Standing Firm in the Call

I have to abide in my calling-not in what someone wants me to do for my calling. I must abide in my calling. Did God tell me to go to Bible college? If the answer is "yes," then should I let anyone take away that calling? No. That would be sentimentality and compromise.

Abide in the calling wherein you are called. A call means that you are separated unto categories of eternal life as your vocation. God can make divine arrangements around your call so that you don't have to leave it. If the Word abides in you, and you abide in the Word, then your needs will be fulfilled so you can honor your call.

If you face opposition-and you will-let your responses be seasoned with the life of Christ and have compassion. Don't fear division. The division is already there because you have chosen to be separated unto the purpose of God. Stand firm in your call and you will honor God. Stand for Truth and let Truth set people free.

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