Spiritual Priorities

It is so important to have proper priorities. I know men and women who have good priorities, but they do not have divine priorities. Though the things we esteem as important may not be bad, they still may not be God's priorities. Unless we take a definite stand on the issues that concern the Lord, we will be middle-ofthe- road Christians who have not made a choice to stand with the Lord.

Much shame and reproach has been brought on Christ because of leaders who entertain soul-power attachments mentally, emotionally, and, sometimes, physically. They enter into areas of sin because they have never chosen to be on the Lord's side in their thinking. Years of service, teaching, and ministering can go down the drain simply because people have not made it a priority to stay on the Lord's side.

Make sure that no matter what happens, you will be on the Lord's side. If division comes in the ministry, whose side are you going to be on? Will you stand with the "friend" you go out to eat with every week but whose heart is secretly divided? Or, will you stand on the Lord's side?

Tests will come into your life to clearly reveal which side you are on.

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