God has called us to go out and tell other about Him. We have His Word. We have His Spirit. The fields are white and ready.

Speaker(s): Zsombor Szük, Hanna Gall, Caleb Dye, Daniel Flores
Sermon 12243
6:30 PM on 1/30/2022


P. Steve Andrulonis –

That’s Martin and Marie. How do you same your name? Ask? Or Ahsk? Ahsk. Finnish accent. They
are from Stockholm. Their kids are in the school. It’s awesome. It’s great to have them with us.

We have an amazing night for you. There was a pray prayed during the staff meeting this week
by our pastor saying that I would like to see one hundred salvations in our ministry. How many
were there for that? Yeah, you heard it. Okay. So, really, the weekend we have thought about
that. We were given this sort of commission to like think about soul winning and what it means
to seek the lost as the people of God.

So tonight, this will be a different kind of service. We have four Bible college students. I think
they’re all here. I saw them all. Zsombur, where are you? Come on up. Hanna is right next to
him. Two there and also Caleb Dye and Daniel Flores. Come on up and sit in those seats over
there. Don’t get too comfortable but sit in those seats. It will be awesome. You can sit over

They’re going to talk about – they’re Bible college students – they’re going to talk about how
they have been engaged in sharing the Gospel with people. We want you to just listen to them.
Most of you have been up here before. Okay. So I don’t think they’ll be too nervous to share

Just thinking about what Jesus said about going and finding people who are lost. When you
think about Jesus and his way with the different people, the different salvation scenes; when
you think about it, there is no set pattern. It’s not like Jesus gave us a pattern to follow.
Zacchaeus, I’m just coming to lunch and salvation came to his house. The woman at the well,
he just asked a question. So, could I meet your husband? Then he said you should worship me
in spirit and in truth. He also told that woman at the well that he was the Savior himself. That
was something he expressed to her directly.

What’s another one? The woman taken in adultery. Go and sin no more. Neither do I condemn
you. Go and sin no more. The last, the famous last second guy that just got into Paradise.
Who’s that? The thief on the cross. Surely, you will be with me in Paradise. Lord, remember me.
Alright. It’s awesome. And then the religious guy. There’s Nicodemus that comes to him, Jesus,
at night. He said Nicodemus, I got to tell you something. You must be born again in order to see
the kingdom of God.

So you see Jesus interacting, engaging people, different ones, different ways. Everyone had a
different situation, a different mindset. So, there is not like one pattern. E. Stanley Jones wrote
something. It says like don’t be so quick or he said cut it out. Cut it out. Don’t confess other
people’s sins. Even to God. Don’t confess other people’s sins even to God. That’s going to
change my prayer life and so confess your own sins, and then you’ll be surprised how many
people will confess their sins. I confess that I am not such a great confrontational evangelist. In
fact, I’m pretty lousy at it, but God brings me into situations because I just allow myself to be put
there. That’s the kind of thing I think we want to take out of this evening is that God puts us in
situations. The Holy Spirit is really responsible for what happens in those situations and who we

Daniel winds up and Nebuchadnezzar – I believe we will see Nebuchadnezzar in eternity. You
can challenge me on that, but it seems to me that Nebuchadnezzar had some sort of
relationship with God after seeing Daniel there. And how did he get there? He didn’t ask to be
there. Nehemiah was just putting the cup down and he was a man who witnessed to people.
Esther. Esther had a year of beauty treatment. That would be a great way for evangelism. You
get a year of beauty treatment and then you get to go in and tell the king the truth and save all
the people. That’s amazing. I want that one! I would like that one! Six months of oils and bubble
baths. Six months of perfume.

Then I can witness. Yeah! Sure. I understand. I’m just saying. I think all of us we understand the purpose that God has put us here. The reason God has called us to himself. I could tell you about Henry and Betty sometime. It’s amazing. That’s how I became – maybe I’ll say it later. It depends on how these people go. Really, we’re just going to
let them tell you their stories. Let’s see. Who will be first? We’ll have Zsombor go first. He’s the
tallest. The tallest goes first. Not that it will be the tallest to the shortest, but he will be first.

Zsombor Szuk –

Thank you so much, P. Steve. When P. Steve came up to me this week like,
hey, could you share some thoughts? So, when I told Benscu like last time we did rap, you said
all the good verses about soul winning. Didn’t leave anything for me. Benscu is like, don’t worry.
God’s going to give you something. So, sure enough. I went down to our basement. God give
me something. And in fifteen minutes, he told me six whole chapters of soul winning. I’m at the
same place. I still don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m overwhelmed right now! (Prayer).
I want to start in Micah 3. If you would turn with me starting from vs. 5-7. Here Micah is speaking
about the prophets. All the false prophets were in Israel were leading people astray. They were
false prophets. But then it says in vs. 8.

This is a Bible verse that I’m thinking all the time when
we go soul winning. As for me, I’m filled with power by the Spirit of the Lord and with justice and
might. Just to have, to build ourselves up in the Lord in this way. To be able to say, but as for
me, I am filled with power.

In Ephesians 1:18-20, here he names three things. That we have a hope. We have a glorious
inheritance, and we have the immeasurable greatness of his power towards us. We are filled
with these three things should motivate us to go soul winning. Why? We have a hope that
people don’t have in the world. We talk to them. What is the biggest difference between us who
go out to do soul winning and them out there? Just the hope that we have. And we can see
here, what is this hope?

1 Peter 1 it talks about what this hope is. vs. 3-5. Like we see in Ephesians 1, what is this hope that we
have? This is an unfading inheritance in heaven put away just for us. We can see the glorious
inheritance in us and also the power which is the same power that worked in Jesus when he
was raised from the dead. It’s so amazing how a great a power we have. We’re just thinking
how amazing it is that God involves us in his plan. He could just go out and do it all himself. He
says, no. I want to include you. 1 Corinthians 3:9, we are God’s fellow workers. It’s like the dad building
the tree house. The little toddler comes up, two years old, and he’s like can I help you daddy?
He’s like, yeah. Yeah. They’re building an amazing tree house and the little two year old is like,
we built a tree house with dad. What really happened?

That’s us. God is gracious enough and loving enough to involve us in his great plan. It blesses
us so much. I know as we go out, it blesses me more.
Every time we go out, I get filled up again and again.
We had this really good illustration. Let’s say you had a million dollars and God says, every time
you give away one dollar, I’ll give you another one. I’ll give you two. Wouldn’t you go out there
and start giving out everything? Here you go. You have, you have some. Then just get back.
That’s the same what happens. We can go out and give away all that we have and God will give
us double the amount because he fills us up. It’s so amazing.

When David was discouraged, he built himself up in the Lord. I am the one. I am the one who is
filled with power, the Spirit of the Lord, and justice and might. I’m the one. For me and my
household, we will serve the Lord, you know. I’m the disciple whom Jesus loves. I’m the one.
You too! Amen! We can all say this. I am the one whom Jesus loves. I am the one. Yeah.
Maybe one testimony. I honestly don’t even know what to say. This month, we started praying
with the guys in the dorm. God give us souls. God give us souls for this dorm. We want ten
souls this month. Give us ten souls for the dorm. Seven of us guys and it’s almost exactly the
end of January and we had 11 salvations that we know of. It’s just – I know for a fact that it’s
God working because some of them were so fast. I had to ask P. Love.

Is this theologically correct? Can someone get saved this quick?
If I could actually sell something in one minute, I would be a millionaire right now cause that’s no
way this is happening. We’re walking home with Benscu after work. We just gave this guy a tract
and he got saved in under a minute. I kid you not. We were like, what? God is really working.
The power of prayer is just so revealed here. I pray we could all say, as for me, I’m filled with
power, the Spirit of the Lord, and justice and might. So, thank you for listening and God bless.

Hanna Gall –

Hey, everyone. So, the thought God put on my heart to share with you guys is to
ask two questions. The first question is: What do you think is on God’s heart? What do you think
is the most important thing for God? And then the second question is: What are you truly
seeking? And try and answer that honestly. It’s not that easy. I tried and it reveals some ugly
things that we are actually seeking, but it’s pretty natural.

I’m going to share a little story. I was in Izmir for a month. I got back a week ago, and when I
initially went there, I was texting back and forth with Liz and the team. Something was said was
it’s going to be so great. You’re going to be here for the Christmas concert, and I perceived that
as, oh. So great. You’re going to sing in the Christmas concerts. So I showed up and they were
like, we actually don’t need you to sing during the Christmas concerts, but could you please
watch the kids during the concerts? And I was like, oh. Okay. And throughout that night, I was
so surprised by how introspective and insecure that made me, because as the night was going
on, I had all kinds of thoughts like do they think I’m not good enough? Do they think my voice
sucks? Whatever. Like why don’t they want me to sing?

And I was so preoccupied with that and what my peers think of me, that I was missing the whole point. The whole point 2 to 300 amazing Turkish people heard the Gospel possibly for the very first time in their entire lives.
And so that evening, when the concert was over, a big group of us went to a cafe, and a bunch
of Turkish people came from the concert who we had just met there. We didn’t know them
before. I was sitting there kind of just trying to understand what’s going on. Everyone is talking in
Turkish. One thing that caught my attention was that there was a guy who was talking to Roger.
They were kind of talking across me, in front of me. I got to listen in.

The Turkish guy was saying I wasn’t going to come to this concert cause I have exams and I’m so busy, but I showed
up and I’m so glad I came because so much peace rushed over me and I’ve been so anxious for
a really long time. And something Roger said in return was, you know that’s incredible. I’m so
glad you came, but what are you going to do on Monday? What are you going to do a month
from today when you can’t just come to a Christmas concert and get built up in peace? And we
have something to offer to you and that’s Jesus. We have a God that wants to be close to you
and wants a relationship with you. So, I wanted to share that because I wanted to demonstrate
the difference between what we care about, my natural thinking, versus what God cares about.
So, the following day we had another concert, and God worked in my heart and I went into the
second concert with a much better attitude. And with his goal on my heart, my goals aligned
with God’s goals. And let me tell you.

I had a much better experience the second night and I was filled with the joy of the Lord. I had so much fun watching those kids and running around and taking pictures and getting to document this incredible evening. The reason that was is because I took my own ideas and desires that are maybe underlying and they are ugly. We
don’t want to admit those are the things we are thinking, or those are the things we are
motivated by. But it’s pretty natural. If we are honest with ourselves, then I think we can all admit
that we all have certain underlying desires and things we are seeking in our natural self.
So, I wanted to talk a little bit about what God values. In Matthew 9:37-38, Matthew 16:24, I want to
challenge us tonight. What are our desires? What are the secret things that our souls are
seeking? Can we bring those to the cross? Can we say, God, I trust you and these things can
die. My importance or the things I attach my value to, those can die.

It’s almost like we’re so preoccupied on this level and we’re playing on this level, but we can hop
on up to God’s ballgame and play in the fields he’s playing in and what he cares about. And I want, I know in my life personally, I want my goals to align with God’s goals. I’d much rather lose
all the things I care about in order to gain what Christ cares about because it’s so much more

Another thing I wanted to share in Philippians 3:7-15. So you see, there’s a process that happens
here. We bring the things that we find gain in our lives and we lay them before the cross and we
trust whatever God gives us in return is much more worth than what we valued initially. And that
is actually painful. It is a process of death. My flesh or the things I value have to die. What I get
on the other side, is so much more worth it. Now I can say that from experience. It is so much
more worth it. Cause when we go through the process of resurrection into this new life, and we
step into the things that God has prepared for us, then we experience his abundant life, his joy,
and everything that comes with that.

In Ephesians 2, there’s a verse that talks about God preparing things for us. vs. 10. this is the
important part, “which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” Matthew 16:24, so
what does that mean practically? How do we do that? To me, I found the answer here and it’s
that God has prepared things for me, things for you, things for all of us beforehand but we tend
to have an idea in our head of how we are going to get there or how we are going to achieve
that. So we agree. Okay, God. I know what you have for me is the best so I want that. But I
know how I’m going to get there. And what God is saying is, no. You might have an idea of how
you’re going to get there. You might have expectations. You might have goals and those goals
are usually from our flesh and our natural goals. And what he is saying is, no. I’ve already
prepared a way for you and you’ll step into that.

That night at the Christmas concert, what God had prepared for me and what was perfect was
for me to watch the kids and it brought me so much joy. Because what it came down to was
there were already enough singers to put on a beautiful concert and the concert was just a
means for God’s purpose which was up here, and that was for hundreds of people to hear the
Gospel and hear that they are loved and for their lives to change.

So I kind of want to challenge you guys and ask you, what are you truly seeking? What’s really
on your heart? And are you giving that up to God? Can you do that? Really think about it cause
I couldn’t. And then I did and it was really worth it. So really do some soul searching. Ask
yourself what’s really on my heart and does it align with what’s on God’s heart? Am I willing to
give up the things that I want to get the things that God has in return. Cause guys there’s such a

I was in a Muslim country where people have so many questions and they want to talk to you
about God and they want God but there are not enough people to tell them about God. I think
God’s heart is absolutely souls and the value that God places on every single human being is
How do you determine the value of something? By how much you are going to pay for it. Well,
God sent his actually Son because that’s how valuable we are and that’s how valuable the
people are. So, I want to challenge you. Does your heart truly align with that and are you
actually willing to sacrifice things, not just the things you don’t want, but are you willing to
sacrifice your firstfruits that you want to hold onto because it’s worth it. That’s it.

Caleb Dye –

Alright. That was good. (Prayer). You know, it’s kind of funny. You know us as
believers whenever we – for instance, being asked to prepare for this. Or when we we are
asking God to speak to us or show us something, there’s kind of a constant theme.
Zsombor and Hannah did an amazing job with what they shared. The song we sung at the
beginning is Jesus is calling, and wow! The verse where it says, have you come to the end of
yourself? Have you come to the end of yourself? Because in order to deny yourself to take up
the cross, you have to come to the end of yourself.

At the men’s conference, P. Jason shared something and one of the things that he said was in
order to be successful as a Christian, making godly decisions in this world is having our mind,
our will align with the Word of God. And so, one of the things that we are all called to do is be a
disciple. The Greek word is “MATHETEO” (?) I think. And it’s used also MATHETES in Matthew
28:16 when Jesus gives the disciples and us the Great Commission to go forth and he says
teach all nations. Teach. I think one thing, and this has been personal for me, that I feel like
where the church has maybe struggled or fallen short is discipleship. Discipleship. What does
that mean? What does that look like?

P. Steve at the beginning of the service shared that one of the goals was to have X amount of
salvations. And that’s a great goal. I feel like sometimes we can get caught up in the number.
We saw X amount saved this weekend. How do you know they were saved? Well they said a
prayer. They said some words. And we can give people a false sense of assurance just by
having them say a few words. When the Bible really calls for them to repent, to repent and

I really kind of struggle with that because what does it mean to really repent, to have that
change of mind? Because for years growing up, I grew up in a Southern Baptist church. My
grandfather was a pastor. My uncle was a pastor and so when you grow up in it and you hear all
these things. I went to church and did all these things, but it wasn’t until Jesus Christ pulled me
up out of the depths of my sin and drug addiction and alcoholism and unfaithfulness, lying,
theiving, stealing. Just the life that I was living one way and then when I stepped in front of
others, I lived a totally different way. It was a lie. Until Jesus got ahold of me and changed me,
and to truly repent.

I feel like Isaiah 55:7 gives a really good definition of what it looks like to truly repent. Isaiah 55:7,
that is repentance. It’s not I’m sorry or I regret what I did. That’s an important attitude to have but
a true heart of repentance and brokenness and turning and saying, Lord, I’ve changed my mind.
I know I was wrong. That is repentance. And it’s important I feel like when we are out
evangelising and we’re sharing the Gospel that we communicate that clearly. That we don’t just
say, hey. If you say this prayer, this is your eternal security right here in these words. That’s not
it. It’s do you believe the Gospel? Do you believe that Jesus hung on the cross for your sins?
That he died for you?

You know, going back to the point I made a minute ago about being a disciple and not just being
a disciple to be a learner but a disciple to teach. I was preaching on the streets of downtown
Nashville, and there was a father and he was walking by. He had a girl and she was probably
about eight or nine years old. She had a younger brother with her. As I’m preaching, I don’t
remember exactly what I was saying at the time but I was talking about there’s no man
righteous. Not one. No one goes after God. I was talking about salvation. Do you know how to
get to heaven? If I asked you, could you tell me? And the girl looked at me and said none of us
deserve it. And in brokenness I said, no, we don’t. And her dad trying to hurry her along. We
have to go. We have to go. I asked the little girl, do you know what it takes to be saved? She
said, no, tell me as her father is pulling her away. We’re too busy. We have to go.

I tried to speak to the father. Do you have a church? Do you know what the Gospel says? He
says we’ll talk about it later. We’ll talk about it later. And as the father was pulling away, I was
able to give the Gospel the best I could to that little girl and I believe that the Lord would use
that, but I felt that the Lord wanted me to share that tonight because it’s such an accurate, visual
representation of the struggle we have not just between the flesh and the Spirit but the world
and the church. The world tugging at us. That old sin nature tugging at us, calling us back and
God reaching out his hand to us but being pulled away by our own fleshly desires.

I was reading a message from D. L. Moody on repentance. And one of the major points that he
made was that it’s our own stubborn will that gets in the way of true repentance. How amazing is
it the grace and the mercy that we have from God and really if I could leave you with anything,
it’s to be intentional. Intentional with our study time. Intentional with our prayer time. Intentional in our devotion, not just to God but to each other. We provoke each other unto good works. You
know that word means to stir up vigorously. When we get together, you know, it’s great. But I
feel like there is a powerful thing in small groups. We do the lunch raps and those things are
great, but you know, a lot of people, especially myself whenever we get in front of a lot of people
or maybe in a rap. You know, there’s 15 maybe 20 people. We can really struggle to open up
and share those things that we struggle with.

I feel like that’s the other part of discipleship is being able to open up intimately with the brothers
and sisters around you and share those things that you struggle with. I think it’s in Philippians. I
could be wrong. I’m going to check. I can’t remember where it’s at. Forgive me. But the verse
talks about not keeping anything, withholding anything from each other. Like for example, Paul,
when he left the elders in Acts 20. He says I withheld no good thing from you. He wanted those
other elders to be better than he was and not withholding. So I would challenge you, as you go
this week and you go forward in your walk with Christ and sharing with those on the streets, look
for opportunities. If you’re struggling with something, find somebody you can trust and then be
an open ear for a brother or sister who is struggling because you never know who is struggling
around you. I love you all. Thanks.

Daniel Flores –

Good evening church. We could just bow our heads for a quick prayer, please.
(Prayer). Why do we go soul winning, right? Just go ahead and take a quick minute to look at
your neighbor and ask, why do we go soul winning? In one word. It sounds more like sentences
out there, but go ahead! Go ahead and take a look at your other neighbor that you completely
ignored and ask them now! Okay.

Why do we go soul winning, right? We go soul winning because we’re chosen by God. John. 15:16
it’s clearly displayed. We focus on part A of this verse. We didn’t choose God, but God chose us
and appointed us. We’re ordained. We’re set apart by God, and when we’re set apart or
ordained by God, that gives us a special confidence. A confidence that the world won’t
comprehend. When a brother looks at us, we look foolish to them. But we know we’re appointed
by God so we do some pretty radical things, right, like soul winning.

There’s people in this world that only you can reach. Your neighbor won’t be able to reach them
because they’re not ordained for you. Their ordained for your neighbor. The people that you are
ordained to reach, they are ordained for you only. So that’s why it’s important we are all stirred
up in our own hearts and have the conviction for the lost souls.

Once we truly understand just how valuable a soul is, it will drive us to go soul winning some
more. When Jesus was tempted by Satan, one of the temptations was if you bow down and
worship me, I’ll give you everything you see here. I’m sure it was beautiful things. Maybe a big
house, a very nice car, some nice jewelry. Who knows? Some very good things, but Jesus said,
no. You should worship the Lord thy God alone. You can imagine he turned down a lot of good
stuff, right? Because he knew the value of each and every person in this room and every other
believer. He knew their true value. He said, no. Their souls are more important. I’d rather go to
the cross because I love them so much. It blows my mind. It really does blow my mind.

But Jesus was a soul winner as well. Do you guys believe that? So there’s a couple places. The
woman at the well. He spoke to her at her capacity. He spoke to her not like she was
Nicodemus in John. 3. He said your Israel’s teacher and you don’t know these things? Those were
pretty harsh words, right? But he didn’t speak to her that way. He addressed her to her capacity.
And then we also have Zacchaeus. All three of these were mentioned by P. Steve already.
Zacchaeus. He went counter-culture and he told him hey, I’m going to spend time at your house
today. Nobody liked a guy like Zacchaeus. Nobody wanted to spend time with him but Jesus
did. And then my personal, favorite story in the Bible, the woman caught in adultery. Jesus
clearly love over law in this story and displays how much he loves us and the law just magnifies
our sin, right? But he always chooses love over law.

And so, finishing up, John. 15:16b. It says you should go bear fruit. And that word “should” is not much of an option. It’s just telling you, you should go do this. It’s not our choice. Like we just got
to go bear fruit. That’s what God’s telling us to do. And so, I looked this word “should” in the
Greek and its HYPAGO. I think I’m saying that wrong most likely, but it means to draw oneself.
So we are supposed to draw ourselves to the lost souls. That’s what we are called to do. We’re
appointed to draw ourselves to the lost souls. And so in the beginning of Luke 10:2, it says the
harvest is plentiful but the workers are few, and I think the more important part of that verse is
how the harvest is plentiful. There’s quite a few workers in here if you are asking me. Just
imagine the magnitude of harvest there is that we got to go reap, right? So it’s very plentiful.
Jesus knew the value of lost souls.

That’s why he committed himself on the cross and he died
for us. A lot of people in the Bible clearly displays how much they know about the lost souls.
Just to read you one more verse. In Romans 9:1-3, Paul is speaking. So for Paul to say these
words, these are some pretty heavy words. But he knew the value of a soul. He said, man,
nobody deserves hell. It’s a terrible place to be. He knew the value of a lost soul. He said I’m
willing to take their place, but it’s not possible because we have our free will. It’s a gift from God
that he can’t take. Trust me. I’ve prayed many times for him to take my free will, but he hasn’t
yet! I guess I got to stay with it, right!

In closing, just to share a testimony from Richmond. I can honestly say that this man
encouraged my life so greatly. I don’t think he’ll know until we get to heaven, but his name was
Ernest. We had some extra coffee brewed up after a meeting in Richmond and myself and a
couple other brothers went to get some coffee. We were like, why not? So we were approaching
this man. He’s reading a book I can see. I asked him, hey, are you reading the Bible? He’s like,
yeah. What are you reading? He’s reading the book of Isaiah. And so here we are talking about
it, right? We’re talking for about two minutes and then he completely stopped and said, can you
pray for me? I’m basically crying at this point. I’m like, yeah. Please let me pray for you. What do
you need prayer for? Can you pray for my salvation? I look at this guy with complete
amazement and I said, do you know what salvation is?

He says, no. I said, can I tell you what it means? So I shared the Gospel with him and he accepted Christ in his heart. It was very encouraging me and just the humility of this man was beautiful. That’s some of my thoughts on
soul winning. I hope you guys are encouraged. Go win a hundred souls each, right?

P. Steve Andrulonis –

Alright. So that was Caleb from Tennessee. Is Faith here? Is your wife
here? Faith, stand up. Wave. Come on. You can stand up and wave. A great couple. Get to
know them. Alright. Faith can help you men with gifts for people. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to give
a shameless plug but I did. And Daniel Flores. Okay.

I think the amazing thing about all of these testimonies is like being yourself. Just like being
yourself. I just think being yourself, God meets us where we are. You know, anyway. My story is
that I wound up on a blind date that led to me sitting in a room with Henry and Betty Allot over a
year and they were just themselves telling me to be born again, again and again and again and
again. For a year they did. It wasn’t until that girl was out of the picture, and I realized I needed
God that I went and as P. Colban said, I went and saw a Rapture movie and I didn’t want to be
left behind! I say this because I’m thinking the great soul winner and he didn’t win a soul, really.
The great evangelist, and one of the great evangelists of the Bible and he didn’t win a soul
except for those in his family was Noah. And I’m thinking about all that he had to do to craft that
ark as a testimony of righteousness in a world that was lost.

And I think of Henry and Betty. Betty is still with us. Henry has gone home to be with the Lord,
and I think of them just being themselves, you know. A country guy who liked to shoot squirrel
talking to me. I’m like, I just dismissed everything but he never stopped telling me that I needed
the Lord in their own way to a guy like me. And I was such a butthead. I guess if Hanna can say
“sucks” I can say “butthead.” I was just such a butthead before and this was like. That’s just the
way I was. I can’t imagine that I’m here right now all these years later and it’s just because
someone was faithful to who they are in Christ. And I think really that’s the great thing you can
take out of this tonight. Be who you are. God will bring you the people and God will open your
mouth. It will happen. It will be amazing. Thanks you guys for really putting your heart and soul into that preparation. Would you stand. We’re going to sing a closing song.



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