We live in truth experienced. There’s a dimension of life that transcends matter, chance, and time. We know that His Word is spirit and life. We live in the reality of the I Am, who is Bread, who is the Door, who is our Shepherd, who is from above, who is the Way and the Life. Isaiah 34:16; John 5:22; John 12:47

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller, MBCS Students
Sermon 11995
6:30 PM on 11/22/2020

Josh Johnson –

P. Schaller is my homiletics teacher. If this is terrible–! I want to start in 2 Chronicles 34. That wasn’t my joke
either. I stole that from somebody. Vs. 1. Josiah began his reign as king at 8 years old. It’s funny
to imagine an 8 year old boy as a king running around. Who knows what he’s doing. He walked
in the ways of his father David and didn’t turn aside to the right or the left. He was a pretty
focused 8 year old boy. In vs. 14 of chapter 34 when they were bringing out the money, they
find this one little book. I think it’s the five books of the Torah probably sitting under a pile of
stuff all dusty. They bring it before Josiah. Vs. 18. 1 Timothy 4:13, it says do not neglect the reading
of the Scripture in public. So in the Old Testament, they are reading the Scripture in the
presence of Josiah and he tears his clothes and humbled by them. Finding this foolish looking
book the only one left but he says it’s the Word of the Lord. We’ll follow this book. They find
out they are supposed to observe the Passover. In chapter 35, Josiah celebrated the Passover
and slaughtered the animals in vs. 1.

He just takes this book and he follows it. He takes it as truth. He puts faith in this little book. Vs. 18. Samuel lived in 1050 B.C. and Josiah in 620 B.C. That’s 400 years they didn’t celebrate the Passover and honor the Lord and say God brought us out of the land of Egypt. Does God care about those 400 years? You don’t need to say sorry or
give me any penance. I want to be present among you right now. I don’t care about those 400
years. Let’s move on. Jesus doesn’t want our past. He wants us to observe the Passover right
now. The lamb was slain and who cares about our past. Right now I can have the presence of
God. 35:3 the ark is the presence of God. They sacrifice a lamb and the presence of God comes
back to the land of Israel. It’s a cool picture. We are saved and we can observe the Passover.
We can say I want to see Christ. God I want your life in my life. We can go to Ephesians 3:19. That is a
picture of what Jesus did. The lamb was slain. We know the love of God and that fills us up with
the fullness of God. I hope that was 5 to 7 minutes.  That’s all I have! Thanks guys!

Alyssa – Many of you might not know me. I came from Montreal. This is my second semester in
Bible college. I wanted to share my testimony of how I got here and how God brought me to
this ministry. It’s a privilege to be here. I was thinking of how we can be anywhere in the world
or any church and we’re here in Baltimore and in this ministry and Greater Grace and it’s so
beyond anything people can conceive. My story is I was raised in a non-Christian home, but I
had a really good childhood. My parents provided everything I needed and wanted. I had a
good education. That was my goal in life. I had dreams. I wanted to be in the arts and film
industry. As I grew older and got to my teenage years, I started feeling there was an emptiness.
I had everything really. I had good times. I was finishing college. I had a house. I had everything
by sight. That desire for something more was growing deeper and deeper.

At 18 years old, I knew what was missing was God. He let me come to the end of myself where I surrendered and
said God I give you my life and I want to follow you. I’m going to trust you because I have no
other choice at this point. It’s amazing God brought me into the church in Montreal. We have
an amazing Body there. Through childhood connections and friends in common, he brought me
there. I loved it. I loved going to church and events. In summer 2019, the Body and pastor said
come to Convention. I didn’t even know there was a church here or I did but didn’t know about this. I didn’t know about Bible college and modern day missionaries. I heard of them in my
childhood but thought it was over. I remember one of the last nights we were called to get on
our knees and pray and give everything to God. God spoke to me and told me to come to Bible
college. I had my own plans. But this was it. Last semester, I came here.

The reason I bring up my childhood and my past life is because by sight I thought I had it all. When I came here and
growing and knowing God, he gave me a surpassing joy and a purpose. The joy was in the
purpose and in knowing him. It’s amazing because all of those things I had before, the joy of
knowing God is infinitely higher. That doesn’t mean those things don’t matter or that I don’t
want them or need them. It’s just that the joy and purpose of knowing God was so much
higher. The more I tasted of his sweetness, the more I wanted more. This semester, what is on
my heart is Matthew 6:33 and all things will be added unto me. We can think of that in a practical
way. We can say he blessed all of us. He gives us a house and amazing provision and money
when we are missing it. The flight ticket. Really everything. All of that we can still count as loss.
It’s something you can’t understand in your flesh. It’s by sight impossible to see. I just want to
say I was talking to Marty Veader once and he told me God is going to throw things at you and
you better grab them, take them. That stuck with me. We can have our own way and God has
so much more. That’s all we have to do. My last thought is to live for him. There is a verse in 2
Corinthians 5:15. Losing your life is the best thing and I would never had understood that before
coming to him and getting to know the Word more and more. That’s what I want to do and
that’s what Bible college is for.

P. Schaller –

That was great, Alyssa. That was excellent. Many of us know exactly what you are
saying, and we enjoyed that. That was the richest thing we could hear from a young person to
say I would lose my life to gain Christ and I have gained him. Isn’t that amazing. If you are in
Bible school here, would you stand up for a moment? Thank you. Josh’s message was so good. I
wondered who his teacher is! That was amazing. Stand for a moment. Rejoice a moment and
love your neighbor. I enjoyed listening and seeing the Bible college students and the Spirit
teaching all of us. How unique we are and how different we are as people from the people that
don’t have this book. This book has two parts to it. In one way, we can say it’s objective truth
and secondly it’s experienced. John 6:63. My words are spirit. In the world of the material, our
bodies, our food, our world, our houses, it’s material. But my words are spirit. When he spoke,
there was light because there is in the spirit a dimension that transcends the material. We are
hungry for the spiritual.

That’s what Alyssa said and what Josh said. Finding the book. Nehemiah 8
they read the book for some hours and they stood up. There was an English King Edward the 6 th
and when he heard the Word of God, he would stand up. He was the king of England. He also
took notes. He was a student of the Bible, of the Word of God. There are those people who
have found the Word of God. It is spirit and it is life. When we have found it and found the man
of God and the people of God and the hunger for the Word of God, it affects our life. I think
people could stand back and look at the lives of a believer that lives by the Word and say how
do you do it? How do you have the joy, the peace? How did you get that attitude? What does
Jesus say? Man is not to live by bread alone or the material world alone. We said this morning an interesting point, just a brief reference. We do the house with two floors.

The material world is the first floor and the natural world. Most of the Western world believes in the theory of
evolution. Most of the Western world. It’s the religion we are living in the midst of. It’s a faith
that there is nothing – this is one school of it. Not the sole one. The trinity of the atheist is
matter, chance, and time. Where did the universe come from? It’s always been here. It’s
matter. Carl Sagan believed that. He put the attributes of God on the material universe that it’s
infinite and eternal. Matter is not infinite or eternal. But that was his popular philosophy and TV
show called The Cosmos that taught that. I’m not speaking comprehensively about the subject.
I’m making a few thoughts here. If you exist because of an accident, matter, chance and time,
then your thoughts are also accidents. If your thoughts are also accidents, why would I care
about them? If your morality is an accident, what does it mean?

The world without God is absurd, meaningless and in itself contradictory. I think I judge you because there are so many issues and seals and whales are important and you don’t care about it. I judge you. I judge you
because of climate warming. You do nothing to save the planet. It’s all evolving. It’s about time
and chance and matter. Why do I have to embrace your morality? We can kill babies and save
whales and many other things hypocritical and absurd. The answer is God. I don’t want God
because I don’t want to judge. God is a judge. Yes, he is a judge. He’s a person and he’s a judge.
The Father gives me all judgment. My Word will judge you at the last day. We have found and
the students here tonight have expressed to us something precious, faith. How do you get to
the world of God, the world of worship? How do we live there? By faith. We don’t go anywhere.
We found the book. The book speaks by the Holy Spirit.

The book goes into our spirit and we live by faith. We know God and believe in God and worship God and Jesus said it in so many ways in the Gospel of John. Turn to Isaiah 34. I met a man that wouldn’t go on a plane. He was
afraid of a crash, so he didn’t want to go on an airplane. I thought that’s your decision. I’m not
anybody’s judge. There are so many things in life where you have no guarantee on the first
floor of the house. What can happen on the first floor? It’s a world that is cursed. We die. It’s a
world that actually can be very hard. The sweat of our brow, we make our bread. A women in
labor having a child in a cursed world with pain. Satan going on his belly and now he does
because he is cursed. He’s going down and eventually all the way down. God made the world
this way. Jesus came and said it’s the Word of God. That’s the key. My words are spirit. If we
read this book, it’s objective. It’s the Spirit that brings in healthy subjectivity and I know life.
Spirit and life. I can get on a plane by faith.

I could swim in the ocean. There’s sharks in the ocean you know. I could live by faith. The chances of getting in a car accident if you drive from here to California – an actuary could tell you what are the chances. I’m not going. One of our students, Daniel and Caesar, did you come together? There’s Denise. Daniel was living in
California up to two months ago and how was it? Nyasha or your sister – someone said you
should go to Bible college. That was on Thursday. He was in California. When does it start?
Monday. I better get on the road now to make the class on Monday and that’s what he did!
Don’t you know the car accident can happen? Yes, I know but my world is more than this
material world. I can live by faith. Don’t go to India as a missionary. You might get bit by a
snake. Don’t go to the inner city of Baltimore. You might get shot. Don’t live in America or any other place. What are the chances? This is one way to live. What did Jesus say? Man must not
live by bread alone. He must live by every word from God’s mouth.

When we find the book, we start to live by faith. Some of these students by God’s grace they may come or go and believe and in their heart they may find. That’s what we are looking for as believers. We are altogether
in this. We are learning the worlds were framed by the Word of God. Our forefathers
understood and believed the world is framed by the Word of God. Why don’t I hear the Word
of God and have my world framed by the Word of God. Why can’t God lead me? Why can’t God
call us to prayer? Why can’t God answer our many prayers? Why can’t God show up on Monday
morning? Why can’t God visit us in our car? Heal us in our body? Visit us in our
discouragement? I was in Bible college more than 40 years ago. One of my friends said I was
very encouraged. A dog came up and licked my hand. How much more God must love me. That
encouraged me. Just think that dog was on a mission! It is funny how we live, isn’t it?

Dan Sergione told me as a diver in the North Sea and we were talking, and I said did you ever feel in
the simple things in life God talks to us? He said 300 feet at the bottom of the ocean, North Sea,
telephone poles…I was down there, and the lights were on and welding and doing my work and
he said I’m standing there, and a little yellow fish swam up to my face and swam back and forth
and said good morning Dan! Then it swam away. I go, really? He goes, yeah. Sometimes you
can’t explain things. The spiritual world is connecting with us in this material world. There are
things about life we get to see. Blessed is the pure of heart. They will see God. There are things
God will say to us in this book and it will be like arrow in our hearts. Ointment, oil, love, words,
relationship. We need relationship. We have been meeting in the last ten months because we
know we are told to do it in the Bible. Forsake not the assembly. We recognize the Spirit in the
Body, and we live in faith. We are looking for God.

Sometimes in dark moments it is the best time for God to search our hearts and test us and speak to us. And say this is the way; walk in it. Isaiah 34:16 nothing like this book. It is pure. There is nothing comparable. It’s above all books. Seek it out and look for it and find it. Once we find it, we have found a treasure. I would move
anywhere. I would go anywhere. I would find the people wise. I would look for the Spirit, the
Body, the gifts, the ministry. We seek out the book of the Word because this book would help
us live by faith. Vs. 16. This idea, I drew it this way this morning. I learn a doctrine about sin,
about Christ, about the world, Satan, God, the Bible, the Church, the Body. And they all are
pieces. I don’t really understand how they relate but it happens. Eventually, I see this comes
together in life. You end up seeing all of these and how they are related, and none lacks her
mate. There is no Bible verse that doesn’t have a mate. There is no Bible mate that it’s so
absurd that it contradicts this body of information. Everything is woven together like Jesus’
tunic without any seam. It was all one woven garment like the Bible.

The Bible is a treasure, a mystery, the mind of God. It gives me definition. It tells me about the world I live in. Seek out the book and read. Vs. 16. Imagine. Maybe it’s the only thing perfect in the world. You ask a
mathematician is there a perfect circle in the world? No, only theoretically on paper. There isn’t
a perfect measurement. Not a perfect thing in the first floor of the house but the Bible is pure.
Everything about it is perfect. I can touch something perfect. Something perfect can go in me.
Jesus is perfect. The mind of God is perfect. That’s why I don’t believe in evolution. Reading Genesis1-3, I called John Sabo and said I want to learn more about it. I want to learn more about
Creation and how it went. God made man first and then the woman. That’s the end of the
story. There is no evolution. That can’t happen. He made the male first and he was alone. God
scratched his head and said it’s not good for him to be alone. He put him to sleep. He did not
evolve. Why would I believe it? If you are an accident telling me about an accident, why would
you accident be anything better than what I have to say?

I’m not saying it. God is. I’m having a good time up here talking about it. I want to get to the point and finish up. Vs. 16. John do you know what I need in my life? The I AM. That’s what everybody needs. That’s what I need. A
person. A person. That’s all. Where is my mother? Where is my mother? I need a person. I need
someone who can hold me and love me. Who is the person I need? God. He’s called the I AM.
What does it mean? We need a face. We need the face of God. He said I am the Messiah to the
woman at the well in John. 4:26. I am the Messiah. He said it to a woman. Beautiful. A woman met
him at the empty tomb. The first one to meet him was a woman, Mary. God. It’s beautiful. He is
spirit. Not like people. Crusty, tired, empty people. Critical, judgmental, self-righteous. Aren’t
you fed up with people? I don’t want to see any. I don’t want to talk to any of them or be with
any of them. Miserable. I want to have a dog.

Better, a gerbil! Wait a minute. If people could be with God and live by faith, the love of God could be in their hearts. These young people could go anywhere in the world with this message and people could get saved. They could learn this book and go anywhere in the world by faith. They could go on their knees in the morning and
go out in the afternoon and share the message of Christ and people would get saved. That’s
what we did in Europe. Just like the entertainers play in the streets. They are playing music. We
can preach the Gospel. We get the young guy. Let’ s have coffee. We sit with hm and he comes
back. We did it everywhere we went. Then these young guys and gals would come together.
We had a piece of paper like this in a subway. You go up the escalator and one of our disciples,
Esther, said I walked right over there and wrote down the address and she came. She’s married
to Bendeguz, the great servant.

She got saved as a little teenager and followed God and believed God. How can people find Christ unless we live by faith? How can we say prayers unless we do it by faith? How can we believe this means anything unless we live by faith? How can we believe there is an eternal reward and value to it unless we live by faith…I am the bread
of life. Have you had any bread lately? He said I am from above; you are from below in John. 8:23.
You are an evolutionist. I am a Creationist. I am the Creator. I hold it together by the word of
my power. I call you to myself. I am the way, the truth, the life in John 14:6. They asked the blind
man, who healed you? I was blind. Are you stupid? Who healed you? I don’t know. I didn’t see
him. I went to the pool and washed my face. You’re so smart. Why don’t you know who healed
you? Idioties. What is wrong with you? I know this. I was blind and now I can see. That is what
we are hearing. That’s what our lives are about. He said I am the eternal one, the I AM in John.
8:58. This world that is locked in, shut down, bolted, this world wants to put us into a mindset.
Don’t even think about it. You are an accident.

Don’t even look for him. You’ll never find him. Obey and be submitted and do the right thing. I will as much as I possibly can but if Jesus is the door, I want to go through that door. Is that okay? Can I go through that door? Can I find Jesus Christ? Can I find God? Is God here? I’m looking for God? Can I find God? We had a woman in Kazakhstan she said my parents said I can’t be a Christian. I grew up in a Muslim family. I said,
what does the constitution of your country say? Do you have freedom of conscience? She said,
yes we do. I said, that’s how you answer your parents. You say mom and dad I respect you and
love you, but in my conscience I must stand before God alone. I must give an answer to God for
my life. I believe in Jesus Christ. You have the freedom to do it. You can die or get in trouble
doing that but that’s your decision. Christ says I am the door. I am the way, the truth, the life. If
this is true, and we have the most amazing message. I’ve been in touch with that woman 20
years or more probably. She’s doing great. She’s a believer.

These are excellent people. Jesus Christ has made himself known to us like Alissa said. Hey! He said I am the Good Shepherd in John. 10:11. I am the Son of God. I am the resurrection and the life. Is there anything more we need?
I am the resurrection and the life. The one who forgives me and puts my name in the book of
life. Could he ever give me anything more than these incredible realities? Isn’t it good. I am the
Lord and Master. I am the way, the truth, and the life. I am the true vine. I am the Alpha and
the Omega. I am the first and the last. Our consciences can bother us in different ways. Be
careful in your life. When I went to Bible college, I broke my dad’s heart. It was hard for me.
One of the hardest things I had done in my life. We are brought up with loyalty and honor to
our parents and I was breaking my dad’s heart, but I had to. I had to. I had to embrace it. I had
to believe it’s the way. It’s my own decision. We don’t compare ourselves with each other and
not making value judgments that way. I found bread. I was hungry.

I found a reason to live and I wanted it. I found – you can get in a car accident driving from California to Baltimore. I know but I have something going on in my heart. If you are a missionary in India, you could get bit by
a snake or shot in Baltimore. I know but I can’t be reduced to something smaller. We are called
to be like the angels of God. Keep our students in prayer as they are on this journey. It’s not
going to look pretty all the time. It’s not going to make sense to our families. It may not look so
good all the time, but when you find him, he is all these things. We have found what life is
about and we will not be ashamed. He that believes is not ashamed. One of our brothers, John
Williams, went home to be with the Lord today. He was such a good guy. He had many bouts
with cancer. He was filled with literature. He read dictionaries. He loved words. His vocabulary,
his love, his tenderness, and spirit. I sat with him with Sandy and John his son and we had a
beautiful time. He was like my father in the Lord.

A precious brother. See a saint of God living in the whole house. We will not be ashamed. We’ll see God honoring his Son Jesus Christ and Jesus showering us with what we believed and embraced. He is with us. Though I go through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff
they comfort me.



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