The Father seeks worshippers who will stand in Spirit and truth. The fear of the Lord, let’s not lose this. Say simple prayers in the midst of temptation. John 4:21-24; Philippians 3;3; Psalm 34:1-10

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller, Steve Andrulonis
Sermon 12307
6:30 PM on 5/22/2022

P. Schaller –

Okay. Turn in your Bibles for our introductory word tonight in John 4 and this is a continuation of a series that we
started Wednesday night on worship and the world system and Christ coming to the woman at
the well. In John 4, we have a very profound word from God on this subject. This has to do with
worship. P. Carl is here with the folks from Wilmington. We’re very glad you are here tonight.
John. 4:21-22, he is saying that we worship God and we have the real God, the true God, the living

Vs. 23. This is the part I want you to take note of. Is God seeking something from us? What is he
seeking from us? Worship. What is the Father seeking regarding us? Does he seek bright minds
and shiny personalities and good works or is he – all that might happen but he’s looking for
something more. What is he looking for? Worship. What is worship? Isn’t it a good question.
What is worship? The Father seeks that worship. Why would God seek worship? Why would
God seek worship? Do the angels worship God? They do. They worship God. They’re in the
presence of God worshipping God.

Then we human beings are on the earth and I wonder how many worship God in Spirit and
truth. We are told here by Christ that the Father seeks, he seeks it. He seeks it. Doesn’t it say
that? He’s looking for it. He wants it. He desires it and he seeks worship. What if I can give God,
I give God a little bit of my time. I give God a little bit of my attention. I’m okay. I say a few
prayers and so on. Isn’t it amazing Christ is saying something to the woman and he’s saying you
are worshiping but you don’t know what. The Jews are worshipping down in Jerusalem but I
want to tell you the hour is coming and it is now here and the Father and he means my Father,
God, is seeking worship.

But I spend a lot of time worrying about things and not worshipping. I spend a lot of time
calculating life but not worshipping. I do. I spend a lot of time talking about things but how
much worship is in our hearts and in our lives. How do you do it? I know you do it. You are here
tonight worshipping God, giving him your heart, your mind, your ears, paying attention and
listening to the Word of God. This is worship. This is also when sometimes you just are home
and you just surrender. You surrender all this stuff in life and you bring it before God and you
say, here. It’s all yours. I don’t care about it. I’m not worrying about it. It’s all yours. Take care of
it. I’m going to worship you cause you are my Father. You are the Good Shepherd. Cause you
are my God and you are awesome. I boast in you all the day long, Psalm 34:2.

Let’s repeat for a minute cause it’s so good. We have to stay here for a while. It says in vs. 23. I
want to say that is us. I think of the Bible as being the truth and the Spirit. They are together.
The Bible written by God. The truth of the Bible and the Spirit of God in the Bible and worship
God as God in Spirit and truth trusting in him. Vs. 24. You can’t package God. He is Spirit. He is
immense. He is everywhere. He knows all things. He is eternal. He is infinite. He is beyond us.
He is God and we worship Him in Spirit. He gave us his Spirit. We are like him. We are made in his image. We are worshippers of God. It’s a lost art in life. Even in the Christian life I think there
are people that maybe they struggle but have they found the Holy Spirit blessing of the
anointing. The anointing of waiting on God in prayer. The anointing in trust. The anointing in
taking up the cross. The Spirit of God in you worshipping.

One time I took my son. He was a little guy at the time. I have two of them as you know. I think I
did it with both of them. In the evening walking somewhere down the sidewalk or jogging or
something, we stopped. I go let’s get on our knees near the sidewalk and let’s just give up
everything. Give up everything to God. Lord, everything is yours. All my worries. All my cares.
All my problems. All my life. I give you my whole life. I trust you with all my heart and we
worship you. Just stay there for a little bit and surrender and really mean it in our hearts that
God is God and we are not God. We are not at the center. He is God.

If the Holy Spirit is in that kind of prayer, guess what? The Father seeks, he seeks such that
worship him. He enjoys it. He made us that way. Psalm 100, he made us to be worshippers. How
much are we worshipping God and putting him in his rightful place. How much are we relating
to God in everyday life. How much is our complaining versus our thanksgiving. How much is our
analysis versus our faith. How much is our personality versus the cross and total trust and
surrender in God. The Father seeks such that worship him. Isn’t that good?

Go to another place, Philippians 3:3. I’m saying these things for our instruction and encouragement. I
honestly believe this is very precious to us and chapter 3:3. “For we are the circumcision.” He’s
going to describe what that is. Is it not a circumcision of our flesh as the Jews but that which
makes us different are three things: 1. We worship God in the Spirit. 2. We rejoice in Christ
Jesus. 3. We have no confidence in the flesh. Would you memorize those three things. Why not
do it just now? Read it a few times and say it to your neighbor. Try to memorize vs. 3. Put it in
your heart.

We are the circumcision. Say it out loud with me. Which worship God in the Spirit. We worship
God in the Spirit. We worship God in the Spirit. We are the circumcision. We worship God in the
Spirit. 2. We rejoice. Big word. We love Jesus. We rejoice in Jesus Christ. Christ means a lot. I
asked a Jehovah Witness. I go, do you rejoice in Christ Jesus? They don’t rejoice in him. They do
not rejoice in him but we do. He is our God. We rejoice in Christ Jesus a lot. A lot.

3. Say it to your neighbor. Read it and say it to your neighbor. No confidence in our flesh. We
have no confidence in our flesh. You’re a pretty clever guy. Yes, I might be a clever guy
somebody could say but I don’t have any confidence in my flesh. You have a great personality.
Maybe. Maybe not. I don’t care. I have no confidence in my flesh. You got great resources. You
can pick up the phone and make a call and solve your problem. Yeoh, I could do that but I have
no confidence in the flesh. My flesh or anybody else’s flesh. God might do that and I might do
that but that is not where my confidence is.

I don’t have confidence in me solving my problems my way. I am different. We have a different kind of life. We have the cross life. The cross. Lastly, turn to Psalm 34. We can read vs. 1. The world cannot do this by the way, what we are speaking about tonight. The world does not know it. The world does not worship God. The world does
not know God. The world does not rejoice in Christ. The world has confidence in the flesh. The
world operates without God but not us. We are worshippers. We are worshippers. I wonder
how much of the blessing in your life has happened because you are a worshipper of God. I
wonder what God did for us because we are worshippers of God. I don’t know. I do not know.
We will know undoubtedly in heaven in some way.

But I believe God made us to be worshippers of God and we would have high regard on him.
High regard on him in the beginning of the day. High regard on him during the day. High regard
on him at night. High regard on him in the summer, in the winter, in youthful days and in old
age. We have high regard on God. We are worshippers of God. He is seeking this worship. We
have it. vs. 1. Psalm 34:1, How much? Continually. Always thankful. Always ready with a good
word. Always edifying sisters and brothers. Always understanding that God is present and he's
able. Not always understanding. Maybe quietly believing, quietly trusting. We are worshippers.
Vs. 2-3. I wonder how much we saw more clearly what God has done and who God is how much
we would be continually boasting in him and praising and relating to him in our hearts deep
inside. Even in our quietness just in our nature we are having high regard for God because God
put his Spirit in us. We are finding deep things in the Bible.

The Bible is speaking to us, encouraging us. We are going home at night saying thank you God. We are waking up in the morning thinking about him and how good he is to us. Just living our lives with this in the
background. Vs. 4. The anxiety that people have in life sometimes is very deep but it’s amazing
when you don’t have any anxiety. Imagine. No anxiety. No fear. You don’t worry about
anything. Can you imagine. How awesome that is. This is what he’s saying to us. This is really us.
I’m not saying we are perfect but I am saying there is something about church life and the
spiritual life and the life of truth that penetrates into our spirit and our worship of God where
he sets us free. We’re able to say these things. Vs. 5-8. You know if a man has an addiction
problem could start to hear from God and could get laser focused into listening, and become a
worshipper, I am convinced his habits will go away.

I believe if somebody has some vice, some addiction, some bad habit, some ugly thing that is in
his soul that troubles him, if he could be a listener and be a worshipper as he listens and get
focused in, that thing will be gone and he’ll find a new life and listen to one hour of doctrine a
day and become a student of the Bible. And be praising God and learning to sing the hymns and
learning to praise God and be edifying in his way of life and he will find that God will – it says
“they will look unto him and they were lightened and their faces were not ashamed.” Vs. 6-9.
Fearing him. Recently I had a little thing happen in my mind and in my heart and it was not
fearing God.

Not fearing God but some attitude of some kind, some pride or arrogance in my heart. Some attitude where I recognized it and I saw what it was. I said, O Lord, the proverb says to fear you all the time and that’s what I want in my life. So, I said a prayer. Lord, I never want to be like that. I want to fear you all my life. I want to have high respect for you and
believe your way is better than my way. It’s a simple prayer. It’s the same when a man has
temptations with some. Why not say a simple prayer. How about a man who has a problem
with coveting and maybe jealousy or any of these problems people have normally as human
beings. What about looking unto God in prayer? And worshipping him. They are gone. God
deals with it. God sets us free. God does not lead us into temptation. He leads us into a wide
open field, the land of the living. He does.

The last verse there, vs. 10. They will not lack anything. They’ll have everything they need. They
will have it all. I want to close by saying I honestly feel that worship is in some believer’s lives
lacking. They are not worshippers. They are complainers. They’re not worshippers. They are
theologians that study the theology but they are not worshippers. They are people that maybe
carry the Bible and are ready to police a group of people to make sure they don’t do anything
wrong but they are not worshippers. We come into a ministry where we learn to worship and
as we worship God speaks to us and helps us in life. We find connection with him. We are
edified, encouraged, enlightened and set free. Amen. Would you pray with me, please.

P. Steve Andrulonis –

Alright. Just a few words here to continue about worship and then P.
Mark is going to come up and lead us into our time of prayer and praise. So, just thinking just
how, how much confusion can be introduced into our system and where we bring ourselves
back to correction. We know we live in a world that is confused and cosmically chaotic because
of what Satan is doing.

We heard this morning the beginning of the book of Job. Satan is not a settled entity. He is
roaming to and fro and he is attempting to confuse every manner of thing. This is not a new
thing under the sun. This is something that has been progressively introduced throughout the
centuries and every now and then there is a time when there is trouble in nations and there is a
time when there is trouble in families, and then there is a time when there is trouble in the
worship center in the church. And how do we approach that? How do we face that?
1 Samuel in the beginning of it tells us. There was a certain man and he was a man of the hill
country of Ephraim and his name was Elkanah.

It says in 1 Samuel 1:3. Later on they tell us about these two guys. Hophni and Phinehas, they did not know the Lord. This is like these are your greeters at the church. You come to the church. There’s trouble in the family. I won’t go into all
of it. To think about there was a certain man and he worshipped and a certain man who
worshipped brought his family to the place of worship even though the guys who were in
charge of the place of worship weren’t the most – these guys were sons of Belial it says. These
two guys. And their father was sort of not a father who corrected them, but still it says this certain man took his family to worship, and in that family was a woman and that woman’s
name was Hannah.

We’ve heard the story talked to us before about how Hannah is in this place. She is pouring her
heart out to the Lord. She is in grief because she has no child. And her womb it says the Lord
made her womb barren. Why would the Lord make her womb barren? Well, it wasn’t going to
be barren forever. It was going to be used at the right time in the right situation and the right
time and the right situation with a certain man who was her husband is going to bring Hannah
to this place where she poured out her heart to the Lord, another kind of worship.

Have you grieved this way before the Lord? Have you grieved this way before the Lord? She
was seen by the man who was in charge of the temple. She was seen by him and he cast a
proud look at her a little bit. Why are you drunk woman? I’m not drunk. I am so grief stricken
because my womb is empty. Don’t look at me this way. He prayed for her. It says that the
certain man went home with this certain woman and they, she conceived. And that person we
know as Samuel. One certain man chose to do what God had called him to do which was to
worship. It’s like let’s not betray the forms, the traditions, the ordinances, whatever you – these
are not bad words if they are used in the context of what we have here.

Here we see that this center of worship is not operating correctly. It’s not operating properly,
but Elkanah says I still got to take my family up to the place and we got to worship. He didn’t’
know what was coming. He was thinking, Hannah, Hannah, I love you so much. Am I not better
than ten sons to you? And what was her response? No! So, this man believed God and
something amazing happened.

I’m going to come back to this story in a minute. I want to talk about another man. A man on an
island. We know this is John. We know that the Roman Empire is a wicked, culturally crazy time
also and John has been put on the island of Patmos and we read it in Revelation. He’s been put
there for his testimony and the Word of the Lord. But it says on a certain day he was in the
Spirit on the Lord’s day. So, I don’t have a church. What am I going to do? I’m on an island all by
myself. What’s going to happen to you? I’m going to kneel before the Lord. I’m going to
worship anyway. And before John knows it, John is seeing the Alpha to be Omega and God is
like revealing all manner of things to him.

And the first part of that is telling him you know what? I know you’re here. I know you’re a
pastor separated from all your flocks and those flocks though they are still there, some of them
have issues. Some of them have forgotten their first love. Some are letting this lady Jezebel
teach doctrine and strange things about sleeping with people. There are others being
persecuted by Satan’s seed. Some are faithful. Some are suffering. But there’s seven churches
and you are in charge of those churches. Those churches are still there and you’re still their
pastor even though you are separated by a body of water and stuck on this island, but I’m going to show you. The Spirit showed that there’s still something at work.

Then if you read through it and you get towards the end of the seven seals it’s amazing as John is seeing this. He’s all alone and he’s thinking about the seven churches and suddenly he’s standing, watching, standing,
watching an untold, uncountable number of people from every tribe, tongue and nation
uncountable singing to the glory of God. This is worship. We can be in a troubled situation but
we come to the place and we worship. WE can be stuck, separated and we come to God and
worship. Then God takes us places.

The last part I want to say here is look. Hannah in chapter 2 is pregnant. She has the baby. She’s
rejoicing. It’s really kind of interesting. This is in the English Standard version. It says my heart –
this is the beginning vs. 1-2. Vs. 1. Here’s the kicker. How do I deride my enemies? Because I
rejoice in your salvation. What’s the best way to get back at you enemies? To rejoice in your
salvation. That’s just the way it is. She sings a lot of other things here and prays a lot of other
things but this is what God has brought us into and given us these convictions.

If we operate in the space of these convictions following these convictions to be in a place of
worship, there’s no telling what God can do. What did John see? Everything. The Lamb.
Everything. I think there’s three visions of Jesus Christ there in all of his categories. It’s amazing.
All those beautiful, saved people rejoice in the Lord shaking heaven and pointing to the new
heavens and new earth. What happened here? Samuel was born and the nation of Israel was
transformed in a matter of years because of what Hannah and her husband, because they came
to worship at that time. So, let’s worship the Lord tonight. Let’s worship the Lord and believe
God for what he is going to do in our hearts. Amen.


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