Believers blow the whistle on the devil’s lies. Together, they form a family. Not a perfect family, but a different one that knows how to war in order to win enemies. 1 Timothy 1:18; Ephesians 3:20

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Renaldo Brown
Sermon # 11406
6:30 PM on 1/21/2018


P. Schaller

(1 Tim. 1) We are going to have P. Renaldo share the message tonight fresh from Africa. No, fresh from the Lord. We’re so glad you’re back. What a man of faith. Living in Africa, Zambia and them Zimbabwe. Making disciples and training people.

My grandson John John, if you are there reveal yourself! He finished boot camp as a Marine. So he’s a Marine. I made a mistake of saying he is a soldier. He’s not a soldier. Pop, I’m not a soldier. I’m a Marine. I asked him some questions about it. Drill sergeants day and night ordering you, yelling. How much do they yell? He said all the time. You’re to yell back all the time. I’m so proud of him for having gone into it and finishing it. It just started. He goes to North Carolina to the camp there for training and then on for four years. Thanks for your prayers. And all those serving in the military.

We are also serving God in the military. We are in spiritual warfare. Do we have the money slide? This is a true story 1922/1923 they buried the money because one loaf of bread costs 4 German marks. After World War I, it went to one loaf of bread cost 200 trillion marks. It was worthless. Money failed. Money can collapse.

We had a good message this morning about finding the true values in life. With money I can buy a bed but I can’t buy sleep. I can buy books, but I can’t buy brains. I can buy food but not an appetite. When Jesus came into the world, he gave us what we really need. This is the Holy Spirit being our teacher and teaching us. We have found wealth. This wealth produces wealth. An open heart, open mind, Spirit taught, learning faith and being equipped in life.

Last week’s message was great too. It was about work. Next Sunday is about recreation and using my time. Work, wealth and a good name is better than gold. Our character and the wealth that doesn’t diminish but it increases because we have Christ and the WOG, the great treasure of these thoughts and decisions we make in our hearts that changes our lives.

How many lead someone to the Lord in the last week? We had one brother led 130 people to the Lord. That was Jack at the fairgrounds with the beads. Yet one soul how beautiful and powerful it is. We are born again. We are gathered and fitly framed.

The tickets there in Warsaw are not that expensive. It’s still possible if you want to go. Jen will guide you through it with Pirjo if you have questions after the service.

1 Tim 1:18, Paul has a son. I want to have spiritual sons. I ask you to go to Bible college if you can. I want you to go not out of convenience but as a principle of warfare. I want you to go and get some training. Even the mornings Thursdays and Fridays with P. Love. I want you to do warfare because this is an issue of importance to us.

vs. 18. Prophecies are words, words of faith. They come on us. Words of faith and love. Bible words, doctrines. One night I’d like to play the sermon Throne Words by Dr. Stevens from years ago. We’ll sit here and listen to it. That’s a Bible message. When you go to Bible college, you also have relationships with people. That’s an important part of our growth and being built up. Also having faith vision and forming teams. Times of encouragement.

By these words we might war a good warfare. The only good warfare I know of is this one. I don’t like the warfare of steel and blood and money and the warfare of military expeditions and so on. They are necessary at times for sure but they are so costly. The warfare we are warring is a very good one. A very good purpose. Our commander, God, and results, souls, and binding the devil and limiting his work. Not by money but by faith. By showing up and being available and listening and walking in faith. By these words we war a good warfare. Denying myself.

John John, did you have to deny yourself? Yes, we had to wear the same clothes for the week. If we did something wrong, we had to do pushups in the sand pit. Go to bed and put the same clothes on. When marching, you can’t stop and urinate. You have to hold it or do it in your paints. You put the same clothes on. You live one week with the clothes on. He said we had to go three miles crawling on our face low as we could because of the obstacle course.

In words of Paul, we had to endure hardship and deny ourselves. We had to sacrifice ourselves. I had to say no to something to gain something more. I see God. I’m not going to do that sinful thing. I want to follow God. God is my commander and he has a plan for me. We are in warfare. Ladies and gentlemen we are soldiers. We have something going on. I got to dream about it, believe in it. I have to embrace it. I have to pay a price to get it. I have to believe our life means something on planet earth. We know so little about what our faith means but one day we will see him and be like him. We have not yet comprehended what we are a part of. It is an honor. We are different. I can be different now and be able to live a different life later. We are different. We are in warfare and that is how we live. This is our campground. We have J.C. and the H.S. leading us, this Book directing us, this mission we are a part of. Maybe some of can only have a blanket with hot tea and say our prayers. We take the prayer letters. We are in the warfare and part of the plan. We are praying for our sisters and brothers in other parts of the world.

P. Lange and I used to talk about time. He said he was a kid and shooting his BB gun everywhere and then could hear them rolling around in the can. I don’t have many left. I have to be careful what I’m shooting at. For some of us, we hear the BB’s rolling around in the bottom of the can. We have only so many days left in our warfare. We went to Bible college and didn’t have money for rent but God provided. We didn’t know what diploma we would get. I asked, how long is the school for? Dr. Lewis said I’ll get back to you. The disciples followed Jesus for three years. Three years! That’s how organized we were! We’re going into so many places teaching people the same kind of faith.

This is not about our flesh and blood and skills and abilities. It’s about J.C. being the commander of an army. It’s kind of goofy in one way because we are fools to the world but we are doing something affects the lives of children and teens, etc. I’m amazed sometimes intellectual people love to listen to us. People come and listen to a message and say I have to come back. Doctors and engineers and they go it makes sense to me. It’s resonating in my heart. I’m so encouraged in our country. Many are turning to Christ. God is anointing with a fresh anointing. Ravi Zacharias, Franklin Graham, David Jeremiah – all these men I look up to and respect. God, turn people to yourself.

We are whistle blowers for the devil’s lies. We blow the whistle on him and say liar. You’re a dam liar. I mean that quite literally. People have no shame. Their sex life. You aren’t guilty. You have no shame. They have shame because it doesn’t fit. You are a liar. Sin produces shame. God designed them that way. They have shame because the Savior came to take the shame away. You can talk all day long about how it doesn’t exist. It exists and we are blowing the whistle on you. We try to pretend but it’s an empty party, it’s shallow, – not Schaller! – shallow, empty, filthy, demonic lie. We are the whistle blowers. We are doing warfare against the devil and his lies. You got to get it in you to believe it and embrace it. Wine is a mocker. Ha, ha, ha. How do they say it? Mocking. Your mother wears army boots. Wine is a mocker. It’s a lie. It’s a lie. Don’t ever get around me with it. Don’t ever try to convince me anything about it. I know the subject inside and out. It is a mocker. Ask Abraham Lincoln in a time when alcohol was everywhere. He never drank. Neither did Robert E. Lee or Donald Trump or anyone who does something worthwhile in their life. I’m a whistle blower. You are a liar. The Spirit filled life is everything. I don’t care if you like Donald Trump or not. You pray for him. You get some guts in your soul and mind about what you believe. We have to endure hardship as a good soldier. We are in warfare and the devil is against our meetings, the book, and everyone in the room. Let’s break their bands, attack the pastor, go after their mission, and make them look like fools. We are blowing the whistle on you because you are lying fiend and attacker day and night. Accusing the brethren day and night.

We are trained as spiritual Marines in a calling where God has prepared us for warfare and we are not fooling around.


P. Renaldo Brown

Shall we just close? That was great.

Eph 3:14. How many of you came into Greater Grace through a branch ministry. That is half the room. So many churches but one church. So many families in this room but one family. We like to say in S. Africa we are one church and one family. It’s true. Nothing like family. It hit me here. There’s nothing like it. The difference between family and friends is choice. Friends are the family you choose. But the church is the family God chooses for you. That’s what we are. This is the family God has chosen for you. As mean as ugly as we can be, we are the family God has chosen for you. Don’t blame the person to your left or right how they look. Blame God! He didn’t just make them; he gave them.

Eph 3 Paul is addressing family. He is not teaching God is the spiritual father of the planet. He is not. He is not teaching universal fatherhood. God is not the father of everyone. He is not teaching universal brotherhood. We are not all brothers and sisters in the world. It’s social but not biblical.

The Scriptures point out there are two spiritual fathers Jn 8:28-29, Jn 8:44. God the spiritual father and Satan is a spiritual father.

1 Jn 3:10 two spiritual families. Two spiritual fathers and two spiritual families. Paul is showing in Ephesians 3 there is a difference. Regardless of where you are, you fit into one of those two spiritual families. One of those spiritual fathers is your father, every person on earth. Paul is reminding the Ephesian’s church what family they belong to.

There is a difference about us that is spiritual and a difference among us that is spiritual. He is saying to the Ephesian church, see the difference. In your relationship with the world in James 4:4 and Jn 17, 1 Jn 2:15-16, there is a difference. We are not better from the world. We are different. The reason there is a warfare is because we are different. The reason why we should war a good warfare is because there is a difference. We are not them and they are not us. We used to be them and they could be us. We war a good warfare because there is a difference And they know it and we know it.

Col 1:13 it is a kingdom issue. Look to your left and to your right. We are different. There is a difference and I have to see the difference and know it before I will ever be used by God to make a difference. You read the Scripture and see our brothers and sisters in Christ in the Bible are different. Paul, the murderer; Jacob, the conman; Noah, the drunk; Moses with a bad temper; insecure Gideon; Abigail marries a useless man and Job pretty much marries a useless woman. All different. Miriam was a racist and a gossip. This is our family! All different!

God didn’t put the difference among us to divide us. 1 Cor 12:25-27. He put the difference among us to develop us.

1 Cor. 12:3-6, Prov. 27:17. He put the difference to develop us. Quite literally the iron sharpening the iron. Your difference is not a detriment to the body. It’s a benefit to the body. Part of boot camp is you’re in a fox hole with another guy and his difference and your difference rub against each other. But in the unity of what you’re in, you are both to sharpen.

We have been uniquely assembled together by God in Col. 1:13.

We’ve been uniquely gifted in 1 Cor 12:11. We’ve been uniquely called by God but it’s together. And there’s a difference and this difference is what helps us to make and war a good warfare. It is our difference that is our strength. Satan looks at the differences within the body of Christ and says it’s a disadvantage. If you focus on just the visual of the difference you will find difficulty. I got a problem with your difference. You got a problem with my difference. But God says the very thing you see a problem is profitable for you. Among us the difference that we have makes us different in the world. There is no other organizational group that brings people together like this in the world, in a church. There’s nothing like the church. You could not assemble a company or social group as diverse as the church and be successful. You wouldn’t last. You wouldn’t survive. You wouldn’t get along. How do we survive? How do we tolerate each other? Without God we wouldn’t survive. We would be at each other’s throats.

We love differently in 1 Cor. 13:7. We talk differently in Eph. 2:9. We see differently in Heb 12:2. We believe differently in 2 Cor. 4:13. We give differently in 2 Cor 9:9. Everything we do is different.

If we live our life in God, just by living our life with God, we are different everywhere we go. We’re different in our marriages. We’re different in our families. We’re different in our work place. We are different because of who we are with God not because we try to be different. Sometimes we forget which spiritual father we have. We know Christ has given us a spiritual Father in God the Father but in our experience, sometimes we tap into the other life.

Luke 9:55 we have the wrong spirit. People didn’t want to receive God and the disciples wanted to call down fire and burn them. We’re different. We don’t solve our problems with fire. We don’t burn our enemies. We’re different. Warring a good warfare is not crushing our enemies. Warring a good warfare is winning our enemies. That’s why we’re different. We don’t have to defeat the devil. He’s already defeated. He’s not even our enemy truthfully. That’s not even the target of our warfare. Why do I need to beat who God has already beaten or win a war that has already been won? I’m the person on the other side of the fence that I call enemy, I’m trying to win that person. I’m not trying to finish that person. That’s why we war a different warfare.

Our weapons of warfare are not carnal, 2 Cor 10:4. They are mighty through the pulling own of strongholds. We have a different warfare.

There’s a story about a 14th century monk sitting by a lake and meditating and thinking about life. A leaf floats by and there is a scorpion on it. It turned upside down trying to right itself. He reaches in to the brook and tries to turn the scorpion over and it stings him. He reaches over again and it stings him. He reaches over again; it stings him. A younger man walks by and says you’re a fool. Why would you waste your time trying to save such an ugly mean creature? The monk said this, the scorpion’s spirit to sting is not greater than my spirit to save.

We’re the difference. There might be someone to the left and to the right of you who has been stinging you all week. Maybe on this platform. I don’t know! And every time you reach out, (he made a noise). But because we’re different, we reach out for the 4th time, the 8th time, and the tenth time because we’re different. We win differently. God didn’t just give us a victory, he gave us a different victory. We don’t just war a warfare. We war his warfare and it’s different. Seeing the difference among us strengthens us. It doesn’t divide us. It develops us. It makes us stronger. When we see the difference we can start to be the difference in the house of God. Before I’m a difference in the street, I got to be a difference in the house. Who I am in the house is who I will be in the street. Making God’s House my House is our theme this year in Zimbabwe. Only when God’s house is my house will my house become God’s house. I don’t learn how to make my house God’s house in my house. I have to learn that lesson in here. It’s interesting in the Jewish home that their entire life revolved around the church. Every day they were at the tabernacle. It was the center of their life. It was the number one place they visited their whole life. Every day they were constantly at the tabernacle, at church.

Heb 10:25 The writer of Hebrews encourages us to continue that mindset.

As I grow with God, this is my family that God has chosen for me. This is where I learn that life is different. How do I learn that I am different? I learn it here. My fun is different and I learn it here. My joy is different and I learn it here. My perspective is different and I learn it here. And when I learn the difference that is here. God’s house becomes my house and then I incubate that home. I import that home. Then my home is different because God’s house is different to me. If I’m familiar with God and his house, then I’m familiar with God in my house. It starts here.

We are the family of God and this is where we learn how to walk differently.

There is a sociologist named Stangster. And she was touring some homes of orphan children just to see what was going to happen about funding. She found a little boy who was crippled. Small, small boy. Evidently he’d been knocked by a car and the injury healed improperly. So the boy was limping around with a semi-half broken leg. It didn’t set right. She looked at him and she asked the parents what happened. They had no money for the treatment. So she raised the money to get him corrective surgery. Two years later he comes to her office jumping and laughing and celebrating. She said it was the greatest day of her life. She said if I did nothing in my life, I made a difference in the young boy’s life. And then Mrs. Stangster said to the audience, do you know what that little boy became? They said a lawyer, a doctor. She said, no. He went to prison for murder. I taught him how to walk but there was no one in his life to teach him where to walk.

This is the place where I learn where to walk differently. This is the place I learn to war a good warfare spiritually. We are God’s people. This is his house. This is where we learn to be different. Let’s learn to be the difference.


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