The Wise Men understood the King of the Jews. The message has reached them through Daniel. The news of Jesus touches a world in turmoil. (Matthew 2:1-12; Acts 4:13)

Speaker(s): Justin Schaller, Chad Brockmeyer, Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12215
6:30 PM on 12/12/2021

P. Schaller –

I’m just so thankful for these days that we have and the Body. It’s amazing. This morning we had our
message on “A Small Feast.” And that was written on the wall up there, you know, the back
wall, “A Small Feast.” Next Sunday, “A Family Feast.” Isn’t it great to have a title of the message
painted on the wall! Then the third one is over here, “A Feast for All.” And then “The Church is a
Feast.” So when Christmas is over, I don’t know, are they going to paint the wall over?! And do
the next series. A Small Feast.

I have to say that it spoke to my heart very much this morning, that message. I’ll tell you. Mary
and Gabriel, just two people and God sent Gabriel and Mary had a meeting. God sent Gabriel to
tell her and talk to her and they had a profound meeting together. Our main point today was that
everyone of us need a small feast where you meet God alone and God is real and he’s talking
to you. Mary in her life all through her life up through the cross and beyond had that small feast
in her memory. That this was the Christ and she knew it and what that means to us. That was
very good, a very good message this morning.

But also in the back of my mind is what has happened here in the last couple weeks. Amazing
effort by people to minister and reach out to the community. We had a really great crowd last
night in the Family Center with the live Nativity. There’s Emma Shibley, Avery Powers. The
whole team. Scotty Dubay. Jesse Feyers. There’s a lot of people. The actors, actresses, singers
that really reached out to the community. We had live animals and petting them. The goats and
the sheep and the donkey. It was a beautiful outreach to the community. We could say why do
we do it? It’s love. It’s just a labor of love. It’s just faith. We just do it and I just want to say thank
you to the church. Really thank you. I’m amazed how hard you guys work and what you do in a
week or two or in a month. It’s amazing.

And then added to that people that are caroling, going to nursing homes, singing in nursing
homes, visiting people. P. Jason Moore and his team and just it’s amazing. The phone calls that
we get. The people that are struggling with covid. The care that we have. The prayers that we
have. So tonight, at the end of the service in proxy come forward if you have somebody you
want us to pray for. We’ll anoint with oil down front here and have a few minutes of prayer for
the sick tonight. Some people are sick with colds, and some with covid and other things. So we
want to do that tonight at the end of the service. Wow. It’s amazing.

Added to that is P. Scibelli is in Florida with P. Feyers preaching. They were in Peru. Added to
that are trips people are going on to minister. And then of course behind it the love and the
prayers by faith. Added to that the phone calls and emails and conferences and there’s a lot
going on. A lot going on, you know. And you’re here tonight. Thank you. You’re here tonight.
We’re assembling in Jesus’ name by faith and it means something. Thank you, Lord. Beautiful.
Tonight, we have two brothers that are going to share: Chad Brockmeyer from Kansas City, just
came in from Kansas City! Kansas City Barbeque!

No. Chad, he and Rachel are on their way to the mission field to Serbia. We’ll do a song and then Justin is going to share a message with us and then we’ll pray for the sick. That will be our night tonight. Welcome Chad.
Chad Brockmeyer – Wow! This is such an honor. This is such a beautiful Body. I don’t know if
you realize just how valuable each and every one of you are especially to my wife and I. I have
to keep it together! But you must know that you’re faithfulness to this Body, your faithfulness to
come here, your faithfulness to receive what God has to say like that is a visitation. That is
something that ministers to people. Your presence ministers to people beside you and even
people all the way in Kansas City. And thank you so much AV team. I don’t know if you guys get
appreciated enough, but you guys were a life line. You guys helped us so much while we were
away for these past years.

I have a quick word from Matthew 2. That’s where we’ll start. I had to stay on theme with
Christmas, so I’ll follow orders! Quickly, I’ll pray for this short message and we’ll see what God has to share with us today. (Prayer). So it says in Mt. 2 just a couple verses to kind of lay a
scaffold for what I have to say. This is about the wise men. They come to Herod. They come to
him, vs. 3. I just was really thinking about that and just how the world is so troubled by
Christmas. We have the list of gifts to give. We have the list of oh I need to be nice to so and so.
I need to be sure to get the turkey and ham right for my relative that was not so pleased with the
ham last year! All these worries, all these troubled things about the season.

And then there is the trouble of the soul. This season of joy, season where there is this joyous
music playing almost incessantly and people are depressed. Their souls are down. They’re so
troubled at this time.
Herod, the king, when he heard there is a Messiah, there is a king to be born. He was troubled.
But we as a church are not troubled. We’re rejoicing because Christ is about to visit us. Christ is
about to show up in our lives. We are so privileged to have a word from Christ himself. We have
these precious promises that are given to us so that we may be built up in the faith and manifest
the righteousness of God to this world. It’s such a privilege. We’re not troubled. We have a
message. We’re not troubled. We have a promise. We’re not troubled. We have a Savior, an
answer for everything in our life, everything in our life. He didn’t realize this king to be born was
the answer for his trouble.

He gathered the priests in vs. 4. Another thing the world is they don’t know. They don’t
understand Christ. They don’t understand where he is to come. They don’t understand 6025 is
the place where they can meet Christ. They inquire. Where is he to be born? Where is he going
to show up? But he shows up here. He shows up in your homes. He shows up when this word is
opened. He builds us up. He has a word for us. He visits us. That visitation from this morning
ministered to me. He visits us. He speaks to us personally.

If you look here in Galatians 4. It’s a couple verses here. I’ll read vs. 1-5 real quick. Have we felt that
bondage under the elements of the world? We have. We have. We see that trouble that Herod
has. We see that bondage under the elements of this world. But look at this in vs. 4. Christ didn’t
come just to make waves in history. Christ didn’t come just to disrupt the rulers. He came to
redeem you and I. He came to save lost sinners that had no hope, no future, no merit or
anything that could ever give them what God has to give us through him. Adoptions of sons. We
can be joint heirs with Christ because of this birth, this gift that God gave us. This message that
has really been ministering to me all throughout the year while I was in Indiana and even as we
go to Serbia, it’s this idea from Romans 11:29, that the gifts and calling of God are without
repentance. That may be like, what does that mean?

God has made up his mind about you and me. God’s made us his mind about this world.
They’re troubled at the news of him. They’re troubled at the sight of the church. They’re troubled
when you are knocking on their door, but Christ has made up his mind about them. God has
made up his mind about their heart that they may be sons. They may be daughters, that they
may be redeemed.

It’s like when Christ came, we were visited by him and in our troubled lives Christ redeemed us
from the elements of this world. His birth is not just a supernatural event. It was the beginning of
the greatest transaction ever to be made in history. An eternal sacrifice for you and I. For an
eternal offense, our sin. Christ did that. His birth wasn’t just hey, here I am. No, it’s here is the
answer. Here the beginning of your redemption has begun. And I just love this thought: the
fulness of God met the fulness of time to give us the fulness of joy in Jesus Christ our Lord. I
love what Luke 2 says, “for unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior which is Christ
the Lord.” “Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace, goodwill towards men.”

We need to help people understand God’s made up his mind about them. We need to help them
understand the meaning of this season so they are not troubled and really just show them the
beauty of his glory, the beauty of his holiness and that righteousness is theirs because they are
bought by the most precious blood of Christ. That boy born so long ago was born for the redemption of your soul. What a message! And it’s just a privilege to be able to share it. It’s a
privilege to be a recipient of it.

And I just thank you for being a faithful church, being a faithful people that faithfully receive from
the one that is faithful. That has made up his mind about us, and we are following him with all
we got. All we got. And just praise God for that. Amen.

P. Justin Schaller –

Good evening. How are we? That was a beautiful song. Thank you. Great to
be here. That was an awesome word, Chad. Thank you for that. That was beautiful. Okay. What
do we say? What do you say when you don’t know what to say, amen? Amen. What do you say.

I was on a plane the other day. Whenever I’m on a plane, I always read the book of Acts. That
makes sense, right? Just like automatic trigger. Book of Acts. I drink tomato juice which is kind
of strange. I never drink tomato juice any other time of my life but when I’m on an airplane. I
always get weird looks from the stewardess. Tomato juice? But I was reading the book of Acts.
What an awesome book. The beautiful thing about the Bible is that in our ministry, we’ve been
so well taught from the Word of God and as we follow the Lord, it becomes clearer and clearer
to us. It wouldn’t become clearer and clearer to us if it wasn’t for the Word of God. Didn’t Jesus
say you’d be sanctified by what? By the Word. How do you know who God is if it isn’t for the
Word of God? And reading the book of Acts it’s endless. Really, it’s just endless how the Bible
speaks to us and teaches us. It’s beautiful.

But in Acts 4, we’ll pray. Acts 3 the disciples go out on this mission that Christ has set them on
and they heal a man in Acts 3. Acts 4 of course these Pharisees, the Jewish leaders, they’re
trying to squash the disciples. So they bring the disciples before them just like Jesus was before
them a few weeks earlier. The disciples have so much boldness. They have boldness. They
have courage. And that’s scary when you are a leader and you see boldness in an individual
especially when they are a threat to you. Especially when these men their Messiah, their Savior,
their teacher, their master had died. These were men that ran away earlier at their threats. Now
all of a sudden they are emboldened and they have courage and boldness.

In Acts 4:13, 19, after they basically said, hey! You guys aren’t allow to say that anymore. You
can’t go out and start preaching about Jesus. That’s not allowed. Peter and John look at each
other like, these guys just don’t get it. vs. 19-20. That’s scary.

When you’re trying to squash out these people and to stop this movement of Christianity or
these Jesus followers, and you see these men that are ignorant and unlearned. They are these
very simple men but they have this unbelievable spirit and courage and they have this
miraculous power to heal people. These men are going to use their last bit of weaponry and
assault and they are going to threaten them. They’re like little kids. You’re not allowed. You are
not allowed to speak in the name of Jesus. Did you hear us? They go, guys. Come on. Are you
kidding me? What we have seen and what we have heard.

Look at what it says in vs. 21. I wonder how that conversation went in the sense that the
Pharisees are there. They’re going that didn’t really work, so let’s have a little meeting. Maybe
we can threaten to kill them. Okay. Guys if you don’t stop speaking in the name of Jesus, we will
kill you. Cool. Okay. So in Acts 7 what happens? Stephen gets up and he preaches a message.
What happens at the end of it? They kill him. But what happens? He looks up into heaven and
says, Lord, forgive these guys. When you have the Spirit of God in you, you have boldness in
the threat of resistance. These men when the disciples – it’s so funny. As you read through.
They were in prison and then they are released out of prison.

When they were released out of prison, they are rejoicing. Then it says in Acts 4 that these Pharisees, these leaders threaten them even more. Then it says finding nothing how they might punish them because of the
people for all of the men glorified God for what was done. It says they went out and they were

Later on, they were beaten by these men and they went out and were rejoicing over the fact that
they were beaten for the name of Jesus. What can you do to a person that is not afraid to die?
What do you do with a person that is rejoicing over the fact that they’re beaten for the sake of
Jesus? What do you do with those people? There’s nothing you can do.

So look at Acts 7. Just a couple points. How are you guys doing? Are you guys good? Okay. I’m
not going to speak too long, but just a few points I’d like to make. I think it’s edifying for us. I was
reading through this sermon from Stephen in Acts 7. The sermon is like an argument. He’s in a
court room. He’s being accused that we are the ones who follow Moses. We are not the ones
that follow this Jesus that you follow. And then Stephen goes into Old Testament teaching and
speaks about how God did all these miraculous works outside of Israel.

So he talks about Moses, and how God used Moses in Egypt. He talks about Joseph and how
he wasn’t in Israel when God did his work. He was in Egypt. And how God is a God not just for
these people in this box of “we follow Moses; therefore, we are righteous” but rather how God is
the God of the entire world. Let’s just look at a few points and then we’ll make our point.
In Acts 7:13, and this is what struck me when I was reading it on that plane drinking my tomato
juice! In vs. 13, we all know the story of Joseph. It’s a beautiful picture of Christ. He’s rejected
and thrown. He’s sold into slavery by his brothers. He goes into prison. He’s elevated by God.
He’s the prime minister in Egypt. It’s an amazing thing. By their sin, God used it for their ultimate
salvation. By their rejection of Joseph, he used it for their ultimate salvation.

But the first time that the brothers come down into Egypt, they don’t know it’s Joseph. But look
at what Stephen said, vs. 12-13. So the first time they rejected. They didn’t know it was him. But
the second time, Joseph revealed himself to them. And then he goes in and he uses Moses as
the example. And he uses that story – look at this. vs. 24. Look at this in vs. 25. But they didn’t

So then he goes out the next day and showed himself, vs.26. Moses is thinking that they
understand if he gets in the middle of them, he will deliver them from their fight. But what
happens? vs. 26-27. And they rejected him. So Moses leaves the first time, but the second time
he comes back 40 years later and he is their deliverer. The same with Jesus. Jesus came unto
his own but his own knew him not and they rejected him. But the second time, the second time
they can see the one whom they pierced.

That’s what Stephen is saying in his message. He’s speaking to the ones that rejected him the
first time and put him on a cross, but Stephen is saying through the preaching of the Gospel, the
second time you can see that he came to be your deliverer. It’s an amazing thing that God’s
grace and his mercy extends to the ones who rejected him.
So this is my last point if you just turn I’m going to try and do this in a couple minutes. In Matthew  2,
this is what I preached this morning, but I’m not going to go into really so much what I
preached. Just to make a quick point about this. Sometimes we see – when you talk to
someone who is struggling with the idea of who God is or Jesus or they are agnostic or atheist,
one of the things that many of them say is how about the person who is born on the other side
of the globe?

How about the person who never heard the name of Jesus? How about the
person in India or China or South America or wherever it might be. This is all we know about
what God has done through human history. This is it. But is that the full scope of what God has
been working and doing? We don’t know. I just want to show you one interesting thing in Mt. 2
to bring home this point of Jesus being revealed.

Matthew  2:1 I just want to very briefly connect this. What I said this morning I went into who these
men were. But the wise men – it’s the word MAGOS in the Greek. It’s where we get the word
“magic” and we really don’t like that so translators translate it into wise men. But this word, this
Greek word is a Hebrew word in the Old Testament for these men that we sometimes call magi.
We see them if you turn in the book of Daniel. Just follow this with me.

In Daniel 1, God is so gracious and merciful to reveal himself to everyone through all of human
history. This is one way how he’s done it. Daniel 1:4, I said to the church this morning, to
understand the Old Testament if you ever get a chance and many of you know this already I
know – to understand the Babylonian captivity is a big part of the Old Testament. That’s
Jeremiah, Isaiah, before that Esther and Daniel. Daniel was one of these men that was taken
out of Egypt at the captivity. First the northern kingdom and then the southern kingdom. And the
Jews have been taken out of their land three separate times.

They were enslaved in Egypt and then in the Babylonian captivity and then in 70 AD when the Romans expelled them, and they covered the face of the globe for the last 2,000 years.
In that suffering and in that pain, God is doing his work. In the book of Daniel, it is an amazing
book because it shows us how God is working even in the exile of the Jewish people to spread
the Gospel to this part of the world. We see that in the book of Esther. But what the Babylonians
do and the Romans would do the same, when they go into a country, and they would expel the
people and bring them as slaves, they would take the crème of the crop. They would take the
best of the best. They would take the highly educated people, the skillful men, and they would
take young men and Daniel was one of those men.

Daniel was a man who was skilled. He was learned. He was just special guy. At the end of
Daniel 1, it says that he was ten times better than any of the Babylonian wise people. So in Daniel
1:4, they taught them their religion, their science, their mathematics, their agriculture. They
taught them all the ways of the Babylonians and they taught them the tongue of the Chaldeans,
which was a tribe in the southern part of Babylon which actually spoke the language Aramaic,
which was the language that Jesus spoke. It was like the English of the day in that part of the
world, so they taught them that.

But Daniel was starting to move up the ranks in this group of young men. And it says, vs. 20.
magicians. Not going to go into the Hebrew word magi. Jeremiah 39 the same word is used. It’s
translated there as head magi but it’s a word for MAGOS that is translated into the Greek as
wise men. So these men, these magi are there. They are basically surrounding the king. They’re
religious. It’s a tribe of priests in that area of the world and they surrounded the king when the
king needed some counsel.

So the king has a dream. He calls in all of the magi. It says the magicians, the astrologers, all
the wise men of Babylon that were surrounding the king at the time. And none of them can
answer the king or interpret his dream. But who can? Daniel. So what happens is there’s this
coup because there’s jealousy towards Daniel. What do they end up doing? They end up
throwing him and his boys into the fiery furnace. But what happens? Well, they’re delivered. And
it seems as though there was another man in the fiery furnace with them that delivered them
from it. We know with Daniel, he was not afraid of speaking up and speaking about Yahweh.
Because the reason why he was thrown into the fiery furnace was because he didn’t bow the
knee to worship the idol.

So here you have a Hebrew boy who is blessed by God who is brought into the inner circle of
these astrologers and magi and now all of a sudden, his God is showing up and delivering him
out of a fiery furnace. So what happens in Daniel 5? They make him the head magi. For 63
years, Daniel is in Babylon and what do you think he is revealing to the rest of these wise men
of the East? I can tell you one.

Daniel had a prophecy of 70 weeks, and in those 70 weeks he knew that there would be a
declaration from a king named Artaxerxes and at that point the time clock will start and 483
years will pass and the Messiah will be born. These men knew. These men knew that their dark
magic or sorcery or astronomy was not delivering them but Daniel’s God delivered him from a
fiery furnace. So God was working in Daniel’s time through the suffering and exile of the Jews in
Babylon, so that Daniel would be raised up to receive prophecy that he teaches these men.
And then it happens in Matthew. 2. Who marches into Jerusalem.

Here’s a few things to note about these men. Not anybody could march into Herod’s temple or throne room or whatever you want to call it. But Matthew knows that the readers of Matthew are Jewish readers and they know
exactly who these men are. When they showed up, it wasn’t three kings because they weren’t
kings. It probably was a huge procession of people that marched into Jerusalem and they’re not
saying that King Herod who declared himself king of the Jews was the king of the Jews. They
say where is the one that Daniel taught us of? Where is he?

Cause could it be after generation after generation after generation it was handed down so
during that period of time they are looking up into the night sky saying Daniel’s prophecy said
from the time that King Artaxerxes ordered Nehemiah to go back to rebuild the temple from that
point the Messiah and the true King will come. They’re waiting. And look at it in Mt. 2 what
happens these men come in.

And Herod, you could go into that whole mess. He was a violent, suspicious man who
murdered. He murdered two sons. Murdered his wife. Murdered his brother-in-law. Murdered 40
people of the Sanhedrin. He was a murderer. Whenever he felt threatened, he murdered. When
these men walked in and said, where is the King of the Jews and you’re not it, the whole city
trembled because they knew murder was right around the corner which it was. Every child
under the age of two would be murdered. Male child. So they come in, vs. 3.

Why was he troubled? He murdered the whole way through to keep his power. And if he is
saying that I’m not the king of the Jews, then who is it? And just a little side note. He was an
Edomite. He wasn’t even a Jewish man. He didn’t even know that Jesus was going to be born in
Bethlehem and every Jew knew that the Messiah would be born in the City of David. He would
be a shepherd-king, born in the same city that David was born in. John 7, the common people
knew he was born in Bethlehem.

Herod didn’t know. vs. 4, 8. He’s a liar and a cheat. His son, Jesus refers to him as a fox,
doesn’t he? It was running in the family lineage. He’s just a liar. He wants to murder him. vs. 9-
10. These men were coming to worship. It must have been an amazing thing for these men that
traveled across modern day Iraq and this Persian area through the desert night and day, night
and day. They’re led by this supernatural source. And then look at it. vs. 12.

This is the last point. Jesus is so faithful, is he not? vs. 12 speaks to me so much cause this is
what it says. God’s plan wasn’t for them to stay until Jesus grew to 30 years old and be part of
his ministry, right? What was their job? Be missionaries. Go back to Babylon. Spread the word
that you saw Messiah born here. These men knew the Gospel from Daniel. They saw it with
their own eyes.

When you see something with their own eyes, you have boldness to go back and to speak the
message that we have seen the King of Kings and it wasn’t that he was just a little baby but it
was supernatural. Then you have 33 years later, you have the disciples. And what happens?
One goes north. One goes south. One goes east. One goes west. And you know that that
message traveled across that area of the world within a few decades. And what was it? I’m
speculating, but the one that the wise men saw was actually the Savior that was risen from the
dead and he is alive. That must have been amazing.

God is orchestrating all of this. And we know that verse so well that God works all things
together for good to those who love him. Isn’t it going to be fun one day when we sit up in
heaven and we’re going to put all these little – God is going to put all these little strings like this,
like this, like this. We’re going to say, man, I thought my ways were the right way but your ways
are so far above my ways and your thoughts so far above my thoughts that you actually had to
exile a whole population and destroy Jerusalem for a prophet to go into Babylon and preach the
Gospel, and then 500 years later these men are showing up. Not the Jews are showing up but
pagan people of the Middle East are showing up and they are waiting for the Savior of the

Just look at it. Matthew 1 he’s king of the Jews. Matthew 1 he’s king of heaven. Matthew 2 he’s the king of the
world. It’s the whole theme through the book of Matthew. King of heaven. He is the King of
Kings. I just love it that the ones that were at the place when Jesus was just a little baby weren’t
Jews. They weren’t the religious Jews. They were pagan men of the Middle East that were
there. How faithful is God and how great are his ways. They’re past finding out. Amen. Amen.

P. Schaller –

That was so good. I never heard about the magi like that. That was so good,
wasn’t it? Also, that part where Stephen said Joseph, you didn’t know him the first time. The
second time you met him you knew him. Moses the first time, they said who are you? What do
we have to do with you? Then 40 years later, Moses comes and they receive him. And same
with Jesus. The first time he comes, they don’t accept him. But we are anticipating for the
Jewish people to hear him and receive him and know him.

We heard the song in the beginning. That wasn’t perfect English, right? The type of, my little
baby boy and the English wasn’t exactly – it was my kind of English! And he sang and that there
wasn’t any, there wasn’t any room in the inn. There wasn’t any place for Jesus. Even when he
died, he was outside the city gate. When he was born, there was no place for him. The world is
troubled. They don’t know him. They don’t know much about him. They don’t know where he is.
They don’t know what it means and yet we are here in the world with this message.

It was very good the whole night. Thank you. It was a blessing. Great. As we close in singing, I
want you to pray for and be aware of people that are sick. Maybe you know somebody and for
proxy. That means that they’re not here but you can pray, we can pray for the people that are
sick by you just walking forward and we can anoint you with oil and we can pray for you. So the
Greater Grace pastors come on up and take the oil. We’ll give you a little bottle of oil and we’ll
pray for the sick tonight before we leave. Come on up while we are singing, and then we’ll have
a prayer for the sick.


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