Staggering in an Old Economy

What is the conscience? And what causes people to stagger in dead works rather than to serve the Living God with life and in Life? The conscience is an indicator of right and wrong, so you do one to prevent the other. But when the conscience is seared by environment, heredity, and religion, the conscience is no longer sure of its own indicating measurements. It still holds what power God gave it, and it can get through to grace, though deterred by other forces.

So the person joins a church. But in this church he finds no revelation, visitation of mercy, or manifestation of grace. The conscience becomes religious and may be good, but through the letter of the Law, which is Tree of Knowledge goodness. There is no grace and no visitation of mercy but only a conscience by law of God. People under this inherit a conscience according to the law. They are religiously oriented but not regenerated. A law of God from the Bible takes over for grace, and Moses becomes a substitute for Christ ( John 1:17). The conscience bows down to Moses, and we live as good as we can but not as good as He is. People then live in the conscience they have been taught through heredity, environment, and religion. They let that conscience be their guide instead of the revelation of love and grace.

Do not let good and evil be your indicators, leaving you void of the Word of God, which is the conviction of truth in a conscience of communion.

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