Set Apart for Christ

"Sanctify" means to set apart, to make holy. When a person, place, or thing is sanctified, it becomes completely dedicated to God, for His purpose alone. God takes what is His and makes it holy. Our sanctified faith pleases God. When we come to Him and believe that He is, He is greatly honored by our faith. Without faith, we cannot please Him (Hebrews 11:6).

Every one of us has a calling. Certainly, we can "adjust" and become successful in the eyes of men anywhere in life. We can win souls anywhere. We can love God anywhere. We can be effective anywhere, and God will bless us if we are right with Him.

But we must remember that our calling is holy and heavenly. It is very crucial that we understand the sovereign, operational, geographical, and permissive will of God. God uses us according to our calling in dedication to His service.

We become mature as we learn to set apart our lives unto God. By praying as we begin the day or saying grace before we eat, whatever the task, no matter how insignificant, those are opportunities to sanctify details to God for His keeping.

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