The Word sown in our hearts will bring fruit. We can misunderstand. Word needs to find its place in us, in our hearts, in our minds. We gain a way to face the storms of life. Healing come to our subconscious minds. Thomas did not believe the words he heard, but Christ met him and he fell to his knees, saying “My Lord, My God.” (Mark 4:15-16)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 11871
11:00 AM on 4/19/2020

P. Schaller –

Thanks, Josh. Great worship. Beautiful day today. Awesome to be here. Thank you so much for coming
and listening and worshiping in your hearts. There’s a day coming we think when we will be
gathering together and shaking hands and talking face to face. We anticipate that. We have
found in this period of time that God brings to surface many things he wants to address in our
lives. Because of our new birth, our spiritual birth, Christ dwells in us.

P. Scibelli gave a great message at 9:00 about knowing God. How just as there are layers between me and you just
now, I cannot see your faces, but I can see your cars. That’s an extra layer. It was face to face
and then we have our clothes on and now we are in our cars and yet we also know what you
know and what I know is of the deepest reality for God dwells in us. We know God. We know
each other in God. Though we don’t see God in the flesh at the moment, he left. He ascended.
Yet he said I send another and this he spoke of the Holy Spirit. He is like me and he will guide
you into all truth. You will know the truth and you will be free.

When Thomas as a disciple walked with Jesus Christ for three years and then Christ died on the cross, Thomas said I don’t believe it until I put my hand in his side, my hand in the nail prints in his hand. We know the
story. He is typical of us. We fluctuate between believing and being persuaded and then also
having doubt. We can also say fears, worries, anxieties. After all we are people. So because of
those fears and worries and anxieties, people sometimes walk away from God. In a way,
Thomas did. All the disciples did. I cannot handle this. I don’t understand it. I don’t know what is
going on. I’m out of here.

God knows our frame. He knows what we are made of. He also knows
our subconscious mind is very powerful. I read in some medical papers years ago about people
that actually believe they were dying, and they were sick, and they believed they were dying,
and it was deep in their subconscious mind, and they died. I read recently or heard recently of a
coronavirus victim who believed they would get it and they believed they would die from it and
it happened. It raises the question of a couple of levels about us. What is in our mind? Not
conscious mind only but subconscious. In Thomas’ subconscious mind, he didn’t believe that
the man that hung on the cross, Jesus Christ, was raised from the dead but he was.

P. Scibelli said this morning from Luke 24 there were two disciples on the road to Emmaus. They were
talking about and though historically correct but spiritually bankrupt. Correct in detail but
empty in spirit. Correct about a virus or a tragedy or a plague or the end times that we are
looking at the pending problems of the world. By the way, if you think the world is a mess
today, wait until the church leaves in the Rapture. When the church leaves and the H.S. leaves
in that degree he is here today, the world will start to fall apart in many ways. Before the world
falls apart, be sure you don’t fall apart.

Be sure like Thomas when Jesus met him, he addressed his depth of unbelief and his fears and his subconscious mind and said put your hand in my side and feel my wounds and he bowed down. Listen to this. He fell at his feet and said, “my Lord and my God.” That happened to you at least I hope so. If it hasn’t, today is the day for your
salvation. If it hasn’t, today is the day for you to say to God in your heart, come into my heart.
Save me. Take my sin away. Give me a new life. I want to live in that new life. I don’t want the
bankruptcy of my fallen nature dragging me through this world this way and that way with fear
and anxiety.

Mark 4, I’m so thankful and so proud of Christ in us in the Body. I’m so thankful for what he is doing. I want to say to the community leaders now is your hour to have your community fellowships and for you to be on fire for God. Now is the hour for you to gather in homes, not more than ten people. Gather in homes and have meetings and encouragement and the Spirit speak to people and our neighbors and friends. Community group leaders, we
have these cell groups or these community groups to say that now my heart, now is the time
for us to seek God and find him. In Mark 4:14-15, don’t be discouraged if you are an evangelist.
Don’t be discouraged if you share your faith vigorously and often.

Don’t be discouraged with people that you don’t see much result because Jesus told us in this parable that three out of four it had no effect. The Gospel had no effect out of 3 out of 4 of the illustration here. Three of
the four people or soils that the seed was sown on. Vs. 16-17. We’ve been sharing the Gospel at
Sam’s Club, people with the mask on and we have rubber gloves. They are six feet apart and
standing in line. I had the best time in years the other day just politely inviting people to our
drive-in service. Perhaps some of you are here today. I met one lady this morning who we met
there that came. She said at 9:00 she was going home to take a shower and come back for the

But we know in that crowd there are people that are governed by their sub- conscious
mind. I don’t believe. I don’t know why I’m troubled at work. I have a problem in my marriage.
My child is estranged from me. I don’t know why I have these problems. I have these problems.
I’m so discouraged and troubled in my heart. Sometimes when we sow the Word, it has no
place in their mind and in their heart for what we are saying. Don’t be discouraged. Maybe later
they will hear. Maybe Satan came and took the Word. Maybe it fell on stony ground. Maybe the
person has no root in themselves. We understand that because we have been like this

There is a good word here. Vs. 18. These are those that there are persecution and
they are offended. I heard on national public radio a country singer yesterday mocking right-
wing fundamentalism and home schooling in a joke that he made between his songs. I took that
in my heart and thought about it. I realized that people could misunderstand us. I realize we
can be ridiculed. I realize they don’t really know what it is that we have. They think we are
maybe religious, self-righteous, judgmental people. But when Thomas met Jesus, he did not
become a right wing judgmental person.

He became a broken person, a satisfied person, a filled person, a deep person, a loving person, a forgiving person, a praying person. Two on the road to Emmaus when Jesus showed himself to them, they were filled – their hearts burned within them. That’s what I want to say in closing, in the last one here. Vs. 19. We could even say Peter
the Apostle ran away, denied the Lord and you could say that’s unfruitful. But we could say
that’s the way it is in life. We fail. But our Savior comes to us and shows us who he is. We are
troubled but then our Savior visits us. Our Savior says I prayed for you. When you are
converted, strengthen the brethren.

Many times we have sown the seed many places here in Baltimore, Dundalk, Glen Burnie and years ago up in Boston and New York City. We’ve done it in Europe and Africa and India and many places. I am amazed again and again at the miracle of the new birth. The miracle of a saved soul, the miracle of a person born of God, the miracle of
Christ in us. The joy that comes and the peace that comes into our subconscious mind and you
end up saying I can face the storm. That’s okay. I believe. I tell you there is a harbor in Chile,
Valley Pardecio is the name of it and it means, “Vale of Paradise.

The harbor there on the Pacific Ocean coastline on the border of Chile, Chilean territory and the harbor is absolutely
beautiful. Ships go in there. When there is a storm coming, they get out. Because it looks like a
paradise but when a storm comes, it rips the ships to pieces on the floor line, the rocky edges.
So a sailor will say this looks beautiful, but I’ve got to get out of here and face the storm in the
open ocean. That’s a picture of life for us. I need to believe in my heart that there is no place in
this world that is safe except in Him, the one who overcame death, the one that walks with you,
the one that talks with you, the one that speaks deeply to your heart and says follow me.
Thomas, Peter, James and John I have risen.

I overcame and I send you. You can face it. You can face it. Without Jesus, I don’t think people are doing very well. But with Jesus, we do very well. Because it says here the word that is sown on good soil and this is the closing part, vs. 20. Please hear this part: Don’t just have a casual attitude about your Bible. It is life. It is food. It is a
hammer. It is fire. It is power. It affects your subconscious mind. There you will know the Spirit
of God will say and you will understand, and you will say I can go out in the open water and face
the storm because I am prepared. God is with me. If I look at the false comfort and false façade,
the vale of paradise, it will catch me, because the outside cannot get on the inside.

And because it’s lying to me. It’s misleading to me like Sodom and Gomorrah was to Lot. What he needed
wasn’t Sodom and Gomorrah. What he needed was the living Christ in his heart and an altar. To
say to God I will go where you want me to go. I was reading recently about E. Stanley Jones who
was a Baltimorean. He lived 50 years in India and God told him to go to India. His mother
started to die. He realized his mother was dying because of his decision to go to India. He said
my mother was heartbroken because I was going to waste my life in India. His new birth was so
real and the reality of God in his heart so real that he had to do God’s will even if his mother
would die.

He tells the story when he made that decision his mother also changed her attitude
and got healed and lived a long, happy, joyful life. He said her faith was shining. This is the
issue, not the externals but Christ coming to you as the resurrected Christ and because of him
we bear fruit 30-fold it says here. Some 30-fold. P. Scibelli went to Africa and met John Jason.
John Jason became a believer and you have 30 -fold, some 60-fold and some 100-fold. P. Carl
was an engineering student in India and Joe Schweder met him and he started to hear Dr.
Stevens’ cassette tapes. Jomy Anthony was in his class. P. Carl made a decision. This is for real.
The Word is in my heart.

I believe in Jesus Christ more than anything. I give my life to Christ. I
will follow him. He left school and came here to our small Bible college, but he has born maybe
100-fold fruit with 127 churches in India. This is why we evangelize. We know that 3 out of 4 it
will mean nothing. That’s a tragedy. It may mean nothing. They will not hear us. Keep your eyes
open and your heart warm. Keep your heart on fire. Have you subconscious mind believing
these things and embracing them and knowing he is risen. One day we will see him, and he will
come back. One day we shall be forever and ever with God and his people.

There will be many at that table with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Many will come from the east and west and south
and we will gather at that table. We’ll say he is risen. It is true. We lived it. We faced the storm.
We left the harbor of our humanity, embracing the reality of his person and we went out and
faced the storm and we overcame. He was good to us and he did it. These are great days. P.
Scibelli said I don’t want things to go back to normal. I want them to be better than normal. I want an upgrade. When this thing is over whatever that means, we are looking for an upgrade.
We are looking for the Word sown in the heart.

We are looking for people coming to Christ. We’re looking for somebody being 100-fold and so on. We’ll meet here in the parking lot for as long as we need. Whatever God has for our future, we can face the storm because not only do we believe he is risen academically, but we are believing in our worship and in our hearts and in
our spirit. There is no barrier between us now. Our cars are not between us. The Spirit is
between us. We are bearing witness. We have the greatest message in the world. The only
message in the world, the only living Christ, the answer for everything in this world we would
ever face.



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