Speaker(s): Pastor Jason Moore, Pastor Eugene Davis
Sermon # 11510
11:00 AM on 7/22/2018



P. Jason Moore

Ps. 91, thinking about Psalm 91 and this is a great chapter on warfare. It’s really one of those chapters that keep speaking to us. Consider the word “refuge” or “dwelling place.” Christ is our refuge or hiding place in times of trouble. Really every day and every moment of the day.

Ps 32:7 he keeps us in his care. What stood out to me is the devil wants to beat the fight out of us.

The day to day details and trials, to wear out the saints in Da 7:25 so we would stop exercising faith or prayer or expectation. The devil fears the weakest believer on their knees. You possess the kingdom of God and the devil knows that. He wants to beat the fight or suppress the power of God or the authority of God in your life. We know he is defeated. This chapter shows us how to have thinking from a place of refuge.

Ps 18:2 he is my habitation, my refuge, my strong tower. The righteous run unto it and are safe. Regardless of what is going on by sight, we have the authority and power of God in our life. There are times when it’s evident and not so evident. Times we see the glory of God and power of God clearly and times when we wonder Lord are you with me.

vs. 1-2, Ps 28:11, no matter what kind of week you had, God has a plan in our trouble. You know what that plan is? It’s not to destroy you and me. It’s to promote us and our walk with him in five interesting ways. God is bringing us deeper spiritually before he promotes us physically. God is breaking new ground. Trouble is the vehicle he uses so what we know becomes something we believe. How many times we can quote a verse but not experience the power of it. Abide in my shadow, abide in me and I will break new ground and give you new power, expectation, oil.

Ps 92:10 he promises to give us new oil. I’m not talking about your car either! Ps. 92:10 he gives us fresh oil for the details of life. The devil wants to swift you as wheat, Peter, but I pray for you. Dwell in me. Abide in me. Keep your eyes on me. I will give you new ground, new oil, a new sensitivity. What amazing promises we have in the trouble. When God brings you through the valley and on the mountain top, in those times of prosperity we don’t forget God. We still abide in him and live and move and have our being.

vs. 15. He is our hiding place. We run to him. He is our strength.

Ps 28:8 you are my saving refuge. When things are out of control, you are in control. You surround me with psalms of deliverance. Refuge thinking. What a great way to think. The Lord is doing something new in my life, adding something new. The Lord is giving something for our lives to feed another that goes through difficulty.

Ps 91:14, he has known my name. Where does deliverance come from? Not by being strong or clever but knowing the name of God. It is resting in the name of God. Yielding to who he is. Might be in the midst of trouble but will be delivered on the inside. I will deliver him and honor him. If you are in a difficult place today, we can say Lord if you are with me, it doesn’t matter who is against me. We have fresh oil, fresh expectation. Grace makes us agile. We duck, are moving. We are doing the Cassius Clay moves. We are going to be more like him every day as we walk with him.

Let’s pray for the offering and encourage our thoughts in that.



P. Eugene Davis

Great song. Don’t be so afraid hidden in the dark. God sees all the details. It’s great to see everyone. Let’s pray.

At the 9 service and at the 11, P. Schaller asked us to speak from Ps 91. At the 9, P. Cannon and P. Speedy spoke. It was amazing.

Ps 91 is a comforting psalm. All of us at one point have been in trouble, difficult times. If you’ve ever been in a “troubleless” [troublesome] time in this room, raise you hand? If you didn’t raise your hand, maybe you are going through one right now. The event that was lodged in their memory was September 11. It was a time in our country where we saw trouble come to us. Right? How many remember where you were on that day? P. Renaldo Brown and I were in Uganda. My daughter Abby who is 17 was a couple months old at the time. We were soul winning with about 11 Ugandan pastors. We saw the television and I thought it was some movie. The gentlemen said it’s not a movie. What? He said the World Trade Center tower had just been hit. All of a sudden we both realized we were so far from home. We had been in a foreign country that we had served in with the Body of Christ but it’s interesting how small things became and fear began to well up in the heart and questions and doubts. It was a time of trouble and the months that followed.

But Ps. 91 is a psalm if you read it in the Chronological Bible, it’s interesting where it’s placed, after De 33. So some authors think Bible scholars think it was written by Moses. Some think David. Either way, it’s interesting.

Ps 91:1-16, take some time and read through it and meditate and pray over it and let God speak to you. We think of trouble and looked at a number of words: state of distress, affliction, and danger or need, afflict with pain or discomfort, cause distress or confusion. Synonyms: annoyance, difficult situation, be in a bind or bond, hindrance, puzzled, predicament, fear, worry, concern, disturbance, disquieted, trial, pain, injury, adversity, problem child, monkey wrench, peck of trouble, no hope, no way out, confinement. All of us can identify situations and circumstances we are in or afraid it’s coming in the future. All of these words enter into our hearts. We say I know that word.

In Exodus 3, Moses’ name means one drawn out of water. Moses was born into a “troubleless” [troublesome] time. Joseph who God used to bring Israel from 70 to 2.5 to 3 million has died. The Pharaoh for Joseph has passed. Another Pharaoh sees the people of God as a threat, not a blessing. He makes a decree all the males born to a Jew will be drowned lest they have a huge army and they will join that army and fight against Egypt. His parents are of the tribe of Levite; they are priests. They see he is goodly or a handsome child. They tried to hide him but any mother knows babies cry. She makes a decision to put him in a basket made of reeds down the water and let faith take over. Pharaoh’s daughter finds Moses. Her father put the decree to kill every male Hebrew child but she finds Moses. God is working. God is with the children of Israel. Little does Pharaoh’s daughter know that the child will be used to deliver the children of Israel from Egypt. A decree goes out. A baby is born. He is a male child. My mom had three daughters and me. I’m the last born. Everything was okay until I was born. That’s what my sisters would say. My dad is here and my one sister is here so you can talk to them after! Those who have boys it can be difficult at times.

Job 5:8 man is born unto trouble as the sparks fly upward. We know that talks about the depravity of man. Moses is born in that “troubleless” [troublesome] time. He knows he is the deliverer, but he’s not waiting on God’s timing. He intervenes and causes an Egyptian to die so it’s more trouble.

De 33:27 says the eternal God is your refuge and underneath are his everlasting arms.

vs. 27 when we are in trouble, we forget whose hand the trouble is in. We are in trouble, but that trouble is in the hand of God. Therefore nothing can happen that is outside of the plan of God. Did you get that point? Sometimes we don’t think about that. No, P. Eugene, I’m in a whole lot of trouble right now. Can be trouble I caused, trouble that found me, or as a believer, trouble because I’m in the will of God. You say if I’m in the will of God I shouldn’t be in trouble.

Moses in Ex 3 was in the will of God. Was he in trouble? Jesus was God the Son in the will of God. Behold my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.

Mt. 4:1 the Spirit leads him to be tempted of the devil. Trouble. We read the different words for trouble. Trouble at home, in finances, in health, at work, in relationships. Today is my 18th anniversary. My wife this morning I woke up and she came downstairs and I said “Happy Anniversary.” She’s still waking up. We’re in our late 40s and early 50s and chasing each other around the table. My daughter is asleep and dad and mom, what are you doing? Sometimes it’s trouble within or without. I remember being married by Dr. Stevens in this church 18 years ago. I grew up in this church. I was married in this church. I was sent out by this church. My daughter was born in this church. And my daughter went to GGCA in this church. We think trouble will stop when we become a believer. No, it’s just begun.

Col. 1:13 translated into one kingdom and that kingdom we are taken out of doesn’t like it. Unless you take other people sharing the gospel out of that kingdom, you are targeted.

Ps. 77:2 in the day of my trouble I sought the Lord. When you find yourself in trouble, seek God. Don’t seek your best friend or a way out. Don’t ask your spouse is this trouble because of you or me? No, seek the Lord. When our kids grow up, we cannot protect them from trouble. The trouble is allowed that they might know God. If it’s just your God, it’s not enough. If they walk with God, they might be hated or despised, too short or too tall. Whatever the reason, trouble comes.

Ps 77:3 I remember God and was troubled. You remember God and it troubles you? You consider God this is not supposed to be happening to me. God I passed that place. I’ve been walking with you too long.

Ps. 77:4 says I held my eyes. I’m so troubled I cannot speak. Depth of pain. I was thinking of this family in Missouri on a duck boat and a storm rose up on the sea. 17 people passed and 9 from one family. And I thought of Job. In the day that job’s trouble came knocking. What’s amazing, through all the book of Job, God was with him. Satan had to ask God for permission for Job’s life. God is still in control. Oftentimes when we are in trouble, we don’t look at it that way.

Heb 13:5 covetousness could be saying why are they not in trouble? God, I pay my tithes, too. God, why is my kid not like this person or that person or went to that school? Why am I short and not tall? That’s covetousness. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. There is no mistake who we are, our built or genetics. It’s the beauty of God.

Heb 13:5 be content with such things as you have, even the trouble. He has said I will never no never no never leave you. I will never no never forsake you.

vs. 6. We can say I won’t fear trouble because God is with me. He will never leave me or forsake me. He will never lose his hand or abandon me. In my trouble, God is there.

Da 10 as a man of God prays. As soon as he prays, the answer is sent. It takes 21 days for the answer to come. The prince of Persia, demonic foe, hindered the answer. You say I prayed and God isn’t answering my prayer. How do you know? Maybe he answered it no. I love what Ruth Graham said: If God would have answered my prayer, I would have married the same man seven times. God’s answer to her prayer was Billy Graham.

Ex. 13 God said to Moses I am that I am sent me…unto you. This is what I AM means in Hebrew. He who is timeless. Oftentimes when we are in our trial, our question is how long I have to go through this. God says I am timeless. I am not moved by your trouble. I’m not tired in your trouble. I am timeless. Though in difficult situations, look to me. I am the timeless one. They that wait on the Lord he renews our strength in the problem. We will mount up as wings with eagles. We will walk and not be weary. Why? God is with us. It also means he who is ever present or omnipresent. We go from one trouble and it’s over. Thank you, Lord. Here comes another and another. It’s like changing diapers. I just changed the diaper. You have to change it again and again and again. That baby grows up and instead of changing diapers, you have to clean up after them and buy another pair of shoes and clothes. They hit the teen years and don’t like anything I bought. They need another wardrobe. You need to get a job! God is omnipresent. He is there threw it all, all-powerful, omnipotent. All things are for your sakes. The abundant grace….to the glory of God. All things. Even the trouble is for our sake. God is working in character. Every person you have character. That character has been forged through the difficulties of life. It’s God’s classroom. He’s the teacher. Can we pass the subject to trouble and go on to the subject of prosperity? He says no. We have X amount of time to go through this subject lesson.

Ps 91:13-16. Thou shalt tread upon the lion and the adder…feet.

Ge 3:15 promise given to Adam and Eve before they were cast out of the garden. That the seed of the woman would crush the head of the serpent and the serpent would bruise his heel. In our trial, test, difficulty, jobs, friendships, sickness, health, our enemy is under our feet. Though we are in the trial, our state is not our standing. The state of my problem doesn’t equate to who I am in. We are in Christ. We are sealed with H.S.

Eph 3:16 which means God is with me in the trial.

Though the answer to the prayer is long, Hab 2:2-4, wait for it. Abide in the situation God has placed us in. He will never leave us or forsake us. Underneath the trial is his everlasting arms. In the trial, I stumble and am weak but underneath the trial is the arms of God. Though I fall, I’m still in God’s hands. He is still with me. He will perfect that which concerns him. Because he has set his love upon me. Love believes all things, endures all things, and hopes all things. Love never fails. Let God love you when trouble comes, when questions arise. Let God love you when you say Lord I can’t go on another day. He is with us and strengthening us.

vs. 15. God will deliver us in our trouble.

He will show us a way of escape, 1 Cor 10:13. What is the way of escape? He is with us. The three Hebrew boys in the furnace. Jacob running from Esau. Mary and Joseph, God is with you. On the cross, when J.C. bore our sins, he said Father why have you forsaken me? He still called him Father. His relationship with the Father though sin was on him and the Father couldn’t look at sin, he was still a Son. In the “troubleless” [troublesome] time, the sin on the cross, that’s my Son. When you are in a trial and difficulty, God still says you are my child. I’m not abandoning you in this trial. Look to me and draw your strength from me. Learn of me. We are learning to be content in the trial.

Php 4:7 this is God’s plan for the believer. This is discipleship, maturity. At the end of the trial, we will stand before him and say thank you. You never abandoned me. I had some good days but a lot of bad days and you never left me or forsook me. Amen.



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