Jesus knew what was in men and women. He reached deep into them to change them. Strength comes to the wise. The wise build and battle. Stone hearts have no room for God and His purposes. But our houses, our hearts, are made to be furnished and filled with His thoughts. (Proverbs 24:3-6)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 11902
11:00 AM on 6/14/2020

P. Schaller –

Good morning. We appreciate so much the faithfulness of God towards us in this time when it’s been for us a bit
unusual, but we’ve also learned during this time in how to walk with God and grow in his grace.
A few months ago in March, we said this is a time out. We have like in a basketball game or
football game a time out and so for our church we realize we would not be gathering but have
online meetings. Then we would gather in small groups and meet people in their yard, on their
front porch and do Zoom meetings internationally. Our school, GGCA, all the faithful teachers
teaching online and the Bible college teachers also.

Then we entered into what we called in our church the next phase which is June Alive, our outreach in four or five areas here nearby us in Baltimore with workers, teams. I think we had 80 people on Thursday night and reaching young people in the neighborhood, play basketball and teach the gospel, love young people and
encourage them in the faith. June Alive. Our prayer meetings, community groups and our care.
Because it’s in our hearts. I want to speak this morning about our hearts and say three things
about our hearts in a few minutes. After this June Alive and July, we’ll go into the next phase
which will be our Convention here by God’s grace with some visitors coming from abroad and
people in America coming like we have here every year, our International Convention because
it’s in our hearts.

What Jesus has said to us has been put in our hearts. Just like in the Jewish
tabernacle and inside the most holy part, the holy of holies was an ark. Inside the ark were
three things. I don’t want to go into detail only to say I can touch your body but then inside
your soul then further inside is your heart. In you heart are your treasures. Your heart is really
who you are. What is in our hearts? I was thinking about this principle of deception because the
Bible says our hearts are deceitful. We want to say three things about our hearts: 1) They are
awesome. They are powerful. Our hearts. There is nothing like it. In our Bible psychology we
learn we have a mind, emotions and will but behind the mind is something very precious and
it’s our heart. Somebody said that man has a brilliant mind.

He might have a brilliant mind but what is in his heart. He might have a deceitful heart and be brilliant in deceiving and tricking people. The value of a person is seen in what is in his heart. We understand from God that our
hearts are deceitful. I have an illustration. A Parisian weaver some years ago put out an antique
tapestry that was done so skillfully that even some experts thought it was genuine. The secret
came out by his assistant who exposed the whole thing. This is how it was done using special
threads, the tapestry was warn away by being dragged behind an automobile, given a musty
odor by smoking, faded with ultraviolet rays and even ingrained from century old dust
collected from the crumbling rafters of a church.

The tapestry had been sold for a fortune. I can see myself doing something like that. I suppose you could as well, of course. How we can deceive people by making impressions but what is in our heart. Even in the other way, we might
not be able to make any good impressions, but God may know our hearts. His eyes are
everywhere, and he knows our thought afar off in Psalm 139, Proverbs 15:2. We read in the
Scripture about the wicked heart of Absalom who said in 2 Samuel 15:7-8, “I came to Jerusalem to
serve the Lord.” Really? He said the words. But what was in his heart was a lust for power. We
know this in life because it doesn’t take us too live long before we discover that somebody has
cheated us or lied to us or misrepresented themselves. In John. 2:24 Jesus died to commit himself to man because he knew what was in man. You see he said to enter the kingdom of God we
must be born again.

What does it mean? Jeremiah 31:31-33 I will give you a new heart. I will write my
laws on that heart. Like the ark in the very deep part, deep in our heart there would be a new
love, a new way of thinking, a new desire. In my old man or the heart I have by nature, my
heart is deceitful. It affects my mind, my emotions, my purpose, my desires. A man may desire
a woman more than he desires God. He may desire religion more than God. He may desire
success or money or fame or popularity. We all know how that works in life.
“Every man proclaims his own goodness but a faithful man who can find” in Proverbs 20:6. It also
says in vs. 5, “Counsel in the heart of man is like deep water but a man of understanding can
draw it out.”

We are deep and complicated people, but we can change. We can change with the
wind. We can change for a dollar bill. We can change for a popular article in the newspaper. We
can change by a group of people talking to us. Our hearts are unstable. Our hearts are wicked
and deceitful, and our hearts don’t know the way. One time in Jesus’ day when he entered
Jerusalem on a donkey, they were crying out Hosanna to God. Salvation has come. Hosanna to
God. In a few days, the same people or in the same city were crying out, Crucify him! Crucify
him! The heart. Guard it. Proverbs 4:23. Guard you heart with all diligence. Wait a minute. Let me
explain something very important. Acts 13:22, David had a heart after God. Where did it come
from? It came from God.

Because in me dwells no good thing, Rom. 7:18. In me I cannot serve God, Joshua 24:19. I don’t know how to order my steps. Jeremiah 10:23, I can’t find the way. I need help. I need God. God, if you gave me your Son, did you also give me a new heart, a heart after God? I did. Have you felt it? Have you discovered it? Do you know it? When you start to think, when you believe in Jesus and find some treasure that starts to grow inside, it says in Proverbs 24:3
building a house like this stretch of buildings took some engineering and some skill. This is a
house of concrete and cement block and asphalt and plastic and steel. By wisdom a house is
built but a different kind. Your life. Wisdom builds your life. Wisdom knows how to build a
house. Wisdom knows how you and I shall live. Wisdom knows what God has for us.

Wisdom is what builds our life. If you are trusting in your own heart – it says in the proverbs, I didn’t say it
this way but it’s very strong, if you trust in your heart you are fool. Proverbs 18:2 the soul of man
tries to discover himself and he leaves the way of understanding. He builds his own life by
himself. He is so clever, and he joins the country club and has a great career and job but
something eating away deep inside in his heart. He can’t forgive somebody. He cannot lose
jealousy or envy or his addiction to pornography or women and his love for money. He cannot
control it because of the first heart of man which is without God. Jesus came so we could build
a house. The first thing needed is a new heart. By our new heart we can receive.

The rooms are filled. Let me take you into this room. There is an antique. Let me take you into another room
filled with precious treasure and art and gold and silver and tapestry and upholstery and chairs
and flooring. All kinds of beautiful things that are in the house. We don’t care about the
material things but about the metaphor. What is in your house when you are alone, when you
are by yourself, when you are troubled, when you need God? This morning’s message by P.
Love. He read this interesting piece. I want to read it to you. “In late January 1956, Dr. Martin
Luther King Jr. received a threatening phone call at his house. It was not the first foreboding message he received. But this night as his children and wife lay sleeping, the weight of the Civil Rights Movement was too heavy.

He decided that the risk was too great to continue. He began to map out an exit strategy. That midnight, he bowed over the kitchen table and began to pray. I’m afraid. The people are looking to me for leadership. And if I stand before them without strength and courage, they too will fall. I am at the end of my powers. I have nothing left. I have
come to the point where I can’t face it alone. King described what happened next. I
experienced the presence of the divine as I never experienced Him before. It seemed as though
I could hear the quiet assurance of an inner voice saying, “Stand up for righteousness. Stand up
for truth and God will be at your side forever.” When facing a daunting challenge, King shifted
his focus and turned to God.” Have you been there in your heart? I can’t do it. But you have a
new heart.

Because of the new heart, you can fill your new heart with these kinds of
experiences. I remember when I was a missionary in Finland years ago, I wasn’t married at the
time. I had fallen in love with my future wife who was living here in America. I went up into the
attic of the house where we were living, and I brought it before God. God, is this your will?
That’s all. Is this you will. The Spirit just filled me and bore witness to me this is my will. You see
your new heart you are able way inside where you are living you are in communion with the
holy God. And inside is where that power is. It’s the Holy Spirit power, that understanding, that
knowledge of the Holy One. If you live in sin, like we all can because of our old man, our old
man is powerful. The old man, the old heart is deceitful.

Even Balaam said in Numbers 23:10 that he wants to die the death of a righteous man. Balaam, it will never happen because your heart is perverse. Your heart is far away from God. You may worship God with your lips, but your heart
is far from him, Jesus said in Matthew 12, Isaiah 6. I don’t want that. Romans 6:17 we have obeyed from
the heart that form of doctrine that was delivered to us. In obeying that doctrine, we
experience the treasures in the rooms of our soul way down in the cellar where nobody goes. I
have treasure there, way up in the attic or way in the back room. There is nothing hidden. It’s
all open in the eyes of God because you have a heart after God. By your obedience to the
doctrine the treasures start to fill the rooms.

Proverbs 24:5 listen to this. Martin Luther King Jr, you are strong. Where is your strength coming from? My new heart. My heart that is trusting God. I want to do the right thing. I want to be the right kind of leader. I want to be the right kind of man. I want to be a man that has something that just can’t be explained except for strength.
Now, he was not a perfect man but this period of time in his life we can say he had strength. It
says here in vs. 5, “a wise man is strong.” He’s strong. He doesn’t quit. He’s strong. He will quit
the wrong thing but be focused on the right thing like our dear President Abraham Lincoln who
was so focused and determined. In his youth as a young man at 22 years old when he was down
South on the river boat of the Mississippi and he saw a slave auction, he told his colleague if I’m
ever going to get to hit that thing, I’m going to hit it hard.

And later in his life in his amazing ability to understand issues and his political capability and his speaking and his persuasion against great opposition and amazing focus. A wise man is strong. What a word that is. But I am
weak. But somehow truth is powerful. The God of truth. He is the God of freedom, God of love,
God of faith, God of wisdom and he can change things through righteousness putting treasures
in our hearts. Lastly, a man of knowledge increases strength. Increasing. That’s what I feel is happening to you, happening to our people. There is an increase. Three is an increase that
comes through our new heart. There is something valuable. Don’t worry about the things of this
world. Have your heart exercised toward God. Jesus said it this way, “seek first the kingdom of

All these other things God will take care of them, but make sure your heart is focused like
a laser beam on the nature and character of God. Have no other gods before you. Have no
other gods before you. You cannot be living with a man that is not your husband and say in your
heart that I follow God and I believe in God. You cannot be living a life of cheating and lying and
saying I believe in God. I walk with God. I live by faith in God. No, there is a new heart. God will
be cheating us if he would not tell us the truth and tell us every man is a liar. Let God be true in
Rom 3:4. The heart of man is deceitful. Who can know it? I have given you the miracle of my
Son and you can put on the Lord Jesus Christ and make no provision for the flesh in Romans 13:14.

Be dead serious with God and his Holy Spirit will fill you. You will taste and see that the Lord is
good in 1 Peter 2:3. When you trust in God, God will honor you, Hebrews 11:6. They that come to
God must believe that he is and a rewarder of those that diligently seek him. Do you want Him?
When you find Him, you will know Him. Vs. 6. By wise counsel – that’s why we go to church.
Wise counsel. You hear all the time in the news all the talk and chatter, but I got to hear a clear
sound, a clear message. I want to hear about God. I want to hear about faith. I want to hear
that Jesus is the way, the truth, the life. I want the rooms in my house to be filled up with
precious treasure.

A wise man will increase in wise counsel and “therefore shall make your
war.” You will make war. For by wise counsel you shall make thy war. War. Warfare. Not with
flesh and blood but against the demons and the powers and the lies and the deceit and the
cheating and the falsehoods and the emptiness and broken hearts and the activity of evil in this
world. Have you seen it? Yes, I see it, but I’ve got wise counsel. By wise counsel we can make
war against the lies that want to tear our families apart. How about this lie: a little girl says I’m a
boy. That’s a lie, young lady. That’s not true. You are a girl. You are a girl. Look in the mirror.
Look at your mom and dad.

Any parenting that is happening that is a condescending or compromising with a lie is not good parenting. How can I be a good parent? By having a new heart and God filling me in my new heart with truth in the inner man. I can be a loving counselor to my son or daughter, my children or grandchildren and so on. We are living in evil
times. Men are filled with themselves and the love of pleasure and the love of their own lies
and the live of their ego and their occupation with their own selves. Their houses are in a
shamble. Their soul is being eaten away, rotting from the inside and the pain is overwhelming.
They start drinking to numb the pain. The pain is overwhelming, so they are a recluse and they
disappear from society. Pain is overwhelming so then the financial troubles and life itself. This is
not God’s will. We are made with dignity. We are made with honor.

The devil is destroying people’s lives, but Jesus came into the world to redeem us and give us a new heart and save us and change our heart and our mind and give us new friends and increase and strength so that
we can stand against the wiles of the devil. And give us courage so we can face a lie and say, lie,
you back down. We are here. You can send your dogs on us, but we are not backing down. We
are standing here. The devil can throw all his demon activity against the righteous one like he
did Jesus Christ, but Jesus Christ would not back down because he had the heart of God in his breast. He knew and fought a good warfare. Three days later the tomb is empty. Days later he is
ascended into heaven. That day came back and went up 40 days later. I just want to close and
say our hearts our so precious, so valuable and if we are left to ourselves, they will destroy.

They will hurt. They will damage. They will harden. They will be like stone. A heart like a stone
like Ezekiel. What is a stone? A stone has no feeling. A stone is hard. A stone can be a weapon.
You cannot penetrate a stone. The face of a man who has a face of a stone and a heart of stone
cannot be touched by God. Therefore that heart was crucified. The Son of God took a spear in
his heart. His heart was soft. And he had a heart after God, and he gave us that heart. He gave
us a heart after God, not a stony heart but a heart after God. Now the truth can penetrate into
our hearts. We can weep now. I once was in Finland preaching and this man was my age at the
time till this day, but he had a daughter and he got saved. He had been in the church a couple
years and was not saved, and then it happened.

He started to cry. He talked to me. He said I have not cried for 18 years. I have not cried one time. I could not cry. I had no feeling. I was a walking dead man. He said I’m so excited I’m crying. I’m so excited about it that Jesus is real
and I’m crying. I feel now. I feel now. Our hearts they are a gift. Our hearts are precious. Our
hearts so therefore we love each other. Our hearts so we believe God for other people. Our
hearts have a lot of people in them. How many people can get in a phone booth? How many
elephants in a phone booth? How many people can get into my stony heart? Very few. But in
our new heart maybe the world fits in our life. A heart for God, a heart for the lost, a heart like
Jesus, a heart for the doctrine, a heart for faith, a heart for forgiving, a heart for loving, a heart
for being kind, a heart for speaking good things, a heart for the church, a heart for the
neighborhood, a heart for the problems in our country, a heart that is a new heart. That heart
can change a life, changes our lives and can change the lives of the people around us. Through
it we war a good warfare because it’s a heart of love and righteousness.



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