Speaker(s): Matti Sirvio, Thomas Schaller

Sermon 12324-13
7:00 PM on 6/22/2022

P. Matti Sirvio –

The pastor’s meetings in the morning have been really amazing. I’m really thankful to God for them. They
are not really secret meetings. We are not talking about you! So, you can ask any pastor. I’m
sure they will be willing to share what has been shared there, but I personally feel that that’s
like the foundation of all this that we are experiencing is those meetings and the life that is

Another morning, P. Schaller asked us pastors can you recall a time when you came to the
church service and you were not filled with the Spirit. We all kind of like remembered right
away and then he went on with different situations in life when you are and you are supposed
to be ministering or in your family and so on and you are not filled with the Spirit. That’s kind of
a scary thought that you can be a Christian and not be filled with the Spirit. You can be a pastor
and not be filled with the Spirit. What kind of pastoring can you expect from that? You can be a
missionary and not be filled with the Spirit.

What does it mean to be filled with the Spirit? We have a lot of definitions and examples. I was
praying about it after that pastors’ meeting and it was so clear to me that what does the Spirit
want to fill us with and it is his love. We are filled with love, love towards people. And all of a
sudden we have this supernatural ability really given to all believers to love people more than
normal, more than they deserve. This is the key in our ministry. This is a sign of a Spirit filled
church that there is that love that is supernatural.

P. Schaller used the picture of fire and he said that if there is fire in this place, where does it go?
He said it goes every direction. There is no way you can control it. It has authority. And that’s
the way how God’s love is in us. It has authority. It goes to all directions. If God has given you a
pastor’s heart – like we ordained P. Roger tonight. It’s so beautiful. And we don’t take it lightly,
right? We all know what it means. A little bit we know about it, and if God has given you a
pastor’s heart, it’s so interesting that means you have this supernatural love for people and it
doesn’t go away. Like I have noticed that.

I have been pastoring in many countries and I’ve been a pastor to many people and I have not
lost my love for those people, even though many of them have maybe gone away. Maybe some
of them are doing something bad. Or maybe they are even speaking evil about me, but my love
for them is stronger than ever because it is this Christ-like love that is put into our hearts. It’s
not only for pastors. It’s for all believers. And it is so powerful and it’s so real.

When we think about the disciples of Jesus, Peter I’m sure we all agree he really loved Jesus.
Don’t you think he wanted to be a good disciple? Desperately! He was trying his very best. And
Jesus loved him, but Peter when he promised to Jesus in Matthew 26 that I will never deny you. I will
never deny you. All these other guys will but I will never deny you. I’m sure that he meant that.

I’m sure that he said it from his heart with everything he is. Like I surrender all. I surrender all.
And then the next day the Convention ends and, all? And this is the problem you know.
We people are so interesting creatures that we can change our mind. That’s the key problem
for all problems in relationships: marriages, family, churches, blah blah blah. Everything. It is
that we are double minded, unstable in all our ways like James says. We are double minded.
We are unstable. Don’t trust us. It’s so amazing that we are the ones who have been chosen to
teach others and to go to all the world and preach the gospel and we are God’s best choice.
Isn’t that amazing?!

You know why that is possible is because even though man can not be trusted and we cannot
be trusted and we are changing. We change our mind not only politicians. We also change. All
the time whenever, whatever needs to be. We are like this with these people and with these
people and we are like this and like that. We are changing. Liars. We are. But this work of God is
not depending on that. We could have some juicy legalistic messages about it and try to
straighten up everybody and try to make us something else. Try to fix our flesh. It’s not going to

But in 2 Corinthians 3:18 Jesus is speaking through Paul and he speaks about the change. Can I have
that verse by the way, 2 Corinthians 3:18? This is the change that means something. This is the change
that happens to every believer. I’m not encouraging you to sin. I don’t think you need my
encouragement for that anyways, but it really, – this is happening independently of you. It
doesn’t depend on you. This is how the worm becomes a butterfly. When you are done, you are
going to be that beautiful butterfly, colorful, flying in heaven or something. This is when the
seed becomes a flower, a beautiful rose. This is when a sinner becomes qualified to heaven.
Glorious. I love this verse so much because I depend on this change.

When we talk about missions, I’ve been to so many missions conferences. Ours are great and
we have this also kind of a missions conference. We are ready to go and we get stirred up and
the so-called reality hits and next year we are there again ready to go. By God’s grace some of
us go. It’s a miracle that some of us ever make it out from anywhere. It’s really God’s work. We
cannot boast in it. It’s this happening. In Acts 10, it’s in a nutshell kind of missions with these
two characters, Peter and Cornelius.

Cornelius is a man who is seeking God but doesn’t know the living God but he’s a God-fearing
man. God speaks to both of them simultaneously. God speaks to Cornelius and God speaks to
Peter. And then God connects them and that’s missions. Don’t you think that there is a
Cornelius in Bangladesh tonight? There’s somebody who is praying, praying to God whose
name he doesn’t know, to the unknown God. And saying God help me. Help me. I’m afraid I go
to hell. I don’t know how to live my life. I have no peace. God, wherever you are.

Maybe that person is in Norway asking in her heart saying God, I just need to find a group of
people that would love me and I could belong and be part of something meaningful. Or maybe
in Germany. Somebody just willing to know a group of people who have joy, who have joy with
them. Pure joy. And then God is looking for Peter to connect with them. And we as modern day
Peters we say don’t even come close to me. I’m a sinful man. Get away from me. Isn’t that what
Peter said? He understood he could not do it.

You know, do you want to know what my weakness is? A public confession here. Are you
ready? Would you like to know? It’s pin codes. Passwords. I hate passwords more than anything
else in this life. You know, have you ever tried to recover a password? And then like three hours
later, you are all sweating and all your equipment is turned off. You just remember this
sentence, “this is your last attempt.” Then you are like sweating and you lost already your bank
information, everything. And then you are looking in your house for the switch that turns off
the electricity to the house! Turn it off. You go under the blanket. Close your eyes. And you
pray, Jesus, come back please! And then Jesus comes and says, I am your password! Amen.

P. Schaller –

Alright. You may be seated. Malachi 3:13, one philosophers – I think he was a
philosopher – he said that life is like a fleet a ships. Our society, our civilization is like a fleet of
ships. Birdseye view of a fleet of ships. We are looking down at a fleet of ships in the sea. That’s
looking down. You have three things about the fleet of ships. You have millions and millions of
people and you have three things about the ships.

#1. The condition of the ship. I mean the condition of one ship. The condition of the ship is a big
part of life. If you were to say that you are a ship, and maybe you look like one! Turn to your
neighbor and say, I think you might look like a big battle cruiser! No, you look like an airplane!
What’s those – ha ha! You look like a battle ship. Alright.

Give me some examples of what you do to keep your ship floating? You got to have a bilge
pump. You got to have electricity. You got to have an engine. You have to maintain the ship.
The magnetism of it. All kinds of technology. You manage your ship. This is relationship #1.

#2. How you relate to other ships. Do you bump into each other? Okay. You can now add to my
message. Turn to your neighbor. How do you relate to each other? Are you in the same fleet?
Are you bumping into each other? Are you hoping they will be destroyed or sunk? Or are you
somehow thinking of their wellbeing, their welfare? Are you in the community? Are you
working together and pulling together? So, relationship #1 is that relationship with myself.
Relationship #2 is how I relate to you and other people around me.

Guess what #3 relationship is? This is a good one. The philosopher said this is what is weak in
our society, this third one. And it is where is the fleet going? Where are we going? Without
Christ, these three realities are in our life. But we have understood from God’s Word that we

don’t have it what’s needed in ourselves. We don’t have what we need really to manage our
life. You can give it your best shot. You can be professional. You can be together. You can be
educated. Maybe you are fortunate enough to be in a good society and you can survive. But
there is always some worm that is eating away in my heart. There is some sense of shame.
There is some fear.

We saw it in our country in the last couple of years how even though we are very in many ways
very unique country, the individuals in our country, all of us have an amazing need to take care
of ourselves but we don’t know how. Who knows the depth of a man’s heart? Who knows how
to manage the heart? Who knows how to direct us, how to think? How can we live? How do I
keep my ship afloat? It’s a major problem. I want to say this is just a short message but
profound message. And it is Jesus Christ, he is the answer for all three of these realities. How do
I keep my ship afloat and all of our Bible psychology teaching, all of the finished work teaching,
the revelation of God to our hearts. Psalm 19 and everything that we learn that comes from the
Holy Spirit to our hearts is teaching me how to live my life.

I met a young man today here in the parking lot. He said I want to come here to Bible college. I
said, why? I said, how old are you? He said 27. I said, why do you want to come? He said
because I live my life. I have a job. I can live my life but it’s not deep enough. It’s not deep
enough. I’ll add my words to what he said. I think we all know what they are. It's just not
enough, just to be floating around on a sea and society not telling us where we are really going.
Stupid things they say. We’re going to Mars or something! Or the moon but we can’t live here
on the earth. We have enough trouble here. Why go there and ruin another planet! So, who
could govern my heart?

I am born again. This is the miracle of our new life. We hit home runs on everyone of these
three points. How do you do that? It’s Jesus. I want to explain to you how that is. #1 is Romans
7 and Romans 6. These are the chapters that teach us how to live. Romans 8. Walking in the
Spirit. We have a conflict with our flesh which gravitates to the dust, gravitates to sin, gravitates
to independence, gravitates to pride.

Turn with me to Mal. 3. I want to really – you have been listening all day. We came for this
though so I’ll go on and on and on through the night! Okay. Malachi 3:13, this goes from vs. 13-18.
You may read this text through the week and the months to come and kind of get it in your
heart. It’s a great text of Scripture. God is saying to the Jews your words have been stout
against me. They have offended me God said. You say, what? What? What have we spoken so
much against you?

It’s like when a teenager is told to clean his room and he moves his shoes from that corner of
the room to that corner and the mother says, did you clean your room? Yes. She goes and
looks. What? What? I put my shoes over there!

This is like us. It is great when we are serious with God. Let him rip into us. Let him do
something drastic. Let him be violent toward us. Let him reach deep inside. I was talking to
somebody about how contractors can take a house and rip into the house when they know
what they are doing. There’s just piles of dumpsters. They throw away trash. They tear in. A
dentist will put you in the chair, open your mouth up and he’ll just tear into your tooth! A
surgeon will put you on the table, knock you out and rip into your body. That’s a good thing
when they know what they are doing.

That aggressive attack with a big problem but they know
what they are doing. That violent amazing aggressive but it is ever so gentle with God but he is
so serious about it. It’s what you need to keep your ship afloat.
Expose yourself to truth. Come to Jesus. Don’t be far away from Jesus. Come really close to
Jesus in the Body of Christ, in the Spirit of Christ, in the Word of Gd. Then when God says your
words have offended me, you’ll say yes, Lord. I know that I have. Please forgive me. I’m on your

Vs. 14. There are people that say that. I went to Bible school. I benefited nothing. I’ve been to
this church for 30 years. I’ve benefited nothing. I’ve paid my tithes. I’ve benefited nothing. I’ve
read the Bible back and forth over and over again and it has profited me nothing. It offends us.
That is not my experience. This is what some people say. They say those things and God hears
them. He is saying that you think differently than me. I know what I am doing. Trust me. You
will see the end game. You’ll see the results. You’ll see what I am doing cause watch up on our
screens here.

We have each other because it is God that takes the flotilla somewhere. But man doesn’t know
where he is going. He talks about evolving and progress. Was the world better with the
smartphone? Is it better with it or without it? I mean when we first got it we go, wow! But we
heard P. Matti’s testimony hiding under the blankets! I don’t know the answer to the question
but I’m saying technology does not help me with my attitude regarding the human race.
Albert Einstein said in 1948 I’m not afraid of the atomic bomb as much as I’m afraid of the
human heart. The human heart is the problem. Technology doesn’t change the human heart. I
just learn how to steal money with the technology. I learn how to lie and propagate lies and
errors and so on. We know that so that’s the end of that exhortation or preaching.

Okay. Vs. 14. I want you to live a life so that you know it is not in vain. I want you to know this. You
can be sitting there saying I’m not sure. I’m not sure. Is there value in it? I’m not sure. I haven’t
really tasted it. I haven’t really hit the target yet. I want to say to you, keep going. Trust Christ.
Keep going. Walk before God. Be humble. Have prayer. Trust him. Be quiet. Be obedient. Shout
a lot. Live in faith. Love deeply. God is with you. God is for you cause it’s not true. It’s not vain.

Vs. 15. Please, please, please do not call proud people happy. What do you mean? I don’t know.
I thought about it. I was trying to understand what that means. The proud are happy. I don’t
know. Hollywood, Hollywood is filled with people that have succeeded and they have their
material wealth and whatever their programs and success. You may not envy them at all. I don’t
at all. But there’s a lot of people that look at proud athletes, proud rich people, proud
politicians, proud people in the academia. Proud people and you say look at how happy they
are. Look at how happy they are.

God is saying, you’re wrong. Don’t call proud people happy. They are arrogant. They are
arrogant. Look at vs. 15b. They are arrogant. This is one scenario. This is one scenario in the text
and then it flips to us. It flips to us. Vs. 13-15 is what we just said about the error of the human
heart saying that believing and trusting in God means absolutely nothing. You benefit nothing
from it. I know how to live. I know how to operate. I know how to operate my ship. I know not
to bump into each other. I don’t really know where I’m going.

Maybe in Psalm 49 it says I will call the street that I live on by my name. I’ll buy the park and call it
by my name. I’ll buy the Rockefeller Center. I’ll call it the Rockefeller Center. I’ll have a J. P.
Morgan. I’ll have my name all over the place on the earth. That’s where I’m going. I’m going to
become a famous – this is Ps. 49. But who are we? Here it is, vs. 16. That’s all. You just get really
humble before the Almighty God and willing to acknowledge that you don’t know what is going
on on this planet. I got a ship. I need you. I fear God. Keep my ship afloat, God. I fear God. Fear

Teddy Roosevelt, I love that president. I’ve been reading about him and things that he said. The
fear of God that he had. Remember I quoted him the other day in service. He would go to
church and worship saying, “Holy, holy, Lord” when he was president of the United States. And
he said he needed that to be refreshed in the mist of his perplexing problems. A president. An
athlete. A Hollywood actor. A professor at the university. Fear God. You are not to be arrogant.
We are not to be arrogant. But we are.

Our biggest problem as a race of people is our pride. Our pride blinds our eyes. It stops our
ears. It causes tremendous problems. Look up at the screen. This ship is going down. He’s going
down. Does anybody care? This ship bumps into this ship and they are in a battle with each
other. They are fighting. And all of them don’t know where they are going. Does that mean
anything to us? Yes, it does. Yes. Fear God. Fear God. Vs. 16.

Hey, could I say one word to everybody here tonight? Start talking. Start talking. Your silence
has value but so do your words. Start talking, edifying, compliment people. Love people.
Ministering. Start quoting the Bible, the Bible verses. Start reading your Bible and use your Bible
in the course of a day. Write a Bible verse on an index card and share it with somebody at work.
Hand out Bible verses in the park. Just a Bible verse. Just hand it out. Bible verses. You can buy little packets of them. They have been doing that in India and then we have been doing it here,

What do we do? We have rap session after rap session, but not a rap session without some
guidance and leading of the Spirit. Vs. 16. He liked it. he wanted to keep it in a library in heaven.
He wanted to write a book of remembrance. Remember we have the book of life, the book of
our works and a book of remembrance that God has in heaven.

Then it says in vs. 16. You can think about God on a quiet night, on a Friday night, early
morning. You can consider God and ask him to help you. Ask him to teach you the Bible. Ask
him to talk to your heart and lead you quietly before him. Be humble before him. He gives
greater grace to the humble. He sends angels to camp round about those who fear him. There’s
a lot of activity between heaven and earth through you. There really is. A lot of stuff is going on
between heaven and earth with us because God is leading our ships, guiding us in an eternal
purpose. We are going somewhere. We are going to go home. We are going to meet God in

Vs. 17. All the ladies here probably have jewel boxes. A jewel box. A special box for your
jewelry. All those little compartments in there. Velvet. And all that and the whole thing. You put
little special things. We are like something little and special to God. He takes up his jewels, vs.
17. I will not throw them away. I will not lose not even one of them, John 6:37. Of all that the
Father has given me, I have lost none. Everyone of them is precious. Every one of them is like a
gift from the Father to the Son. And the Son has his bride. That’s us. We are his people.
Notice the mentality here in vs. 18. I don’t want to drop off that last part of vs. 17. If you have
an obedient son, he is a blessing and you – he spares his son. His heart is on him. He
appreciates him so much. He puts him in a special and in a jewel box.

That’s like us. The Father will not lose any of us. This is something that touches our heart.
This afternoon I loved the messages that I heard. Every one of them meant so much to me as
I’m listening to these men. I heard good things about the things that have been said and
appreciate it very much. Every person, every precious person, everyone precious to God.
And now watch, vs. 18. This is like convention. Then shall you return to your International
Convention. You’ll return to GGWO Convention time or whatever convention it is on the earth.
Anywhere you will say I see the difference between the arrogance and the fear of God. I see the
difference. I see the difference. Many of us have been for decades in the fellowship. We see the

Look at vs. 18. You will discern. You know how ladies love colors of paint and stuff in the room?
Have any of you men ever painted a room and your wife said this is the color I want. And you painted the room and she goes, no! No! That’s the wrong color. You’re there like you’re kidding
me? You’re kidding me?! Anybody identify or am I the only one? Am I the only one in trouble?
Okay. Guys raise your hands if you know what I am talking about. Wrong color. Wrong color.
What is that gift that the woman has? Discernment. She can tell it’s the wrong shade of blue.
Wrong green. It’s not the right green. She discerns, recognizes fine distinctions. Is it glossy or
satin? It’s satin. It’s supposed to be glossy. I don’t understand! So, you go to the bed next to P.
Matti and you get under the covers and shut the electricity off and say, I’m done. I’m done. It’s

Vs. 18. You’ll say I do not envy the wicked. I do not envy the proud. I have seen the difference.
They will be in a flotilla when they cannot keep their ship aright. When there is animosity
between the ships and the ships don’t know where they are going. Christ came into our hearts
so we would have our ship shipshape. Shipshape. Christ restores the soul. The ship is in good
condition. We care about the other ships that are in the fleet. And we are moving together in
the right way. We have feared God he is leading us. We have a fellowship of truth. We have the
reality of God and one day we land safely in harbor. We say at the end of the day that God did

Meantime, we return to our fellowship and we say I discern the difference between those that
are fearing God and those that are not, those that assemble and those that hear, those that
believe, those that are willing, those that are worshiping. Amen.


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