The righteousness of God has been given us. We receive salvation in His Name. The work of righteousness has been done for us. We come to Him and we’re redeemed. (Romans 7 and 8.)

Speaker(s): John Love, Adam Speedy
Sermon 12207
6:30 PM on 11/28/2021

P. Schaller –

We have a special evening tonight. Is every evening special? It is? Why? Cause God is here. What did you
say? God is here. It’s special. Every evening. So, many of us know the Speedy family. They
moved down to Texas, so we can say boo! Boo! Okay. No, they are a blessing on the team in
Texas, in Houston. It’s great to have them here. I heard the Roberge family was just packed.
Like you have Ben, Tim, Matt, Melinda, P. Adam, the children. How many? Nathan. Yes. And

Sorry. I missed a couple names. Out of 18 people. No, I’m joking. Let’s get them all in
there. Do you want the microphone?! Here. Do you want the microphone. Okay. Wait a minute.
How many people did you have? Oh! They had 18 people! I guessed the number. Okay. So,
that must have been fun. Did you get chicken from Royal Farms? No, okay. No. I’m goofing

Don’t take any of this seriously. I’m joking, goofing around. Is that alright? Cause we don’t do
drugs. Remember Dr. Stevens – we don’t do drugs. We don’t – so give us a little room, amen!
We’re not trying to offend anybody or anything like that. Just to say the Roberge family is an
amazing family and what the Lord is doing. This team. Wow. It’s so good.
So we have P. Adam is going to share with us. P. Steve is going to do some announcements
and the offering. Then P. Love is going to minister to us. Then we’re going to move into Prayer
and Praise with P. Mark M. and we’ll be flying out of here tonight, later on tonight with a lot of

This week will be an awesome week in Bible school, and we have another week. I mean these
times are going fast. We’re entering into our break and then Christmas season. So it’s a great
time to share the message of Christ with people. It’s beautiful. Welcome Pastor Adam Speedy
from Houston.

P. Adam –

Alright. Good to be here in Baltimore, Maryland. I thought about a song that P.
Stevens once sung about, “It’s great to be a Christian here in Maryland.” If you could turn with
me to 2 Sam. 18 just for a few moments. We had a good service this morning with 42 people in
Owings Mills. Many locals and visitors and huge capacity and joy. The atmosphere was electric.
I walked in not feeling well and I walked out great. So, really good.

2 Samuel 18:21 Then said Joab who was a pro. He had his craft. He was really good at what he
did and faithful but not spiritual. Speaking to the priest’s son. I got another professional. vs. 25,
Absalom, contrary to the wishes of David was killed. 27. He was the priest’s son, the son of
Zadok. vs. 27-28. Shalom. All is well. vs. 31-32. (Prayer).

Interesting that the message he gave – I mean, the man’s son was dead. David’s son was dead,
but he gave a message of shalom, peace, wholeness, nothing missing. Not a false peace.
I’ve heard this taught both ways. We can look at it from the other perspective of bringing the
truth. People need truth even when it hurts. Just from a finished work perspective, Ahimaaz
really was the messenger of peace. This is the peace that Jesus came in Ephesians 2:17 and
preached peace to those that were afar off. It’s very easy to bring a report that is by sight.
Actually, Joab had said tell him in vs. 21. go tell the king what you had seen. That’s just so
natural and normal to tell what you have seen. I’m not talking about seen in God, but what
we’ve seen by sight, 2 Corinthians 4:18.

We need divine perspective, don’t we? It’s very easy to give a natural message. It’s something
else to give what can’t be seen. It’s very easy to give people a piece of your mind. It’s another
thing to give people a piece of God’s mind, 1 Corinthians 2:16. To call the things that are not being,
being. To call the things that are not existing, existing.
Here we have a great picture of someone who is not bringing just the factoid of truth, but
bringing it in the perspective, in the big picture perspective. This is what happens as we receive the mind of God, as we receive the Word of God. We see the same things but we see it through
the lens of divine perspective and we have another sound, 1 Corinthians 14. Another sound to our

A sound that people might accuse and say you got to be realistic. You got to be
honest. Aren’t you going to tell him the truth? I’m going to tell him the whole truth, the whole
truth from divine perspective. Divine perspective. We need that. Give me divine perspective.
Give me the big picture, 2 Kings 6. I’m looking through my puny, human eyes and what’s going
on over here and the man of God comes with the big picture and says open his eyes that he
might see. He’s preaching peace to someone who is afar off.

I need ontological love, love from outside of the universe, 1 John. 3:1, something that doesn’t
fluctuate and vaccilate, something that is big picture. Love. It doesn’t depend on what I do or my
performance or where I am at in time. I need a timeless message. I need a message that is
timeless, that’s not even giving me the here and now but giving me the final picture, Ephesians 2,
seated above. I need an above message not a below message, a cloud message not a dust
message. A message that’s timeless. A message that’s – David, I know it’s hard but I just want
to give you like there is a peace beyond what we are seeing and beyond knowledge, right?

Finished work reality as opposed to the subjective experience. Finished work reality, Romans 6.
The facts of the finished work. Romans 7, the frustration of trying to finish the work, and then
Romans 8, the freedom of living in a work that’s finished. That’s divine perspective. Praise him
in this place! That’s all we need.
There’s ten Cushi’s – there’s ten negative spies for every two Joshua and Caleb. I know there’s
giants, but there’s also grapes. What kind of message do we have? Not a giant message but a
grape message. And giants too, but giants with grapes, right?

Divine perspective. Yes, it’s hard. Yes, it’s tough. Yes, by sight but God. I’m not so much
interested in wasting too much of my remaining couple years with negative sight people that say
it can’t be done. That’s kind of contagious attitude that – I’m done! God bless you in Jesus’
name. Amen.

P. Love –

Great song. Thank you. Wasn’t that good? I was just thinking of you, Ken, as he sang
that song, man of the tombs! He came right out of the tombs! Praise God! (Prayer). Last night,
we had a great time going out soul winning down town. We took the young people. At least
there were some young people. There was about 10 of us. We were excited about going down
because we were going to be distributing the first Christmas tracts of the new year. I think it’s
going to be great to have that live Nativity scene, although I am concerned about the
combination of hot chocolate and chili. Every time I hear that I just think okay. I’ll just buy some
Tums before I come! I’m not sure about that combination. I hope it works for everyone. If it
doesn’t, we don’t want to hear about it!

We went out last night. Had a great time. That skating rink that they have down there in the
Inner Harbor and it just – you can just tell that people were starting to think in terms of that
season. The season that we know and understand the reason why we celebrate it. Of course so
many of them it’s just a time they exchange their gifts and get together with their families. All of
that is well and good but we know it means so much more than that. Amen. In fact, it’s not just
one day we celebrate, but we celebrate the fact that God sent his Son into our world every day
and we know why he did that.

But we came across this group. I’m a little astonished that this group has a permit to be set up
down there because it’s a very radical group. They’re very intimidating. They do a lot of yelling.
They were even burning incense last night. I thought to myself, they get a permit to come down
here and to proclaim whatever it is they are saying. It doesn’t make any sense at all. We should
have permits. We should be able to stand up down there in the Inner Harbor and proclaim the
gospel of the grace of God. We should be able to go down there and share our message,
because at least it provides some hope to people. At least we can tell them about the love of God.

At least we can tell them about as P. Adam just shared about the reality of the finished
work message which so many people need to hear. I hope and I pray as P. Schaller shares
these Christmas messages that are coming up this month that we invite as many people as we
can, as we know to come out to hear those messages, because I’m afraid that even though
people go to a lot of different churches, I sometimes wonder what are they hearing? What are
they listening to? I’m sure there’s some great churches and good ministries and they got a good
message, a great message, but in some cases it does make you wonder what people are
listening to.

Last night, we’re looking at this group and what I thought was one of them was kind of standing
on the outside, and in his coat pocket you could see very clearly he had a Bible. And then I just
thought, I wonder if he is with them or just listening to them. I wasn’t quite sure. In any case, we
kind of – he broke away and he started to walk down the Inner Harbor. And then, one of our
young people stopped him and started to speak with him. And he was very interested and he
very much wanted to talk about what we were talking about.

But here’s the point, the natural man, the unregenerated man, the man that has not been born
of the Spirit, he’s got his own ideas about salvation, doesn’t he? We talk to people like this all
the time, and some of those ways sound so good to him. In some instances, people that believe
that salvation will be achieved or you will be able to attain it if you do this certain set of rules or
keep these regulations and abide by these laws, but if it comes from man, it’s going to end up in
death. Proverbs 14:12 and Proverbs 16:25 says “there is a way that seems right unto a man, but the
end thereof are the ways of death.” How could it be wrong they must imagine, they must reason.
How could it be wrong if it seems so right to me? We would say because of the origin. It comes
from you. It comes from man.

Man as we know is inherently sinful going down those roads. As long as they keep observing
those different ways – well, there’s a beautiful verse in Jonah 2. I believe it’s vs. 8. It says this
“they that observe lying vanities” and that’s what they are. Any message that does not proclaim
the finished work of Christ is a lying vanity. Any message that says you can be saved apart from
the grace of God is another gospel you shouldn’t listen to. And when you observe lying vanities,
what is it that happens? Again Jonah 2:8 says you “forsake your own mercy.” You disregard the
message of mercy. You put aside the message of the grace of God. You minimize the work of
the cross and we know that everywhere in the Scriptures, God doesn’t minimize the work of the
cross. He magnifies and maximizes the work of the cross. Because that is the only thing we
have a right to boast in, to glory in.

Paul said that in Galatians 6:4. God forbid that I would glory in
anything. This is the beauty of our message. I thought as we had this conversation with this
gentlemen last night, it became very clear right at the outset that he was out there. He was there
– part of that group or not we are not absolutely certain – but he was there out there doing
everything he can do in order to earn God’s favor. Then I thought, what a contrast, because we
are out there because we have already received by grace God’s favor and that’s why we’re
there. We’re not out there telling people about the finished work of Christ, we’re not giving them
the Gospel message of the hope of Christmas so we can become saved. It’s because he has
already saved us, and now the motivation of love moves us to go out and compels people to
listen to a message that saves them freely without any efforts on their own part.

But it just seems that the natural man is locked into this mentality that I’ve got to be able to –
he’s stuck on these lying vanities while at the same time he forsakes his own mercy. He was
convinced, this gentlemen was convinced that the only way you could be saved is on the basis
of law keeping. I suppose it was no different in Paul’s day. It’s never really changed. The
legalizers, the legalists, they are still in our world. They abound. They seem to be everywhere.
And they usually are harsh opponents to those who proclaim salvation on the basis of grace.
We’ll always find them wherever we go.

He was just adamant about it. We even said to him, we said, sir, could we ask you a question?
Have you ever broken God’s laws? The laws that kept insisting we must keep in order to some
day, some day obtain salvation. Have you ever broken those laws? His answer was, yes. I said then you’re in a lot of trouble. You’re in a lot of trouble. You break one of God’s laws, you are
guilty of breaking them all. Where does that lead you? He said, I keep on trying. I keep on
trying. Almost as if God exists for what purpose? To give people A’s for effort.
But God doesn’t distribute A’s for effort, does he? I mean if you get all A’s on your report card,
you might get a free personal pan pizza at Pizza Hut but you don’t get any high marks from
God. You don’t get righteousness which is what we mean, amen.

That’s what he was saying. I’m pursuing righteousness. I’m following after righteousness. I said, but you will never attain unto righteousness because our message is very clear. God tells us in the Scripture everywhere Old
and New Testament, righteousness is required. And the problem is you and I are completely
sinful, but God goes on to say through his work on Calvary that righteousness is now provided
by my Son. The very righteousness that he requires is the very righteousness that he provides
us by his grace. And yet you could not convince this man. He’s going to continue to pursue.

I thought to myself, what a restless way to live life. I can imagine that this poor man would
never find rest unless he comes to a saving knowledge of Christ. The one thing we have
secured, not only a perfect position forever in Ephesians 2:6, not only do we find ourselves complete
in Christ; not only do we find ourselves accepted in the Son of his love and as we heard this
morning, that is forever and that is as unchanging as God himself is. But even beyond that, we
have this amazing confidence and this amazing hope that righteousness has been imputed to
our account and we have been declared righteous by God himself. It’s a declaration that God
has made about all those who put their faith and trust in Christ.

We asked the man what was the purpose of the law? He said the purpose of the law is that we
would keep it. I said, but we can’t keep it. This is a man who as we saw him last night was
caught in what P. Adam just spoke of. That terrible turmoil of Romans 7 where Paul found
himself in a position where he was carnal. That’s what he said. He didn’t say he was natural,
because that would imply that he was not saved. He said I am carnal and I realize every time I
go to keep the law that I am – listen to what he said, “sold under sin.” All of us, nobody should
do it but we could wear a little sign around our neck “sold under sin.” Right? Just like you see a
home for sale and weeks later you see a big sign, “sold.” Well, that’s us. We’re sold under sin
and there’s something about our old nature that cannot keep the law.

At one point in his communication last night, he said, I suppose because you don’t see yourself
as a lawkeeper, that you will probably go home and put a Christmas tree up in your house. I
said, absolutely. I’m going to have a Christmas tree. He said that is a violation of God’s law. I
said, no it isn’t. It smells really good in the house, and when I put the lights on it, it looks great.
He kind of had this idea that we go home at night as Christians and we get before our tree and
bow before it and begin to worship it and burn incense to it. It’s a tree! It’s just a tree! And it
looks nice. And it looks pretty. It has nothing to do with anything. When it comes to Christmas,
we celebrate the reality of Christmas. Jesus came into our world because he knew we could
never save ourselves. He knew we were sold unto sin. He knew how lost we were. And he
came to take the hit for us at Calvary and provide for us a salvation and a righteousness we
could never earn, never deserve even in a hundred lifetimes.

That’s the Gospel message. And I said, yes. And after that he said, and I suppose you eat pork, too! And I said, that’s funny you should say that. I didn’t even have turkey dinner this year. We had a pork roast! Why?
Because God has given us the same revelation that he gave to Peter in the book of Acts when
he dropped that sheet down from heaven and told him to kill and eat, and Peter saw all the
unclean animals. He said, no, I would never do that, Lord. That is unclean. And he said, don’t
call that which I call clean, unclean. And of course it was a reference to reaching Gentiles who
are considered unclean. He said, no. I’m telling you go to them. Bring that message to them.
You’re not under that law anymore. You’re now under grace. So let everybody hear it. Let
everybody know about it. Peter got the message. Next day, he’s sitting with Gentiles. What’s he
eating? Pigs in a blanket! He got it.

The man said to us last night, so you’re not under the law? I said, listen. We are under the law.
We are under the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus which has set us free from the law of sin
and death in Romans 8:2. We are under the royal law of liberty, the perfect law of liberty, the
royal law of love. He can’t understand it. He can’t comprehend it. He just can’t see that Moses
isn’t involved in our lives and Moses isn’t telling us how to live, because without Moses, how are
you going to make it?

I said Moses did his job. Moses came. He delivered the law to us. The law showed us we were
guilty and the law showed us we could not become righteous by keeping it’s standards and it’s
precepts and everything that was contained in it. Moses did his job. He brought us to the
doorstep of grace and said they’re guilty. They can’t save themselves, and if they are ever going
to be saved, God, you’re going to have to do it through your grace. And he did. And he did that.
His response was shocking. He said, you don’t keep the laws of God. I said, no. Because we
can’t keep God’s laws and we’re not even going to keep trying to keep them. Because again,
God’s not pleased – I mean, legalism. We know this. Legalism just leaves you exhausted. It just,
you can never find any rest, and that’s the one thing that Jesus promised, didn’t he? In Matthew
11:28-30 when he said, come to me. All you that labor and heavy laden. Can you imagine he is
speaking to people at that time who are all under the dispensation of the law whether they were
Jews or Gentiles who impose the laws upon themselves.

He said, come unto me all you who labor and are heavy laden which everybody was. What was
his promise? I will give you rest. It’s like Moses leading the children of Israel up to the brink of
the Promised Land. But no further because the law has no power or ability to bring us into that
which God promises us. It takes a Joshua. It takes a Jesus. And when he comes, he gets the
job done fully and completely.

So, what did we say to him? Yeah, we have a Christmas tree. Yep, we eat pork. And then he
said, well, I got news for you. Oh, and he also said, he had one other question. Cause I implied,
I said in the conversation yes, I know I’m saved. He goes, wait a minute. You’re saved? I said,
yes. He said how can you say such a thing. And again, he quoted out of context. It’s “he that
endures to the end shall be saved.” I said, no. We’re saved by God’s grace through the finished
work of his Son. And because we are saved, we’re going to endure all the way to the end. We’re
going to make it and we’re going to finish strong, because we are going to keep our eyes on
Jesus and we’re going to keep our eyes on the cross. We are not going to glory or boast in
anything we have ever done or could ever do or might even think about doing.

Again, the world might give A’s for effort but it’s righteousness that God requires. And thank God
tonight, it’s righteousness God has provided for us through his Son. And think about it. Just think
about it. It makes so much sense. Paul said this in Galatians 2:21 “I do not frustrate” – that’s all I could
think about. This poor man, he lives a life where he only serves to frustrate the grace of God.
Paul said I do not frustrate the grace of God. He said if righteousness could come to us on the
basis of law keeping, he said I got news for you. Christ died in vain. If we could be made right in
the sight of God through our own efforts, there’s no reason for Jesus to come. No reason to
celebrate Christmas. No reason to exalt his glorious name. No reason to have a cross in our
chapel because he didn’t need to.

But God knows a little bit better than our friend did last night. We needed Christ. We could not
be made righteous on the basis of the Mosaic law or laws that other people impose on us or
laws we impose on ourselves. Sometimes I think that the laws we impose upon ourselves are
even harsher than the laws that Moses would impose upon us.
God says, good news. You are no longer under law. You are under the grace of God. That’s
your roof. Enjoy it. You won’t need to have it replaced in 20 or 30 years. That is your roof
eternally. You are under grace now. You will be under grace tomorrow. You will be under grace
until the day you cross the threshhold from time into eternity. When we stand in the presence of
God, we will all say the same thing: I’m here to the praise of the glory of your grace. You did it.


You said I needed righteousness, and you knew I couldn’t provide it myself so you gave it to me
all because of your amazing grace. So grace says, hey. Celebrate Christmas. Have a tree. Eat
pigs in the blanket. Have a great time. Love the brethren. Keep coming to church. Bring your
friends to church. We have so much to celebrate because we know this: a man, no man is
justified by the law in the sight of God. What is evident to us is this: the just shall live by faith.
Faith did it. Imagine that. This poor man. He’s going to keep trying. He’s going to keep working.
He’s going to keep putting his best foot forward. He’s going to keep making every effort. He’s
never going to find rest until he finds Christ. And when you find Christ, you have rest. You have
peace with God. You have assurance that your place at the table in heaven is there. It’s got your
name on it. You’ve got a reservation there.

It’s almost like you’ve got a ticket. You’ve got a ticket.
Everybody else that’s following their own ways, they’re going standby. Stand by. You might
make it. You might not. Chances are, if you keep following your own ways, you’re not going to
make it. There’s a way that seems right. I know. But the end? Death. But we’ve found life
because God’s given us his righteousness. What an exchange! P. Schaller mentioned it this
morning. What an exchange! You could stand at the foot of the cross, look at Jesus and say,
you are a liar. You are an adulterer. You are a thief. And you could say, you would never want
to say that but that’s what God said when he became sin for us. He became all of that and
more. And then God looked at us, those who have trusted his work on the cross and said, you
are the righteousness of God. Imagine that! We are the righteousness of God. Put it on. Wear it
like a robe. You don’t have to worry about being proud, because you didn’t do a thing to get it. It
was all grace. Amen?



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