Eve and Lot got caught looking and their eyes got them in trouble. What we need to do is close our eyes and incline our ears. Job matured and learns to hear God. (Genesis 13:7-9; Isaiah 42:13)

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller, Eugene Davis
Sermon 12170
11:00 AM on 9/26/2021


P. Eugene Davis –

A little introduction. Friday night was amazing. It was a women’s workshop and pastor was speaking
and us guys were just sitting on the sidewalk. How the Word of God, just the Word of God does
such amazing things in our lives. I was thinking this morning it’s so interesting for us as a people
to be governed by what we see, right? We have eyes. However, our eyes can not see clearly.
They can misread something. They cannot see in its entirety. In Isaiah 50:5 Jesus said, “the
Lord God hath opened my ear.” Think about that. You know when you are kids and you’re parents would say get the wax out of your ears. You’re not hearing me correctly. But what is it about our ears. Our ears are very discerning. If you
cannot see, and pastor had us do this exercise Friday night. Close our eyes. When you close
your eyes, you’re not limited anymore. Now you have to listen. If a person moves from one area
of the room to another, normally we would follow them with our eyes but when our eyes are
closed, we have to hear them. It’s an amazing discipline learning how to hear.

We said in the announcements, I remember first coming to this ministry 31 years ago and not
knowing how to hear, not understanding anything about the Word of God, but over time, little by
little in Isaiah 28, precept upon precept I learned and starting learning how to hear. What is
amazing about learning to hear, there are two aspects of hearing: what I hear and how I heard
it. Many times somebody may say something and we don’t hear it correctly. They said this but I
heard them say that. Sometimes it’s because of our understanding or lack of understanding.
Can you say that again? It’s a discipline how to hear and what I heard. And this is what it says
speaking of Christ, “and I was not rebellious neither turned away back.” In other words, when I
hear something, I don’t dismiss it. I understand what I am hearing. I’m hearing the Word of God.
Psalm 107:20, and we go from seeing to hearing.

It’s amazing discipline to be in church and learn how to hear. Why? Because our eyes can be
distracted. I’m governing my ears. In closing, one thing I used to do and I still do from time to
time when I’m hearing the message is I close my eyes and open my ears. Why? Because I
know what I’m hearing is the Word of God and I want to give it the weight it deserves in my life. I
don’t want my eyes to be taken away by something that is not important when the Word of God
is coming. P. Stevens would always say this, “give me your undivided attention.”
The word “SHAMAH” in the Old Testament means to hear precisely. It means to hear
accurately. It means to hear continuously. Because the Word of God has the ability to deliver
my soul. And when I understand that and I come to church there is a new reason why I come to
church. I’m not coming to church to see who is wearing this and who is wearing that, who has
the latest this and who has the latest that. But I’m becoming a student of the Word of God.
Hearing. Because as I hear, it governs an amazing organ in our lives, our tongue. How I hear
determines what I say. I learn to hear accurately and I learn that my words are few. I want my
words to edify and not condemn. It’s amazing. Great weekend. Great opportunity this morning to
learn how to be a hearer. Amen.

P. Schaller –

Okay. You may be seated. Alright. Our title of our message is “Turning Eyes into
Ears.” Okay. Turning Eyes into Ears. Friday night we had a great time with the ladies out on the
deck. It was so rich fellowship, and yesterday here. We just enjoy it. The men, P. Jason and his
team, serving. We have a guest, Donnie Fisher here from Ohio, the Buckeye State of Ohio.
Class of 1992 at MBC&S. He’s one of our heroes. I love that guy. He’s such a blessing, and
each one of you here today. Each one special. Praise the Lord! We’re not much but wow! We’re
all God’s got! You know, this is who he has, us. It’s great. Turning Eyes into Ears. Your eyes are
sometimes a problem.

Turn to Genesis 13:7, so there was a family dispute or strife with the shepherds, the herdmen of the
two families. Abraham is the uncle of Lot. Lot is the son of Abram’s brother. They moved away
from home and now they are in the Promised Land and there is a family squabble. Has that
happened to you? No comment! vs. 9. This is – you go there, I’ll go there. You go there, I’ll go there. I’m easy to work with. vs. 10. So, it’s so normal for us to live by our eyes, by what we see.
And it looks like in our day and age today we have a lot of eye activity. We have Iphones!
Iphones! You Tube videos. Movies. Things to look at all the time everywhere. Maybe we are
looking more than we are thinking and listening. So this is a meditation for us.
Adam and Eve were in the Garden and when Eve saw the tree was beautiful and good for fruit,
then she moved in that direction, even though they were told not to eat of it. It says something
interesting about Jesus in Isaiah 42. Turn there with me. Isaiah 42:18-19 but what kind of seeing?
vs. 19.

My servant is the Messiah. He is blind, but actually he isn’t in that way but he is in
another way. He is in a way – do you remember when Adam sinned, what does it say? What
happened to him when he ate of the tree? It says his eyes were opened and he saw that he was
naked. Remember? Kind of reverse that. Jesus’ eyes are not open and he’s blind and he
doesn’t see that he is naked. He sees that he is clothed, that Jesus is clothed with the glory of
God. He is equipped, covered by his Father and in a sense his eyes were not open.
When Adam sinned, his eyes were open to himself. This is a very common thing for all of us.
We are very much – we just made a little sketch. Sometimes I don’t think I should do this, but
okay, there is reason in people and then there is emotion.

There’s many parts to man but I want to say emotions can drive your life and what you see by our sin nature, what we see can easily disturb us Easily disturb us. We get so worried and afraid by what we see. We can get into a lot
of trouble by what we see. We can have our eyes wide open to many things we shouldn’t even
be looking at. We shouldn’t be looking at them. Our eyes cause us a lot of trouble. In the 21st
century, this is what the anthropologists and psychologists are looking at is that people are
moving from reason to feelings. Psychology, personal troubles, fears. There’s much more
anxiety and fear today according to what they are talking about. There’s a stronger move to
myself. We can say my feeling self because life can hurt me. My eyes are wide open to the
suffering and the pain. They’re open to the sinful things in life. The pornography that some
people are addicted to. Their eyes are controlling their life. That’s what we want to think about

Turn to 2 Corinthians 4. I believe you – I know you are on a good road. If you come to God and you
come to fellowship and you are learning to listen with your new ears, this will replace your eyes.
Okay. 2 Corinthians 4:18, let’s have a list of the things that are seen. Let’s just fool around here for a
minute. The things that are seen. Let’s make a list of two categories. Bad things you see. What
could they be? It could be a tragedy, a bad thing. I could see a car accident, a house on fire. I
could see a dead person in a hospital. I could see bad things, normal things. Good things. I
could see a grocery store which in my opinion is the most incredible thing. A store packed with
food. That’s incredible. Make a list of things that you can see, right. Sodom and Gomorrah
before it was destroyed it was the garden of God. That’s what he saw. You could see a beautiful
child. You could see a beautiful countryside.

What does this verse say? While we look not at the things that are seen. I don’t understand that.
My eyes are made by God. He put me in a world that I can see. But is he saying something
else? Look at verse 18. The things that are not seen. Not seen. I look at the things not seen.
You can make a list. Unseen things. Make a list of unseen – God. You can’t see him. Heaven.
Never been there. How about the promises? How about the nature of God? What about faith? I
can’t really see faith but I look at it. I’m looking at faith. I’m looking at the value of faith. I can’t
really see peace. But I’m looking at peace. I’m listening for peace. I can see peace. I can hear it.
My eyes have changed to ears. I’m hearing. I can’t see God but can we hear God? I don’t know.
Where is truth? I want to see truth. Can I hear truth?

Look at the verse here. We look not at the things which are seen but the things that are not
seen. Maybe we could say we are seeing the unseen things by hearing. By hearing about God,
I’m believing in God. Faith comes by hearing, Rom. 10:17. Maybe by thinking about God,
studying about God, hearing about God there is a capacity in my heart for something more than
my eyes. My eyes are replaced by other eyes that are actually eyes of faith. vs. 18b. Is the car accident temporal? It is, thank God. It happened unfortunately but I also have a capacity not
simply for emotion and what I see. That’s a good point I see. We have a capacity for the eternal.
Car accident is temporal. God is eternal. My life is actually temporal, but receiving Christ and
our lives are eternal. By myself I have a lot of emotion and feeling and troubles many times but
when I look at what is not seen and I hear what is not seen, it builds me up in my faith and I
actually look at that which can’t be seen. I’m actually in fellowship with the spiritual, in fellowship
with God our Father who gives us promises and speaks to us, leads us, helps us, comforts us,
gives us a capacity for God and truth in the inner man. Built up in the inner man.

I believe many of us have problems in life because we look at what is seen. So, Job was tested.
Job was tested by God. And in the test, he lost ten children. I wonder what it was like to bury ten
children. Well, if I see it, it’s devastating. I’m emotional. I’m made this way. I don’t understand
how could this happen. Where does evil come from? How could God allow? If God is good as
the Rabbi Kushner wrote a book, Why Bad Things Happen to Good People.” I won’t speak on
that just now, but I want to say the book of Job is not about that. It’s about God testing Job and
Job reversing it. Job tested God when actually God was testing Job. What was he testing? He
was teaching him don’t live by your eyes. Live by my words.

Let me repeat it. Job goes to bury ten children. Your eyes see ten graves. You’re devastated. It
touches you to the bone. There’s no doubt the tragedy is real. Everything about it is not to be
denied. It is not denied. It is not a joke. It is reality. It hurts. It’s painful. I can see it. My eyes we
could say are this big. My eyes just look at it and the memory of it cannot leave me. My eyes are
huge. I am devastated. I could not be hurt more and what Job went through in that trial. But in
the story the lesson is this one. Job is talking a lot about this. Why did you do this to me? I do
not understand? I wish I could talk to God. I wish I could see him. I look on the right hand, he is
not there. I look on the left, he is not there. I wish I could come before his court and I could –
these are my words – put my finger in his face and say, why? Why? You answer me. You
answer me. It’s different language but it’s Job 23 and various chapters, but I want just to make
the point without twisting it.

Just to say God was silent. God was silent. Remember that. He
doesn’t, he loves us in our pain. He is there in our pain. He knows our frame that we are weak.
He pities us like a father pities a child, Psalm 103:14. There’s no doubt about it.
On the other hand, he wants us to mature. He knows we can do it. He knew this about Job. Job
can mature and his eyes turn to ears. Okay. My eyes turn to ears. Through my ears, I can see
the unseen. I can believe. If my ears are those ears that Jesus spoke about in Mark 4. Turn to
Mark 4 with me, please. Mark 4:23, I’ve met many people in the ministry, many who they stop
hearing. They stop hearing. They can’t hear. Has it happened to you?I’m so filled with myself.
I’m so filled with anger. I’m so filled with my issues. I’m just so filled with like can I hear. I cannot

Have you ever talked to somebody they cannot hear you? They don’t listen. They’re just filled
with themselves. Yes. For us to sit here and you to listen is a work of grace. That God would
have many, many local assemblies around the world throughout history that are capable of
listening. They are capable of listening. This is Luke 8, Mark 4:24. Not false doctrine. Not weird
teachings. Not information outside of the Scripture. Not adding to the Scripture or taking away
from the Scripture. Take heed what you hear. Not the village gossip. Not the chatter. Not all the
things that people are filled with, but you be careful what you hear. You have a capacity to hear
in the Spirit. Many times before preaching I know the pastors do this and we were trained this way. You go
alone before God and sometimes hours before and you get your message from God. You can
tell. Sometimes you just know. It’s so clear. I got a message. I got a message.

That’s amazing. But you don’t need to be a pastor to be that way. You and I have communion. We have
communion with God. We have to in a way like Job’s eyes and his suffering are big and he’s
filled with talking. He’s talking chapter after chapter and God is silent unto the end of the book.
Then he repents and puts his hand to his mouth. He repents. And now he’s got ears. And he’s
blessed. The blessing of God. No matter what a person’s tragic life is, the blessing of God is greater. No matter what you have been through or what you will go through, no matter what
your life will be what I am saying today, what the Scripture is saying today is powerful. He said
take heed what you hear. Not everything you listen to is going to build you up. Not everything
you look at is going to be the solution for your life.
How many people have we met through the years who travel around looking for better weather.
They go where there is better weather and they sit there by themselves where there is better

When we first moved to Finland back in 1975, my first three months was exciting. Six
months was excellent. Then it went down hill. It wore off. It wasn’t exciting anymore. I started to
get tired of it. I had this lesson from Bible college. When the Jews came out of Egypt, they were
very happy but they wanted to go back. If God would have let them go back, for sure they would
have wanted to get out. If they had gotten out again, they would have wanted to go back again.
You know, this idea. So I thought to myself, I’m in Finland but I want to go back to the states.
But if I go back to the states, I know myself well enough to know I’ll want to come back here and
I’ll regret that I left. The whole thing gets all confusing. So, I shut my eyes and listened to God. I
shut my eyes. Be careful what I hear. The people I’m with can influence me. What I hear. What I read. Movie
that somebody goes to, it may stick in your life in your mind the rest of your life. Something
somebody says to you can stick in your heart the rest of your life because we have big eyes and
big emotions. To learn to be quiet and filter out.

Shun profane and vain babblings for they will increase to more ungodliness. There is like a trap over there. It’s a swamp. And there is quicksand over there. There is an evil man over there. I don’t live in fear because you and I are
learning to be filled with the Spirit and filled with God’s Word. The Word of God gives us a
capacity to hear. And hear the right thing. Hear the doctrine. You might say I’m living in this level
and the Bible has me on some – I don’t know. I can’t spend all my time in the Bible nor do I
really understand it. That’s what the Ethiopian said in Acts 8. Philip said who is speaking? He
said how can I know without a teacher? Acts 8:20. We have a teacher. We have the Spirit. We
have a pastor-teacher. We have a Bible that is right open in front of us. We can carry this
around. We can meditate on it like it says in Psalm 1. We can listen to it and understand it and
our ears get bigger. We have a growing capacity to hear what God is saying to us and believing
him. Mark 4:24, “for what measure you mete…” What does that mean?

If I have like a measurement of one bottle empty, I give that to God and he gives that back to me one bottle full. If I give to
God a big kettle, that’s what he gives back to me. If I give to God a swimming pool, – Lord this is
my capacity. I am hearing you. He will give back to me. If we don’t have to use volume. You can
use quality. If you really hear me, I will, you will be hearing me. If you are hearing me this much,
the quality of love, the fellowship of love, submission, humility, – as you hear me, so I will return
that. I always think of a deceitful person is deceived by God. God isn’t deceitful but he allows them to
live in their deceit. Joseph was called a trickster. Remember his name Joseph? Sorry, Jacob.
He was a supplanter, a deceiver, a con man. Another name for Jacob would be con man. He
can rip you off. He can cheat you. His name is Jacob. So when his son disappeared, the sons
came with a bloody coat and they said here is his coat. Jacob looked at it and said he’s been
killed by an animal. He lived all those years being deceived. His son was alive in Egypt.
If you are deceitful, if you play games with God, God will play games with you. If you are honest
and submitted to him and hearing him, he will speak to you.

He will forgive you. He does it for all of us by keeping his covenant, but I’m saying in practice, there are way too many of us that are easy to complain and put our finger in the face of God and say, I wanted that apartment and I
didn’t get it and that’s your fault that it happened. My child is sick or some other problem in
relationship and so on and it’s all about big eyes and very little ears. I just want to say let’s
change that. That’s all. Let’s change that. Amen. Okay.

A few more verse and we’ll finish up here. Mark 4:24, you know it’s amazing with P. Scibelli over here. I love that guy so much and his ministry is so great, but he loves the Bible. P. Scibelli,
does he love the Bible? He loves the Bible. He reads the Bible. And Linda. The Bible. Wow! It’s
amazing. More will be given you. More will be given. It will be given you according to how you
hear. So Abraham said to Lot, Lot’s eyes are big and he sees the beautiful – I’m going over
there. Abraham’s eyes are small kind of. This is the idea. He goes, that’s alright. You go there.
Wherever I am, I can walk with God and God is with me. I am blessed by God. Whatever is
happening. Jealousy is a big problem with people. I’ll say a couple words about it. I was in Romania. I said it
the other night. I was in Romania in a village and I said to the village people – we were in a barn
having a meeting. It was packed with people and a precious time in the 90s. I said some of you
have seven chickens and you’re jealous because someone has a hundred chickens.

They all kind of listened and kind of laughing. How did he know, and all of this. So we are having a good
time in the village. Jealousy is everywhere. Someone has a good family, someone has a family
with problems. Someone has an education, somebody does not have. Somebody is good
looking and somebody struggles with that. Somebody has money and somebody doesn’t have.
Somebody is young and somebody is old. There’s so many things where people live. How they
live and their jobs and everything. Jealousy is a plague of the human heart. Eyes are big. I am so jealous. Wow! Why do they have so much. I have nothing. Take the eyes and turn them into ears and be careful what you hear.
More shall be given. You will think now. This is the age that is a non-thinking, emotional age of
the human race. It’s like a non-thinking, angry, emotional setup.
It’s like no. God is saying in the book of Job, Job you got to change and listen to me. You know
in the book of Job when God spoke to Job he gave him 81 questions.

The purpose of the questioning was to get Job to realize how little he knew. You don’t know anything, Job. You
think you know something? You know nothing. Virtually nothing. You are like a little idiot. You
think you know? You don’t even know what you are talking about. You don’t know what you are
talking about. You have no idea. So God says do you know where darkness is? Do you know
where light is? Do you know where the calves give birth and the mountains. Have you been to
the bottom of the sea? Do you know what binds these constellations, Pleiades and Orion
together? Do you know the powers that are there? Do you know anything about the cosmos?
About the depth of the sea? About physics we would say? About the binding of atoms? Do you
know any of that stuff? So with us. It’s to be humble and say I don’t know. I need you. I need you. I don’t need my
talking. I need you. I need you. It says Job put his hand on his mouth and repented. He said I
have darkened counsel with words and I repented.

I believe when he did that, his ears got really big. Like he realized. Psalm 73 is another text on that. When I went into the house of God, then I understood. There are so many things we need to learn and understand.
Let me just close with a couple things. 1) Do not accuse your mother and father. They’re not
innocent maybe. They’re not perfect. Maybe there has been something but leave it alone.
Forgive them and move on. And as much as you possibly can, honor your father and mother.
Just move on in hearing from God. That’s unforgiving spirit can eat you up and bitterness grows
in your heart. Secondly, regarding the church, you can accuse it day and night all you want to.
Filled with hypocrites and empty. Got nothing out of it. It doesn’t work. It means nothing to me.
You can live like that. But I advise you not to. Not to. Look for something to be submitted to. Be
submitted to God. Be submitted to the Word of God because that’s the authority of God. And he
says don’t do that.

Do not be an accuser of the brethren in Revelation 12. We are not judges. We are not on the earth to
be a judge. How can I judge when I know so little. Do I know everything? Can I make a
judgment? We used to, we were taught if I judge somebody, I would have to know everything.
All things in order to make a judgment. Everything. I got to know everything. How can I judge if I
don’t know everything. I got to know everything. Do I know everything? I don’t. So “judge not lest you be judged (Matthew 7:1).” James 4:11-12, do not speak evil of a brother. Who art thou that
judgeth another man’s servant? To his own master. To his own master. To his own master he
stands or falls, Romans 14:4. So, it’s clear. What does God want from me? He wants me to be
humble before him and obey him. He wants me to learn to love and forgive. He wants me to
learn to build and minister and serve. He wants me to have ears. He wants to give more to us,
more to us. In the world you can’t see is the one we are looking at. Not the climate. Not the
problems with people.

They are endless. Not the worries and the fears. They are also endless. But he wants me to have ears for the Comforter, the teacher, the doctrine, the words, the rhemas, the encouragement, the love, the vision and then we will have eyes. It says about Jacob in Genesis 47:10, his eyes grew dim and he saw Joseph and he said I thought I would never see you
again but God has been good to me. I thought I would never see you. And then he blessed his
children. And then he blessed all the sons, all his sons, Jacob’s sons. All of them that were not
these eyes. His eyes were dim but he prophesied over every one of them because he
understood something more about life than what these eyes can give me. What these eyes
give me is one thing, but they are not what I really need. I need something to see beyond.
When Jesus was here, he was a blind servant. And because he didn’t see like other people. He
saw what the Father was doing.

He lived that way. He became our Savior. He’s up on a throne.
He’s telling us today. He’s speaking to our hearts today. He says follow me. You don’t put me on
trial. I am not on trial. You are. I want you to be a hearer and walk with me and I will be glorified
because as you obey me, I will manifest my kingdom on the earth through you. I will. I will fill
you with the Spirit. I will teach and show you because I am God. Isn’t that amazing? Amen.


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