Women are given by God to teach love, and to peaceable and wise. Some of us are snow, others rain. All, however, are meant to help and bring joy. (2 Samuel 20:16-22)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Dan Dunbar, Pastor Ed Morneault
Sermon # 11342
6:30 PM on 10/1/2017


P. Schaller

2 Samuel 20. I want to share about women.

We have two guests. P. Dan Dunbar who is not ordained. But he is. May the people vote! He lives in S. Korea. He was our principal and precious to us at GGCA and felt led by God to go to the mission field. It was kind of our surprise. He’s thankful he heard from God and he went to S. Korea and has been pastoring there. Another special brother is P. Ed Morneault who was also a predominant player at GGCA for years and precious to our hearts.

I’d like to say to the Body here that the Women’s Seminar we had Friday night – I got to be there and sat in the back and listened to the songs. The message was amazing on Comparison. Comparison can be very deadly to us. We can compare ourselves with each other in the wrong way and condemn ourselves for what we are not. P. Justin said if my comparison is with someone who inspires me to use my gifts and walk with God, I want to be like him or her but there is no condemnation. Also when we walk with God, we are in a way detached from each other by way of comparison. We let everyone live before God and we do not compare ourselves with others. If that happens, it’s not Body life. Body life is a paradox of God-consciousness in the presence of people. I’m in the presence of people but there’s no comparison, only edification and service and ministry.

Listen to this list of women with Kimmy Andrulonis leading it up as event leader. She did such a good job. A Happy, relaxed leader. Speakers: Michelle Benoit. Extraordinary. These amazing people. My wife was talking to me about it in many ways. We were enjoying the fellowship. Katie Szabo, Jean Marie, Lisa Silva, Matt’s wife. A Watson at heart! Amazing. Marian Frankenhauser, Donna Hooker, Elisia Tjomsland, Laura McFarland- heart touching words. Rachel Jones. Very good. I heard this. I didn’t hear them in person. Workshops: Abby Lange, Kim Jones, Ciara Harrison. Then the cleanup, and Sarah Regan, the concert organizers. The concert I enjoyed. I rebuked the ladies at lunch! You have to hear about that. They’re awesome. Gavin was in the clean-up. (He’s naming singers and clean up people.) Band and singers. Thank you.

I’m like a pig in mud. I’m just a happy camper. I can’t believe I’m in a church like this. How can you be with people like this and not be so edified? It is simple, pure, spiritual, godly edifying. I thank you. I thank you. I’m so blessed by it.

Few words about women. This is I think my favorite quote from a woman by the name of Ashley Montague wrote a book, The Triumph and Tragedy of the American woman which was in the Saturday Review. “Women have great gifts to bring to the world of men.” Let’s have a moment of silence! How about it, women! Do I hear any “amens” out there? You can say that again. Women have great gifts to bring to the BOING! world of men. The qualities of love, compassion and humanity that is beauty of spirit. It’s a function of women to humanize since women are the natural mothers of humanity. Women are by nature endowed with the most important of all adaptive traits, the capacity to love. This is their principle function to teach men.”

Wow! Men can’t figure out women. You know why? Because you are supposed to learn to love. They are not computers. They are called women. And they teach us to love. We have to learn to love. BOING! Isn’t that beautiful. The spiritual life in our fellowship in all ages from young people all the way to the honorable people with the experience and age, everybody, men and women. There is a kind of blindness which is a special beautiful thing when you see people and don’t stereotype them. You don’t put them in a box but open to God to hear them and receive their portion and gifts. The women in our church, we don’t have women in our leadership in an official way. We don’t ordain them. There is not a woman trustee. They are so influential in our church, so able in their administration and teaching as teachers and counselors. We are developing our counseling program under P. Hadley. We are bringing in women counselors because they are very capable. For me it was the best Women’s Seminar in the history of our ministry. It was so relaxed and so beautiful and spiritually edifying.

Then she said “there can be no more important function than to teach men love.”

Once women know this they will realize ono man can play an important role in the life of humanity as a mentally healthy woman, the ability to love and work, being a good wife and mother, a good homemaker is the most important of all occupations in the world. It surely can’t be pointed out the making of human beings is more important occupation than making of anything else. In the formative years of a child’s life, the mother is best equipped to provide those firm foundations upon which one can subsequently build.” Let’s say I’m not a mother but I’m a woman put into the Body of Christ, fitly framed into, placed in with spiritual gifts. I have a function.

It’s a story about a woman in 2 Sam 20:16. Joab was going to tear a city of Israel down, block by block to get at a rebel who was hiding in the city. A wise woman cried out.

vs. 16-17. I’m sorry to say sometimes men don’t listen to a woman. He has an attitude and he doesn’t listen. Joab is like Mr. Macho. He is a general, a killer, David’s main guy. He’s the head of the army, a big powerful strong guy. A woman said are you Joab? Will you hear me? Yes, I will hear you. Yeah, Joab! Give Joab a hand! He wasn’t the most perfect guy but he got that right.

There can be talk on the street about our ministry not honoring or using women. We listen. We have the Spirit of God. We are caring. Don’t buy into that. That’s garbage. When we lived in Finland our ministry was built with women. We did everything except ordain them. They are mighty women. They are mightily used of God. Sirpa, Honelie, Aiya, many. The ratio was seven women to one man. We had 30 men and 200 women. We believed God. I did not care. This is spiritual. This is God. These are women of God. So he heard her.

vs. 18-19. You can come to the city and resolve disputes. You can get good counsel. I am one of them the woman is saying. I’m a problem solver. Some go to them and counsel brings them into a pit of despair. You hang out with God’s people and you’ll be ok.

vs. 19. I’m not a gossiper. I don’t sow discord. There was a woman who came here yapping and talking and took four women out of our church. I know about it. That’s stupid. Why would you leave a church like this when you have an open Bible, Spirit filled people. Brain dead. If listen to gossip, you might become like them.

There are people I don’t want to be like them. I want to be this Spirit filled Pastor Shibley kind. I want to have Silver Spring juice in my tank. I want to be filled up with Tabasco sauce! I want to have a simple care-free godly life like the woman who is speaking from the wall. vs. 19 I will be here at Christmas time, at the church picnic, at Harvest night (he’s naming different events throughout the year). I’ll be here at EUROCON and go back into graduation and mission barbecue time. We’ll be in the year 2019 summer and winter, summer and winter, etc. and I’ll be in 2025. I’ll be in this church and getting something done by the Spirit of God because I have wise women around me who are edifying and building ourselves up in our holy faith.

vs. 19-21. That’s the kind of woman I like to hang out! He says ok. I’m on your side. We are going to get something done. Wait here. Have a glass of water and duck when his head is coming over.

vs. 22. This woman has something going on with God. She has wisdom. She knew how to get it done. She wasn’t fooling around. Justin said we are in a culture of comparison. You go on Facebook or social media and you are comparing and feeling like I miss something in life. What am I doing? I’m not making any progress. That person has this or that. That comparison is like poison in the soul. You don’t use that stuff. It’s the mind. The way of thinking. You don’t have those comparisons. I want to be build up in my, – I want the Spirit to speak to me. Everything is so material and who knows who. This woman is saying you have a problem. I’m with you Joab. Let’s go.

vs. 22. Where did she get that wisdom? She got it from Greater Grace! That’s in the Hebrew there! Where did she get the wisdom from? Pastor Stevens, the Holy Spirit, the Bible, soul winning, from praying. She went to the people and where is this guy? He is hiding over in the corner.

vs. 22. That is a funny name. He wasn’t graced with a great name, was he! Bichri! It was over and done. No big deal. Understanding together and it’s done. You know who did it? A woman with wisdom. We have a learning center with Kim Yanosky. We have teachers that are amazing. Counselors and amazing moms and wives doing the best they can and doing the best job. I want to give a shout out to married, unmarried, young, old, all of us. I am so thankful for the Spirit of God in our church.



Dan Dunbar

It’s good to be with you. I don’t recognize everyone here because of new people. I’m Dan Dunbar and used to live here. Now I live in S. Korea. We have an interesting neighbor to our north. Only 30 miles from where we live in Seoul. It is what it is. People ask me, are you concerned [or] worried? I think of how Scripture says God used Pharaoh. God used Nebuchadnezzar and all these heathen kings to accomplish his purpose. God is using good old Kim Jong-un in the north. There is a gentlemen who attends our Wednesday afternoon English Bible study class. He’s s doctor, an atheist and is the president of our English Bible study group. Pray for him. His name is Dr. Chung. I want you to pray for him tonight before you go to sleep. I think he is close to receiving Christ but he is holding out. This situation in the north has him thinking. It’s keeping him up at night. He’s losing sleep. Those of us as believers we are sleeping fine! If he drops a bomb, we are going to heaven. God is using this to create an urgency in people’s hearts maybe they pushed off or delayed. People are on their knees praying. God is using it. Hello to Helen who may be watching in Korea. It’s Monday morning there. We have a precious church and God there. When I’m there I’m missing you, and when I’m here I’m missing them. Interesting Lana would sing that song because it has something to do with what I’m going to speak about.

1 Cor 15:10, Lana sang about us being fearfully and wonderfully made. God knows us. I am what I am by the grace of God. Paul thought of himself as least of all the apostles. He did not deserve to be named among the apostles. By the grace of God, he was the apostle. Some days serving in Korea as the un-ordained pastor, I thank God why am I here. I am the least. You put me here. This verse comes back to me. By the grace of God you are who you are. God is using that. Something I never thought would happen. Recently I saw this verse in the book of Job.

Job 37:6, if you read this in NASV he says to the rain and the downpour be strong. What this verse is saying he says snow, you are snow. What does snow do? It falls to the earth. It’s not hard for snow to be snow. Not hard for it to fall from the sky. But the rain to be a downpour, it’s not a difficult thing because rain is rain. That’s what rain does. You see everything in this earth, all God has made. Fish swim. Birds fly, at least most of them. Do you have to tell your dog, please act more like a dog? Stop being a cat, a cow? You don’t have to tell a dog to do that. A dog will be a dog. He functions as God made him to be. Snow functions as God made it to be. Rain functions as God made it to be. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. He knows us. David said he knew all of our days are written before we came out of our mother’s womb. Good works he planned for us from the beginning. We are who we are by the grace of God. Just like the snow and rain, God is saying be who I made you to be. You mentioned the message about comparison. You don’t have to be someone else. You are who God graced you to be. God graced you with many gifts. I want you to operate in the gifts I’ve given you. It shouldn’t be hard. He doesn’t say to the snow come down and melt and be a down pour. Or rain freeze and create a blizzard. No snow just be snow, and rain just pour down. Be who I made you to be. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Some of us are snow, rain, sunshine. I’ve discovered after being in Korea now for 3 going on 4 years, I didn’t have to be P. Steve Devries or P. Tom Schaller or P. Sejun, just who God has made me to be. Whatever that is. Every day that is something new. By grace waking up and what do you have in store for me, God? Jesus said take my yoke. My yoke is easy. My burden is light. Join me. Walk with me. Be part of what I am doing. You will find rest for your soul. When God calls you and everyone has a calling, when God calls you, I’m calling you to join me. Come and be with me. Find out what I made you to be and walk with me. Find rest for your soul. If you are comparing yourself and saying I am not that person and I don’t have that gift and can’t do that, there is no rest there. God wants you to rest in who he made you to be by his grace. I don’t know if I’m rain. I think I must be snow. I like the cold weather. I look forward to fall and winter. Koreans shake their heads like you are crazy! Some people who definitely receive more from me because I’m snow. Thank God there are people who are rain and sunshine and sleet and hail and hurricanes! That’s the diversity in the Body of Christ. There is this oneness that ties us all together. We are all receiving our gifts from the same source. We complement each other and build each other up and serve each other. Thank you for praying for me. I really need it every day.

Thank you for messages you sent me and Facebook, Istagram and all the ways we communicate now a days. It’s a blessing to represent this Body in Korea. Thank you for taking care of P. Sejun when he is here. The church is so different when he is there. He is so much loved there. I heard him speak and wow. Such a blessing to hear. Life, grace and finished work pour out. We are thankful he is here for another year but looking forward to him coming back. You are welcome to visit us. It’s only a 24-hour trip. There is P. Sejun. Hi! Love you! In closing, how do I stop? I look out and see all these people I have worked with or former students that I have taught. I think wow it’s good to be able to come back and be here at home base and see people I spent so much of my life with. I have a place to land. I am received just as I am. I’m rambling now. Amen.



P. Ed Morneault

Good to know we can be a flake by the grace of God. Look at the person next to you and say I want to be a helper of your joy. Since pastor was talking about women, I was thinking of my precious wife. Truly the helper of my joy. Also I saw Deighlene Colby, veteran of our school. Cheryl Bogardes, another veteran of our school. We probably worked together 20 some years in our school.

Philemon. You don’t hear too much about that. I wanted to share a story. I told Dan I’ve been to the mountain. I’ve been to Seoul Korea in 1986 I think when Ronald Reagan was president. I took a trip to Indonesia with Pastor Robinson. That was an amazing trip. We had a layover in Seoul at the time. What Dan said it was a very long trip…come to find out later it was the airplane that got shot over the Soviet Union the year before. They didn’t tell us that. God had it covered. Dr. Cho at that time had a church or has a church in Seoul and they purchased about 90 acres on top of this mountain. They completed a chapel the size and shape of Noah’s ark. We walked into there. The place was packed. I was amazed. Thousands of people in that chapel. They are praising God and standing up singing, dancing, people sacked out in their sleeping bags. That was one of ten chapels on that mountain. Every chapel has 4 services every day. That means there are 40 services happening every day and 280 every week. That is why they have nothing to fear from N. Korea. That’s why you can go to Seoul and not worry. God has put a bulwark against that in S. Korea.

Philemon 1:4-7. This is what Paul is talking about, Philemon. When we open to Philemon, we want to talk about Onesimus and the mercy Paul is wanting to show Onesimus his servant. We often miss what he is saying about Philemon. His love, agape love, and his loyal faith, his divine convictions towards J.C. This Philemon character is a prominent man in the city of Colossae. He’s a slave owner, a common thing in those days. Paul recognizes him for eternity for the word of God, his love and faith. Paul goes on to pray that the sharing of his faith may produce and promote full recognition and precise K of every good think that is ours in Christ Jesus. He is talking about one man here. It can be anyone of us by identification. Your love and faith is an encouragement to someone. Your love and faith help another person’s joy. Don’t take it for granted.

My first introduction to Bible Speaks I think was when Jimmy Carter was still president…My spiritual father in Maine, P. Jageya, 85 and going strong, invited me to church. I said God there has to be more than this. He invited me to church. He was out of town so I sat by myself. Service is over and looking around everyone is looking at me but no one is talking to me. I walked out. I said I’m going to give it another chance. I came back. P. Dick [?] was there. He greeted me. Nice service. People looking at me and then no one is talking to me. If you are from Maine, that makes sense. Come on now. I went out to my car and locked my keys in the car. I had to go back in and talk to someone. P. Burrell was kind to ride me home and get my spare keys and come back. God forced the issue. We don’t have to here. You walk in and people greet you. That has to be a helper of your joy. I say it’s good to see you and I mean it. Wonder why Amy is smiling so much these days? Arbor is here. Paul is deriving much joy and encouragement from Philemon’s faith. I want to be a helper of your joy.

2 Cor 1:24, helper here means a fellow laborer. Laborers together with God. That’s who we are. By the grace of God we are who we are. Sometimes I know this to be true and we come through these doors and it’s less than joyful. Whatever the reason. We’ve all had times of joylessness, when it’s not grand to be a Christian. The burdens of life get the best of us. Someone there with a smile on their face is an encouragement. Maybe my reason for joylessness is sin. My tweets turn into squawks…I do go on Facebook once in a while to get pictures of my grandchildren. Maybe we have physical ailments, old age. You get pains where you’ve never had before. It’s starting to hurt. I got over my [?]. I had a desk job and I didn’t know I was sitting on my wallet. Don’t do that. I’m not kidding. It’s painful. This muscle sits under your [?] muscle and it hurts really bad. You can take pain killers and do stretches, but I was sitting on my wallet. Now it stays in my front pocket. Maybe it’s something like that causing us to be joyless. Maybe it’s a form of discontentment. I’m not happy with my situation. I look at my finances and started doing the math and it doesn’t add up at the end of the month. First thing comes to mind is I can’t tithe. What a way to encourage someone by tithing. That money could go to someone in need and encourage their need. I don’t want to not tithe. It is an encouragement to someone. As God blesses, it’s an amazing thing God does. Each one of these things, P. Wailen said we all have our things. These things start building a wall, a block I’m putting up against a river that flows within me. As I build that dam higher and higher, the water no longer flows. I’m on the dry side of the river. I look at my situation and say I thirst but no water. This is what we can do as helpers of your joy. Maybe I can pray for you without knowing the situation. To mention you in my prayers. Maybe I can offer a word of encouragement. Or I might offer you some food. Sidone here, amazing woman, feeds the hungry and passes it on to my wife and she feeds the hungry, including me! Those are the kinds of things that help people. We are in a crazy world and will always be until the Lord comes. I can continue to build that dam and stop the flow of water or help by praying or whatever to chip away at that wall. The water didn’t dry out. It’s behind the dam. It’s waiting to flow through. Times of joylessness. I’m in a dry place. If I pray for you and you for me and we encourage one another, I want to be a helper of your joy…We will help break down that dam so the water can flow from the throne of God to us.

Mt 5:6 blessed, fully satisfied. Let’s do that for one another. Be an encourager. If your weakness is Tweeting or Facebook, I purpose to try and make someone laugh. I throw in a comment to make someone laugh. Or refrain myself and not get in political arguments. It’s a lose/lose [situation]. Nobody wins. I’m more concerned about being right than edifying and building up the other person.

Let’s be helpers of each other’s joy, shall we?


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