Our God is not stuck in a cosmic machine called the universe. His creative power is still at work like it was in the garden of Eden. The voice of God divides the waters and raises the dead;  it answers the deep questions of the why and where we are going. (Psalm 29:3 / Psalm 199)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11526
11:00 AM on 8/19/2018


P. Schaller

Good to see you folks. Great to be here. I was away for a week and listened to the services. I enjoyed P. Scibelli’s preaching so much. He’s a man of the word, of faith, lives the life, has a lot of love in his heart and anointed of God.

Remember in Acts 10: 38 that God had anointed Jesus of Nazareth with power and the H.S. who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed of the devil. What a good commentary on us. We are anointed of God with the H.S. and power. Intimacy and connection with God is so important to us. It happened when we were born again, born not of corruptible seed but incorruptible of the word of God. Isn’t that amazing? We heard the word and born of the word. Word born in us. We are regenerated. We have a new genetical orientation. I have my family, my biology, my physical genetics, my natural man but you are born of the Spirit, born of God.

Jer 15:16, what name? The name of God. What is your name? I am called by his name, the name of God. The name of God. What? You? Yes, we are called by his name.

Jer 15:16 born again of the Spirit. We are spiritual. We are born of God.

He that is joined to the Lord is one spirit, 1 Cor 6:17. We are joined unto the Lord. A man joined unto a harlot – the same text – he that is joined unto a harlot is one flesh. He that is joined to the Lord is one spirit. Amazing correlation. Sexuality is one reality in the flesh but in the spirit is another reality where joined unto the Lord. In marriage you have both. Joined to the Lord and to your wife. Meats for the belly. Food is for the stomach but body is for the Lord. When God made Adam and Eve – when he made Adam rather – Adam was alone.

Ge 2. Adam was alone. He gave names to the animals. We are talking about millions of names. The different species of plants and animals. Adam was intellectually capable of giving names. The name Adam gave was the name God used or God agreed with the name Adam gave. God is saying good enough for you, Adam, good enough for me. You call that an elephant. I call that an elephant. God made man so man would rule and keep the garden and Adam would do it with God. After naming the animals, God notice humanly speaking it was not good for Adam to be alone. Even though God was with Adam and intimacy with Adam and God, still he needed a horizontal. And so do we. We need community. In the Scripture, we need the Body of Christ, fellowship. We need to come together on a Sunday.

In Acts 2, they met daily and broke bread together. They continued steadfastly in apostolic teaching and they prayed and had fellowship. Not good to be alone. You can’t grow spiritually by being by yourself. We need connection this way and this way. When listening to P. Scibelli, I was not only listening to him but to God. God was speaking to me through him. God was edifying me and I was rejoicing in the message he was giving. Adam, it is not good to be alone even though you are right on target. I am in fellowship with you but you need someone like you that is different from you. He put him to sleep and out of his side came a woman. When he woke up, I’m sure he was very excited. How amazing it is when we have each other in Christ. When we have understanding with another person. When we have a connection, fellowship, sisters and brothers in the Body of Christ. I come in the morning and have fellowship with you in Christ. I’m looking for it. I’m aware of it. I know what it sounds like. In the Body of Christ, my life has direction. It’s important. Direction.

Ps 119 it won’t be our primary text but notice from the Scofield notes something about this chapter. This is the longest psalm. Psalm on God’s word. God’s word is our subject this morning as we think about our summer and it’s coming to an end. I love living in Maryland because our summer seems to go on into September and October. Some of us lived in other climates are blessed in the state of MD. School starts soon. We go back to schedules maybe that are a bit arduous, mundane, regular, and normal. I want you to be encouraged in our message that one of the things God does is takes the normal and average and mundane and wants to teach you how to enjoy God in the midst of it. To see God. To see God in the regular activities of life. Look for the intimacy of love from God in the garden. Even though we have left the garden under the curse, outside the garden under the curse life was perspiration and frustration and sense of vanity. We sow seed and don’t reap. We work hard and don’t get ahead.

Christ came and says in Ps. 29 his voice divides the flames. When Adam and Eve left the garden, fire was put there so couldn’t enter back in except through fire. Two angels with flaming swords of fire. When Christ came into the world, it was God who came into the world, our Messiah came into the world. He didn’t leave us and say hope you do great. By his voice, his words, we enter into the presence of God. By his blood, we enter into the holy of holies. By the sacrifice of Christ on the cross we enter into something we did not have before. Now we recognize the presence of God. The voice of God that breaks the cedars, that divides the waters.

Ps. 29:3, by the way, where did this happen? The voice of the Lord upon the waters.

When Jesus preaching in Luke 5, he got into an empty boat and went out from the shore. He was speaking from the water. Like a natural amphitheater. His voice could go over the water and the people could hear him. His voice went over the waters.

But I think it happened in Ge 1 when it says the Spirit of God brooded over the waters when God made the heavens and earth. Spirit over the waters, voice of God over the waters. At the Red Sea, the voice of God goes over the water and makes a wall of water on right and left and went over on dry land.

vs. 4-5, it seems nothing could stop the voice of God.

The voice of God skips like a calf in verses 6-7. To go back into the Garden of Eden. Is there such a thing on this earth where we could go back into the Garden of Eden? Is it possible we could eat of the tree of life in the midst of the Garden of Eden? That’s what it says in Revelation. He who overcomes, I’ll give of the tree of life in the midst of the garden. We as believers are able to eat of the tree of life. The tree of K of good and evil is a tree of death. Did Jesus eat of that tree? Turn to your neighbor and ask them. Did he? What do you say? The first Adam, do not eat of that tree and he did. The last Adam never sinned.

vs. 8. I went to the Timonium fair a year ago and in one stall was a newborn calf. The placenta was in the dirt. The mother was there with the placenta and the new born calf was there in the dirt. The voice of God makes life happen. The voice of God is with the birth of a calf. This is from the voice of God. The world is spinning because of the voice of God, the mind of God, the plan of God. He’s holding it together by the word of his power. Something greater than the cosmos. God is not caught in a cosmic machine called the universe. The universe is operating like this and scientists say this is the system and order. Yes, we know about the order and system and cosmos but our God is a wonder working God. He is a God of law and order. Don’t limit our God to the machine. He is beyond the machine. A miracle is a statement by God saying I am God and not caught in any cosmic machines. I am bigger than the laws of physics. I can heal the sick and raise the dead. I am God. The voice of God can break the cedars, divide the flames, raise the dead and says Lazarus, come forth. Lazarus does. God is not as simple as the cosmos and the rules that make it that way. Our God is an awesome God, a mighty God. He is the God of the word of God. How about if a man got the word of God in his heart and the Holy Spirit moved in him and the word of God changed his life deep in his heart. The holiness of God becomes his deep happiness. There are people looking for happiness and it is shallow and empty. You look for God and you find holiness. Holiness is greater than happiness. Holiness makes my life meaningful. Christ is the way the truth and the life.

Man is lost in our civilization like a fleet of ships. You are taught to maintain your ship and keep it in ship shape. Don’t hit another ship and get along as a fleet. Keep your ship right and don’t run into anyone else. But the third thing in the picture, the parable, they never talk about where we are going. Where is the fleet going? What is the point of the ships? What university professor will tell us where we are going? He will say evolution. Evolving into what? What are we becoming and why? Silence. Keep your ship clean, maintain your ship, don’t run into another ship, and take care of each other. Why? Where are we going? Tragic silence.

What’s missing? This book is missing. This is telling me where we are going. I read about it in the end in Revelation. I read about the city whose foundation that God…the gates are the children of Jacob. The foundation are the twelve apostles. I read about the city and it’s huge. It’s two thirds the size of the moon in volume. That’s huge it seems. The city with the people of God that one day Abraham looked for a city whose builder and maker is God. It’s a place where there is intimacy way beyond anything we can imagine. Transparency, connection, holiness. Abraham looked for a city because we are made for people but a certain kind. Not the evil, malfunctioning, egotistical maniac but humble and respectful and wise like Christ. We would like to be like him and through the cross this happened. We don’t yet know what we shall be but when we see him, we shall be like him. We can taste it and feel it in our spirit. This book tells us about it. It’s a living book, a word of truth.

In my time away last week with my wife, we went on walks and road bikes and talked to people we didn’t know. I wanted to have connection with people. I casually in a relaxed way was asking questions or talking. I wanted to encourage them in this message where are we going. Where are you going? I asked a cyclists. We talked about bicycles and talked for a while. Can I ask you a personal question? I said do you have any roots in your life? Do you have roots in your life? When something happens, you can survive that bad thing. He said funny you said that. I just buried both my parents. I was talking in my prayers to them and hoping they are okay. Where do you think they went? He said I don’t know. No one has come back from the dead to tell us. Because we preachers have so many answers and could give Bible verses – I’m not interested in giving Bible verses mechanically. I am waiting on God. I told him I probably won’t see you again and I’m not after your money or religion. God is real. If you start talking to God, he will answer you. If you seek him, you will find him. You have, we have a message because we have the voice of the Lord that breaks through the forest that goes to the deepest sea, goes to the heartbroken. This young man on the beach I started talking to him. We were joking around and he said my dad died when I was 14. I said tell me about it. He started sharing his heart. He just needed someone to listen to him. We had a connection. I was not preaching to him. That’s all that it is. You and I are going somewhere. We are not proud about it. We are ministers of Christ. We are people that are listening to hurting people and lost people. Many times they don’t hear anything but be sure your ship is in good shape and don’t hurt anyone else. Can anyone tell me what is going on in this planet and this world? Why am I making a pay check? Why do I go home and kiss my kids goodnight? Why do I say I love you to my wife? Why should I care about someone else?

We are saying and I want you to hear it carefully, my life changed when I went to church. This one, more than 40 years ago. There are many and we pray for more and more. I’m so happy because every time we come together we listen to this book and hear what the Spirit has to say and it helps us. We take one sentence home and one parable or story and I take something home with me, something inspiring me. My pastor gave me a love for this book. I never got afraid of this book. I never said don’t beat me on the head with the Bible. It’s sweet like honey.

As Ps. 19 says, it’s better than thousands of gold and silver. It’s sweeter than honey and the honey comb. It teaches us how to live. It guides us in a way. It brings us into the mind of Christ so we are not only listening to principles and ordinances, but it gives us more. It gives us a word in season so when I am weary, it will encourage me.

I need to know how to direct my path, Ps 119:10. How will I find my way in this crazy world with so called capable people and misguiding and misleading people? Broad is the way to destruction and many go there. There is a little bunny path to the side. Let’s follow Jesus. But I have my life in front of me. Lose your life down this bunny trail.

We lose our lives and come out into a wide Hosea 4:16 open field.

Ps 18 he sets our feet into a large room. We are dead and our life is hid with Christ in God. We have found God, the transcendent God.

I have been studying about Baal worshippers. Baalism was the worship of the Canaanties when Israel occupied the land under Joshua…the emphasis was on psychophysical relatedness. ….the terrifying majesty of God and his otherness…the god of the bull image, the god of the wine and fertility figurine…the desires that inflame the soul were fulfilled in the cultic act of worship. Sacred prostitution became the supreme expression of Baalism. Prostitutes, male and female were standard accompaniments of the worship of Baal.”

If a man wanted his field to be fertile, he would go to a temple prostitute. It was a worship of lust and sexuality. Tell me that there isn’t the same thing going on in our culture. Tell me that sexuality is so crazy and we lost our sense and way. People haven’t found the transcendent living God. They substitute God with something far inferior. The pain of sin and confusion and the troubled soul.

There is another way. Few that be that find it but you can find it if you want. The voice of God will speak to you. Come with me and trust me. But Jesus, my girlfriend. Do you want me or my girlfriend? I’ll take my girlfriend. When you’re tired of the whole thing and you want me, you will find me. There is a day you will die and it will be over. I hope you make it to me before you die. I hope you have enough sense to come to me because your life is miserable. Your life is miserable because you don’t come to the living God who died on the cross to make your life powerful and real. You don’t come to make your life satisfied with spirit and words.

Bible college became for many of us the greatest thing in our lives. It changed us and we are regenerated, regened. We are learning things we didn’t know about before.

A new word and I know you know the word. I’m going to look for another like it. It’s the word creativity. Believers, you and I, have God who is a creative God. God says it doesn’t always have to be the same. Follow me and I want you to be creative. Believe me when no one else is believing me. When you go to a foreign country and the missionaries are depressed and discouraged, I don’t expect you to be. You have a creative God. When a child is born with some disability and problem you didn’t expect, I don’t want you to give up. You can with your disabled child or disappointment you are able to know me in the midst of it. I expect you to be as creative as I am in one sense. “It doesn’t go the way I expected it.” Really? So now you are disappointed with God. I take my life and bring it before God and say I’m disappointed. God could say I need you to be more creative. I need you to live outside the box. I am in every one of those things. I am with you. If you lose your job, I am God. If you lose your wife, I am God. I am sorry about that and I care and I am the Comforter. I am God. Can you be a little more creative? Loosen up. Be like a child. You know how children are. They are so beautiful. Jesus took a child with these stiff disciples. Rigid. He takes the child and says look at the child. Look at the face, the mind of the child. It’s a child. Do you enjoy this little child? Little guy or girl. Just a child. I need you to be creative and loosen up. Be a worshipper. Do not live in your lust pattern like a Baal worshipper. Hear what I have to say and follow me and trust me. I am God. I want you to be like me. God.

That’s the thought I want to share with you this morning. I think that’s enough. I think you got it. I think you understand what I’m trying to say. Read this book. Worship God with this book. God will speak to you with words.

Jesus said to Peter, go out deeper. Here comes a creative word of God. I’ve already been out there all night. Okay. Fine. Then row into shore. It’s over. Done. Your adult Sunday school class ended. But if you want to know me, you follow me and trust me and row out deeper. Launch out deeper. Peter said according to your word and he did.

When I have a blind child, I read a story of a child born blind and in a month or two doctors realized it. The family initially was disappointed and they got it. God showed up in their lives and they took that child as a gift. God was with them.

Launch out deeper. What does that mean in your life? “I’m a Christian and I read the Bible.” Jesus says you want to know who I am. Let’s go. Listen to me. This is what this ministry is based on. We learn the Bible in an academic sense but most importantly we learn the Bible like we are the morning. We have anointed men and women of God sharing and ministering with the life of Christ. Open my eyes that I might behold wondrous things in your word.

On the basis of that, we overcome the sin nature we all have. The boredom of life we all have, the sense of vanity we all have. “I don’t get anything out of It.” this is how people talk. What is going on? Give me a bottle of beer. Give me another medication. I’m bored and tired, hurried, worried, frustrated and empty. It’s a dangerous thing to be empty and bored in this world. Can’t happen. The demons come seven fold. Jesus said cast the demon out. The house is clean and swept but empty. Jesus said it. Jesus said seven more, the demon gets seven more demons and comes into the empty house. To be empty in this world is dangerous.

To be filled with Christ and live by what he is saying is such a joy. Based on your word I will, Peter said. His voice breaks the cedars, divides the flames, and makes the fish to fill the net. When the fish come in the net and Peter goes leave me. I’m unworthy. I’m a sinful man. Jesus says follow me and I’ll make you a fisher of men. I’ll fill you and satisfy you.

That’s the story of this ministry of God. It’s from God. It’s God’s work by his grace and we are part of it by his grace. He gave the word and gives it.



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