
crowns you with glory and honor and that glory and honor you can – you feel it in your heart that
my heavenly Father is with me. That’s the reward. That you feel in your heart that you are living
for a divine purpose. You are living to glorify God and that’s such an honor and privilege, isn’t it?
These are the people that will reign one day. Turn to Daniel 7. If you become a student of the
Bible and I hope you all do and I believe many of you are, but take your time in reading the
Bible. It does take time to digest it. There is a little horn in context, the little horn that speaks
great words in vs. 11. What is the little horn? The Antichrist. Maybe that’s a new term for some
of you here this morning, but be patient and learn little by little.

The little horn, there are many antichrists in the world (1 John. 2:19). But this little horn is one that becomes very powerful in the context of what I’m saying will probably be the one in charge of all the digital platforms that are
gathering all the information about all the people in the world. The little horn will be the one in
charge of the whole human race under that system. You cannot buy or sell without you being in
agreement with and part of that system. It’s called the mark of the beast in the Book of
Revelation. We are not there yet. We may be close, but I’m not saying it to say, only to say that
the little horn speaks great swelling words in vs. 11. I’d like to make that point. Words. He is in
control. Words. He speaks great words. Loud voice, Revelation 13. I think of the Antichrist with a big
mouth meaning he has all the means and the tools for propaganda. He can lead the people.
The Bible says the devil will deceive all the nations of the world, Revelation 12:9, Revelation 20.

At the end of the Millennial, he will do it again. It’s incredible understanding here. vs. 13. Isn’t that what
Jesus just said to the high priest? vs. 14. Go back to vs. 13. Ancient of Days is God. They bring
the Son of Man before God, near before him. What does the Ancient of Days do to the Son of
Man? vs. 14. What does the Son of Man get? Dominion, glory and a kingdom. What kind of
kingdom? It’s covering the whole earth. Who gets it? The Son of Man. Who does the Son of
Man give the earth to? The twelve thrones. Who else? People like us. People that are like you
and me, born again believers who have the Spirit of God and walk by faith in God. We perhaps,
1 Corinthians 3, at the bema seat judgment God will give out benefits, privileges, responsibilities. This will be his kingdom. Will the Gentile leaders, unrighteous Gentile leaders, are they going to be
running the earth? No, they will not run the earth anymore. No, they will not. No. They will not be
running the earth. Who will be? The righteous.

The godly. Who is going to do this? The Son of Man. Why is it happening? Because when he came the first time, we said, no to him. Crucify Him. Crucify Him. Why did we say that? Because of our sin nature. And then we want these
guys, these criminals, these proud, arrogant, corrupt leaders. And maybe some corrupt leader is
listening to me this morning. I’d like to say to you, seriously, and to all of us everywhere, what
does it gain a man, what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own
soul? What does it profit if I have a pile of money when I die? When I have a cancer, what does
it profit if I have a throne or a kingdom or something? And I got to face God Almighty for my
wickedness and my evil and my abuse and my power and how I treat children. Aborting babies
and pedophilia and transgenderism and all this twisted, perverted sexual activity embraced by
you and me in my flesh. I am no better. But by God’s grace we are regenerated. We are given a
new nature. And we are not ungodly anymore. We are saved and born again.

That’s what we would say to you as Jesus would say. And by the way, John the Baptist told Herod, didn’t he.
Herod, it is not lawful for you to have your brother’s wife. What happened to John the Baptist?
He’s about ten inches shorter. Lost his head. I’d rather let a Gentile king take my head and
stand before God and then take and be given some blessing from God then to gain the world,
compromise and have no message. There’s no message. That’s why wicked people do what
they do. There is acquiesence. They acquiese, they surrender to the spirit of the age. No, I don’t
accept it. I don’t accept your filthy way of life. I do not accept your destruction of a family. I do
not accept your narrow minded, cancel culture mentality. I do not care about it. What is the chaff
to the wheat it says in Jeremiah 23:28. I saw a photograph in Decision Magazine by Franklin Graham
with a girls track meet. Did you see it? A picture of a girl’s track meet and the girls are running
and there’s two men running in the track meet who say they are girls. Guess who got first and
second place in the track meet?

The guys got first and second place in the girl’s track meet. What insanity is that? What kind of leadership is that in our country? Where is the leadership? Where are the people saying no. No, I do not accept it. I do not agree with that. I do not believe in that. That is unfair to the girls. That is unfair to the girls. What are you insane? Yes, it’s getting
worse and worse and worse and they’re going to knock on your door one day and I wonder what
you got in you. What you believe in. Can you stand for truth or are you going to cave? You and
me caving because of opportunity. I might lose my job. My boss might be angry. They’re going
to cancel me out. I’m going to lose all my digital platforms and the whole thing. Whatever. I don’t
know. I’m just worked up about it. Come on. It’s crazy. Yeah, that’s insane. Let’s go back to the
Scriptures. “And it was given him dominion.” Thank you, Jesus. Jesus, are you going to use the
mark of the beast? No. That’s the world system. They will steal your lunch. They will take your
children. They will destroy your culture. They will rip the family apart because the state will be in
control. Let’s say something to the state.

You are not in control of my family. Do you hear me? You are not in control of my family. Here’s a good story. There is some dear man in Canada that it was his son said he’s a girl or was it his daughter that said she was a boy. Do you remember? Okay. His daughter said she’s a boy. The state put him in jail because he can’t accept the fact
that his daughter said I am a boy and he’s saying you’re not a boy. You are a girl. So he goes to
jail. He goes to jail. What? He goes to jail. He goes to jail. Are you kidding me? What are we
doing? What do we have to say about it in our hearts? What do we believe in? I’m thankful that I
have – that I’m in this place of being able to have a voice and say something. I appreciate it. It’s
no different from any of you. I’m not saying it to you; I’m saying it with you. I believe you
understand what we are saying here. Come on. I can’t believe how soft we are. How we
acquiese. We kind of go with the flow. We want to be a good testimony. Are you kidding?
They’re going to steal your lunch, take your kids, teach perversion, take your money. They are
going to take everything you got.

The Antichrist is that way. Adolf Hitler did it. Joseph Stalin did it. And there are many antichrists in the world today and they can do it in our country too. But we have a blessing. We have a history where the individual has something to say about my family. Don’t I? Let me calm down. Okay. If you are a dad, you know how you handle this? You have
your children and you’re a dad. You say, Debbie, you know what? You are a beautiful young
girl. Don’t ever believe the lie that you are a boy. Your dad is telling you that you are a fine
young lady. You are a woman. You’re grow up and be a godly woman. You are a blessing to
me. I’m your dad. I’m your dad. Don’t believe anything other than what I’m telling you right now. You are a fine young lady. I love you. I’m your dad. Do you hear me? You see what I’m saying.
My son, listen to me. I want to have grandchildren one day. You’re a man. You’re going to get
married one day to a fine young lady. I’m praying for you. You are a man. You are not a woman
and you are not a homosexual. And that’s not going to happen. I’m going to pray for you and
you’re going to deal with that through God. I’m going to help you.

You’re going to be a godly man. You’re a good boy and that’s going to mean you’re going to be a good man. And you’re
going to be with us in the family. You’re just talking. You’re just talking from your heart. Hey, if
dads don’t talk to their kids the state will talk to them. They will be in public school and they’re
going to get all messed up about it. They’re going to come home and the girl is going to say, I’m
a boy. You’re going to fall off your chair. How did that happen? Because you weren’t the dad –
maybe – and I don’t want to condemn anybody and all of us are going in it. I just say this by way
of humble encouragement and trying to say I’m way off my message right now. I’m on it but I’m
just saying you got to go to church. You got to go to church. You got to bring your kids to
church. You need to get some things straightened out in your heart and you need to hear it
again and again and get it kind of in your heart and ask God to help you. I’m not the story here.
This is. You don’t have to believe me.

I want you to believe this. You don’t have to – I’m not looking for anything other than let’s believe him. What is his kingdom like? What is it like? Glory and a kingdom and all people and nations and languages should serve him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion which shall not pass away. And it’s a kingdom that shall not be destroyed.
That’s the one that we are living in. That’s the one I want. That’s the one. Wow. Which kingdom?
This one. We don’t have the authority out there now that way. We’re not necessarily. Christians
are in City hall and Congress and so on. We thank God and pray for them. They are in a terrible
place and how things are going is incredible. We pray for them and our government. We love
people and our neighbors. We have a family here. This is a spiritual family. We are in difficult
times. You and I don’t even know how far down the road we are and what might happen one
day with regard to our faith and how we are the bad guys. Just like that guy up in Canada. He’s
the bad guy. He’s the bad guy. That will happen. It’s called hate speech.

They will pass laws on hate speech and people like me and you, we might get in some trouble for it. But that’s okay.
This is how it happens. It’s easy for me to say that right now. But I just want to say when Jesus
said I’m coming, he’s serious about it. It’s going to happen. And right now, we are in a time
where you can’t see so clearly. It says we see through a glass darkly then face to face. But right
now we live by faith and we can’t see. Kind of like when you go to brush your teeth in the
bathroom and the steam from the shower in the mirror is kind of you are looking and you can’t
see or like at night or in the woods you see but you are not sure. I can’t see that clearly but we
see enough. He’s raised from the dead. The Spirit has been sent. This book is open to us and
we are learning from it. That’s that. Well, let’s see. I’ll speak a little bit in closing about the
Millennial reign. I have a few things to say here.

“The Millennial kingdom is based entirely on the resurrection of the Lord Jesus for the promise given to David spoke of an eternal, transfigured human kingdom (2 Samuel 7:13). But for this purpose, an eternal human king is required even the Son of Man who will appear on the clouds of heaven in Daniel 7:13. The continuing humanity of
Christ in resurrection is the fulfillment in principle of the prophesy of the kingdom as given to
David. The resurrection of the king is the foundation for the rebirth of the earth, of the Messianic
world, and that which will take place at the return of Christ will be only the historical
manifestation and its fulfillment. Therefore, Paul says that God raised him declared I will give
you the inviable blessings promised to David. Spiritual resurrection of Israel, spiritual rebirth of
the nations, renewing of nature, elimination from the animal world of the destructive power of
wild beasts (Isaiah 11:6-7).” I think that verse I’d like to give your attention to. Isaiah11:6-7. This is not
poetry, wishful thinking, or fantasy. This is a change in the animal kingdom in the Millennium
where death will not be like we know it today.

Death will happen but it will be less, less violent, and also there will not be war. Nation will not rise with nation. There will be peace. Longevity of life. People live 900 years. They may live through the whole Millennium. But if they are a rebel or because if they have a mortal body – now let me explain something. There are two classes of
people in the Millennium. There are the mortal people that survive the Tribulation period and
reproduce children and then there is the glorified saints like us. Now you compare the disciples
with Jesus in a resurrected body. When the disciples were eating and Jesus could eat with
them, he could be with them though he had a different kind of body. He also could appear and
disappear. They couldn’t. They had a mortal body. You and I don’t disappear and appear out of no where. But with a resurrected body, that can happen. And the Bible says that when we see
him we will be like him. We will have a body like his resurrection body.

Then there is the glorified body which is another body. A glorified body. We will be in the Millennial reign ruling and
reigning, appearing and disappearing and being able to interface and relate to the mortal people
who will have survived tribulation and given birth to children and lived a long time. But if out of
that group there was a rebel, they would die. Probably like an early death because Jesus will not
put up with rebellion. He will not put up with wickedness and unrighteousness. And death will
probably be the tool he will use to remove it. It will be peace on earth. At the end of the
Millennium, a very unique thing happens. Satan is in the bottomless pit for a thousand years
and he’s not allowed out until the end. At the end, he will go to the far corners of the earth to
lead a rebellion against Christ at Jerusalem. That rebellion will be a very real thing. What is the
purpose of it? It is to show that human nature cannot be godly on it’s own and human nature
easily falls into deception.

For Satan who will go through the earth raising a rebellion against the
Christ and heaven on earth that will happen and it will be a demonstration of how human nature
again is unrighteous. That human nature cannot handle the temptation. Human nature cannot
see through the deceit and trickery of Satan. What else will be happening in the Millennium?
Israel will be honored. All the promises that God gave to Israel to have a kingdom and the land
to be blessed and the people to be blessed, it will all be happening. There will be worship in
Jerusalem. The nations will send up people to worship. There will be a common language.
There will be common understanding and peace and glory on the earth. The earth will be
covered with the glory of God like the waters cover the sea. It will be a demonstration of his
kingdom. So here we have in concluding, Christ comes. We don’t know who he is but if we are
humble we see that’s the Christ. Few people at his birth.

Few people at his baptism. Few people at his cross. Few people at his resurrection and his ascension. Then those that believed when Pentecost came and the Spirit came so strong and they understood and they preached the
Gospel and went into the world to preach the Gospel. Today, there are believers out of every
nation, tribe, and tongue. Christ has done his work on the earth but look at how different it is. It’s
not through pride and money and strength of people. It’s by humility and faith. It’s by God. God
does the work. God saves the soul. God builds us up. God leads us and we grow in faith. We
are being prepared for the kingdom that is coming. And we are going to die one day but we die
in faith. We die in the Lord. Then we leave our body and go to heaven and we will be there
anticipating the coming kingdom on the earth. Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy
name. Thy kingdom come on earth as it is there. It’s righteous there. It’s true. It’s glorious. We
are anticipating it. It’s coming. It’s coming.

Thank you, Lord. Winston Churchill said a lie goes around the world while the truth is putting it’s boots on. The truth is coming. It’s coming. The lies happen. What is the chaff to the wheat (Jeremiah  23:28)? Who cares about the chaff. We have the wheat, the message, the Christ, the Savior. I want to say to everybody here, I want to
encourage you. Grow in your faith. Be patient with yourself. Let God love you. Be encouraged.
Hang around here a little bit. Get to know some people. Encourage each other. Pray for each
other. We are in important times. I think it’s a great time for people to come to Christ and learn
of him.



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