There is great dignity in having control of our desires for pleasure. God became flesh because of our sin and He did so to pay for those sins. Let us be established in His faith and enjoy victory over shame. We are servants separated unto the Gospel of the Finished Work. (Romans 1:1)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Chris Moore
Sermon 11931
6:30 PM on 8/2/2020

P. Schaller –

Wow! So we welcome everyone here tonight. We praise God. Hallelujah! You can feel it in the singing and
the words that God cares for me. It’s beautiful. It’s been a great time here this morning and
then the whole day has been precious. We are so excited to see visitors come in and be with us
and fellowship. We’re very thankful for the folks that came to be with us. We had a great Spring
and so thankful for so much that has happened. How many remember the services out in the
parking lot? It wasn’t that long ago. The team put together a magazine called Greater Grace.
We do this once a year or once every two years. It’s for sale for a couple dollars in the café.
There’s a cool drone picture of the parking lot. We are touched by the amazing staff and group
of people that lead the church.

I was thinking of a quick run up here if you are an elder, trustee or both. Run up here so everyone can see you. So you are not highly exalted, you can stand down here on the floor! Come on up here! There’s two arms. One is the practical: contracts, insurances, finances, liabilities, property, law suits. Thank God we don’t have any of those right
now. Those are the trustees. Take one step forward. These are the guys. There is also Craig and
P. Barry and Doug Brooks and Isaac Hoffses is the new guy on the board. So that’s one arm. The
other arm is the spiritual, the elders with the vision and they lead and direct our church and
where we are going and what we need to do. Leading in what you can’t see. What we can’t see
is the invisible. The spiritual, the heart, the love that we must have.

The spiritual life and you know what is amazing is the unity. Wherever there is that spiritual unity – it isn’t that we are all the same. We’re all different but the unity in the Spirit is incredible. When you have it, you
know it. When you don’t have it, you know that too. How many are married? When you have
the unity, you know it and when you don’t you know that too. The elders take two steps
forward. So I have to say I’m so honored to be with this group of men. I always reflect like this,
where did they come from? Like 20 years ago, 40 years ago, where were they 50 years ago? In
their mother’s womb! No seriously. I got distracted. Where did they come from? You know
what happened. God spoke just like in an audience like this and the Spirit spoke, and they were
20 or 30 years old and God spoke, and they believed, and they followed. In the trial, they
followed God and God raised them up. They came from God. The amazing thing is they are not

They are in Russia and Finland and Poland and India and Africa. It’s the same thing. It’s
the work of God. God’s grace. God did it. I praise God for leadership that made it happen long
before us. That leadership and that love and message and ministry that helped us develop. How
many times did someone come and put their hand on my shoulder when I’m halfway out the
door and I made a decision I’m not leaving. I wanted to leave but couldn’t cause God put his
hand on my shoulder through a person who said, I love you. We all got here by faith, not our
own gifts, not our own abilities. We got here and we’re growing and moving and we’re not
perfect, but we are thankful. When I get my tooth fixed at the dentist I don’t say, is it perfect?
He’d look at me like go eat a sandwich! It’s not about being perfect but whether it works or not.
Does it work? That’s like God with us. It’s about is God with us and does it work. This is all
working. We are thankful. Thank you so much guys. God bless you. Our first speaker is from
Maine but lives in Texas. P. Chris Moore.

P. Chris –

Good evening. How are you? Good to see you and be here. My wife and I and Caleb
arrived late last night. Is my wife here? There she is. Here comes Caleb. We’re so glad to be
here. We drove up from Texas. Sorry I don’t have a tie. I had some covid stains on it so I
couldn’t wear it. My wife and I are in Houston, Texas. We’ve been there for a while. We’ve seen
some beautiful things happen. People coming from Texas to join us at the unofficial conference
here tomorrow. I’m so excited to see what the power of the message that we heard this
morning from P. Schaller, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That gospel has power to change our lives.
No other message this world system presents that can bring the joy the gospel brings. Genesis 3:6,
read this with me and think about what is happening. We can see the gospel of God here right
at the beginning of the Bible. Genesis 3:6-10 think about these words.

This is the story of humankind. It’s our story. It’s part of our timeline, isn’t it? It’s part of the story we live as
human beings in a world that is fallen where it’s so far from the garden, the utopia, the
perfected state, that beautiful place God created for human beings, for us, for you and I. In the
Garden of Eden, the tree of life was in the center of the garden. When Eve starts talking about
what happened, when she’s having this conversation with the devil, she’s saying that the tree
that is in the center of the garden, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil – the devil always
wants to make the issue the thing that we can’t have the center of our attention and take our
eyes away from the tree of life in the middle of the garden. This is where the Gospel begins. The
tree of life is the beginning.

This is the picture of the gospel throughout the pages of the Bible. The tree of life represents everything we desire as a human being whether we know that, or we don’t. Everything we desire whether saved or unsaved is at that tree of life. That tree God put in the garden to feed Adam and Eve. When they sinned, they lost access to that tree and the ability to go and feast on something they truly desired. Everything they ever wanted in their
marriage or parenthood, in their career or in their personal life; everything they would ever
want in their sense of personal significance or their place in this world they live in. Everything
they could desire in security or peace or everything they could desire inside of them is found at
that tree and now they are separated from it. It’s lost.

One Hebrew commentator puts it this way. He says that the tree of life represents – by the way the tree of life is mentioned at the beginning in Genesis and then in Revelation but also in Proverbs. It talks about the tree of life,
that is where we find all our delight. In that delight is where we are delivered from hope
deferred. We are delivered from discouragement, where we are delivered from that sense of
being incomplete. When Adam and Eve lost this tree, they lost that sense of fulfillment and
satisfaction. Now what is happening in the world that we live in, I’m going to bring this to a
practical point here in a minute. The world we live in is chasing this tree. It’s chasing these
desires. It’s as if we remember as human beings’ sons and daughters of Adam we remember
what it was like at that tree as human beings. We remember the joy of the communion.

We remember the tree and the leaves of the tree are for the healing of all the races of the world,
and won’t we need to see that healing of the races at the end of time. In Revelation 22, that tree of
life is that place of healing and deliverance. We as people are chasing this whether we realize it or not, we’re chasing the fruit of that tree, the communion of that tree, this place of fulfillment
and significance. This tree represents so much. This is a story through the Bible as we read
through the chapters of the Bible, as we march through it and read it we discover the real
problem is we are separated from God. We’re separated from that tree. When Jesus came, he
brought a message. This is what we heard this morning, the gospel.

I remember P. Scibelli when we came back one year – I think it was 1992/1993 from Ukraine, P. Scibelli and Linda had just moved here sometime around that time. We came to Convention and P. Scibelli was preaching
a message called The Gospel. I think he said the word, “the Gospel” like 47 times or 52 times or
I don’t know! . He was saying it over and over and over. You know something, we think
sometimes the gospel is this: “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior and you shall be
saved.” And it is, but the gospel contains the entire package or the entire message of the
finished work of Jesus Christ. It’s something we need to preach to ourselves on a daily basis. We
look at ourselves in the mirror and we’re like, wow! I need to hear the Gospel right now! We
talk to someone and something happens, and we need to hear the gospel.

The Gospel is that message to us that says we are worse than we think we are. We are way worse than we think
we are. We think we got it together, maybe we have some sin management going on. We’re
not that bad. It’s somebody else. But the Gospel says in Matthew 5, Jesus brings it right down to this.
He says if you look, if you think, if you feel, then you sinned and broken the law. That’s the
Gospel that says we are way worse than we can even imagine. Yet at the same time, at that
some moment we are so loved by God. We are so accepted by Jesus Christ. The blood of Christ
is so efficacious. It’s so effective. It’s so real. It’s so powerful. Today we are saved and washed
and forgiven. Isn’t that great. I feel like doing a back flip right off the state. I’m just so – I love
that. I love to think about it. I was driving in my truck and went to Texas and bought a truck. I’m
just thinking, I’m washed. Did you ever think about that recently?

Amen. Washed. I’m washed by the blood of Jesus Christ. We are washed. Back to Adam and Eve and I’m going to wrap it up. Adam and Eve. Listen to what he says. He says I heard the sound of you in the garden. Isn’t that
different than what it was before. Before it was face to face. The face of the presence of God.
They were entertaining these mighty angels in the Garden of Eden. Incredible things were
happening there. They had face to face communion, and they had this tree which speaks of
relationship with God and they lost it. Jesus came and there was that shame. Before it was the
face and now the footsteps. I don’t know if you remember as a kid your dad coming up the
stairs and you know you’re in trouble. You hear the footsteps coming up those stairs. You know
you’re going to get a whooping. You’re going to get a beating. I don’t know about you, but my
dad understood discipline in my family.

This is what Adam heard. He heard footsteps. He didn’t see the face and he didn’t hear the voice. I heard the sound of you in the garden. I was afraid. I was naked. I was ashamed. Guilt means I’ve done something wrong. Shame is when we feel that I am wrong or there is something wrong with me and I don’t belong here. Jesus came and
brought in a new tree. We know what that tree is, don’t we? The cross of Calvary, that center
piece of Christianity, of history. That’s the place we meet each other at. Right in the middle of
this congregation is a massive cross we all meet at every day, every week, every Sunday, every
time we come to service. And we meet there. Jesus comes in Matthew 9 and he’s talking about the Gospel, which is the Gospel of this new tree, the tree of life. I love what happens here.

Adam and Eve are living in shame. We live in shame. We are looking for that tree. We are looking to
fulfill those desires. We don’t know it’s the tree. We go there, we sin and then we feel shame.
That shame is a feeling something is wrong with me and I don’t belong in this amazing group of
people. Did you ever think that way? You come to church and you’re like I don’t know if I
belong among these amazing group of people. That’s shame and not God’s will. What does
Jesus do for shame? How do we get out of shame? How does he deliver us from shame? That
sense that something is wrong. I can’t look at someone in the eyes, in purity and love and
respect because there is shame deep down inside. How do we do that? I think it’s through the
compassion of Jesus Christ. Matthew 9 Jesus sees the multitudes in vs. 36. We look at the multitudes
on TV. You see what is happening, the riots and we look at that and Jesus sees it and has
compassion. What a mess! He’s a shepherd.

He sees people so differently than we do. Jesus looks beyond all that craziness and sees the deep-seated need. That person needs to know that they are so loved and I’m coming to the cross to die for them. Matthew 14 he saw a great crowd and had compassion on them and cured their sick. Wow! It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Matthew 20:34, He was
moved with compassion. He was moved. I love that word. Moved. Compassion means to suffer
with, to share the same emotion or feeling. Jesus suffered shame in Hebrews 12. On the cross
he despised the shame. He suffered. He was experiencing that same shame. Yes, there is
something wrong. People look at me in a way that there is something wrong with me. I despise
that. I push back. That’s not true. I’m the Son of God. Jesus is speaking to himself about who he
is in the eyes of the Father. We are delivered from shame through the great message of the
Gospel and it’s this, that Jesus has compassion.

If there’s one thing to remember from this message, if there is one thing you can remember, remember this: When we see our brokenness and how broken we are and how there are shattered pieces inside of us, shards of glass and
clay pottery inside of our soul, if anyone touched us too deeply we’d be cut up to pieces. When
we feel that way just remember Jesus – when we feel rejection and want to reject ourselves
and reject people, and reject what is going on with our neighbor, Jesus has compassion. Jesus
has compassion. He’s moved. He’s moved to the cross in obedience. That’s compassion. That’s
obedient compassion. That’s a compassion that’s moved to obedience to the Father’s will.
When we have that and understand that compassion towards us, we are set free from the
bondages of temptation. We are set free from the bondages.

I don’t know what your story line is or your time line is, but that’s not who you are in Christ. You are now the prize of Jesus Christ, the prize of God. That is the great Gospel. That is the great message that I am so excited about
preaching in Houston, Texas with my wife. I love being there. We love the Body there and so
excited about what God is doing here. Its going to be a great week. I’m really looking forward to
being with you guys.

P. Schaller –

If you’re coming in from where? Coming in from away, could you just stand and
give us a wave. If you are here from far away or another state or city. Wileczek family.
Awesome. P. Duke is here. Because of the thing going on if you are sick stay home. On the other
hand, if you’re not sick, you are welcome. If you have an underlying condition and you don’t want to get sick and want to have a little special care, we have this place over here. We love
and respect these people. We don’t want anyone to get sick and it’s amazing it really hasn’t
happened. I know of three people in Baltimore that have gone through it and it’s passed. They
got that infection and they got through it and they are fine. They are not contagious today.
That’s a lot of answers to prayer. I would say also we walk before God with a lot of love and
respect for who he is and what he does. I’m very thankful.

I wanted to keep going and believe that is where we are at. We are very thankful for it. If you wear a mask, that’s awesome if not that’s okay. We are here with a lot of love and respect for each other, but we are also in
another way, we are moving on. We’ve been doing that for five or six months now. We respect
it. We respect the authorities and understand the whole thing in our own way and also we
believe in God and we’ll live our life with the petal on the metal. The metal on the floor. The
pedal down. I can’t go soul wining because of – what’s this? The corona card. What did P. Chris
say at the beginning of this message? He didn’t have a tie on because of corona! His tie had
corona stains on! He pulled the card on that.

Romans 1, we going to have a great week. All our European brothers and sisters will have some Zoom meetings. P. Gary. G. is an exceptional person and his service and ministry. Kathy is coming in at a close second! He has done so much. Faith Promise. Local outreaches. It’s been an amazing summer. P. Renaldo Brown another
exceptional pastor. P. Adam Speedy. Amazing people. The ladies, many names we could give
that live and work and serve. Scores of people. It’s amazing. We will have Zoom meetings and
workshops in here. I think it starts tomorrow at 10:00. There is prayer on Grace Hour from 7 to
8. Coffee on the deck. Right here people teaching workshops that will go online eventually. At
11 we have a class for one hour. We started that this past week.

Then in the evening, we have a deck prayer meeting for the world. We’ll be out there, and God will visit us in our prayer. That’s happening. God is going to visit us in our prayer. Then Tuesday similar but Tuesday night is an
outreach night and Wednesday and Wednesday service is here. Thursday is also I believe that is
outreach and Friday is a class in here. It’s going to be a mission class with P. Scibelli on Friday
night. I feel the Spirit is going to lead us in one on one ministry and in the pulpit and building us
up and address our hearts which is where God lives, and he speaks there. I was very impressed
someone showed me a video of this NBA basketball player, Jonathan Isaac who gave a brilliant
testimony, a simple testimony of why he did not kneel when the anthem was played. That was
in the NBA the other night, and he gave the gospel.

His name is Jonathan Isaac. You can google it after the meeting tonight and listen to his words. He said I am for Black Lives. We all do things wrong. All of us. And we need Jesus Christ. No matter who we are as people, we all do things wrong. It’s not in our place to judge. It’s our place to know God and know the gospel of Jesus
Christ. This is what he said in his interview. It was beautiful. I’d like to look at Romans 1:1 tonight.
Remember P. Scibelli years ago preaching on this. I almost asked him to preach it tonight, but it
didn’t get to him in time. I’m wondering if he should be doing it. But I’m going to do it. God will
do it. That’s the point. Amen. Romans 1:1. That’s awesome. He’s a servant of Jesus Christ the highest honor
is to be called a servant of Jesus Christ. What is a servant of Jesus Christ? He has no claims on
anything but only to serve Jesus Christ. whatever he does.

If you play in the NBA your first thing is to be a servant of Jesus Christ. If married, the first thing is not your marriage but be a servant of Jesus Christ. If a pastor, first thing is a servant of Jesus Christ this is what Paul is writing and says it is the first thing. Called to be an apostle. I love what God is doing in the hearts of people in the Holy Spirit
around the world. Keep your eyes on what God is doing. The devil is busy, but God is better.
God is doing something better. God is greater. God is working. The news be careful of all the
stuff that goes in your head. We’re going to speak about it this week. We started it two days
ago. Very good fellowship about meditation, about filtering, about saying no, about shutting
down things, about not being consumed in social media, what he says, and she says and likes
and dislikes.

You get controlled by that stuff and don’t know what it is to be free. Here is a
statement said long ago. What is the greatest pleasure in life? My greatest pleasure is to have
authority over pleasure. Isn’t that awesome. What is my greatest authority? That pleasure
doesn’t control me. That’s my greatest pleasure. I’m free. You can’t control me. I don’t have it.
I’m not seeking pleasure. Pleasure isn’t the basis of my life. My greatest pleasure is to have
authority over pleasure, to say to pleasure get back in your hole. You don’t have authority over
me. I don’t have to do what you say. I have authority over you. That’s our greatest dignity, our
greatest treasure. Our greatest pleasure is to be able to say to a woman I have a wife. I don’t
have any other woman in my life.

I have one woman in my life. Isn’t that amazing to be able to say that. Huh? To say to the drugs on the street. My great pleasure is I don’t need any of it. You can go back in your hole. I don’t have any interest in it. It’s not controlling me. I don’t need it. That’s my greatest pleasure. Isn’t that good? Paul is saying I got one over me. One is over me,
Jesus Christ and I’m a servant and on the authority of Christ we are free so that we can serve
our enemy. We can love. You know what America is losing? Love. Our love is growing cold. We
are getting angry at each other. We’re getting judgmental and self-righteous and proud. And
saying I am right, and you are wrong, and all of this kind of stuff. You got to get bigger than
that. You have to get bigger than right and wrong. You have to learn who God is and be the
servant of Jesus Christ Look at him on the cross.

He is the servant of God. That’s where God put him. God put him on the cross. When you are a servant of Christ, you don’t know where God will put you, but he might put you right where you don’t want to be, but because you have Christ, you are able to do many things, Philippians. 4:13. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Vs. 4. Separated unto the Gospel of God. Separated to the Gospel. You know grooming
somebody for a particular service or function, grooming an engineer to be an engineer or a
navy pilot to be a pilot of an aircraft or ship is a lot of training. They are in a way separated into
that. That’s what they need to learn. They are separated to that kind of expertise, that kind of
understanding of what to do. They are separated unto it. It happened with the apostle Paul.

He was a very religious man. I don’t want to do a lot of drawing here, but it helps me say a couple
simple things. Paul was a man who was religious. It was kind of going upstairs this way to God.
Paul is on his journey as a Pharisee to go up in time and by work. This is basically religion. All
religions do it. I’m religious so my way of thinking is this way. I have to find. I need to achieve or
I’m trying to be disciplined or better or more sincere. I’m trying to be a holy man. I’m burning
incense, burning candles, saying prayers. I’m going on pilgrimages. I’m making sacrifices. I’m giving my life for my religion. I’m going to Mecca. I’m praying five times a day. I’m keeping the 8
pillars of Buddhism. I’m a disciplined man in doing this.

I’m a Hindu. I’m doing these services. It’s all the same. It’s a payment plan based on my problem essentially of guilt. How can I find God? I lost him. Where is he? I’m looking for him. I try and work at it. I get so far and haven’t
gone far enough. I need to be more committed and dedicated. I try again. I keep going at it. I
might live my whole life with that kind of dedication. That’s what Paul did essentially, keeping
the law as a Pharisee. But he had an experience on the road to Damascus. The Bible says he
went on the ground and went off his horse. He went down on the ground and looking up he
saw Jesus. He spoke to Jesus. Jesus spoke to him. He was blind for three days. It seems in that
three days something happened in his whole life and his whole way of thinking changed. I
would say that diagram changed. Something radically different from religion happened to that
man. He saw Christ.

Religion in the sense of the typical meaning of religion, like churches and
Bibles and prayers and activities and dedication and all the various things I mentioned. This is
something different. Radically different. Extremely different. When he got this, he was filled
with the Spirit, got his eye sight back, water baptized and went right to the synagogue to
preach Jesus Christ. He preached Jesus Christ. This is different. This NBA basketball player said
something similar and from a pure heart. You can see it on the video. He’s saying this is not
religion. This is relationship. These are my words. God came into my life. God came from
heaven down to me. God saved me in a minute, in a second. God gave me grace. He saved me.
There was no process. It was instantly, immediately.

He loved me. He gave me his Son. The schematic could go this way. Here’s a man who is a sinner. Here’s God. God comes down to a man and dies on the cross and brings man up to God to sit in heaven. When? Now. It happens
now. The moment I believe we are seated in heavenly places. What’s the difference? On this
side of the diagram, there is the blood of animals and bulls and goats and maybe the blood of
human beings that are sacrificed. The Jews were very much dealt with by God because they
gave their own children in the worship of Moloch and Chemosh, two pagan gods. God said can
the fruit of your body pay for your sin? Can my child coming from my body be offered as a
sacrifice and pay for my sin? There is nothing that can pay for my sin except God’s blood. The
blood of Jesus. Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world. This is the
Gospel. It’s radical.

No matter how many books we write about it, it still remains a mystery. Mary did you know when you touched the baby Jesus, when you touched his face, you touched the face of God? I didn’t know when I touched the face of God when I touched the baby Jesus. Yes, you did. That’s the most wonderful miracle you could ever imagine. We are separated unto a unique message. Four things that are unique about it: 1) God became flesh. God came into
our world. God is so humble. God came here. We touched him and looked at him We followed
him on the Sea of Galilee. We watched him cast out demons and rebuke his enemies. We
watched him raise the dead and heal the leper. We watched him astound the crowd. There
would be a silence when he answered a question. No man has spoken like this man. Have you
touched the hem of his garment? Have you seen him in the gospels?

Yes, we have. 2) Our sin. This is the thing about this world. It’s the last thing people want to hear about, but it’s a thing that’s in their mouth every day and in their hearts. They call it guilt. They go to the psychologist.
They go to get medications. They go to the pharmacies. They go to the streets for drugs. They
go to the alcohol, the liquor shop. I heard this story today. This woman said I’m looking for God.
Afroos met her. She went to a church, but it was closed. She went to the liquor store and it was
open. She said I never drank before. I just started with this covid thing. I never did it before, but
I just started. Because the liquor store is open. It happened to be open, but I went to two
churches before. I’m not shaming anyone but I’m saying something that should speak to our

This world is struggling in many ways. Maybe we are seeing it in ways we didn’t see it
like this a year ago. We didn’t realize the emptiness of man when you take away his
entertainment, his recreation. You take away from him his movie theaters you take away from
him his health club. Take away from him his work and job and what does he have? It might be
he realizes he has nothing. That his life is empty like Pascale said. The big test of a human being
is if he can sit in a room alone by himself. We have good news today. If you have victory over
sin you can sit in a room by yourself with God for a long time and enjoy it. We are separated
unto a unique message. It’s the gospel. It’s what man cannot do.

But God does it. Its what man is looking for but can’t find it. He’s wondering why am I here. Why am I here? I was windsurfing at Rocky Point one day a little while ago and I saw a bunch of guys with a kayak or two. They’re
goofing around in a pickup truck and I pulled up. I was talking to them. I go, what are you guys
up to? We talked about the water and stuff. We’re going to go out drinking now. They don’t
know who I am. It’s perfect. I said, whose driving? They get really quiet. Are you a policeman? I
go, which one of your is driving? He is. Are you going to drink? He goes, no. He’s supposed to
say that! Then comes the missile. I used to do that and then I found Jesus Christ. He’s what you
need. He’s who you are looking for. He’s the one you want. He will fill you heart. He will satisfy.
Thank you. Bye! Thank you.

That’s good. Move along. Let’s go. You know what? Your message you are separated unto a message just like people are separated unto something. When they have seen it, they are not the same. They’ve seen something. They have been trained in it. They realize it. They are separated unto it. Some are separated unto a unholy relationship with a girl. They are separated to some criminal group of people. They are separated unto some lie or cult or false religion. They are separated unto some trashy thing of some nature or kind that doesn’t
help them out of the garbage can of life. They are separated unto bad things. They are
separated unto the work of evil, unto something ungodly. Paul is saying I’m separated unto the
gospel, 3) the sin and then 4) the blood of Jesus. What can wash away my sin? Nothing but the
blood of Jesus. What can make me whole again? Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

Oh precious is the flow, that makes me white as snow! No other fount I know, nothing but the blood of Jesus.
Nothing but the blood, nothing but the blood of Jesus. Halleluiah! Come on ! Are you separated
unto that message? I’ve seen you in these six months together. I’ve seen you. I’ve seen you the
folks online. I’ve seen you in your love and faith and giving and support and prayers and love. If
you stay home too long it might be you need to get refreshed and find fellowship and get
refreshed in it. I’ve seen the freedom and the pleasure of not being submitted to the pleasures
of this world. They don’t control you. You are separated unto God. He has set you apart to holiness, to Spirit filling, to call you by name, to be in his fold, his flock. He set you apart to be
his child. He knows the hairs of your head.

He knew every step you take. You know P. Morrison who passed on, he knew every step P. Morrison would be taking. And he knew the steps at the end of his life. He knew everything about P. Yurma, another saint of God. He knew everything about him. I met that old guy in Havre de Grace. His wife passed away fifteen years ago, and he
said I’ll meet you at the south gate. I’m coming. You’re going ahead of me. I’ll meet you up
there. That’s how to live. Nothing but the blood of Jesus could make us this way. Nothing could
make us free and put our hearts and minds on the right thing. 5) Faith. What is the difference
between P. Gary Groenewald and anyone else? His faith. What is the difference between Pirjo
and anyone else and Ulla and anyone else and Debbie Westera and anyone else and Big Dave.
Big Dave, you want to stand for a minute?

There he is. We’re talking about the young men. Friday night prayer meeting. The young men. Young men. Ten years old, 8, 12. They need dads. They need instruction. Young men need to be told to put the phone down and the gaming away and come on out into the woods. Let’s go look for a jack rabbit. Let’s go hunting. Let’s go make
a bow and arrow. Let’s hang from a tree upside down. Let’s go out and get in the water and in
the mud. Let’s get in a boat and go down the river and not know where we are going or if we
will ever come back again! Let’s be men. Let’s raise our young men to be men. Let’s teach them
how to play hard and live a life and have vision and be a man. Young men need it. I talked to
someone and they said young men today because of all the gaming and stuff are falling into
depression. They are losing a sense, – something is not right about it. I’m interested in that

Young ladies have anxiety and panic attacks and fears they didn’t have before. Young
men are depressed and discouraged and low self-image. No, that cannot happen. We are
separated unto the gospel. The gospel means you have authority in your life, and you can be
somebody. The way you live and they way you get saved is faith and the way you learn how to
live is by faith. One last thing. I don’t know if I should say this. Okay. Hey? What do you know
what I’m doing. Who is in control up here? That doesn’t matter.


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