When the Caleb spirit and heart are in us, then we are true bows, not deceitful ones. The arrows we fire in life are right and on target. We live by the Spirit of God and we hear like sheep, listening for the voice of the Shepherd. The majority can talk a lot and promote crooked things, but we can wait for Him to bring in and give us the mountain. (Psalm 78:8, 57; Romans 1:21-23)


True Bows and Straight Arrows


Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 11783
6:30 PM on 11/10/2019


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P. Schaller –

Psalm. 78, Great to have everyone here. The folks from York. Great to see you. Everybody else here. P. Ken Davis. P. Oneil from southern India. He flew over to be at P. Mohib’s wedding. It’s so good to have him
here. Maybe you can share tonight in the rap. Owings Mills was good this morning. Federal Hill,
Havre de Grace. I’ve heard good reports. I’ve heard great things from different people and the
prayers being answered and the walk of faith. We all need encouragement. Do you feel you
need encouragement? I need a whole pile of it. I walked through the church and could see you
love me, certain ones! That was good.

We need encouragement. We need to love each other and encourage each other and it’s happening on a level only explained by God himself. It’s his grace allowing us to live another kind of life, the Caleb life we talked about today. I need a Caleb in my life. I might not be that Caleb, but I need someone to be a Caleb for me. I’ll be like
Caleb if I can hang out with him long enough. I need him in my marriage, my living room, when
raising my kids. I need Caleb in the garage.

How many of your kids do homework in the garage? You’re not listening! I need a Caleb in the ministry, in the church, in my life. That person will help me. Ten spies had one message, but Caleb and Joshua had another. We said who was Caleb anyway. What did he think and believe? Why was he different from the other guys? We
explained it using Psalm. 78 this morning. Without too much detail, we counted 32 verbs where we
have the words sinned yet more, tempted God, spake against God, were estranged, sinned still,
believed not, forgot. Nevertheless they flattered him with their mouth.

Their heart was not right with them. Psalm. 78:8, we said Romans. 1:21, people when they knew God, they were subject to God and worshiped God. When they knew God, they glorified him not as God. There it is.
Romans. 1:21, that verse encapsulates what happens to people. Christians, too. We stop glorifying
him as God and we change. It flips around. It goes more like this. Me and then God is more like
under me like a credit card. More like what I use.

I use him. He’s a tool for me to get my way or have my life my way. This is idolatry. Vs. 22-23. God becomes like a man. In the diagram, we could say man and God becomes like a man or an animal or something else. That’s how it goes. Caleb had another spirit. Caleb saw something. When they were leaving Egypt, he saw God.
When they left Egypt through the Red Sea, he saw God and didn’t forget it. Like a photograph. I
saw the Red Sea open up. I saw God give us the food and the water out of the rock. I saw that. I
worship him and I’m thankful.

He had another spirit. What happened to the 10 spies that went in? We cannot do this. We cannot go in and take the land. It cannot happen. Psalms 78:57, that deceitful bow part caught my attention and didn’t know what it was. I thought about it. Then someone explained it to me. Bow and arrow, you take a tree and if the grain is straight and turn it into a bow – here’s the string and the arrow. If the grain of the wood is straight, the arrow
goes straight. If there is a twist, the arrow will spin off. It’s not a true bow. It’s a deceitful bow.
Maybe same of you know what I’m saying. It’s easy to have some twist in you.

Something not exactly true and right. When you shoot that arrow, it doesn’t go straight. It’s not a good bow.
It’s deceitful. A crooked one or one that isn’t exactly right. In our story this morning about Caleb
going into the Promised Land, he got it right. He said I know God is with us in this. In our lesson
this morning, there were 12 spies that went in, 10 came out with a bad report and 2 were not a
deceitful bow. They were right on. I’ve seen it in my own life and I’m sure you have. There is a spirit, the Holy Spirit is the only one who can keep me right.

I can know the Bible, but it doesn’t mean I’ll be right. I could know the Bible very well, but that Spirit of God is the only one here with us that will teach us and lead us and get our life in that way that we please God. Caleb is
this kind of believer. He is saying I make the effort and I labor in my heart to be thankful and to
worship God as God. I want to hear from him. The sheep can’t do much. One thing that sheep
do very well. Maybe there is a couple.

They can eat all the time. They can eat really good! One thing sheep can do really well. They can hear their master, their shepherd’s voice. I might not be a very strong person or godly person, I might not make it in many areas of my life, but one thing in my heart you and I are capable of, we can hear the voice of our shepherd. He’ll lead us
in and out. His Spirit is true. His word is like a sword. Jeremiah 22, his word is like water in Ephesians 5. His
word will pierce through to our spirit and our soul and all the troubled soul we have. Recently,
I’ve been emotional.

Very stable in one way but also very concerned about a situation and troubled about people I love and know well. It reminds me of how fragile we are as sheep. Sheep can’t lie down when nervous. They can’t eat when nervous. Bumping each other. There is a wolf in the forest and one of them is unhappy and running around crazy. It reminds me of our church! Hey! I’m a fragile person. I’m like a deceitful bow. It looks like but when fire the
arrow, it doesn’t go straight. How many believers there is some attitude that isn’t exactly right.

We go and look in the Promised Land 40 days and see the opposition and say can’t happen. God
is saying I know it can’t happen. I know you can’t do this but if you would hear the voice of the
shepherd. Who is sufficient for these things. I would be greatly glorified if you make the effort
to believe me and trust me. When the disciples are worried and troubled and the storm on the
outside was meeting the storm on the inside. Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord. Christ
rose out of his sleep and he said – who was it?

Matthew. 8, Praise God! Love you guys. Bring it in. Tighten it up. Why are you fearful? Nervous sheep. Why are you troubled so much? Why can’t you sleep at night? Don’t you know I’m your Savior, Messiah, shepherd. I’m the voice walking in the garden. I’m your Comforter, your Barnabas, your Caleb, your Joshua. Quiet down and be
still and know that I am God. Many times we want to solve our problems in 24 hours. How
about 24 years? 40 years later, Moses starts his work at the age of 80 in Egypt.

God had prepared him. To the young men, the ministry is the greatest thing you could get yourself into.
To the young ladies, the ministry is the greatest thing you could get yourself into. I heard a
message from P. Stevens yesterday. I loved his Cable spirit. We can do this. We can go into 200
countries in the year 2000. He said we could go into 100 countries. How? The answer is that if
that bow is right straight, and that arrow will go straight and hit the target. If those quality
people are us, if we happen to be those quality people, we will do very well. We will hear the
gospel and people will be saved.

We’ll wake up kind of on the mission field and we’ll go before God and our bow is clear and right on. We say God is with me. I got 3 or 5 in my group, but God is with us and we are sharing the message in Moscow or Dubai or some other part of the world. God is taking care of us and visiting us. Stay. I have many people in this city like he said to Paul in Corinth. Stay here. I have many people. He stayed 18 months. The Spirit was speaking and
there was a rattling of bones. Hip bone connected to the leg bone and leg bone connected to
the foot bone. God said to Ezekiel, prophesy unto those bones. They started to move and join together.

Prophesy unto those bones. When your bow is straight, it doesn’t matter. Other
things are details. If you got the Spirit of God in our prayer, meditation, fellowship. You got
Barnabas around and Caleb around. 38 years later after Caleb had been there once, they came
back and he said I’ve been here before. You never know, even maybe the walls of Jericho will
come down. Maybe they will flee from us in seven directions. Maybe they will give us a bus.
Maybe we’ll get the money to pay for it.

You never know. Maybe some guy in Utah is watching this on the internet. We say get over here. Come and be with us in the Bible college. Let’s leave our past and move on with what God has for us in truth and our future. Let’s let the things of the past be gone. Forgetting the things behind and pressing on with not a deceitful bow. That’s
a beautiful picture. The arrow goes the wrong way. What a picture. My words go the wrong
way. My spirit goes the wrong way.

My idea about life goes the wrong way. I think more about my security than what the Spirit is saying. Maybe I’m critical of the church or the people or disappointed with myself. It’s like a bow not shooting straight. That can happen. Looks like Caleb got it right. When he got into the land in Hebron, he said I want that mountain. You know
the story. That’s it. I’m so encouraged. I believe more great things are happening than we can
put our finger on. The Spirit is doing and saying things in our world that we cannot put our
finger on. If we got the fundamentals right and God is our God and we can live by faith, we will
see good things happen.

One day for my walk and your walk, one day we can say I finished my
course. The Lord could say to us, well done. Your bow was right on. When you shot an arrow, it
was straight and sure. Really Lord? I’m sure I goofed up. Oh, yeah! That’s for sure. Maybe the
things I said were not right. The ten guys back here, had a lot of talking. There is a lot of talking
in this world. Comes in and let it go. A lot of it, a lot of talking. Learn to be still. Caleb stilled the

Quiet. Listen. We can do it now. We’re in a democracy. The majority doesn’t always
know the best, but we live by the majority vote. When it comes to our walk with God, the
majority doesn’t count. It’s not how you live. Sisters and brothers, we are in a minority. Fear
not little flock. It’s the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. We learn to forgive
people. We are a minority because we pray at midnight, assemble three times a week live in
the validity and veracity of this book, soul win, love unconditionally.

We are a smaller number than the majority. I believe Caleb knows something. Caleb is who I need in my life. Me believing and hearing and the Spirit showing me God and leading us and showing us. All the naysayers
saying that’s not going to happen. I cannot hear you. We are sheep. Only one thing we do well,
we can hear the voice of the shepherd. That’s awesome.



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