The Blood of Christ is enough to make us free from death. He won our salvation. Christ, the last Adam, manifested the righteousness that the first Adam could not. Imputation of righteousness by grace brings us into obedience from a new heart. Romans 3:10-25; Romans 5:6-10; Romans 8:1-10, 30-39.

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller, Steve Andrulonis

Sermon 12398
11:00 AM on 10/30/2022

P. Schaller –

Alright, so turn to Romans 8. What an awesome worship service. Christ is at the center of our lives. Rom. 8 is the
text. We’re going to speak about the finished work this morning and teach that.
Just for a minute I want you to look at – we had a flea market yesterday. We had a lot of people
out here. Trunk or Treat. I bought this new shirt at the flea market. Brand new, too. How does it
look? Okay, Okay. Okay. Let’s move on. Hey, Romans 8:6, I would draw that this way. My life and I
am at the center of my life so I am carnally minded. My focus is on my advantage. My sin nature
is running my life, and it’s directly or indirectly about me. That’s what it is to be carnally

Because you are born again, you have a new life and a different way. You actually put Christ at
the center. I’ll put the cross there at the center. You worship him as God and you put God in
your life in a high priority and he is everything. He is worshipped as God. The result is you do
that but you are not at the center. And yet actually God honors you and puts you with himself
at the center. Like a new way, a new mind. We have a new mind. Look at vs. 6. Could you say
that out loud with me? One more time.

Randy and I went on visitation yesterday and we went to visit two new people in the church.
Can you see it? (Picture of two Halloween skeletons). But we were late! Yeah, we were late
visiting them. They’re gone. Their bones are there. To be carnally minded is death and have you
noticed how Halloween is about death? Graveyards. Bones hanging in the tree. Spirits and so
on. But to be spiritually minded is life and peace, right? That’s what we’re going to speak about
this morning. Okay. Welcome P. Steve.

P. Steve Andrulonis –

(Announcements). Pastor talked about bones. It’s like driving my
grandson here this morning we tried to get him distracted from looking at all of the skeletons
hanging in the trees. It’s kind of an interesting thing but this is the way of the devil to take
something – because we know that November 1 st is actually All Saints Day. All Hallows Eve. The
night before we celebrate all the holy people that don’t have name days. There are name days
for saints. Supposedly through the history they were given name days to celebrate different
saints obviously. You know about that if you’ve been from that background. November 1 st has
always been All Saints Day. We are all saints of God because he has made us born again. We’ll
hear it this morning. We heard it at the 9:00. Nothing can separate us from the love of God in
Christ. We are all saints and we were predestined to be that. All of those are big words and they
mean something about our identity.

There’s not a lot of mercy in the world. I don’t know if you knew that. Have you realized that?
Now, I learned a lot of things from Billy Graham. One of the great things Billy Graham taught
me in one of his books was that before he approaches the Bible, he goes to the Psalms. And I
made a habit of reading out loud one of these passages of Psalm 119. It’s like 22 little eight verse segments connected to the Hebrew alphabet. The one that I read I think it was yesterday,
Gimel, which is the third one, vs. 17-18. I don’t want to look in the trees and see the bones. I
want to look at the Word of God and have God open my eyes to wondrous things that are in his
law, in his Word.

This really – I am a sojourner it says in vs. 19. I’m a stranger to this place on the earth. God has
given me something to guide me. It’s his commandments. If I get to that first commandment
again I keep coming back to that in my life. If I have God as who he is the only true God, if I
believe he is one and there is no other like him, then everything is different for me. I’m a
stranger in this planet. I don’t get consumed with things. My soul gets consumed with
something good, longing for your rules and then I don’t get – at the end here it says something
about taking away scorn and contempt. Thinking about the testimonies, the work of God, vs.
22. Takes away the scorn and the contempt.

There’s not a lot of mercy in the world. There isn’t a lot of mercy in the world, but as you’re
driving along and as you approach people’s doors and you see these bare bone kind of images,
you can always go to Ezek. 37, the valley of dry bones. And we know if we let the Word of God
and his testimonies speak to us, we become, something happens there. Those bones are made

And the other thing you should know that October 31 st date is also the day that the
Reformation began in 1517. Someone, a man, a righteous man, a man led by God, Martin
Luther, saw the bones of what dry religion had done to his nation and he tacked a series of
protests on a door in Wittenberg, Germany. You can go there. I’ve been there. It’s amazing. He
tacked those things on the door there to announce that this is not the way.

The way is to find the wondrous things in the law of God. To see the mercy and grace that
causes us to rise up from our dryness. It’s the Word that does it. The Word is quick. The Word is
powerful. If you read through Ezekiel 37, you see there is a mighty, vast army. Maybe that’s the
way to look at the next couple of days as you see all of this and it grieves you. You see so many
things that are ghoulish hanging from all variety of places in your neighborhood. Just think
about God speaking to a valley of dry bones and don’t let yourself get dry. Let the Word of God
open itself to you and think about his commandments. Cause eventually, eventually, the
commandments of God will be the rule for all life. We would want it tomorrow. We would want
it every day, but it can be in our own hearts and our own minds right now.

Okay. With that in mind, let’s give. Let’s just think about giving and giving unto the Lord and
realize that there’s a verse in Psalm 22 that I may tell all my bones. Jesus knows everyone of us
right down to the pinky bone, right down to the little bone that is in your little toe right there
that actually if you catch it on the corner of a table, it can be very painful for about a week or

so. Anyway, just think about that. Think about that as you give that Jesus knows who you are
and he has a perfect plan for this world that he has made according to his mercy. (Prayer).

P. Schaller –

Okay. Great. Thank you. I have a request. I have a request before you sit down. If
you are new in this church in the last year, just stay standing so we can acknowledge you for a
second. New in the last year. Just stay standing and look around the room. Richard. The
brothers in the back. This family. Thank you. Andrew. Great. Thank you so much. Great to have
you. Kevin. Kevin, right? Michael. Okay. Michael. There we go. Here we go. Okay. Very good.
Very good. Alright. Thank you. And Daniel Miller, thank you for your work and effort with
Gabriel Network and the ladies here. I think there are 13 ladies that are counselors for women
that are pregnant and going forward with delivering the baby and all of that good stuff, that
good work that is going on. We appreciate it very much and love to hear about it.

Romans 3, I’d like you to turn there. Remember to vote on Tuesday, November 8 th . It’s very
important. We cannot be asleep at this time in our country. We are citizens of heaven and the
United States of America. If you are, we are citizens of two places. Remember Matthew 22:21,
“render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.” Let’s go through a list of things. What does Caesar get?
What do we render unto Caesar? Honor. Obedience. We pay taxes and we pray for our leaders.
There’s four things.

I want to add another one. We vote. We are citizens. We can make things happen. We can
make decisions. We should study the issues. Wednesday night was a barn burning message
about voting and being a good citizen. The day after voting, we are like lambs. Obedient. And
we honor the process and we are praying for our government and our country. It’s a great
country. Wow. And you and I are people that need to be active in it. All you have to do for evil
to prevail is just for good people to do nothing. They will walk over you. They will take away
from you. That’s the nature of man. We have it in history. We are semi-historians. We are
people that understand the way that life goes and most of all knowing our Bible. Let’s be
engaged, amen. Let’s pray.

Do you want marijuana legalized? I don’t. I was addicted to it at one time in my life. It’s a bad
drug. I don’t want it legalized. I don’t want kids going into a store or anybody going in and
buying it and being involved with that. I don’t want it to happen. So, I got to vote. I got to
express myself. So, if you go to the website and listen to Wednesday’s message, you’ll either
love me or hate me. That’s your call. God bless you. I’m glad you’re here. We are learning love.
Let’s study it today for a few moments.

Look at Rom. 3 and we have from verses 10-18 the condition of man. The first Adam. How many
people are there in the universe? How many people? How many different kinds of people are in
the universe? I really don’t know the answer in one way. I do know that there are two
categories. We have the first Adam and we have the last Adam. Who are they?

The first Adam is Adam in the Garden of Eden who sinned. First Adam. That’s us. We all have this sin nature. It’s
in our DNA in our bodies. We have a sin nature. All of us. Turn to your neighbor and just say, are
you a sinner? Huh? Are you a sinner? If your neighbor said, no I’m not, then I’m very glad they
are here cause maybe that will change. I don’t know.

First Adam. Who’s the last Adam? Christ Jesus. He lived here as a man, a mortal man with a
mortal body but made like us but he was God without sin. A man without sin, died on the cross,
took our sins on his body, was judged by his Father. It was so severe that Jesus who was
obedient all his life prayed, Father, if it is possibly take this cup away from me. It was more, it
was shockingly, incredibly, profoundly devastating to Christ to take our sins on his body. And he
felt it. He understand it. He embraced it. He obeyed his Father. But knowing with God all things
are possible he did say the prayer, if you could do it, take it away from me. But he didn’t. He
suffered for us on the cross, was raised from the dead, eternally a man, eternally God of course
on our behalf. He saved us.

Because we are in Romans 3:10-18, an incredible description of how anti-God we are. We are
believing in God in our terms, but we are not seeking him, not pursuing him, not understanding
him, not knowing him.

If you were to go through the verses in chapter 3:10, we read there’s none righteous. Vs. 10-12.
This list is so descriptive about us as sinners. Vs. 19. That’s the purpose of the law that we
would all, we would all say in our mind and heart, I am a righteous man. I am a good man. And
then the law came that my mouth would be stopped. I cannot say that. I cannot say that I keep
the law.

There are those laws that are there and Jesus said, you have heard that it was said in old time a
man should not commit adultery, but I say unto you. He’s defining it clearly, more clearly. If a
man looks at a woman with lust then he’s guilty of adultery. My mouth is stopped. I cannot say I
am a righteous man. If I hate someone, want revenge, if I am jealous, if I speak badly about
people. This should be clear to all of us. If we break the law in one point, we are guilty of all of
it. So, therefore, how could we ever be saved?

Vs. 20. I want to write the word here that should be very much in our vocabulary, “justified.” I’ll
put here one hundred percent righteous, perfect. Like Christ. One hundred percent obedient.
One hundred percent right on with God. Christ. But by the law that can’t happen. No flesh can
be justified by the law. Instead, the law brought out of us our rebellion, our weirdness, our kind
of idiosyncrasies, our awkwardness regarding righteousness, our self-righteousness, our pride.
By the law is the knowledge of sin in vs. 20.

This is written so we would understand that pagans, Gentiles, meaning Gentiles are educated
pagans like Socrates, Plato. Educated pagans. Then you have the pagans worshipping little animals and creeping things. You have the educated pagans like the philosophers and then you
have the Jews that have the Bible. They have the law. But all of them are sinners, not righteous.
Cannot fulfill the law but by the law is the knowledge of sin. Vs. 21. That needs to be explained.
Righteousness of God without the law. Let’s draw a person here to slow down a little bit. Here’s
Christ and in his heart, he's obedient 100% of the time, all the time. He is righteous. He is clean.
He is not a sinner. How could you be righteous if you are a sinner.

How? By keeping the law? You cannot keep the law. It doesn’t work. I’m not obedient to the law. It’s in my heart in a form. I understand good and bad to some degree but the righteousness of God, what God is looking
for is obedience from the heart. A heart. Something that must be given to us. This heart, this
new heart is promised to us, Ezekiel 36:26. It’s a gift. New life. Born again. Born of God. The grace
of God. For when we were without strength, Christ died for us.

There’s three verses. It’s Romans 5:6. It’s easy to remember. Without strength. More serious in vs.
8. We were sinners. And then vs. 10, we are enemies of God when we were enemies of God. I
was never an enemy. Yes, you are. You are an enemy of God. The first Adam. No, I must be the
better version of the first Adam. Yeah, perhaps you are but it’s kind of like saying when a man
drowns and he dies in the ocean, is he anymore dead than if he drowns in the bathtub? You
could drown in the ocean and your body goes deeper, but you are still as dead as a man who is
in the bathtub and drowns.

When a man is a sinner, he may be a good sinner, a good man, but in his nature he’s an enemy
of God. He does not seek him, understand him, know him. If he was face to face with God, he
does not recognize him. It must be the grace of God given to us to draw us to God as a sinner.
But here’s the key. When we were without strength, when we were sinners, and when we were
enemies, he died for us. So that we would have righteousness imputed to us legally. That God
would declare unilaterally, God would decide. God has decided. God has decided by his own
grace to save you when you were without God. To save you. To love you with a love that never
ends. An everlasting love. To give you grace that we don’t deserve and to save us when we
were without strength, when we were sinners, and when we were enemies of God.

Let me draw it this way. When I buy a car, there’s a guy I’m buying the car from over here. We
settle on a price. He gives a price and I gave a counter and then he does a counter maybe and
then we somehow agree. This is like a compromise, an agreement. Reconciling two people. Two
people coming together making an agreement. When you get saved, you’re salvation is nothing
like this. Your salvation is not making an agreement with God. God cannot deal with you and I
as his enemies. Without any interest, without any understanding, not knowing. We have no
means. It must be – he must come all the way. God comes all the way to us. Worst case. Saves
us by his grace and brings us to him, to God.

There’s a word for that in the Greek. It’s reconciled but it's not by process of negotiation. It’s
unilateral. God does it all. When Jesus said it is finished, nobody helped him. It was all about
him and the Father. Where were you when he was crucified? You were crying out, crucify him!
Or you were running away or you were denying him. So was I. The first Adam cannot save. He
has no way to be in the process for this great gift that God decided in himself by his wisdom he
saved us. He decided we are accepted in the beloved and this is to the glory of his grace that he
did that. That means God saved me. God did it.

How did you get saved? God did it. Are you sure you are saved? Sure. I’m saved because the
grace of God, not me. By the way, I don’t keep it by my good works as if there is a condition
here that if you get saved, you better perform. You better behave. You better get it right or else
you’re not saved. We think differently about that. We think more like this. If you are a child of
God, you’ve been foreknown, predestinated, called, justified, and glorified. Already done. What
could separate me from his love? If when I was an enemy I was reconciled, much more being
reconciled he’s able to keep me. Keep me. He will not forsake you, Hebrew 13:5. How can he
forsake you? How can he leave you?

Psalm 139, if I make my bed in hell. Hey, that’s a good question to ask the congregation. Have
any of you ever made your bed in hell? You turn to your neighbor and make your confession.
Have you? I have. I made my bed in hell. I woke up in hell. What does the psalm say? The
psalmist said even there your right hand will lead me. Even there. For there’s nothing on earth
that can separate us from his love. Nothing by death, height, depth, creatures, nothing past,
present, future. Nothing can separate us. We are more than conquerors.

What is a conqueror? A conqueror is a man who has won a battle. What is more than a
conqueror? He’s a man that has won a battle and can never be defeated. More than a
conqueror. That means we are winners. More than a winner. A winner that can never lose. How
can that be? God. Isn’t it? For God so loved us that he gave his only Son. And believe me the gift
that the Son of God gave to us is unspeakable, full of glory. Riches that are unspeakable, 2 Corinthians
9:15 is it? Unsearchable riches, Ephesians 3. What can we say about those things? Flip the page to
8:31. What shall we then say to these things? Look at it. What shall we say to these things?
Now listen. If you are carnally minded and we can be that as believers, it’s not fun.

Carnally minded is when my world is always revolving around me. It is death just like the bones up there
on the porch. It’s death. It’s carnally minded. Carnally minded. But what if I seek the things that
I can’t see like what we are talking about now? I can’t see them like material things.
What if I seek the high things? Seek the things that are above to escape hell below, Proverbs 15:26.
“There’s a way that seems right to a man.” Do you know the way that seems right to a man is
the things that you see. I’m always occupied with the things that I see. But what if I become like
a blind servant and I don’t look at the things that you can see, but I look at the things that you cannot see.

That’s actually written, isn’t it? 2 Corinthians 4:18. We look not at the things that are seen
but at the things that are not seen. What do you mean? God. I can’t see him but I look to him,
Psalm 27:4. We are looking. Seek my face, vs.7. thy face Lord I will seek.

Remember Jesus prayed on the mount. As he prayed, he turned like white and was radiant.
What kind of prayer was that? That was a prayer to the God that you can’t see, and maybe God
is telling us something. That you really want change in life? You want peace in your heart? You
really want Christ dwelling in your heart? You really want love in your heart? And not a human
love but God’s love? Then let us seek him and believe him and let us get occupied with the
things that really matter. The weightier matters of the law. The deeper things. The things that
are filled with grace and truth. Okay.

Go back to Rom.3 and we’ll finish this text here in vs. 21. That means that Jesus came and
manifested. The law and the prophets spoke about Jesus’ coming. Jesus came and he showed
us righteousness. It was not by law. It was by his persona. It was by Jesus Christ being revealed
in the world that we saw grace and truth through him. The law came by Moses, but the law also
told us another was coming in Deuteronomy 17 and 18. Somebody else is coming. Another one like Moses
but he wouldn’t be Moses. He would be more. He was the Son of God. Hebrews 1:1 teaches us that.
Grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.

So, when we watch him. We’re fascinated. What is he going to say? How much compassion. By
the way, the emotion that was most commonly expressed by Christ it was the emotion of
compassion. Compassion. Nine times in the gospels. He had compassion. He had compassion.
Grace and truth came by him. We touch God when we see him. Watch him. Study him. He is
righteous. He is righteous. He is the Son of God the centurion said at the crucifixion. They saw.
They knew. They wrote about it in the gospels. They saw. They knew. This is Christ, the Son of

Vs. 22. This is something the Jewish scribes and Pharisees they couldn’t comprehend this. And
to this day, they don’t see it. But we have found that this is a strange thing. Not by the keeping
of the law but by faith we have found righteousness. See this. This means a lot. How do you
become righteous? By faith in Christ. What? Yes. I’m a sinner. Yes, God knows you are a sinner.
Faith in Christ and he says you are righteous. How could that be? It’s God’s wisdom. God said it.
Salvation is by faith. That’s how you become righteous.

Righteousness has two elements to it. One is legal. It is imputed. And the second is it is
imparted. Let me explain it. Maybe legally someone put a lot of money in your bank account.
Wouldn’t that be great? Suddenly, $10,000 shows up in your bank account and it’s yours.
Legally given to you. You go about your days and everything and you get a notice through the
mail about your bank account and you are shocked. You have this money in your account. It’s
yours. You didn’t know it but it’s yours. That money is yours. That’s called legal imputation.

That’s what happened when you got saved. God said you are righteous like my Son. It’s a gift.
It’s yours. But I haven’t experienced it or I didn’t know about it. And then I went to the church
or I read my Bible. I open it up and I read it and I began to understand I am righteous. I am as
righteous as Christ. No, you’re not. Yes, I am. It’s imputed to me. I am as righteous as Christ. No,
you don’t know my life. You can’t believe how worried and nervous and unbelieving and fearful
I am as a person. I know. That’s not the discussion. The point is that you are legally righteous as
Christ. That’s why if you were to die, right away, the day you die, you’d be gone and you’d go to
heaven because you are as righteous as Christ is. Amazing.

This truth needs to be understood by us because so much of our living is based on our living
naturally and carnally minded. We have a lot of feelings and ideas and opinions and experiences
and so on. Okay.

Imputed righteousness. Important word. Very much so. Now comes this reality. Do you think
when you are filled with the Holy Spirit that you are experiencing the righteousness of God?
When you are filled with the Spirit, are you actually living in imparted righteousness? You’re
experiencing the nature of Christ. Christ is in you. You are experiencing his nature. Yes, that’s
when we are filled with the Spirit and we are actually experiencing, touching the righteousness
of God. The nature of God. The Holy God. Holy God sent Holy Spirit into us. And that Holy Spirit
is righteous. It’s imparted to us.

We go I don’t know. That’s just amazing how I am right now. I’m at peace. For to be spiritually
minded is life and peace. Life. God’s life. I am the way, the truth, the life. We have life and then
we have life. We have the color green and then we have really green, green. We enjoy the ice
cream. The ice cream is awesome and then that’s good ice cream! My child is precious and oh,
my child! You see what I mean?

This righteousness of God that is imparted to you is actually life and peace. It’s not by nature.
It’s imparted. It’s given to us to live this way. We have a new life to live. How did it happen? By
the new birth. By God deciding in his mind. Let’s read the text.

Vs. 23. That means the first Adam. Vs. 234 that means we are made righteous freely by his
grace. Vs. 25. Word “propitiation” means that God is satisfied. Jesus’ blood satisfied God the
Father so God would say that we are righteous cause he’s satisfied. He’s at peace with this. The
Son shed the blood and the Father says that satisfies me. I’m at peace with this sacrifice so that
I can impute righteousness to sinful people. And we are there saying, praise God! That’s
amazing. Thank you, God.

Is it true? I don’t feel like it. Is it true? And Jesus says over and over through these amazing
letters, these epistles it is true. We were dead but now we are made alive. We were lost but
now we are found. We are seated in Baltimore but now we are seated in heavenly places while we sit in Baltimore. We were without love, without God. We were estranged. We were lost. We
were orphans without a father but now God has made a covenant with himself regarding us.
We are accepted in the beloved. God is our Father. We’re indwelt by the Spirit. We’re sealed by
God. We are members of his Body.

One day we will be the bride of Christ. We are on our way to heaven. There is nothing that can
stop it. We are secure. Nothing can separate us from this amazing work that he did on the cross
and it all hinges on that person on the cross.

When he said it is finished, nobody helped him. He did it all. All of it. You are safe and secure in
the arms of our Heavenly Father. And all we did was believe. We believed. It’s a mystery. We
believed and that was enough. No law. No works. We believed. We are imputed righteousness.
Wow! That’s amazing.

Sometimes – I want to finish – I think of a Jewish family in Egypt. They put the blood on the door
for the first born not to die. Remember the story in Egypt. The mother is there. The baby is in
the crib. And the blood is on the door and the mother is walking back and forth all night hoping
that her child will live through the night. The death angel flies over the house, sees the blood.
There is no death in that house. No death. But the woman is nervous and worried. But the baby
is alive.

We may be nervous and worried, but God wants you to know that his blood is enough to take
care of you. You are okay. You are more than okay. You are righteous. God wants you to know
don’t worry. It’s done. When Jesus said, “it is finished,” he means it is finished. Nothing left to
do. It’s done. Over. Finished. You are righteous by his grace.

Let us therefore enjoy the power of the blood. Take a nap. Sleep through the night. Kiss your
baby good night and be sure that you’re going to see him in the morning to use the analogy. It’s
a great thing to live with a spiritual mind. Spiritually minded people have life and peace.
Carnally minded people have death. What is it? Carnally minded are? Is it death? It’s death. Yes,
vs. 6. Okay. Amen. Would you pray with me? (Prayer).


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