Jealousy and narcissism can be healed if we will listen to Christ and take up the Cross. Devil wants to rob us of our power to choose. But God says, “Choose Me and My Cross and you will be made new in power and forgiveness and joy.” (Hebrews 11:23-25)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11747
6:30 PM on 9/8/2019

You Can Take Up the Cross

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller

Sermon 11747

6:30 PM on 9/8/2019


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Schaller – 

We are here tonight to praise Jesus Christ. Amen. Let’s talk about it. We are here to worship Jesus Christ, so let’s make a big thing about him. He is God, our God. Yes, God. prayer: we gather in your name, we want to hear from you, we want you to help us we want you to bless us. We’re not here pushing with our ego. We are here crucified and submitted and worshipping you in faith, we come to you by faith. It’s not our will, it’s your will.That’s what we love, How bout it? Let’s say it. Not my will but your will!

Not my glory but your glory. Not my way but your way. Not my words, your words. Amen? What can God do with us? We are God’s people. We are magnifying Jesus Christ. He is the way, the truth, the life, the rock, the door, the Shepherd, the Bright and Morning Star, He is God almighty,Yahweh Nisi: the Banner, the God, the Provider, wow,Father, our Healer.

 Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord. Fill us with your love, patience, wisdom.For some, we have a big week ahead of us, a big month,a big contest, a big challenge, a big temptation, big challenge, a great year ahead of us. When we think we will stand, we will fall. Our leaning is on you. (prayer: Bless our people, your people, our ways, Jesus, your way. Bless the missionaries abroad, the weak, the sick home watching this, pour your spirit on them and anoint them with your presence in their living room or bedroom where ever they are. Pour your blessing on our country and our leaders and pasters in our churches. We need help, we need help, we need Jesus Christ to be known amongst us all the time, for the Gospel to be preached everywhere, thank you God, our Bible College and everything we did do. In Jesus name amen). Have a good attitude. Say praise the Lord a few times. Halleluiah! Halleluiah! Give your neighbor a high five and a holy kiss. Bless the Lord! That was great. 

The Andrulonis family and Rob Smith and Pasha. I love this guy. Years ago, I was with you in your home country of Uzbekistan. Was it 25 years ago? 1999? Twenty. His dad and mom in Uzbekistan. What God has done in your life. And your wife is amazing. She’s better than you! She’s amazing.

 We had a beautiful morning here today. Can you help me out preaching tonight? I’ll tell you something and you talk a little bit and get the Holy Spirit juice going. The anointing of God. It’s in you and here in the assembly we are drinking the same spirit. 

I was with guys in my office tonight and we talked about jealousy. A young man brought this up. What would happen if a guy fell in love with a beautiful girl and he feels God told him that he’s going to marry her, and she marries his best friend. Take a minute and process that. A beautiful girl. “God said to me.” Like Pete Westera and Debbie. Pete says God told me and they live happily ever after. In that case, it turned out great and in this case a different story. The girl marries the guy’s best friend. I want this group to think about it.The old people over here are just falling asleep! 

Has that happened to anyone here in the room? Is it happening this very moment as I’m speaking? 

This morning we spoke about the forehead and in heaven the name of God is on our forehead. We spoke about the high priest in Moses’ day and they had a gold plaque with holiness to the Lord on the forehead of the high priest. We have two pictures. In heaven, the name of God on our forehead and on earth his will, his name would be on us. Why forehead? Our thoughts, identity, who we are, our value, the holiness of God crowned with honor from God. When Jesus said his high priestly prayer in John 17, he said, Father, glorify me with the glory I had with you before I came here.Give them this glory. 

We spoke about Uzziah the king who went in the temple in arrogance. As he went intothe temple, his heart was lifted up and it says leprosy came on his forehead. That happens to us. Leprosy comes in our mind. The leprosy representing self-life and sin. When a man’s girlfriend breaks his heart, it’s easy for him to think revenge or hurting someone or depression or withdrawal. The human race is filled with this kind of reaction. Jesus taught us we have to be more mature or deeper in life. We have to process these things. When we are hurt, we have to learn to walk with God. When we are disappointed, we have to learn this. Jesus said unto the disciples, if any man come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. Denying myself. 


When the woman leaves me and goes with my best friend, how do I get

adjusted? It may take me some time, but I have to process this. I could say maybe I got it wrong. Maybe I wasn’t right about it. Maybe it was just me, my emotions. I was attracted to this woman. Maybe it’s better she would never marry me. Maybe God is doing this. Maybe this is better. May God bless that woman and the guy, however it goes. Can you do that? 

The story can be told many ways. When things are stolen from us, like money, position. It can be told many ways like pain. Maybe the pain is good for me. Maybe my broken heart is good. Maybe I’m supposed to learn something and deny myself and take up the cross. God wants to put his name on my forehead. No, it’s there now. It is. I want to bring some duct tape tonight to put on the forehead.

 P.Renaldo said Hill Billy chrome! I think that’s the only thing someone will take out of themessage tonight! I’ve been studying about narcissism. I don’t want to concentrate too much on it. I’m fascinated by the subject. I have a list here. There’s two meanings. One is the more popular way that we throw the word around. Narcissistic. Coming from the Greek myth where Narsis, a young boy in the reflection in the water saw himself and was fascinated with himself. It’s also a personality disorder. It involves a disordered self-image. 

  • Emotions can be unstable and intense. 
  • Excess of concern with vanity, prestige, power, personal adequacy. 
  • There also tends to be a lack of empathy, 
  • an exaggerated sense of superiority.

 Sounds like fun. According to Psychology Today, 

  • frequent lies. 
  • They rarely admit flaws. 
  • Highly aggressive when criticized. 
  • False image,
  • rule breaking, 
  • emotional invalidation,
  • coercion and manipulation…
  • control of others as an extension of oneself. Long list. Lot of stuff there. I’m fascinated by it.

 I was talking to someone yesterday. I go, what is the answer to that? She’s a godly Christian. She told me about a case, and she said it can happen that a person can change completely through the cross. They said I saw it. I saw it happen. I saw a person with this problem, and I saw them change. I saw them mature. I saw them change from being totally occupied in their orientation with self-love and occupation with their life that they became a Spirit filled servant. Some of the characteristics are extreme feelings of jealousy. They expect special treatment. They exaggerate their talents and importance. They’re very sensitive. They have a tendency to be easily hurt and to feel rejected with little provocation. They have difficulty maintaining healthy relationships. They fantasize about their own intelligence, their own success, power and appearance. They have the ability to take advantage of others to achieve a goal without regret or conscience. Let’s close that right now! Let’s move on. 

What is on our forehead. Because of the new birth, I have all kinds of possibility to respondto Christ when I’m hurting. To deny myself and take up the cross. Listen to Jesus. He said, Jesus beholding him loved him. This is the rich young ruler. One thing you lack. Go your way, sell whatever you have for you shall have treasure in heaven. Come, take up the cross and follow me. I can’t imagine that. Yes, you can. Yes, you can. You can do that. Yes, you can. You can do that. No, I can’t. Yes, you can. You can do that. Absolutely. How? The Spirit of God is in the world. The Spirit anoints me and leads me to take up the cross. The Holy Spirit is dwelling in us to take up the cross and deny ourselves. That girlfriend disappointed me and broke my heart. I know. You hold onto that thing, like a car moving and hold onto the back bumper. Just hold tothe back bumper and that car will drag you through the street. Be sure to hold onto the backbumper and have a nice ride. Your jealousy will destroy you and the people around you.

Someone said, GK Chesterton, Satan’s fall from heaven – it’s not theologically correct – he said he fell from heaven by his own gravity. Wow. You know how people destroy themselves? By their own gravity. Their own sin takes them down. The name on their forehead is self. The name is my self-love. The whole hitting about me is my self-love. That will rip me up and tear me down and ruin my relationships. My jealousy is like venom out of my mouth. My judgments are strong and severe. I’m looking for revenge and I will get it. That’s self-life. I know we know the Bible verse, but I want to make a point. Jesus said There is no way you will ever know me except through the cross. You’ll never get over it except through the cross. You’ll go nowhere without the cross. If you don’t know about the cross, you are at Christianity 101. God bless you; we are with you. 

Unless you get beyond yourself and think about God and his ways, and deny yourself you won’t go anywhere with Jesus Christ in any meaningful way with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is saying take up the cross. I will fill you. You pray for that woman that married your best friend. You bless them. You forgive her and love her. I will pour my Spirit; my Holy Spirit will anoint you with fresh oil.

 Isn’t that the problem with our dead churches. What happened to the dead church? They got so wrapped up with themselves. It was all about the parking lot and the carpet and what you said to me and why is she in the kitchen all the time?? I’m the best cook in the church! Why are they always talking about missions??

The whole thing is supposed to be a lot deeper. Really deep. We could never do it. Where God brings us we could never do it on our own. God has plans for you, you could never get there by yourself. You never get to be where God wants you to be if you don’t have a cross in your life. You learn to forgive. You learn faith. 

Heb 11. P. Renaldo, I asked him we are doing a special thing for the rap tonight. He’s in charge. We’ll have a good time at the end of the service which will end pretty soon. I’m not in any hurry but really glad we are here tonight. If you hear the morning message on the forehead, it was touching me very much. 


Heb 11:23, denial. Moses, you’re with Pharaoh’s daughter. You have privilege. I don’t want it. Remember that French mystic Madame Guyon. She was a very attractive woman and men were attracted to her. She was a godly woman. She prayed God would change that and she got smallpox and her face got scared. 

There are things in life and very easy to interpret in the wrong way. Even good things. I’m the son of Pharaoh’s daughter. He’s not interested. Why? He found the cross. Sometimes when I see these missionary clips I know those countries and I sit there in my heart and I have such respect for these people when there is nothing going on and they are people of God and they live there. The foreign missionary goes there. They interpret life a different way. Not if my bed is soft but it’s God sent me. I’m on a mission. What’s the food like or maybe I will get sick. What is the transportation? I’ll never travel more than ten miles from here. Somehow they have something going on. 

Vs. 25. We enjoy sin. We do. We enjoy sin.But it ends. In the morning service, a man came to me and his son overdosed. He got into drugs and came back and yesterday he overdosed. He said let’s pray for him, so we had a prayer. I was thinking of drugs in this world are relentless. Many of them are so powerful. It takes one time and you are addicted. A good man and woman, beautiful people. Once and it’s over. I got to get it in my mind way before that thing is presented to me that I’m going to chose to suffer than enjoy the pleasure of sin for a season. 

Same thing with homosexuality by the way. 37,000 new cases of AIDS every year. They live a shorter life. It’s not a good lifestyle. I don’t care what you say or what is politically correct. I don’t know what you are talking about. I’m like a doctor telling people how you can get a disease. I’m a pastor telling people it’s a mine field out there. Unless you get a grip of the cross and realize what the cross is and find the joy of it and the healing of the cross. Here is a guy years later. His girlfriend is living happy ever after and he gets a glimpse of it. Thank you, Jesus. Bless them. The flesh doesn’t do that. The flesh puts curses. 

You can’t even look at Facebook without emotional contortion of jealousy and gymnastics and weird vain feelings. There is no cross in life. You bring your business to the cross. You bring your family and relationship. You never say any accusatory things to a sister or brother. You don’t mistreat each other or tear each other down because you have the cross in your life and learn to love. 

Vs. 25. Choosing Choosing Choosing Choosing Choosing Choosing Choosing ,rather to suffer. To forgive, to love, to bless. Choosing. That’s what we are doing. Choosing. We choose. We make choices. The devil wants to take choice away from you. He wants to take choice away. They don’t talk about it in the world. They like to take choice away and say you don’t have any choices. This is your life. Stay down there. Someone is down here and I’m a victim. I’m down here. I have no choice. I’m down. He’s telling me stay down here. Don’t even think about it. You got no choice. There is no way out. You quiet down. You are a nobody. You got nothing. Stay down there. Jesus says we chose to take up the cross. That’s the thing the devil doesn’t want us to discover. The cross. We take up the cross. We find the cross.

 God says to me, Tom, you got a future with me. I’m God. I’m God. I’m bigger than your life down there. I want you to choose. What? The cross. I want you to chose the cross. I want you to take up the cross and stop whining. Be Spirit- filled. Take up the cross and get up and get moving. I can’t. Why can’t you? Choose. It’s your choice. The devil says I have no choices. No choices where to go, where to live, who to marry. I’m a victim. God is saying you got one. You got me. Come to me. You got one good one. I am the way, the truth, and the life. Take up the cross. They said I’m a narcissist. Yeah, you are. I’ll fill you, teach you, build you up, put my name on your forehead. 

Vs. 26. The cross is the electric chair of the Roman Empire. Imagine having an electric chair around your neck as a piece of jewelry. The cross in the first century was shameful, a symbol of execution. What did he do to get up there? Can you imagine. We say it is the secret between me and God and he told me and he’s teaching me. I’m esteeming it very highly. It’s in my loneliness that I find companionship with God.

A lonely person should take up the cross and fellowship with God. A single person, an empty person, a rejected person, a person with a family that has been destroyed, a business lost or a disease. There is something here we need to learn and know. I’m saying it to myself too. It’s greater than the treasures of Egypt. King Tut was buried with tons of gold in his pyramid. In his burial tomb there is tons of gold. It’s in a museum. They brought them to Florida and showed the world what was in that Egyptian tomb. Moses could say all the treasures of Egypt are nothing compared to me choosing and finding Jesus Christ in my life. I esteemed the cross better riches…vs. 26-27. 

We need to stand up and not fear the wrath of the king. We need to stand up. Have this. Don’t come out of your hole. Stay down there. God is saying come. Now you stand. Who is Pharaoh. I got God with me. I don’t fear the wrath of the king. We are in a time in our lives when we need people that are able to stand up. Not out of their personality or courage but by their conviction and say I’m not afraid. I love you. I’m not afraid of you. I want to talk to you. I want to minister to you. You cheated me out of some money. I forgive you. I took up the cross and found forgiveness from God in my heart. I pray for you that you would stop stealing money from people.

 If you don’t, you have God to answer to. Don’t bring Christians to court but eat it in 1 Cor 6. I can’t eat it. It’s a great offense. In that case, he said to Corinthians why can’t you eat it and take it? It’s all passing anyway. We have something a lot greater. We have a relationship with God. We learn it and we grow in it. And we believe it. After a while, I let go of the car. It’s not dragging me anymore. I say God, I did it my way and I need your healing in my life. I forgive. God says forgive. That’s what I do. 

God says I forgive, love, give grace and invest in people. I care about people. I know they can change. I wouldn’t give my Son if I didn’t believe they could change. I didn’t send the Holy Spirit if I didn’t believe the Holy Spirit wouldn’t make this great thing happen. Moses, what is going on? It was a rough road all the way. It was amazing. I will do it again and again and again. I want to learn about God.

I want to find God and I found him. God has helped me and blessed me and used me and refreshed me and renewed me. Moses, aren’t you tired after millions of people not following and all the strife. He was fresh as a daisy at 120 years old. How did he stay so healthy. God is saying to us the stress you and I are under when we live with the self-life we are not made for. We are not made for stress in this world, for an unforgiving spirit. We are choking on our self-life. We have anxiety and fear and it drives people to terrible consequences because they don’t know the cross. We learn the cross and say simple prayers of faith and learn love and forgiveness and wisdom and we gain. Moses, how are you feeling? I could do it all over again. How could you say that? It wasn’t a big deal. God did it. Isaw God do it. Thank you, Lord.


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