We hear the voice of His mouth just as Paul did. He saw no man. He was led by a hand. All Paul had was God. It was all he needed and it is all we need. Some did not hear the Voice. Paul became a wise man by the Spirit of God. Surrender to Him. He shall lead. Our spirits make diligent search. (Acts 22:8-11; Psalm 77:1-5)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Steve Scibelli
Sermon 11859
7:00 PM on 3/25/2020

P. Scibelli –

Can you say praise the Lord right where you are? Praise the Lord! Halleluiah! Acts 22:11, Acts 9, 22 and 26 all have
the story told of the conversion of Saul of Tarsus who became the Apostle Paul. It’s amazing it’s
written there three times. Actually, it’s seven different times that Paul speaks about his
conversion. It was a monumental, supernatural, amazing conversion that took place, one who
was persecuting the church, totally against the Christian church, and he was so filled with hate
and evil that he would pursue them to even foreign cities. You can look at this situation and say
how do you stop this?

If you read Acts 9, 22 and 26, there were three things that really stuck
out to me about the conversion of Saul of Tarsus becoming Paul. 1) He heard the voice of his
mouth. Acts 22:14 speaks about that quite a bit. He heard the voice of his mouth. 2) He saw no
man. 3) He was led by God’s hand. He heard the voice of his mouth; he saw no man and he was
led by God’s hand. I was just thinking today about hearing the voice of his mouth. What a
difference that makes in my personal life. What a different it can make in our country, the
United States of America.

What a difference it makes in the world we live in today with all of
these countries that are there and pursuing so many different religions with 7.3 billion people
and 6 billion wrapped up in some form of religion. How vital it is for people to hear the voice of
his mouth. It is so important for the church in this day and age to be the voice of his mouth.
What can happen when you hear the voice of his mouth? Well, there was Adam and Eve and
they were running away in amazing fear because of their sin and all of a sudden came, Adam,
where are you? Adam and Eve heard the voice of his mouth.

Amen! Anyone out there say amen? They heard the voice of his mouth. Abraham was an idolater living in the Ur of the Chaldees, a very advanced civilization. He was there maybe minding his own business, maybe
looking to see is there a God, where is God that people are talking about. Then one day in
Genesis 11 and 12, he heard the voice of his mouth. Even so much it was that it said get thee
out of thy country away from thy kindred and from thy father’s house and he heard the voice of
his mouth. He didn’t see any man.

Sometimes we are looking to man for an answer whether it’s what we are going through in our lives today or what happened in a crisis, what’s going on with sin and the evil in this world and how to see people changed and what not. We are looking at people and thinking man is able to do it, but the Bible says vain is the help of man. Vain is the
help of man. Man is not going to do it. You see no man and you are led by God’s hand. How
important. Jacob is backslidden in Genesis 20 and he’s leaving the Promised Land and in Genesis 28 he
hears the voice of his mouth. In Genesis 32 again Jacob hears the voice of his mouth. Moses after
killing an Egyptian thinking he was the deliverer or knowing it maybe a glimpse of it and he
went about to do it with the arm of the flesh.

All of a sudden after many years, 40 years of being in Sinai with Jethro and all of that he goes by and hears the voice of his mouth. Moses, Moses. Who are you Lord? And hearing the voice of his mouth changed the course of history for the nation of Israel because Moses was sent to Egypt to be the voice of his mouth to the
Jews that were there in captivity and in bondage and he led them out. What was the thing that
changed Moses’ life and changed the life of the children of Israel? They heard the voice of his
mouth. They heard the voice of his mouth. Joshua heard the voice of his mouth. Maybe he was
a little bit intimidated and a little bit insecure and maybe he lacked courage.

That’s why God told him four times in Joshua 1, be strong and of good courage. How would you like to be the
one that followed Moses? What did he need? He needed to hear the voice of his mouth. Watch
this: as I was with Moses, so I will be with you. What an encouragement that is for me. As I was
with Moses, so I will be with you. As I was with Billy Graham, so I will be with you. As I was with
and on and on it goes. What took place there? Joshua heard the voice of his mouth. Here’s
Gideon just threshing wheat and God is looking for a man that can be a deliverer, that can go
against the Midianites with just a small group of people.

Maybe he started out with thousands, 30 something thousand and God kept reducing it and reducing it. Then he said take these three hundred and go against 135,000 Midianites. Why did Gideon do it? I’ll tell you why he did it. As
weak as he was, as frail as he was, he heard the voice of his mouth. Wow! To hear the voice of
his mouth. And you can go through the Scripture and you can see time and time again. There’s
Ruth. And she is in Moab and everybody dies, and she must follow Naomi whose husband dies
and whose two sons died. Would you follow a woman who told you she said to you that the
hand of God is against you? She didn’t listen to what Naomi said.

She heard the voice of his mouth and she went forward out of Moab into Israel and became famous in the land of Israel. She heard the voice of his mouth. How key that is. Isaiah says I’m unclean and I’m undone but
in Isaiah 6 mine eyes have seen the King. He heard God speak to him and it transformed his life.
It happened to Jeremiah in Jeremiah 1, Jeremiah 15, Jeremiah 33, call upon me and I will
answer and show you great and mighty things that you know not of. Jeremiah, everybody is
against you, but you can hear the voice of his mouth. This is what our life is about. I’ve got this
Bible. We’ve got the person of the Holy Spirit.

We’ve got the Holy Spirit who wrote the Bible. No matter what is taking place in my life, in my health, in my finances, in relationships, in America with a virus, with this and that going on we have a great opportunity every single
moment of every single day to do what? Hear the voice of his mouth. Are you listening out
there? Can you say “amen.” Put the popcorn down for a moment. Sit up in that chair! I’m only
joking. It’s not time to go to the bathroom. You’re in church tonight right where you are to hear
the voice of his mouth. This is what happened to Paul. His life was transformed. I got saved
through these verses God spoke to me in Acts 9 on January 6, 1976 at 7:10 at night.

I heard the voice of his mouth and God spoke to me. I love you. Your sins are forgiven. You’re going to be
born again, saved. I didn’t even really know what it meant. I heard not audible but in the Bible I
heard the voice of his mouth. And how important that is. Peter is in prison and he hears the
voice of his mouth. Acts 16 they hear the voice of his mouth. He’s on a boat, Paul in Acts 27,
276 people. They don’t know what is going on. There’s a storm. There’s a centurion. There’s
100 soldiers. There’s the shipmen. There’s the owner of the ship. There’s the captain of the
ship. There’s Aristarchus there. There is people there.

But one person said I’m standing up in the middle of this storm in the middle of this so called sinking ship, but I heard God say to me and I believe it will be even as he told me. There will be no loss of life. There will be a loss of the ship. We’re going to make it friends. Why? Because we hear the voice of his mouth. We see no
man. We see no man. What does that mean? I’m talking about as an application. I’m not
looking to myself. When I’m thinking about man, I’m thinking about me. I’m not looking to
myself and to the old sin nature. And the good human reason and that which is natural. I’m not going to see any man. So many people listen to so many voices.

It’s amazing to me that the word in the Greek for voice and light are very similar in the Greek context, that a voice brings light to the mind. In the middle of a crisis, where are we going to look? I’m not looking to man.
We love man and want to see man receive Jesus Christ and be born again, but I’m talking about
as far as getting my advice and my counsel from man who is separated from God. See no man.
See no man. It doesn’t mean that we are degrading man in any way or looking at people as if
they don’t count for anything, but I want to get my direction from the one who I hear. I hear
the voice of his mouth. I hear the voice of his mouth.

I’ve been talking to a lot of pastors today. I traveled around the globe today. I got back here just in time. I was in Asia. I was in India. I was in Africa. I was in West Africa, East Africa, Southern Africa, North Africa. I was in South America. I was in Canada today. I was in the United States. I just got back in time of church. No, I’m just
joking. I was on the phone talking to people all day long. I think in our missions office we make
at least 60 calls a day. Maybe it could even be more. You know what? I want to present to
people what God thinks, what God is saying. How to help people to reflect and think with God.
Not to see man and not to look to man for the solutions for what is going on.

Do you think man has the solution for how we as born again believers on this planet are able to make it in this
world and be a testimony and win souls? I want to hear the what? The voice of his mouth.
Pastor after Pastor I talked to today. Almost 90% of them, those that have a connection said to
me, thank you. Thank Pastor Schaller. Thank you for the messages. Thank you for the Word. I
guess you’re doing devotionals every day. P. Baumoni I called him tonight and told him he’s
going to get some help in different ways. And he said God has heard my prayer! Thank you.
Because it’s life or death with some people’s situation.

He said thank you. Thank you. God has heard my prayer. Heard the voice of his mouth. I think that’s amazing. Hear the voice of his mouth. And I talked with people and we’re going forward with the Gospel. This is a great
opportunity. I said to all the leaders that I could get ahold of in the last five or six days, you now
what this is a good time for? You can visit people in your church one on one. You can preach to
people that are lost. You can give them the Gospel. It’s the time for visiting the church, not with
a large group – small group, one on one, one and two or something like that. Then speaking to
people about Christ.

They’re living in fear. They’re listening to the voice of the news. They’re
listening to the voice of the radio. They’re listening to the voice of the newspaper. They’re
listening to the voice of relatives. They’re listening to opinions all over the place. You know
what they need to listen to? We heard the voice of his mouth. We heard the voice of his mouth.
That’s what changed Paul’s life. That’s what changes people’s lives. And that’s not just for
conversion but in everyday life. We said last night in a Bible class. We were talking about Acts
2:40-47. Peter got the first message of Pentecost and he gets up and says save yourself from
this untoward generation.

The word “untoward” is an interesting word. It’s in the Bible. Study
it. Maybe you’re doubting what I’m going to say right now. Save yourself. It means not
salvation, but you need to be rescued. I need to be rescued from danger. How do I save myself.
I’m born again, saved by grace and have eternal security but he’s talking about experientially.
Save yourself from this untoward generation. The word is SKOLIOS GENEA. It means saved
yourself from this filthy, polluted, putrid, sacrilegious generation. How how do you do that?

He says every single day hear the word of God. And daily they heard the Word of God and the
apostle’s doctrine. That’s how you save yourself. That’s how you are delivered from all kinds of
trouble. You hear the voice of his mouth. It’s amazing. I remember hearing Dr. Stevens for the
first time. I remember Psalm 16. As he was God’s messenger and he was preaching the Word, I
hear the voice of the mouth of Jesus Christ in the Word of God. I was born again but I had no
direction in my life. Do you know how you get direction in your life?

Not from the Wall Street Journal. I don’t even know if that magazine still exists, that newspaper. Not from Doctor this or Doctor that on television. I get direction in my life when I do what? I hear the voice of his
mouth. I hear the voice of his mouth. I see no man. Do you know what happens after I hear the
voice of his mouth and I see no man? I’m led by his hand. I’m led by God. I’m led by God’s hand.
He was led by the hand. He’s going to let God lead him. I’m going to hear his Word. I’m not
going to pay attention to what man has to say and first and foremost including myself and what
I think. And then I’m going to let God lead me. God can lead me in so many places.

Amy Carmichael says where he leads me I will follow; what he feeds me I will swallow. Led by God
because I heard the voice of his mouth. I’m not listening to man, self included. And I am going
to be led by God. Paul was blind and led by God. Led by God and a supernatural event took
place. They say one of the greatest events that ever happened. It was on Straight Street in
Damascus. I think it was Ananias house. The greatest event that ever took place. His hands
went on him and he received his sight. I heard the voice of his mouth. Wow. That’s the most
important thing to me. There will be crises. There will be trials.

There will be troubles. There will be problems. But you know what? I’ve got the voice of God, the Holy Spirit that brings the voice of his mouth. God speaks to me. God says I love you with an everlasting love. God says I’ll never
leave you or forsake you. God says you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.
God says I’m going to comfort you with a comfort in 2 Corinthians 1:1-3. God says I’m for you in
Romans 8:31. On and on it goes. In closing, at the end of Paul’s life he is in a prison cell all
alone. He said no man stood with me. Oh boy. Imagine being alone at the end of his life after all
he went though he is at the end of his life in a prison and he says no man stood with me. I love
the next statement.

But the Lord stood with me and he strengthened me that by me the preaching may be fully known, and I was delivered out of the mouth of the lion. Imagine that! When you hear the voice out of the mouth of Jesus Christ you are delivered out of the mouth of the lion. Absolute deliverance. Rescued from danger. Thank you God! In the midst of what is taking place in our world today, we have great opportunity. We got our Bible at home. We can
watch. We can hear messages being preached. We can tune in. We can hear the voice of his
mouth. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

P. Schaller – Wow! That’s the message right there! Wow! That was good. Amazing. That’s it. P.
Scibelli that was an incredible word. That’s it. That’s the message. So we’ll have a rap tonight on
that theme. This was in my heart. I can do a short word from Psalm 77. Before he preached, I
was meditating on this psalm and as he was preaching I just – I think we should put Acts 22
back on the board and go to verse 9. That’s like the unbeliever. This is a story about Paul’s
conversion. This is what P. Scibelli just preached, an amazing message. I’m repeating with the whole point of reinforcing and encouraging and opening our hearts and minds regarding what
he said. I think they are open.

There were people with Paul, and they saw the light and they were afraid, but they did not hear the voice of him that spoke to me. They did not hear the voice. That’s what we see. There are people in this world, and they do not hear the voice. They see the light, but they don’t hear the voice. That’s very common. Before I was a believer, I
didn’t hear the voice. We know how this happens. My people hear. They hear the voice. My
sheep hear the voice and they follow me. This is a miracle of grace that God would save us.
Open our ears. The next one is verse. 10. Paul immediately knew it was the Lord. He heard the
voice. He said what shall I do Lord?

Now you are spiritual. You and I are spiritual. You are living
at home now. Some of you. Your life has slowed down. There are people I think in 17 states in
our country that are shut down, locked down or whatever it’s called. I was on the beltway
tonight coming here and it’s totally different. Rush hour is over. What is in my – now am I
hearing? Can I quiet down and set the Lord before my face and my spirit makes search. My
spirit is searching. The mind is a great gift, our mind. Btu this is deeper. This is my spirit. My
spirit is making search, Psalm 77.

I believe when Paul was converted and this is the story, that his
spirit came alive. He said what shall I do Lord. There is an immediate birth of the believer with
God. What shall I do, Lord? This is immediate. Vs. 10. But he’s blind at this point. Vs. 11. He was
blinded by the light. He could not see. But that’s a good thing. When I can’t see but my spirit is
alive. I’m alive. I’m now humble. I’m now alive. Prayer – this is another point for us in our
meditation tonight. I’m learning. I want to learn this. I had some brothers in my house recently
and we had prayer. I said let’s pray like the Quakers pray.

They didn’t know what I meant so I explained to them. They don’t speak. They don’t talk. They wait on God. They wait on God. It’s a sect I know but I use it to illustrate something. Sometimes our prayer is so fast. Sometimes we
pray mechanically. Listen to this. Sometimes we pray with our mind but not our spirit.
Sometimes we pray in our emotions but not our spirit. Sometimes we pray in our distress by
circumstances, but we are too alive to the natural. When God leads you and this is what I want
you think about in these days and weeks and months, when we are learning fellowship in our
hearts and learning in our fellowship this spiritual.

So the brothers and I we just had quietness and we prayed. We prayed. We were before God. We wait on God. We have our hearts on God. This is in this story I believe in a way. Look at it. When I could not see – that’s a very strong
thing when I can’t see. I’m blind. Now I really need help. I need someone to take me by the
hand. I need someone to lead me. I’m surrendered. It’s a picture of Paul’s amazing brokenness.
Not physically big but an authority, an intellectual, a powerful, well established man. A rabbi. A
Sanhedrin. A persecutor of Christians is now humbled. And he’s blind. Being led by the hand.

Pastor Scibelli said and this is an amazing message, Pastor. To be led by somebody else by the
hand of another person and to hear the voice of God in my spirit. In my spirit. The preaching
has to be in the spirit. The fellowship is in the spirit. I want to learn how to treat my wife in the
spirit. I want to learn how to raise my kids. And I realize the challenge maybe in families. I give
you a word of encouragement. Be lighthearted. Be thankful. Teach your kids the valuable things
about life. Be patient. Be kind. When you’re stressed out, take a breather and so on.

All of that can be very confusing and troubling but we surrender to God and God leads and it’s his
business to raise my family. You’re not going to raise them in a week or two or a month or two.
You’re going to raise your family through years. You’re not going to solve your problems
immediately. Seek God in prayer. I had my point on the beginning of prayer in the quietness
and waiting on God. And be serious about it and now the end of the prayer. Have you noticed in
the Scripture when Jesus taught us to pray, he did not say “if this is your will.” Sometimes we
tack that on religiously. If this is your will.

No, it’s engagement. God’s mind. His will. The Spirit saying amen. Believing in what I say without doubt, without any fear, without mental assent or human reason controlling. This is the Spirit leading us. It’s connected to what we heard. If we can hear the voice of God and be built up in the voice of God, then our confidence level
increases. When we are in the Spirit, we can say amen. So be it. This is God. I believe God. That
kind of prayer. In closing, Psalm 77 it says he is having trouble. Vs. 1-2. This is an infusion. This is
a running sore. This is a body fluid running out of his body and it didn’t cease. My soul refused
to be comforted. You have a body in trouble.

My soul refuses to be comforted. This happens to sick people. if you’ve never been sick you don’t know this. If you’ve been sick then you know how hard it can be with your mind playing games on you. I’m not saved. God is against me. Why is this happening. All that type of talk and thoughts. Vs. 3. I remembered God and I was
troubled. That’s a great combination of thought. These are the psalms. God wrote them to us
because he knows how we are. A man of God remembers God and he’s not comforted. He’s
troubled. Why? Maybe because he’s condemning himself. When I think about God, I’m
troubled. I feel maybe I have failed, like Job.

Maybe I condemn myself and so on. I’m worried. Vs. 4. There it is. The man is in bad condition. I am so troubled. I don’t have anything to say. I stopped speaking. I’m quiet. I’m depressed. I’m withdrawn. I’m so troubled. Vs. 5. Now he is thinking of history. Long periods of time. Vs. 6. That’s the part I want you to see and close with
this. My spirit made diligent search. My spirit made diligent search. Do you know when your
eyes are open, you search for the things you see. When your mind is sharp, your mind is gifted,
you are thinking intellectually. Your mind can search for many things: education and
connections and conversation and communication.

But when I don’t have my body and my mind is deeply troubled, my spirit – this is why Jesus came. He is a living spirit. The first man is a living soul, but Christ is a spirit. That the spirit is what I need. When everything fails. When Paul was blinded and somebody had to take him by the hand, that’s when his spiritual life started,
and he became a mighty man by the Spirit of God. He became a wise man not by his natural gift
but by the Spirit of God. He became a man of prayer by the Spirit of God, not his personality or
his training or culture, but he became a man of God by the Spirit of God.

This is what we love. My spirit makes diligent search and then he finds the comfort that comes from God and God
alone. It’s only God. it’s God that we delight in in Psalm 73:26. It’s God. Paul would say I preach
Christ and him crucified. It’s God that changes your life at home. It’s God that changes your life
when you go for a walk at Loch Raven Reservoir. It’s God that speaks to you when you open
your Bible and sit for an hour or two if you have the time. It’s God’s joy when you can goof
around, have a good time, dance in the night, have a good, joyful time of celebration and praise God all the time. He let his name be continually praised because our spirit is alive to God.

That will be our rap tonight. We must be people of prayer at this time. There is a potential if all of us
by God’s grace prayer in the spirit and we say God, visit our country. Turn people to Christ. God,
fill the churches. Anoint the pastors. God, raise up men and women of God. Father send people
to Bible college. Father raise up people of God, people of the Spirit. God do this work and then
we are serious about it. We say amen and it happens. God answers our prayer. It happens. Our
prayers are answered. They are answered. We pray and it happens. God answers the prayers
because we are people of the Holy Spirit.

This is how Paul’s life changed. Somebody else led him by the hand. Wouldn’t have happened minutes ago. He was strong on a horse and he was a leader. Now he becomes a man of the Spirit and he’s led, and God uses him in a mighty way.

God is with you. Amen.


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