Lambs in a Large Place

Much of life is lived by form. Rules and regulations are all about us. The other way is liberty. We take the narrow way through Christ to the largeness of life by grace. We come out of night into the day. He shall sanctify us wholly — spirit, soul, body. (Hosea 4:16; Matthew 12:1-4; 1 […]

Who is God to You?

We are people who can live by form. This the way of religion. The other way is to live by the Spirit. That way is one of relationship. His grace takes through Him to a large place. (Matthew 12) Speaker: Thomas Schaller Sermon 12703 Date: 2024-04-21 Time: Sun 9:00 am

Awake to Fight Evil

Soul of man can do much, but without Christ a man cannot minister. In Esther, King Ahasuerus had trouble leading and got bad counsel. He was soulish and asleep and agreed to a great evil. Esther came as beautiful queen and opened king to God’s mind under the guidance of Mordecai, her uncle. Spirit shows […]

Family Life and the Power of Church

Zaccheus was of small stature, like a child. And Jesus stopped for him. Our smallest ones need the sacredness of church life to help them. There’s work and leading to do to establish people in lives of faith. (Luke 19:1) Speaker: Thomas Schaller Sermon 12701 Date: 2024-04-14 Time: Sun 6:30 pm P. Roger Robbins – […]

Clarity, the Word and Worship

Religion saves none. We all need the Savior. Jesus makes this clear. He declares that He came from the Father above. By His Word, the Son makes us free. We are in Him and shall not die in our sins as the lost do. (John 7:52; John 8:23-59) Speaker: Thomas Schaller Sermon 12700 Date: 2024-04-14 […]