Speaker: Ken Feyers, Thomas Schaller, Kim Shibley
Date: 2023-06-21
Time: Wednesday 7PM

P. Ken Feyers –

Praise God! Amen. First day of summer. Don’t you love it? I could have stayed in Florida! Nothing to empty
out of my pockets. I already gave everything to my wife. Praise God. Let’s pray. This is going to
be a wonderful evening. It’s amazing when men get ordained. It’s amazing. (Prayer).
Thinking of Convention, this title “Discovering God.” And I’m thinking more in the lines of
intimacy, fellowship and unity and Body life and discovering God in those areas and that. You
know, um, sometimes it’s – when you think about intimacy, what does that entail? God just
spoke to my heart and he is with you. He is with us. And because he is with us, we can learn to
be intimate and learn fellowship and learn how to love him and praise him.

In this time of discovering God, there are so many things that happen, and they’re called
distractions. Anybody been distracted in the last five minutes? Let me finish my question. In the
last five minutes? Yeah. Distractions come. I was thinking about this word. There’s distractions
that can happen to me, but there’s also a distractor. Sometimes, that’s the person we want to go
after and attack. But distractions happen outwardly and they also happen inwardly.
I think the problem is when they happen inwardly, because if you allow that distraction in your
soul and in your life, some of the effects that can happen can mess up your day. I mean the
whole day. It can mess up even your week, because you are thinking and dwelling upon that

You know, we know that this is a tool of the flesh. And the flesh lusts in Galations 5:17. The flesh lusts
against the Spirit and the Spirit lusts against the flesh. These are contrary to each other. They
are in opposition to each other. They are on the opposite sides of each other. And this word
“lust” is where the flesh opposes and it brings up strong desires.

So, the desires of the flesh and the desires of the Spirit are completely opposite. Does that
make sense? The Spirit desires God. It desires to discover the things of God. That’s what the
Spirit desires. But the flesh wants nothing to do with intimacy, wants nothing to do with
fellowship or Body life. It doesn’t care about your growth. Thank God for the cross. The cross
deals with the flesh, so the Spirit can go on desiring and ruling the way it should rule in our lives,
because we are a new creation. That new creation should be ruling in our lives where the flesh
doesn’t have these strong opinions and desires, and I’m entertaining them.

Turn in your Bibles in this introduction, 2 Corinthians 5:1. So this is talking about our earthly house, our
physical body. It’s like an out house. It’s a tent. It’s a tabernacle. But that tabernacle, and the
King James uses the word “dissolve.” It’s like taking Alka-Seltzer and putting it in water. It just
bubbles away. But this is death. It’s speaking – the dissolving is the physical body dying. But we
have a builder. God is building another house not made with hands, and it’s eternal, right? It’s
eternal. We are going to have an eternal house. This is the resurrected body for the believer.
We were talking about that just earlier today that God will wipe away every tear and all this pain.
And we will have this new body.

Romans 8:23 speaks of that and it’s a great verse to study and
meditate on. vs. 2. It seems lilke the older I get, the more I’m groaning. I mean I’m aching in
areas that never ached before, and sometimes my walk becomes a groan. And then in vs. 3. I
love this. Everybody clothed here? And when I think about that, I think of Adam and Eve. So,
let’s remember this, but let’s turn to Ge. 3 real quick.

It says in vs. 7, their eyes were opened and they knew that they were naked. They knew that
they were naked. vs. 7. They made their own covering, because they were shamed. vs. 9. This
is in the Bible the first question of God. Where are you? Where are you, Adam? You know I hear
this. I hear my wife say, where are you? To me, it’s a pretty easy question. I’m here. But Adam
doesn’t answer it that way. I mean, it’s a pretty simple question. Either you’re here, close, or you
didn’t hear, where are you?

And Adam gives three descriptions. He says I heard your voice. I was afraid. I was naked. And I
hid myself. And this speaks of self-righteousness, self-awareness. So when God asked him
where are you, it doesn’t mean that he didn’t know where he was. Adam didn’t know where he
was. But he did know a lot of other things. And this is what self-awareness does to us. It makes
us aware of self which limits my ability to discover God.

And I’m aware that I’m fearful. I have this fear in my life, because I lost the fellowship of God. I
wasn’t in the place where God was teaching that day. I made a different discovery. I started to
discover myself. I started to look inward, and that’s when the problems start to arise. I miss the
Bible study that day, because I became aware of myself. When you start to look within yourself,
you start to get fearful because of the uncertainty. And he was also naked. And that’s what God
addresses. Who told you that? But this is what sin does. It separates us. It removes us from
discovering God.

So, I know that I am afraid. I know that I am naked. And now I must prepare my own covering
the best way I can. I can even turn to religion to do that, but it’s not with God. So, I hide myself.
Self-awareness. Not, I’m self-conscious and not God-conscious. And so, with that it’s, I start to
look at my flesh and I plan out my day according to the flesh, and that’s warring against the

But through discovering, I find a different covering. Through discovering God, I find the Body of
Christ. The church, the pastor, the local church, the local assembly, the Body of Christ, the
people of God now becomes my covering. And Jesus Christ is my righteousness. And now I’m
covered in righteousness.

This is where in 2 Corinthians 5:3 it says so that you will not be found in that position. So you will not be
found naked. I don’t need to be self-righteous. But I got the righteousness of the one that
imputed righteousness to me. Righteousness becomes a gift in Romans 4, and it gets imputed
to me. It’s put on my account. I don’t buy it. I don’t put it in layaway. It’s put on my account. It’s a
gift. Righteousness is a gift from God, so that I don’t need to be found naked.

I think in the great White Throne judgment, those who have rejected Christ, rejected the free gift
of salvation, rejected him, I think they will stand naked before God. And they will have to give an
account that way. But as believers, we are clothed in righteousness. We are clothed in the
righteousness of Christ. Amen. God bless you guys. Thank you.

P. Schaller –

Wow! That was amazing. That was awesome. Wow! Wasn’t that great? Yes. That
was great. How about if you would stand for a moment and just say that what’s going to happen
at the midnight cry? What’s going to happen? Okay. You may be seated. Okay. You may be

Alright. You may be seated. Can you hear me? Now, I can. What happened? Okay. Thank you.
What a blessing, honor. I know we hear it a lot but we can’t help say glory to God. What a
beautiful morning. P. Drew Wilczek, Ryan, Dan Dunbar. Wow. Everything. Beautiful. Turn to
John 17. Thank you, P. Feyers for your word. We have an ordination tonight. I was thinking let’s
do one subpoint. Matthew 13 about a tree with birds in the tree. You know the parable. This is a
subpoint. I just want to share it with you.

Matthew 13:31. I’ll draw a picture of a tree here. The tree, this is how I understand the parable. The
tree is the kingdom of God. vs. 31-32. So, here’s a bird. Okay. Is that up? My precious picture
didn’t come up! It did not come up. Okay, so what are the birds and what is the tree?
The church is the tree, and the birds are what? What is it that comes and lives in the tree. The
bird is not the tree. The bird is separate from the tree, but is living there and is visiting the tree.
Using the tree. Visiting the tree. I believe it is the era that we are living in today, and it’s in Jude.
Turn there with me. The times that we are living in are times when carnality is in the church.
Apostasy is in the tree. A falling away is in the church.

The Methodist – I have a pastoral friend up in Westminster. And he was with some elderly
people at a Methodist church. He said I can’t preach in this church. They said come and preach
in our church. There’s eight of us. One of these dying churches. Old people. Come and preach
in our church. There’s eight of us. He said, I can’t. They said, why? He said because your
church believes in homosexuality as being an acceptable lifestyle. And they’re old. They go, oh,
no, no, no. He said, yeah. Let me show you. He pulled it up on the internet and showed. What
happened? What has happened in our Christianity? What has happened in our seminaries?
What has happened in our popular way of living as Christians? What has happened is the birds
have come into the tree, and they are living in the tree. But they are not of the tree.

Look at Jude with me, vs. 3. By the way, where is the book of Jude in your Bible? Where is it
located? Yeah, just before Revelation. What happens in Revelation? The church will go, and we
will go also. We believe in the pre-Trib Rapture. Oh, yeah. We’re going to go up. Not go through
that terrible Tribulation we read in the book of Revelation. We’re not going to be here. We’re
going to go. I believe that with all my heart. I don’t think we are here in the Tribulation. We are –
we’ll get to it here.

The book of Jude has an outline. Now, I think I’m changing my message a little bit! I got my
message. I didn’t know which Scripture to use. Jude 3. We should earnestly contend. What’s
that mean? Fight. Fight for what? Our faith. Look at the rest of it. Contend for the faith. Apostolic
faith. This is Bible faith. This is 2,000 years of Christian living and history. Can I have my Ipad
now or no? It’s toast!

Okay. Listen. There was a time when there were two Christians on the earth. Anybody know
when that was? John 1. There were two with John the Baptist. John the Baptist said behold the
Lamb of God, and those two believed in Christ and followed him. What happened 350 years
later? I’d write it down on the pad if I had it here, but you can remember it maybe. The
sociologist that studied this in history and the references and scholarly work on it, if you want to
look at it it’s Rodney Stark. That’s his name. And he said by the year 350 in the Roman Empire
with 60 million people, there were 33 million Christians. Amazing. It was very slow. Seven
thousand. Ten thousand. Very slow growth.

But by – there were great persecutions of course.
And it started really to take off in 280. By 350, it was everywhere. Pagan temples were empty.
People found a new way of living. Not fornication. Not lying and cheating. Not arrogance, but
humility, service, work. In all classes of people.
Another fallacy in our general history is that it was the poor slaves and the lower class people.
This man says, no. And he has the scholarship in it. He said it was generally middle class and
upper class people that became Christians in Caesar’s household and so on. I just wanted to
put that out there.

I want to say in the book of Jude here, there’s a falling away. Look at vs. 4. How did they get in?
They were like you and I. Who were they? They crept in. Where did they go? Into the church,
into the seminary, into the university. Crept in. What’s that mean? They slipped in somehow.
They became part of the organization. They were the birds in the tree. But they weren’t of the
same spirit, and they misled and they taught and they led and they preached and they worked.
But there’s a contaminating element there. Have we noticed this, and noticed this in our present

We have a Bible college where we are on our knees with our Bible. We are studying our history
and our theology and our doctrine. Then, we are practicing it. We are out on the street or in our
heart caring and serving for people in the homes and hospital and young kids and teenagers.
Pete Westera was at Hershey Park today and the team. The amazing volunteers that make this
week happen. It’ amazing.

Okay. Now, Jude 4. That means they can live in sin. They can do what they want. They don’t
have the control. They don’t have the patience. They don’t have the authority in their heart. They
are in our society, it is clear that this happens, and it can happen to us of course. All of us.

Individually, it can happen to you and me. But this is a good word for us. I want you to see
something here.
Jude chapter – there’s only one chapter – but vs. 4. That simple reality of worshipping Christ as
Lord. That amazing testimony of Christ that people detested. There are people that despise
Jesus. There’s a spirit in the world that is against the church, against Christ, against the way we
live, against our attitude. There is a, the world is against Him. It’s spiritual.

So, we earnestly contend for the faith in vs. 3. Do you see it. Earnestly fight for the faith. I think
only by humility, by the word of life, holding forth the word of life. You hear us all the time say the
Word of God, the Word of God. But don’t get familiar with it. It’s not the word of men in 1 Thessalonians
2:13. It is the Word of God. It speaks. It is holding the whole universe together. The atheists
argument is possible, because God is holding his tongue together, his brain together, his
fingers, his hands, his liver, his hearts, even the thoughts of his mind wouldn’t even exist if it
wasn’t for God. God is allowing this world to operate the way it is, and I think you know that.
Now, go to Jude, and I’m going to cut this short.

Notice just a breakdown in this chapter. It’s a very interesting chapter. We should realize that what is happening in our society today, it’s shocking that we’ve lost our common sense. Ridiculous. Absurd. Bizarre. Bizarre things. I don’t
even want to mention them. They are horrible things that are happening in public schools. I
would never send my kid to a public school. I would not do it. I would not do it. I do not believe in
it. More than ever. I used to be more soft on it, but now more than ever. It’s just up to you before
God, but I want to give you my opinion and I did.

Okay. What are we saying? This battle that started in heaven it says in Revelations 12 there was war in
Vietnam, war in Ukraine. I expect war on the earth, but this says war in heaven. Woe! What?
War in heaven. Heaven? There was war in heaven.

Look at – in the order, they came out of Egypt. They died in unbelief, vs. 5. The angels left their
place, kept not their first estate, but they left their own habitation. One theologian said they left
willingly. They wanted to go. One theologian said they left – Jesus said, “I saw Satan fall like
lightning from heaven.” Remember? In Luke 10. How did it happen? We don’t know exactly the
details, but the fact is there was war that we have on earth that actually started in heaven with
these demons that came down cast to the earth. So then we have Sodom and Gomorrah in vs.

Then, there’s a description in vs. 8. We have some detail with Michael the Archangel. I love to
think about angels. I love to think about spiritual warfare. I love to think about the church. I love
to believe that our life is a lot more than what we can see. I love to think that our prayers have
authority. I love to think that we are here in God’s place. I love to think we have value. I’m going
to have to use the hand mic if that keeps happening. I’ll try one more time. Okay. I love to think
about this. It’s amazing. Sodom and Gomorrah. Okay. Alright. I won’t use it right now. That
cracking. I don’t want to preach with that cracking, so I’ll turn this off and put that on if it cracks
one more time!

Okay. Alright. So, now, I don’t know. You and I, we don’t – have you ever been hit over the head
with a two by four? Have you ever suffered real pain? Were you ever in a car crash? Did you
ever fall off the top of a building, a house, or something? Did you ever get really hurt? Did you
ever have a cancer? Did you ever really have a lot of pain somehow?

This is reality. Every part of it, God is saying something. He is saying things to people. And when
the angels fell, he’s saying something. When they came out of Egypt and they died in the
wilderness, he’s saying something. When Sodom and Gomorrah is gone, he’s saying
something. And if you are somebody that is struggling with sin in your life, then you got to be
serious about it. You got to be serious about it. This is wrong. I need God. And I need God in my
life. I need God to be helping me. I need God to fill me with the Spirit. I need God to show me.

I cannot play around. This is for real. There are birds in the tree that are in the church that are
accommodating the sins of man.
There are three names here in the list in vs. 11. What did Cain do? Killed his brother. Why? Why
did he do it? Was he jealous of his brother? Was Cain kind of depressed that his offering was not accepted? Was Cain self-righteous? Was Cain proud? He resented his brother. The Spirit-
filled Christian is going to be resented. Paul said to Timothy, don’t let any man despise your youth. I think I want to say a little more about that. There will be people that despise our
godliness, our liberty, our freedom. They will despise our way of life. They will despise our
prosperity. They’ll despise our wisdom, our friendships. They’ll despise the good things that
happen. It’s part of Cain. Cain is like that. It’s a spirit.

There’s three names here. We have Cain and we have Balaam. Who was Balaam? Who was
Balaam? He was a false prophet. What happened with Balaam? He wanted money. He wanted
money. And the story is very interesting. It’s hard to study it. I challenge you. Number 22 and 23.
You’ll have to read it a few times. God said, Balaam, they’re going to come and ask you to go
with them. Don’t go with them. So, they come. The princes come. They offer him we will take
care of you. We have a five-star hotel. You’re going to get meals paid for. Transportation.
Everything is covered. Plus there’s something more on top for you. Balaam goes to God, God,
can I go with them? God said, yeah. Go with them. Wow. What a story.

I thought you said – I did. I told him not to go, and that’s where it should have ended. I told them
not to go with those people and it should have ended there. That’s the end. He said don’t go
with them. End it. But Balaam can’t end it there, cause he has something not the Holy Spirit. He
has something working in him that is not the Holy Spirit. He’s saying to God, can I go with them?
Yeah, go with them. You know the story. I told you shortly.

What does this mean? The church is to be Spirit-filled. The church is to have a control in our
passion, in our appetites, to deny ourselves. The church has authority. The church has
something more than just us. We are God’s anointing. “Behold how good and how pleasant
when brethren dwell together in unity. There God has commanded a spiritual blessing.” Wow!
Another name. Korah. That’s an intellectual lust. They came out of Egypt, and Korah raised up
250 princes in conspiratorial evil against Moses. Korah’s approach was simple. Moses, you
think you’re the only one? You think you’re the only guy that God’s talking to? You think you’re
the only guy? Look at the mess we’re in.

By the way, 2.5 million people when they are camped out, do you know where it goes? Some of
you are from Belair, Maryland, right? Twenty five miles away. From here to Belair, Maryland.
That’s the size of the camp. And who is living in the camp? Balaam. And what was he teaching?
Fornication and idolatry. Because he couldn’t curse them spiritually, so he cursed them by being
a teacher to tell them to fornicate, and to teach them idolatry. That’s how he wanted the curse to
go on the people.

Where’s Moses? He’s there in the camp, but he cannot cover the whole territory. He has a big
job. At the same time there’s a tree, there’s the birds. At the same time you have the nation of
Israel that came out of Egypt, at the same time you got Balaam and Korah who is contesting
Moses. So, we have that happening.

Why is this written? Because it applies to us. It’s the age we are living in. I don’t mean this to,
you know, I’m just saying the end of the chapter is where we want to go, but I want you to think
about it. I do not care about the world, and what they say about me or what they think we should
teach or what we believe. That’s not our calling. We have set the Lord before our face. We have
found ourselves like Paul said to Timothy, remember the words that went on you. The
prophesying that went on you when you were ordained. And remember there were these two
heretics, Hymenaeus and Philetus. Satan will destroy them. And look at these people. Let’s look
at it.

vs. 12. I had a spot of spaghetti sauce on my shirt. I didn’t notice that spot, but there was a spot
in the feast of charity. Balaam is in the camp. A heretic is in the Bible college. An unbeliever, a
jealous or self-righteous guy, Cain, is looking for his opportunity to slander his brother. Okay.
vs. 12-13. I believe there are seven metaphors in those two verses. They’re empty people. But
they’re going to get power over the denomination or part of it. They’re going to split the
denomination. So, that’s what I was saying. The Methodists got permission. A group of more
conservative Methodists got permission to split off from the denomination. It happens to very
denomination nowadays. Presbyterians, Anglicans. Every one of them. They are splitting off. It’s
just the way it’s going.

So, what do you think about that? Sign of the times, yeah. What do you think about it? Is that
important to you? Cause the greatest thing that can happen in the history of the world is the
salvation of a soul. The greatest thing that can happen is that somebody would be born again.
Do we preach the gospel so that people are born again? Are we thinking of going to unreached
people groups? There’s 7,000 unreached people groups in the world today in many different
parts of the world. Could we have that on our radar and be thinking about going and preaching
the gospel? Yes. But how will it work? It goes down to vs. 20 and we’ll finish.

vs. 20. It’s kind of bad news. Contending for the faith. It’s serious violation of God’s mind. The
arrogance of it. The power of it. The pride of it. It’s powerful. It’s in our society. It’s everywhere.
And the western world is moving away. I don’t know if it will ever – we pray for revival, and
anticipate revival. We’d love to have a revival. Let’s start using this. Hello? We love to have –
the Kentucky revival and Oklahoma and different places. We hear about it. We see it on our
teams, also and in our churches in different places. Real work that God does. I love to read
about it in our newsletters.

So, here we have vs. 20. But you beloved. Could you turn to your neighbor and say that to
them? But you beloved. But you beloved. Hey, hey, how about this one? The world is going in a
bad direction, but you beloved. But you beloved. You have to pay attention to it, cause it’s not
natural. But you beloved. It cost something. It cost some time.

I go to church a lot, okay. Like many of us have for decades. We go to church cause we are
pastors of course, but even before that. We went to church a lot. We go to church as a way of
life. Our relatives couldn’t believe it you would go twice on Sunday. They couldn’t believe it that
you also go on a Wednesday. That you actually were handing out tracts on a Saturday. Have
you lost your mind? Don’t you have any hobbies? What’s happening to you? What’s going on?
But we chose. We learned. We enjoyed. And 50 years later many of us here, 50 years later, we
could say I wonder how many things God has delivered me from. How many traps? How many
doors he closed.

Thank you, Lord. You closed a bad door. That door was closed, and then you
open another door and I end up over there instead of over there. Remember Abraham and Lot.
Lot lifted up his eyes and said I want to go over there. And so, we know what happened with
him. That happened.

We’re not perfect. We stumble along. We fail, but we get up again. But you beloved. But you
beloved. Let’s finish it. vs. 20. So, we have birds in the tree. Fine. They’re there, but they’re not
part of my life. Okay, birds are in the tree. That’s fine. I’m a branch bearing fruit. I got something
going on with God in my heart, right? That’s the way we think about it.

But you beloved, building up yourselves, vs. 20. I think a lot could be said about our self-life in a
good way. What you think about yourself. What you say to yourself. How you find balance in
yourself. Our self-life. We’ll leave it at that. Building up, edifying, not tearing down. Not tearing
down. Just having the Spirit of joy and encouragement. Hang out with a comedian, and he’ll
make you laugh. There are rabbis that I read about. In the Jewish community when there are
marriage problems, they have a guy go over and tell jokes with the husband and the wife.

They have dinner together. The guy just comes over. They just tell jokes, have a good time, and the
marriage is okay. I don’t know about that, but!
Lastly, pray in the Holy Spirit. Pray in the Holy Spirit. You know, I don’t know about you, but I’ve
gotten into formal prayers, mechanical prayers, dead prayers. Dead prayers. Dying prayers.
Prayers that go down through the floor. They don’t go to heaven. They’re complaints. I don’t
think they are Spirit-filled prayers. They can be with tears. There can be in the midst of
depression or a problem, but they are prayed in the Holy Spirit. We have to learn how to pray in
the Holy Spirit. Don’t assume that every prayer you pray is prayed in the Holy Spirit. It wouldn’t
say that if that is the case.

Praying in the Holy Spirit. What do you think about that? Keep yourselves in the love of God. vs. 21-22. That means maybe a bird in the tree I could have compassion on that bird that is in the tree. Maybe I could reach him or her and help them find Christ. vs. 23. Some conversations I do not have with people. I cannot answer a fool according
to his folly all the time, but sometimes we do. Sometimes we don’t. That’s Proverbs 26:4-5.
vs. 24. Let me finish with this. Billy Graham was almost 100 years old when he passed away.
Many of you know about Billy Graham, and have read his biography. He had Chrissy Wilson,
George Beverly Shea. He had another brother. There were three of them. Four together I think.
They worked together as servants of God for like more than 70 years. Amazing. They all lived
into their 90s I believe. They did it. They’re an example.

God protected them. God blessed them. God used them. I do not see why that couldn’t also happen to us. That we couldn’t also live all of our lives with this incredible sense of grace. This great love from God. This great forgiveness
from God. That I could stay in my church. I could pray for the church. I discern it. I recognize it. I
encourage. I pray for the pastor and we live in a dark time. And it’s a challenge to our Christian
faith. But oh, get rooted and grounded in your faith. Really. Get rooted and grounded in it.
What do you think about cross dressing? Have you ever read that in the book of Deuteronomy?
That is wrong. It’s an abomination for a man to dress like a woman and a woman like a man. Do
you know your Bible? Do you know what it says about homosexuality? Do you know what it
means about nakedness and families? A child is not to see his mother or father naked of the
opposite sex. What an incredible teaching we have in our Bible.

And pastor, are you saying? Yeah, I am saying that God has taught us things, and we teach
them to our children and our children’s children. And we get it right. We don’t suffer from our
teaching. Others in our society are getting it wrong and there is much suffering. Trees plucked
up by the roots. No fruit. These have not the Spirit. They are in trouble.

Well, that’s all for tonight. They are in trouble. We are sorry for it. We love them, and I mean it. I
don’t have any sense of any other thing in my heart, but the salvation of a soul, a regenerated
life, a new person born and made in the image of God. Let the others be what they are. That’s
their business. But for us, we are loving, kind people that have a ministry in a world that is
moving away, and we are those that are but you beloved are building up yourselves and praying
and keeping yourselves in the love of God. Amen. Okay. Would you pray with me.


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