Be aware of the spirit of our age. The world is rotting and does not want us in church to learn the truth of these times. Jesus came once. Let’s be busy and ready for the brightness of His next coming. There are those under deception and this deceivableness sends people to destruction.
2 Thessalonians 2:1-10; Timothy 3:5, Isaiah 14:16

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12368
7:00 PM on 9/7/2022

P. Schaller –

Okay. Just for a few minutes. Is that Joe? Wow! Good to see you. Awesome. Just for a few minutes as an
introduction. Good evening. Great, beautiful day of prayer today around the world for the
ministry. 2 Timothy 3. Jesus when he came into the world he understood that there were people
that really believed in him. They were real followers. And there were people that were not. In
Matthew 23, he spoke to the Pharisees and said, woe unto you. Woe unto you. A number of times. I
think seven times. “Woe unto you” is like a curse actually. Like you are empty people and you
don’t have it. You don’t have it. This is a gift. If you have Christ in your life, you have the
greatest gift.

We assemble here so we are refreshed in our fellowship. We are anointed of the Spirit. We are
called by Christ’s name. We fellowship. And we find love. We have hope. We live with faith and
truth in our hearts. Truth is so important in these times. I want to share tonight if we can later
on in the message from 2 Thessalonians 2 regarding the coming of the Antichrist and worldwide
deception. Worldwide trickery. Worldwide cheating. Worldwide rip-off. Worldwide deception
and delusion.

Look at this chapter three for a moment. We have vs. 5. We have a description of our times that
we live in and the general spirit of the age. There’s the spirit of the world. Do you know that?
Do you know that there is the spirit of the world. 1 Corinthians 2, we have another spirit. We do not
have the spirit of the world. We have the Spirit of God. They are different. The spirit of the
world and the zeitgeist, the spirit of the age. You know that philosophical term in the German
language. Is it zeitgeist, the spirit of the time.

So, I always tell the story [when] I used to live in Sweden. There was an elderly man in our Bible
study and he was talking about how he made money during World War II buying and selling to
the Nazi Germans. And we found that interesting. We asked him, why did you do that? He said
something interesting. He said it was in the air. It was in the air to do business with Germany. It
was in the air. We would say it was the spirit of the world that was doing a work and these
times change and we are in a time today where you have to have your radio on in a sense. You
have to be awake. You cannot have just the form of godliness. Look at chapter 3:5. It says
having a form of godliness.

I have a funny video I want to show you if it works. My grandson, three years old, puts on a
Halloween costume for Spider Man. He’s excited. He runs over to the wall and he puts his
hands on the wall. Then he starts crying. It doesn’t work! Yeah. You know, if you have a form of
godliness, it doesn’t work. If there are people that go to church and we are very happy they do,
but there’s got to be more. It’s got to effect my life. I got to be able to climb the wall like Spider
Man to use the analogy. It’s got to work. Come on! Jesus came into the world not fooling
around. He’s saying this is real. This works. This is Jesus Christ in you. This is our new life.

Look at vs. 5 and we’ll finish. We could say the power is denied them. They don’t have it. They
have routine. And by the way, In Greater Grace World Outreach we are as susceptible to this as
anybody. We are people but we are learning and this is our blessing that God has equipped us.
That he is instructing us. We are in a war. We are in warfare in the spirit of the age that is lying.
Have you noticed?

By the way, the world wants to keep you away from church. Let me repeat that. The world does
not want you to worship God. The world does not want you in church. The world does not want
you to find Christ. The world does not want you to open your mouth. The world does not want
you to have an independent spirit from them. But we have. We have the Holy Spirit. This is the
thing they are afraid of, that we would find the filling of the Spirit. They are afraid that we will
have a different opinion from theirs.

Read Daniel 3. Nebuchadnezzar had everybody worship the image. When the Hebrew boys
would not, they were in trouble. They threw them in a fiery furnace. Nebuchadnezzar found out
there weren’t three in there. There were four and the fourth one was like the son of man.
Halleluiah! That’s the kind of life we have found and that’s the spirit we have and we are
wanting to walk in. So, there it is. You got the introduction. Let’s play the video. This is Teddy
with his Spider Man uniform on if it comes up. There it is.

Was that French the last verse? Yes, and Sophia is going to Finland tomorrow and then France.
So, we can pray for you right now. You could stand, okay, and we’ll pray for you. And Bella goes
to Malawi, Africa tomorrow. Bella, could you stand and we can kind of look at these two young
ladies and have a prayer. Take the hand of the person next to you if it is appropriate. (Prayer).
Alright. Turn to Isaiah 14. This will take a little bit of work but you can follow it with me. I will
draw a diagram. Are you good? Do you want to be refreshed? You’re good. Really? Maybe you
should stand. The way you are responding, stand up for a moment. Please stand up and just
turn to your neighbor and say what was that Spider Man thing all about? I didn’t get it. Just turn
to your neighbor and say what was that all about?

Okay. Alright. You may be seated. (Prayer). Is. 14. Incredible verse here that there will be a time
when we will see Lucifer will be cast down to the ground. Eventually, he will be cast into the
lake of fire. This is vs. 12. And we will look at him and marvel and we will see, vs. 16-17. There’s
a lot that could be said there but I want you to get the meaning. One state trooper told me the
most dangerous guys weigh about 140 pounds. They’re not big guys. They’re little guys. But
they are wily. Many times, drug addicts. Skinny guys, but they are guys that can kill you. Okay.
What’s the meaning?

When we look at Satan, we will say, really? Is he the one that destroyed this world, nearly
destroyed the whole thing and brought so many to hell? Is he the one that deceived nations, that deceived people, that misled people, that destroyed families, that murdered innocent
people? Is he the one that taught us to lie and cheat and be deceiving? Is he the one that
deceived the whole world?

Remember Jesus said if the time had not been cut short, even the elect would be deceived.
Now, I want to go way back to another principle and it’s this one. Was there ever a time when
the world was one land mass with one people with one language? Yes. There was one language,
one people, one land mass. This is before the continents broke up. They had one language and
one leader. What was his name? Nimrod. He was the world leader. Did they basically all were in
principle subject to one leader for the world? What did God do to change it? Broke it up. How
did he do it? Languages. How many nations and how many languages are there today? You
don’t have to answer that. I don’t know myself. Thousands. Thousands. How does it go? Little
groups. The continents shifted. Big land masses. Little groups. Little nations. Little nations inside
and so on all over the world. Why was this happening? Cause God saw how man is capable. He
can do anything.

We are thousands of years down the road and look at what we can do with – I like to say the
smartphone is made from sand, silicon. Silicon is that element that makes it that has some
unique properties for it. The microprocessor and so on. I don’t mean to sound like I know what I
am talking about. I don’t. Believe me I don’t! I’m saying this: it is incredible what man can do.
Man can control other men. Man can murder and destroy and imprison and behind him is
Satan. God did something interesting. What did he do out of this picture? What did he do in the
beginning? He took a man. What was his name? One person, Abraham. He goes from you, you,
I will make a nation. From one man who had no children and had no country. He left home
without a country. He left without children. He left. And I will show. Did he do it? Hey, ladies
and gentlemen, this book is all about that. It’s incredible story. Jewish people. Jewish people.
Why a little nation?

Remember he said to the Jews when you prosper, don’t think it’s because you’re so smart and
you’re so great. It’s me. I am God. It’s me. By the way, I make promises to you, covenants to
you. David from your seed will come the Messiah.

Now in history when they receive the gospel, a country like the United States of America, – we
can draw something like this. Here’s the United States and it had a Christian heritage as Europe
did and many revivals and salvation messages. Then in another country on the other side of the
world you have an atheistic country. There is no God. Stay away from God. Those people are
crazy. That’s China for example. That’s world balance. That’s balance. That’s the way God kept
the history from slowing down so that the time would eventually get to is when the whole
world is going to be deceived. It would have happened back here with Nimrod – or it did
happen – the whole world had the potential, the whole world of being wrong in darkness.

But the other model is this one. He kept the light. He had Israel. He had Europe. Now, he’s
working deeply in China, India, and Africa. He’s not stopping and the gates of hell cannot prevail
against the church. That’s the background we want to say because we are now watching a great
shift that’s moving away in our country and in the west moving away from the Christian faith.
Because there’s a cultural attitude, philosophical, cultural way of thinking that there is no truth.
It’s only what you say it is or how you perceive it. It’s subjective. It’s up to you. You define what
truth is.

This is rooted in our arrogance and attitude of defining life by ourselves the way we want it to
be rather than being submitted to another, submitted to God. By the way, somebody says do
you believe in absolute truth? Of course. I believe in God. God is absolute truth. He doesn’t fool
around either. And by the way, you will stand before him. You might not like it but. “I don’t
believe that.” Fine. I mean, you know, I understand you don’t believe that. I’m just telling you
what I believe. You asked me and I can tell you. Even if you don’t ask me, I can tell you.
Okay. Let’s go to the text. I believe so many of you understand this and I do pray, I do believe
the Lord wants me to speak on this. I think the Spirit may say something to you and I. It’s 2
Thes. And we have the church at Thessalonica is persecuted. Paul has been with them in
person. He knows them. He planted the church and he is kind of proud about how they have
found Christ. They have found conviction and persuasion.

Like in the pagan world, Christianity is a lot better than paganism, because when God, the Holy
Spirit, fills you, you are satisfied with God. We want that for each other that we would not
blame God, point the finger at God but we would be submitted to God, very humble before
God and willing to be obedient and subject to God so we can be filled with the Spirit and very
encouraged from God. This happened in Thessalonians. They were very encouraged from God
in the light of pagan persecution. They had Jewish persecution and pagan persecution. He is
their counselor.

So, let’s start from chapter 2:1. This is a very important doctrine in our – Jesus comes twice.
First time as a servant. Second time as a king. Jesus came the first time as a suffering Messiah to
atone for our sin. We have believed. Now we are in between the two comings. The next coming
will be radically different from the way he came the first time. Born in a manger, very meek and
humble. He’ll always be meek and humble but the expression in his Second Coming will be with
great authority to put in order the world that he made that is going in a very bad direction and
is increasing in that.

We have a word of instruction here. Vs. 1. We will be gathered to him in the air in what is called
the Rapture. In the Greek language according to Kenneth Wuest, the Greeks had the mountains
like this and then the sky and there was the word for “air.” I’m not spelling it in the Greek cause
I don’t really remember it, but there was a word for air close to man. That means below the mountains. And another word for the higher air or stratosphere or however we would say it,
way up beyond. So, we gather to the Lord in the lower area. Meaning Jesus will come back
close to the earth and we will be brought together to him and gathered in the Rapture with
glorified bodies. Our bodies will be changed. Our bodies will be out of the graves and we that
are alive will go and be with him.

What will happen in the world? Vs. 2. This is what I think we need to realize as well. There is
people that don’t like to hear about the Second Coming. They are not, they are not worried
about it. They want to live their lives. They are people that are concerned about
misinformation. Paul knows the Thessalonians may have gotten some bad information by a
false teacher or somebody who had said something in a teacher’s role and mislead them and
troubled them in mind. Vs. 2. Somebody forging a letter and putting Paul’s name on it. He
doesn’t want them to be upset or troubled by what the teaching is regarding the Second
Coming of Christ.

Vs. 3. He says the day of Christ is at hand. We read in the Old Testament “the day of the Lord.”
Let me explain what that is. We have history like a line. Here we are in 2022. Wow. The Rapture
happens some time in the future. We don’t know when. When we are gone, there will be seven
years of a lot of trouble. This is called the day of the Lord. The day of the Lord is two things. The
day of the Lord is a lot of trouble and then a thousand years of blessed peace with Israel at the
center of world government and order. Wow. Christ will be reigning as God. David will be
reigning as king in Israel. There will be a government.

We have three branches in America. We have executive branch. We have judicial and
legislative. All three branches will be derived from Christ. He will have law, judgment, and
authority as chief executive or King of Kings. He will be governing the world and there will be
peace. There will changes in life during that thousand year period. The atmosphere, the planet
Earth will be different in some measure but also like it is today. There will not be the radical
change. The radical change for heaven and earth will happen at the end of the thousand years
in what is called the White Throne judgment. And evil is gone forever. Lucifer is gone. Satan is
gone. Evil lies, death, pain, sorrow. That will be gone forever. So, we have the day of the Lord
and here we have the day of Christ. This is the Rapture. Jesus comes back. We meet in the air.
And this is called the day of Christ.

Go back to the text, vs. 3. A falling away is a – most commentators, all that I know, maybe one
variant is that this is a theological falling away or church or people that are believers that are
not really believers but they will be tested. They will be falling away from the faith. They will be
like the Spider Man story. It doesn’t work. They will not have any interest in it. There will be a
falling away in vs. 3. Another way reading it, the Rapture will happen and we will be gone. And
then there will be the beginning here this period of seven years is called the man of sin or the
man of perdition, and that’s a name for the Antichrist. The chief deceiver of world government, of world control. The rise of the Antichrist is outlined in the book of Revelation and that is what
we are watching because with our imagination we can look at our country and see how quickly
the government, the thinking of leaders, the kind of even general population is talking about
nonsensical, absurd, ungodly, unrealistic ideas that we hear about in the news.

So, we are amazed. It really works for our benefit because to me, the way people are talking and thinking
in the propaganda realm, in the social media realm, in the news, and in the government is
shocking so that I believe in my Bible more. I believe in the end times even more. I believe in
Satan, that Satan is doing this. He can shake a nation. He can deceive a nation. He can mislead
people. I don’t want this to trouble you.

What did he say in mind or be troubled in spirit by my words or by somebody who is writing
something that it would trouble you. It’s not meant to trouble you. It’s meant to inform you so
that you have a sense of direction regarding life. And my prayer is revival. My prayer is that
many people will wake up and come to Christ. My prayer is that there would be good changes
like aways. This is the battle. The devil does his work. God does his work. The devil is doing his
evil work and we are like okay. I understand that but tonight I just want to make this clear to us
that it is happening.

But our character, our belief is strong. It needs to be strong. Our attitude. It has to be
persuaded. I cannot be take it or leave it. It has to grow. It has to be growing. It has to be a real
thing because we are in a real battle. Have you seen it? Do you realize it? Do you understand
that this is actually an indicator of how once it gets to a threshold, it can roll very fast. I mean
maybe it’s happening as I’m speaking. It rolls very fast. For you and I to be aware of it is good.
We can be aware of it. We can be praying and laboring, and I’m very happy with what we are
doing. We are ready to meet Jesus.

Hey, I’m so happy to be with a group of people like this one where we are just saying let Jesus
come anytime. We are busy in the vineyard. We are very happily being involved in our hearts
and thank you for your grace given to us so we can live differently from what is happening.
Go back to the text here. It says vs. 4. This is the son of perdition with the man of sin. He’s also
called the Antichrist. He has maybe seven names in the Scripture. Vs. 4. Much can be said about
that. About the temple in Israel being rebuilt one day. The history, Caligula, the Emperor
wanted his statue erected in the temple in Jerusalem which caused a rebellion. There is an
antichrist spirit. He wants to replace Christ. He wants to be pseudo Christ or Antichrist. And
that’s not an uncommon thing for somebody to have this in his heart and in his mind. Meaning
there are many antichrists in the world.

Vs. 5. I told you about it. Do you remember? I told you about the Rapture. I told you about the
Antichrist. I told you where it’s going, one world government. One world economy. He didn’t
know as we know the technology that is available. The GPS, the satellites where we are sitting not only the general idea where we are but where we specifically are. All kinds of data about us
worldwide. We see that so this is not a surprise to us.
But then he says, vs. 6. In the Amplified Bible, vs. 6.

The idea here is that Satan cannot do this without the Lord allowing him. The restrainer is the Spirit of God that is on the earth in us. Our prayers are restraining him from doing it in his timing. It has to be done in God’s timing. But
God will allow it but what happens is as people look for ungodliness, then God turns them over
to ungodliness. They follow a lie. They are deceived or mislead by the ungodliness.
If you or I are sharing Christ and Jesus comes into somebody’s heart, they are drawn to God and
they repent from the ungodliness. That’s a retarding effect in society. The society is being
corrupted and getting older like hamburger in the refrigerator. You take it out for a couple days
and it gets slimy and moldy. But if you salt it or you refrigerate it or freeze it, it slows it down. It
doesn’t stop it. It slows it down. The world is rotting. And you cant’s stop it but you can slow it
down. The world is on a bad path. You can’t stop it. It’s going to happen. Christ will come back
and change things substantially. So, this is what he is saying.

The next one is vs. 7. This is another message. Mystery of iniquity. Here it is in a nutshell.
Lucifer is in heaven. It’s a perfect place. God is there. Lucifer is without sin. He rebels. Why? It’s
a mystery. Why did he do it? Perfect God. Perfect world. Everything is right. Where did it come
from? Where did the iniquity come from? It’s a mystery. Where did it come from? Here’s
another example for you and me. Here I am. I am a blessed person in the Body of Christ and I
just out of nowhere get an idea, a wicked evil idea from my heart and I do it. Where did it come
from? It’s a mystery. I knew all that I know. I knew but I sin. It’s a mystery. Sometimes, it’s a
completely unbelievable thing that men of God and we’ve seen it recently. Men of God that sin
and do terrible things and hurt the church.

Where did it come from? How did that happen? Of course, you have explanations and we can
quote Bible verses and so on but the bottom line is a mystery of iniquity that is working but
that’s not only, that’s with a believer sinning or Lucifer falling from heaven, but it's also that the
world is really wrong. They have no interest. They are just men fighting to get to the top. There
is no humility. There is a mystery that is at work that is against God, against Christ, and against
truth and against you and me ultimately, eventually in reality. So, it is working.

Let me finish here. Vs. 7. Only he who prevents it from being fully manifested in the time. Satan
doesn’t have the time. He doesn’t know. Who knows the time of Christ’s coming? Jesus said not
even the angels know. Only my Father knows. Does Satan know the time of Christ’s coming?
Satan doesn’t know. Do you and I know the time of Christ’s coming? We do not know. Do the
angels know the time of Christ’s? They do not know. Are they waiting for the coming of Christ?

They are waiting. They are anticipating. Cause it will be a huge change where righteousness will reign and peace will be here and godliness. And the glory of God will cover the earth like the
waters cover the sea. That day is coming.
We are actually told another thing is happening. That goes back to that picture before the
tower of Babel. Nimrod, a world leader, is an antichrist who wants to control he whole world
and he will. The Antichrist will. He will replace the Messiah. In his mind, he is the Messiah. He is
the savior but it’s short lived, 7 years. It reminds me Adolf Hitler said the Third Reich would last
a thousand years. How long did it last? Fourteen. Fourteen years. How long will the Antichrist’s
reign last? Seven. Actually, he climbs to power and midway becomes world ruler. Three and a
half. This is happening.

Let’s go back to it and finish here. Go to the part where it says – this is the important part for
what I want to say. Vs. 8. Halleluiah! Halleluiah! I am so happy about that. I am so happy about
it. I am so happy about it. I am. I am so happy about it. Man. That’s amazing. I feel it in my
heart. I like it. I want Jesus to come. I am so happy about it. I want Jesus to come here. Cause
it’s so sad to be honest. It’s very sad. It’s very wrong. It’s very wrong. There’s so many sad
things. So much wickedness and evil. It’s really sad.

Go back to it. vs. 9. This is the when the wicked shall be revealed. The “wicked” is what it’s
referred to. Satan is going to be working through the Antichrist. He will be empowering him and
a lot of evil will be happening and there will be signs and power and lying wonders. Vs. 10. I
guess we have to stop there and just say this. You know, if somebody goes to hell, you can’t
blame God. They want it, the lie. You say oh no, pastor. They were just lost and deceived and
misled. I know. They were. But I cannot find fault with God. God knows. And maybe they didn’t
want the truth, the love of the truth. They turned away. That’s happening today. People are
turning away from that humble cross there.

You know, in Hungary, there is a place outside a church not far from our church there and
walking home many times I stopped there. Three crosses. It’s like a sculpture, a statue, outside
in a park. I would actually be there for an hour just looking at it and just thinking about it, the
men that died on the cross and Jesus in the middle. What a story. One, no. The other one, yes.
Yes, Lord. One, no. No. No. And blind and deceived and lost. No. and the other one, yes. Yes,
Lord. Yes. That’s happening today. Let us by our hearts draw near in these times. And have it in
your heart to be on his side, to relate to him, to worship him and trust him and have a message
for the other guy and say to him.

He might have no interest but God can do it. God can save people. We have only – who knows how much time but these are the times the Lord put us here. We are on the earth for this reason. Have it in your heart. Open your mouth. Share your life. Love people. Care about people. Love them. Cause many times they do not know what is
going on. They are needing this help.

For this cause in vs. 11. Strong delusion. Let me close with this. It’s a long message but it’s okay.
Can you think of anybody in the Bible that was somehow deceived. A whole group of people
somehow misled or deceived by God. Can you see anything in the Bible? Can you think of an
example? I thought of this one tonight. The Egyptians going after the Jews. The Jews are going
out of Egypt south. The Egyptians and their army they go get them. They can go get them easily.
Their going south. The Red Sea opens up. The Jews go over. And guess what the Egyptians do?
They were lead. Was it a delusion? Was it something that God allowed because of their anger,
their pride, their blindness? They were all drowned in the Red Sea.

Could God allow people to be deceived, to be deluded, to be misled? Can God allow our own
appetites to deceive us and mislead us? Yes, I believe. I believe if you just say – the Lord says
don’t go through that door. I’m going through that door. Okay. Now what do I have? I got a lot
of doors. There’s a lot of doors there. Well, if I didn’t go through that door, I wouldn’t be led by
my own appetite into my deception, into my adultery or into my taking money or into my lying
and cheating or into the Red Sea. Who is at fault for going into the Red Sea? God is Almighty
but didn’t the Egyptians decide? Didn’t the Egyptians go after the Jews because they wanted
them and can’t in this world people be deceived? The Lord says, okay. That’s your call.

And who is the deceiver? Not God. The devil. If you follow me, I will open a door nobody can
close and I’ll close a door and nobody can open it. That’s what he said in Revelation. If you
follow me, I will carry you. If you follow your flesh and your own way, you will be led into
deception and God said send strong delusion and you’ll drink poison and be drinking poison
into the night and die in the morning.

This is real life. Come on. This is reality. And by the way, when I wake up in the sewer and I
wake up in my problem, maybe I wake up and turn to God. God will say, are you ready yet? Are
you ready yet to turn to me? Are you ready yet to know me? Are you ready? Do you know who
I am, what I can do for you? How I can heal you. How I can bless you. How I can speak to you.
How I can help you. Okay. Amen. Would you pray with me, please. Wow, that was a – yes. Pray
please. Here we go.


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