Proverbs speaks of the rooms that are inside of us. We need to fill these rooms with the things of truth for our details of life. Doctrine directs us so that we shall not get carried off by flattery from strange people and dreamers who lie. (Proverbs 6:20-25; Jeremiah 23:22-32; Proverbs 24:3)

Wisdom to Furnish Our Souls

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon  11767
6:30 PM on 10/13/2019






P. Schaller – Praise the Lord. All those words I’m just thinking of. Categorical thoughts related to the words. Such a joy to think about it. Categories in our soul. The teaching makes it come in rooms in our soul. We
have rooms in our soul and what’s in that room? (He said it 3 times). Knock on a cellar room.
What is here? A good conscience. I am here. Isn’t that beautiful. We’ll speak about it a little

Six guys yesterday we took our bikes to Washington D.C. and rode our bikes around
Lincoln Memorial and the capitol building. We handed out tracts to German people, Chinese,
Brazilians. Isn’t it amazing wherever you go, you have a message. It’s beautiful. We bought a
van, a new van. Anyone give me an answer to that? Who said yes? Where is it right now? It’s in
the parking lot. Is it the big brown one at the end? It’s white. Who owns the brown one?

The good news is we have a new van and second thing is we are buying a new bus. I’m excited
about it. A nice bus, a new bus. Praise the Lord. Give in the offering tonight. Because we bought
a new van and we’re buying a new bus! We need a new bus. It’s going to be awesome. This
morning people were in Ownings Mills and Havre de Grace, Silver Spring, and Federal Hill.
Where is all the money going? Give us some money.

We bought a new van and we’re buying a new bus! Welcome Randy Rollins who will take the offering right now. Thank you, God. Praise God. Thank you, God. Halleluiah. I feel like having a good time and praising God. Is P. Mark
doing the worship? We can pray for the sick and there is worship tonight. We’ll do our sermon
and end it and then 10 minutes later if you can stay, when we are singing we’ll pray for the sick.
You can come and go as you want.

Jeremiah. 23, three different texts of Scripture. Vs. 4. I need to be fed. Say that please, I need to be fed. I need food. I need spiritual food. I need to be fed. I need a shepherd. Let’s say it to these guys. I need a shepherd. I do. I shared that the doctor said to me I get two or three requests every day for anti-anxiety medication. The doctor said to me up
in New York, they don’t need medication. They need a pastor. Vs. 4. I get so much help by being
here all through the decades.

Sometimes it’s undefined. I don’t know where the help comes from. A person says I love you. Another one pray for me. A word from the pulpit. The help is just there. Vs. 4b. This is God’s plan for people. There is nothing greater than this book getting inside of you and me. Proverbs 24:3, chambers, rooms. Vs. 4. What are those riches but wisdom
and knowledge. Here’s a big wide man and in him are rooms. How many rooms are in your
house that wisdom built?

Wisdom has built a house and filled the house with rooms.There is
understanding in the rooms. Understanding, precious thoughts that are in the rooms of our
soul. I know it takes a little bit to hear it and think about it. You have a spiritual mind. I’m saying
this and the Holy Spirit is saying something to you. What I’m saying helps you, but you got more
going on. God has given you rooms in your soul. These rooms, your capacity for details in life,
these rooms address details in life, circumstances, situations.

These rooms help you navigate in life. Remember this morning I had the Boy Scouts law. P. Schaller, I didn’t go to church to go into the Boy Scouts. That’s okay. You’ll get over it. Look at the list. We put up three fingers and
made a pledge. Cub Scouts was two. Seal team six! What’s my point. This is moral. That’s on the
outside of life. This is about how a young man should learn to be in society as an honest guy,
telling the truth and being loyal and faithful with people in the world, in his neighborhood, and
his classroom.

This is outward. This outward is fine. But I must be born again. To have on the inside this pleasure that comes from the truth. That’s the Holy Spirit that it builds up rooms in my soul. When I was a Boy Scout, I could say that’s a great idea but how long can I do it. Would I do it all the time? What kind of person would I be? This wasn’t me. I found not morality but God. God is spirit. They that worship him worship him in spirit and truth. This is what is needed.
Prov. 6:20-25, I think I lost some of you.

That’s okay. You’re doing awesome. Talk to your neighbor for a second. Read vs. 22 to your neighbor. When you sleep. Now I lay me down to sleep. How does it go? You guys are better than I am. You got that prayer down. When you go, it shall what? Lead you. What will lead you? It says tie it around your neck. It says tie the word
around your neck. It’s near your heart. When you go, it will what? Lead you. When you sleep, it
will keep you and then when you awake, it will talk to you.

I was a Boy Scout, but I couldn’t get it on the inside because I’m a sinner. I needed to be born again to find something that would go in my heart and stay in my life in a room that wisdom builds. Not just one room but all the
rooms. How many rooms are in the soul? There might be a trustworthy room, a loyal room, a
helpful room, a friendly, courteous, kind room. I don’t want to give the Boy Scouts a lot of
credit. I just want to stimulate you in your thinking.

Are they thinking our young people these words? Are they thinking them to be honest, committed, dedicated, to suffer, to make a sacrifice, to be kind and courteous? What are they teaching? George, do you want to preach
now?!! Look at this. Prov. 6:23 reproofs of instruction. Would you talk to each other for a
minute and tell your neighbor what P. Schaller just talked about. I think the Holy.Spirit. will use your
neighbor to say something to you. Who built the house? Wisdom built the house. Is that house
going to collapse?

I think Dottie Colby who went to be with the Lord today, I met her 40 years
ago in Maine. Probably half the congregation is a Colby. I see Debbie back there. We are sorry
for the loss. How old was she? 93. What about her house that wisdom built inside her soul and
filled the rooms with precious treasure and categorical doctrine and truth inside. That house
stands today. It’s in heaven.

It’s in her soul. It’s not in vain. It’s eternal. It’s talking to her still. This is the word tied around our neck and leads us and keeps us. Now I lay me down to sleep. Right? When I wake up it’s speaking to me. Vs 24 to keep you from the evil woman. That’s a big verse. Turn to your neighbor and say are you an evil woman? Sorry to say. It’s just an honest question! What does that mean? I know the women know this, but I want to go on record that
a woman is so powerful.

A woman has so much influence. She can do a lot because she is a woman. Men are attracted to women. A woman and a man and it’s so strong and what can happen if there are no rooms in my soul that are build up so I have in my heart something so I can resist the evil woman. The evil woman is a portrayal. She’s a symbol of the most powerful
temptation. Adam in the garden was brought to decide with his wife I can walk with God or go
with Eve. I’m going to go with Eve.

He took the fruit and knew it with his eyes wide open. Jesus
in the same situation. I can go with my father or the world. Or myself or my way and so on. He
resisted every temptation in Heb 5, and he obeyed in vs 9. And so do you. You and I obey, and
we find the blessing. Vs. 24. Lust not after her beauty in your heart, vs. 25. Where do you cut it
off? In the heart.

Why? Because I have this tied around my neck. I’m saying this to make a point
for the power of the internalization of truth that happens with us as believers. I believe that the
Spirit of God in our church is building us up with rooms so we can handle what is coming downthe road. What is coming our way that we are able to handle it. I do. I believe we are able to
handle it in these days we are living.

I believe we are able to handle it. 1 Corinthians 10:13 whatever temptation God gives us a way of escape. We find faith, love, wisdom, satisfaction, holiness, and joy. I am able. I believe God’s will is for us to be satisfied in God. I believe that in my heart. Jeremiah. 23 I want to show you something strange. Did you come to church to hear something you never read before in the Bible? Jeremiah. 23:25,

I got that feeling are you with me? Are you? Do you know how hard it is to preach? It’s impossible. I’m joking. It’s easy. Randy said two people went to him and said I heard from reliable sources that P. Schaller is planning to retire. I don’t know what they are talking about. Do you want me to retire? Are you praying that I will retire? Are
you worried about that? Do you want a scandal? I don’t know what you are talking about. God
bless you, all of you. I don’t plan on that.

Are you trying to get rid of me? Jeremiah. 23:25-26, I will give you shepherds and they will feed the flock and now he’s saying I have prophets and they lie. They are speaking from their own heart. I thought that God gave us this room here. He fills the rooms. There are prophets. They are film producers, TV network managers. They are
newspaper owners. They are prophets of our day.

They fill the world with lies. They are a beautiful woman, a strange woman that seduces the hearts of people. the hearts are drawn to lies. Vs. 27. They cause my people to forget my name. Wow! That’s a message. They cause my
people to forget my name. Wow! The name of God. Amazing name of God. If we got a little bit
of the name of God, we would be on our face worshiping God.

They have filled the people’s hearts with dreams and stories and tales and seductions. They fill the people. The emptiness of the heart of man. The foolishness of man. He fills his heart with things that don’t profit him at
all. My iPhone sometimes dings, dings. Today I slid it across the floor, and it bounced off the
wall and I didn’t hear it anymore. The distractions are amazing when God has called us to be
invested in.

We would get an investment that would build us up with rooms in our soul and
would be filled with something precious, the name of God, the truth of God, the nature of God.
vs. 27-28. How did he call him, but he that speaks my word faithfully. Vs. 29-32. That’s the end
right there. That’ s a great portion. I’ll leave it at that.

I hoped it helped you and edified you. I believe that all the time we spend in memorizing this and speaking it and thinking about it and using it and worshiping God, God is faithful to give us his name. His name is talking to you,
keeping you, leading you. When that seduction comes in the movie theater, at work, in life, it’s
all around us. When this happens in our lives, we can say I don’t have that connection with that
thing. I’m not that interested.

It’s not that tempting to me. I can get rid of it. I can throw it out the window. It’s not going to stick with me. I don’t know why but I know why. Not because of us but because of the investment of God in your life. It is true. It is true. How can a young man cleanse his way. By giving heed to this. This book is the one most sold and the one most
ignored. It’s the one most hard to understand. This book is a mystery because it takes God not
only to open it up but keep reading it and opening it up and building rooms in our soul.

I wonder how many rooms can be built in our soul. Maybe even thousands of rooms could be
built in our soul over a period of time. I want to glorify God tonight in saying that. Father, I
believe you will take care of everyone of us and we can finish our race and have our house built
by wisdom. I want to go into that room and sit down for a while. You know how you can be in our house and go from room to room.

This is a room where I can camp out. This is where I get a
reflection, where I have an understanding. This is where the name of God is. Building me up
with rooms in my soul. Dottie Colby and every one of us will die well. Church is not only to get
us through our temptations and carry us through in old age, but we are able to say I’m done. I
have no regrets. I don’t think regrets.

I think God and his truth. It wasn’t a vain thing for me to
spend a little time on a Sunday night and get some kind of investment in my heart from a
shepherd that God gives so we would not be dismayed and not lacking. Before we close in
prayer, talk to your neighbor and say that was a good message. What did he say? Pray with me


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