Service to the Enemy

Probably the most discouraging thing for God's people throughout the history of God dealing with men and women through redemption is when Christ had to allow His people to serve their enemies. He intended for them to be the head and not the tail. He intended for them to prosper in all things and be in good health. That was His will with sovereignty having the right to execute differently for His glory.

We have many enemies of fear, discouragement, bitterness, criticism, etc. If we give up the heritage God has given us and turn and forsake it, then the Lord causes us to serve our enemies. We choose not to overcome our enemies with Romans 12:20. We choose to accept the stimuli of our enemies and discontinue in the joy of grace, thereby serving our enemies instead of living in grace. Maybe you do not intend to be defeated, but when you think in terms of defeat, then you begin to serve the enemy that defeats you. A believer does not have to serve the projections of the enemy or line up with the initiations of Hell. That stimuli has no dominion over our minds or authority over our souls or power over our bodies.

Live with life from above instead of life from below. Live a life hid in Christ instead of a life hid in Adam. Live with divine resources instead of what the flesh and the devil have endorsed. Cast your bread upon the waters (Ecclesiastes 11:1) and share life because you are living in the victorious Headship of His divine resource.

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