Sovereign Suffering

Do we blame others for what, to God, is simply the absolute sovereignty of His plan? If we are occupied in our evaluation with the assumed fault of another, we will never be able to identify with his need. It was God’s sovereign will to have Joseph sold by his brothers in Genesis 37. Many people would look at that situation and completely miss the sovereignty of God. Without the acceptance of sovereignty, we cannot enter into the purpose of the plan which was to reveal the heart of God in compassion and love. How many people would be occupied with accusing the brothers for their apparent wrongdoing and never identify with them to be the provision for their need?

A person cannot help another person unless he can identify with him. Thousands cannot identify with others because they do not see the sovereignty of God in the plan. Joseph knew that what looked to be like a curse was only the beginning of an coming blessing. He included himself in the truth that all things are of God and all things work together for good (Romans 8:28; 2 Corinthians 5:18).

Though he suffered in Egypt, he was raised up. As a man suffers in humility, so will he be given authority to reign by love. The measure he suffers will be the measure of his authority. You only reign effectively because you suffer relevantly, in a mind that is Christ’s.

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