At the Mount of Transfiguration, Jesus talked with Moses and Elijah as Peter, James, and John watched. The cloud came and with it the Voice that commanded that the Son be heard. Heaven will be like this. We will be all aglow with resurrection life and discussing great truth in the presence of the Lord. What a life that will be. Matthew 17:1-5

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 11772
7:00 PM on 10/23/2019

#God’s Word 




Transfigured to Listen and to Talk


P. Schaller –

Good evening. It’s a joy to be together tonight gathered in his name, in Christ’s name. Would you pray with me
for a moment? Jeff is here and his sister Shirley. Jeff was at the picnic. Then P. Ray, do you have
folks with you tonight? How many? Two or three. Beautiful. We’re so happy to have you. Let’s
take a moment and think of something encouraging and edifying. Jesus Christ, God’s Son came
here and gave us a place to live.

Psalm 90 he is our habitation and the place we live in  is more
than one story. We live in the whole house. We live by faith. Therefore, we have more than
flesh and blood. We have the Spirit of God. We are members of His body.  We are connected with God and have his mind and thoughts. We are honored because now we live not by sight but by faith. We’re very thankful. It’s more
than we can touch or feel.

We are seated in heavenly places as we sit here in Baltimore at 6025
Moravia Park Drive. What do we have to be thankful for? Our life is more than what we can see. What do we have to be thankful for? God is our Father. We’re his children and members of each other. Praise God. Very precious and beautiful. Take a moment and encourage the person sitting next to you, in front of you and say words of life or encouragement or faith.

Father we pray that we would not grow in being familiar, but we would grow in you. We have been coming for decades but don’t want to grow familiar but in your character and nature, in your love. And we are. We are increasing with the increase of God. We have changed from glory to glory. We are blessed. For those, Lord in far away places, serving… increase them, use them, encourage them, speak to them and also use this message tonight, this body of believers. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Matthew 17:1, the transfiguration of Christ is written there and it’s quite amazing that Christ is
transfigured in the presence of three disciples. In our diagram we use here about reality, we say
we are living in a house and most people live in the first floor of the house. This is the natural
world. The natural world of life, of our soul, our bodies, our future, our paycheck, our bills, our
relationships, our marriage, our children, our psychology, the natural life. We live in the first
floor of the house.

When Jesus was here, there were people who thought of him the same way.
He’s the same as us. We can see it. He eats and drinks and talks and sleeps. This is who he is.
When God in the transfiguration pulled back the veil and they saw that there is something
more, there is another realm, another reality. When they saw that it was a game changer. God
wants us to know we are not made just to die but made to live.

And to listen and know. In this story, in Matthew. 17:1, sometimes we wonder why he didn’t take everyone. There were 12 but he took the 3. That special group of friends, disciples that he had they were honored to see
something that wasn’t obvious to people. Sometimes I think of this story the way I think of
heaven. My mom has gone to heaven and I think who she is talking to today. Where is she?
What part of heaven is she in? Who is she meeting? Who is she talking to?

Why can we think this way? Because of this story. It tells us about heaven. Do you teach your children about going
to heaven? Do you feel it’s true we are going to heaven? Do you believe we are on a journey on
our way to heaven? And even more, we believe heaven is here with us. Can you feel it, see, it
feel it? Can you hear the voice of heaven? Spurgeon said in the morning before going out the
door, get a text of Scripture and put it under your tongue.

It will sweeten your breath and be able to chew on it. It will give you a piece of heaven on earth. Vs. 2. We could stop there. He was transfigured before them. Halleluiah. Wow. We could draw a picture. He was the same
person, but he was transfigured. There it is. That’s what I want to believe. I can’t believe it, but I
read it and I can believe it. We are the shell of people. We are a shell. But the cornel born in us.Being born again of the word of God not of flesh and blood but of the Son of God.

To as many as received him, to them gave he power to become sons of God. He was shining brightly when transfigured. This is shocking to the natural man. He is in awe on his face. Heaven is opened up
and he sees and believes this. Do you believe it? It’s kind of stubborn. I don’t believe it, but I
believe it. I almost have no other option. I believe in eternal life but so much I gravitate to
unbelief. The Scripture says it so clearly.

He was transfigured. This word is the same word for our mind being changed. That change of mind happens to you by the Spirit of God in the fellowship. P. Stevens said we are going to go into 60 countries. Then later 100 countries. Then by the year 2000, 200 was our goal. We’re stuck at 72. Maybe 80. To go into one, is pretty
amazing and 10 and 20. To be there still. When we heard about Christian schools and we have
such a good one with the staff.

We were with the high school today and teaching on leadership.
At the lunch rap today, we had a good time speaking about money. Being on the phone with
people who are sick and Peter in a motorcycle accident, one of our ushers. P. Jason Moore does
such a good job with his staff. In the course of a day, what we do as a Body to help and

Though we are on the earth, we have seen and believe there is more. It’s beautiful.
vs. 2. Are you looking forward to that day when we see Jesus like this? Are you looking forward
to that day? Isn’t it amazing we are going to be going there. We will see him white and shining
and loving and kind and gentle and meek and personal. Vs. 3. That’s the part I think of
regarding my mom.

Who is she talking with today? Who is she talking to? Moses and Elijah and
Jesus and her dad or mom or however that goes. My dad. Who is she talking to today? Can’t we
ask that question. It seems in heaven there is a lot of talking. But it’s awesome talking. It’s
talking. What are they talking about? Are they talking today in heaven? What are they talking
about? Here they were talking about Jesus’ work, his coming death and resurrection.

I’m sure they are still talking about that for it’s the word of God. I think they are also talking about the
Second Coming and the day when evil is gone, and death is swallowed up. Maybe they are
talking about the anticipation of meeting us and the bride being presented to Christ without
spot or wrinkle. Jim Minduci went to be with the Lord.

He’s a friend of ours from years ago. Others are going. They join that group in heaven. They are up on the second floor but so are we on the second floor of the house. We in the Spirit have the mind of Christ. We are living by faith
and in fellowship with God. We are in his purpose. We understand this. Its beautiful. Vs. 3-4. I
think Peter’s comment “It’s good for us to be here” – that comment being true and yet maybe
Peter missing the profundity of the event.

Maybe if he had been quiet, had taken it in and realized what was happening, his words maybe wouldn’t have been said. I was thinking of how we can compare that to some profound moment, and everyone is quiet. I was thinking of a marriage and saying to the man will you take this woman to be your wife. I do. She leans in and
says thank you. Would you take this man? I do. He says thanks a lot. There are times in our
world where God is visiting us, and it transcends our speech.

It transcends what we can say. We have words like “halleluiah” because we have no word that can capture this praise. Selah is in the psalms. Stop. What you just read is profound. Be quiet. Reflect on it. Here Peter is told by
God. Let’s read what he says. Three tabernacles. I don’t know what they would look like. I’ll
make these stones. I want to put the word “rigid.” We want to kind of package the eternal and

put it there and say this is what happened there. It becomes like in time a memorial and it’s
kind of frozen. God is saying in heaven things are fluid. They are moving. Because I am God. I
am speaking and what you hear from me now won’t be what you heard from me earlier. It may
be the same in words, but the point is there is such a nature in heaven, you could never
package it in earth.

We try to package the church but there is something deeper and that’s the
person living and moving and speaking. We are looking for where the Spirit is. What is He
saying. Let us dwell in the full house and the source of our life would not be the natural but the
source of our life would be the Lord. Vs. 5. Let me add these words: This is my Son. You way
underestimate who he is.

This is my Son. You think you could memorialize him. He is God. He is
not a stone or a building. He is God. You way underestimate who he is and what he does. It is
my grace he is with you. If you would hear his voice, it will change your life. Though you live in a
natural world, I am the God of that world. Don’t limit your life by these projects and programs
and rigid concepts but worship me and I will breathe life into you.

I’ll restore your health. I’ll anoint you with fresh oil. I’ll speak to your heart. I’ll lead you out and in. I will guide you.
Because I am God. That’s the meaning there. This is my beloved Son in vs. 5. In whom I am well
pleased. Hear ye him. Hear. I’ll make a short outline for that and we will finish here. Hear. Who
do I hear? His Son. The prophets, the Bible, the church, the pastor. These are all elements used
by the Son of God.

Behind the prophets, the Bible, the church, behind the pastor is the Son of
God. Hear him. He will put your life in order. Hear him. He is the essential reality behind every
living thing. Hear him. How do I hear him? How do I hear him? With an attitude of faith,
concentration. How do I hear him? In the freshness of faith. How? In simplicity. In humility, in

How do I hear him? Like you folks do, and we have been doing it for decades.
Look how we grow. Body members have said to me do you feel revival, something fresh
blowing in the church. An increase in our character, our hunger, our focus, that God is taking
care of us. He’s leading us. I’d like to see 100 more people go to the mission field. I’d like to see
some teams go out.

I’d like to see God raise up young men and take over our places and
ministry and work. See things happen in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. I’d like to see
more things happen in terms of “hear him.” There is a concentration, dedication, commitment
to him. What do we hear? We hear the doctrine, the small voice, the quietness. We hear his

If Moses and Elijah and Jesus are talking and they are talking about what is coming,
there is a kindness, a meekness, a depth, a transparency. Some man asked a country pastor,
will I see my wife when I go to heaven and recognize her? The country pastor said, I don’t think
you will be anymore dumb than you are now! It isn’t a down grade. It’s an increase in
intelligence, understanding, in a sense of purpose and dynamics.

There is a holiness and righteousness that we only have tasted. What do we hear from God? He is such a kind God. He is the lamb on the throne. He is so kind and gentle. The kindest person you could ever imagine,
like Jason Moore, P. Jason! Then extremely fierce like a lion of the tribe of Judah and feeling a
sense there is no compromise with God. He is strong, tough, true. What do we hear when we
hear the voice? We hear the lamb but also the lion.

That’s why we can be misunderstood as people. We’re not judging. We’re just strong. We have conviction but also we are kind. When do we hear the Son of God? Old age. Where some of us are heading. We hear him in the nursing home, in a rocking chair. When? Young teenager, young 8-year-old child. When do I
hear God? When I’m little, when an adolescent, when in a trial, in a prison, in bankruptcy, in
depression, when afraid of myself, when I have affliction, when I have an addiction.

If someone has a drug or alcohol addiction, they can be led out of it if they hear God. God, I need to hear a
word from you. You sent forth your word and it heals me. God heals people. Let it be unto me
according to your word, the centurion said. Pick up your bed and walk. When do you hear God?
In your trouble, good times, on the lawn chair, on the beach when the ocean is rolling in, in
good times and in the difficult times when you have a great trial.

When do you hear God? As soon as I possibly can. He said to Peter, shh! Hold it. I don’t care about any tabernacles on the earth. That’s rigid. This is my Son. Hear him. You will live. Instead of a monument to what God
was, you become a living testimony of God’s reality and your kindness and love and patience
and forgiveness is a testimony of another world that many do not believe and see. They can see
us. They can see us and say how did you get that?

I’m nothing but I can hear the Son of God. How do you hear him? By this book. By my church. By the Spirit speaking in the church. By the Spirit of God. He speaks. Does that only happen at certain times? Heaven is always talking.
Elijah and Moses are always talking to Jesus. Always talking in truth and edification and love.
That’s how our church changes is how we are speaking from above and it comes into our heart.
It comes into our society, fellowship community.

It grows little by little. Be patient with yourself. Develop a capacity for reality, God’s reality yet you live in this one. This is the one where there needs to be the testimony of the Son of God. We need to see J.C. in this world. The
presence of God with us in the jungle and desert and mountains. There needs to be a testimony
in Parkville and Rosedale, etc., in the nursing home. This can be hellacious. Hellacious. It can be
like hell. That world can be like hell on earth.

When do I hear him? When I make my bed in hell. When I sinned 70 X 7 times in a day I need to hear from God. I need to trust in him with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your path. He will take care of us. He will. He will. That’s the story. One day we will be
shining like him, too. One day it will be more clear to us who we really are. The shell will drop to
the ground. Even the chaff in this case our bodies will be glorified too, and we will be before
him in our flesh glorified in Job 19.



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