Mephibosheth had the King, a seat at his table, and he wanted nothing else. Some want position and authority. Lord shepherds me, I shall not want.
We want much more of Jesus. (2 Samuel 19:29-30)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Steven Scibelli
Sermon # 11571
6:30 PM on 11/4/2018


P Schaller

How many of you realize that last month, October, was the Pastor Appreciation Month? Hey, I made a mistake by not saying how much I appreciate these pastors over here. I appreciate you guys. We appreciate you and others. And the best way to express it is by coming to church. So we are appreciated. Thank you. This is beautiful. Well, that’s the past. It’s over. It’s gone.

Now we’re in November. The Voice of the Martyrs said this is a Sunday for prayer across the country for the persecuted church.

Heb. 13:3, Remember them that are in bonds. I don’t know about you, but I forget these people. I don’t have it rolling in my heart and mind. That’s a confession. But also what I want to say will help all of us change that. This is what I thought of today. How will I remember them? This way: everything in your life you appreciate that you can do in this country, just think of them not being able to do it. I made a list here: I would like my children to be accepted at the school. There are Christians in Pakistan and their kids are not allowed to go to school. I’d like to have a job. There are Christians in this world that cannot find a job. I’d like to have a future. Maybe get a passport and travel somewhere. There are Christians that can’t get a passport and travel. I’d like the police to be nice to me and protect my property and care for me. There are Christians the police target them or harass them, visit them in the middle of the night, knock on the door and drag them to the police station, abuse and beat them. I’d like to own a house. There are Christians that can’t own a house. There are Christians that lose their jobs if they have one, and struggle to find food. There are Christians that go to jail. There are Christians that are tortured and Christians that die because they believe in Christ. These people are precious people. I don’t feel guilty about any of this. I feel sympathy and care and with a little exercise when you go to buy something at Walmart, think there are some Christians in the world who can’t do that. They live in a community where the Christians live. There may not be public water and sewage. They are not protected. They are persecuted because they are Christians

When Moses faced this in Heb. 11, it says he esteemed the riches of Christ greater than the treasures of Egypt. These people are in this world. Halleluiah! And the world is not worthy of them. They are our sisters and brothers. I say this because it says remember them. Maybe with a little bit of work, we can do that more. The Voice of the Martyrs is saying this is their day. I’d like to turn it into a whole month that we would remember.

vs. 3. It means in chains as if we were chained with them. Identification. When they are hungry, I know what it is. When they are cold without a blanket, we know what it’s like. That’s it. We remember them. That’s what the word of God is saying. Our prayers mean something for them. Let’s have a few moments of prayer for our sisters and brothers.

P. Scibelli will share tonight and then a 20 minute break and then a Richard Wumbrandt movie. When he was in front of a Communist party and the pastors were parodying Communist ideology, he was sitting there. His wife was there in tears and she said you have to say something. He said if I say something, you will not have a husband. She said, I don’t want to have a coward as a husband. He went up and did his business there before God and they went to prison. A good story for us to think about.

Let’s have prayer for the persecuted church.


P. Scibelli

2 Sam. 19:29- Good crowd. Thanks for coming. What else would we be doing? Be in God’s house with God’s people. You said praise the Lord pretty loud too. David speaking to Mephibosheth who is Saul’s grandson and Ziba who is from the house of Saul. He had 15 sons and 20 servants and wanted more. Greedy. He was greedy. Listen to Mephibosheth’s response.

vs. 30. When we were in Uganda in E. Africa a number of years, P. Eugene and others can verify this. We trained many from the Sudan. We had Sudanese refugee camps we went to. We started to have students come out of them. We started a Bible school in that refugee camp. Fled from Northern Sudan an estimated 1 million killed in Sudan for their faith. The opportunity we had to train and send people and see them now having churches in the Sudan. One pastor’s name was P. Manyoke. I asked him how he survived. They had to live in forests for one or two years at a time. It’s dry as a bone. He said we ate bark. We would cut bark off a tree, soak it in water and eat bark. You lived? I’m standing in front of you! They were content to eat bark.

I remember one time when we went. We went with the vehicles and had to put the cows in front. P. Eugene figured the trip up but you never came. You sent us. I asked, what are the cows doing in front? He said the entire road is mined. The cow steps on the mine before the vehicle does. I’m sorry if you are a cow lover! I’m here and the cows didn’t make it. It’s amazing what they have to endure. This is just one country.

Some have more intense stories than that as people are persecuted for their faith. When you meet some of these people. And I’ve met some of them in different places where it was Yugoslavia or Bulgaria, Jordan in the Middle East, different places in North Africa, Morocco especially. You meet them and there is something amazing about them. They might not be trained and have a lot of education or opportunity to have the blessing of the Body but you meet them and sense the presence of God. You can see J.C. in their lives. God does something unique and sovereign. They have Jesus.

Mephibosheth said it really doesn’t matter. I don’t need anything. Ziba has 15 sons and 20 servants and a lot of land and he says give him the land. You know why? Because I have the king. I have the king and I’m in the king’s house. Thing about that in application. We have King Jesus. We have the Lord. We have a church. We have the Lord and the king and the king’s house. There is nothing I desire other than that. If you had everything in life but not the king or king’s house, we would be people most miserable. He said take it all. Mephibosheth had some situations in his life. Lame on both feet, the grandson of Saul, living in fear. By the way, he was in Lodebar…he was on the other side of the Jordan. David saying is there anyone I can show lovingkindness to? Yes, he’s on the other side of the Jordan. Where is he? Go get him. Isn’t that the house of God? Mephibosheth says I don’t need anything.

I’m going out of here at some point in life and there will be nothing. You take nothing with you. Isn’t that true? Not a basketball or a bank account. I’m not taking a tie with me or a suit. Nothing is going. No car, no house. Nothing going out.

Job 1 naked I came…lord. I’m not trying to have a heavy message because of a Wumbrandt movie. Some people want fame and fortune and reputation and power and authority. Your health is going to. Anyone notice that? Things change a bit. I close the door when I put my socks on so my wife doesn’t watch the pain in my face trying to put the left sock on. There is black hair, gray hair, and for some no hair. He says to Ziba, take everything. I have the king.

Ps. 23 the Lord is shepherding me. I shall not want. I have no desires. We live in a world today that is more, more, more, more rather than what our guest speaker said I want much more of Jesus. Christian lust pattern. I want more from God as far as relationship and growing in his love…but not looking to get more for me for my sake. He said take it all. I have the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Say it. I have the King and I’m in the King’s house. You can have it all. Many times it says in the Bible this is a learning process. I have learned to be content in whatsoever state I’m in. I’ve learned to be satisfied. I’ve learned to be satisfied and self-sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency. I got Jesus. I got the King. God has said I will never leave you or forsake you.

Heb 13:5 and he’ll never let me leave him. He gave me the H.S. and I’m sealed with the H.S. so I can’t leave God. He says I’ll never leave you or forsake you. Be content with such things as you have. What do you have? I have Jesus. I’m content. He said I’ll never leave you or forsake you. Be content with God and God alone. If we are not careful, we can be in a world with demons in control and they infiltrate into Christianity and I need more of this and more of this. Have you got the latest? My wife will look at me sometimes and say that coat, that outfit. I don’t really care. When was the last time I was out to impress anyone? I have God. Whatever is going on doesn’t make any difference. I have the King. The world wants it all. The devil is offering things. I’ll give you the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. I need a wife. I got one. I need a husband. I need this and that. I won’t be complete until – I need children. We’re married and I need children. I’m content. You can take it all. I got Jesus. I got the Lord. I’m saved forever. I have all spiritual blessings in heavenly places. If I’m always thinking of need, there will be projections from the devil to make me think I need something. Need? One day there is no property left. You are in Lenox and there is no property left. What are we going to do? Follow God. No one knows what could happen with any situation. Who has any idea? You can’t take the King. I have the King. I’m in the king’s house and Mephibosheth knows something amazing.

2 Sam. 9 three things it says phenomenal. And the king says. Nine times it says the king says. I have the king’s word. We got the word of the King and he has said so much to us. Not just from the Bible but the pulpit and our lives on a daily basis. The king said, and the king said, and the king said.

It keeps saying over and over in 2 Sam. 9. I have the word of the king. I don’t just have the person of the king. I have his word. I want to pay attention to what the King says. The King said. I’m not interested in what others say. The King says I belong to him. The King says he’ll give me peace. The King says I’m going to heaven. The King says he’ll never leave me. The King says I’m complete in him. The King says I’m accepted in the beloved. The King says I’m going to heaven. The King says peace on earth. What does the King say? I’m for you; who can be against you. I’ll never leave you or forsake you. The King said I’m free to give you all things. The King says you’ll never be separated from the love of God. The King says you are more than conquerors through him that loved us. Who said? The King said. I got the King’s word. Amazing. I don’t just have the King; I have the King’s word.

Mephibosheth said I’m one of the king’s sons. I belong to the king. I’m not here for how you will evaluate me or the world’s description of who they think I am. I’m a son of the King. I’m a daughter of the King. I’m in the family of the King. So many things go haywire in families today. I’m so glad I’m a part of the family of God. We used to sing that. We’d all walk around and shake hands. I’m one of the King’s sons.

The King has authority. The King has power. The King rules and reigns. I’m a King’s son. You want to talk about my weakness, my past, my failure, what you think your expectation should be? I’m a King’s son. I’m a son of the King. I’m a King’s daughter. Mephibosheth has an amazing self-image when he understands he’s a son of the king. When he thinks about being the grandson of Saul and lame and a dead dog. David the king elevates him in his thinking. I’m a son of the king and will eat at the king’s table always. I got the King. I got the King’s word. I’m a King’s son and will have fellowship with the King forever. It will be a lot more intense than it is now. You’ll eat at my table always Mephibosheth. No one will see your feet. Mephibosheth is a great example of having security in God. I know who I am. Say that. I know who I am. I got the King’s word. I’m the King’s son or daughter. I’m eating at the King’s table forever. This is a great heritage as believers.

There is persecution but this life doesn’t go that far. Hello? Someone who is 80 going through something. If you’re 70, you are blessed and double blessed if you’re 80. I said to my mother who are you? She was in her 90s. You will hear the King’s word as a King’s son forever in heaven for billions of years. I don’t know what will happen down here when I’m 70 or 80 or 90 years old. I’ll be with God forever. This too shall pass. This is going, going, going, gone. Hitting a home run for Jesus. I’ll be with the King forever. I’ll be there without an osn. I’ll be with no devil or demons or taxes or electricity bills. I won’t have to worry if my house is painted, if the sidewalks are shoveled or if the house is clean. I’ll be in heaven with the King and hearing his words forever. Maybe some trials here but this 60, 70, 80 years or longer is nothing compared to eternity with the King forever. You know what a hundred years is like. Imagine one thousand, ten thousand, a million, a billion and it never ends. We will have fellowship with each other forever. Look at the person next to you and say that. I’ll have fellowship with Woody, Woody, Woody forever! Get over here. Me and Woody forever in heaven! We’ll be together forever in heaven. We are the King’s son. We will be at the King’s table. Just don’t take my food!

Praise the Lord tonight. No matter what is going on. Trouble on every side. In the world you shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer. I have overcome the world. God told you there will be trouble but overcome the world. I got the King’s word, I’m the King’s son, and I will eat with the King forever. Ziba, take it all. You can have it all. I got the king. I got his word. I’m his son and I’m at his table forever.


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