Stewards of Grace

God’s grace is not dependent upon us; grace depends upon the Giver, never upon the receiver! Since Christ received us when we were still sinners (2), we should, therefore, receive one another (3).

We minister to the needs of others through the Word of God, with a redemptive spirit and the ministry of reconciliation. We give grace and edify others (4). As a result, believers enjoy oneness with the Body of Christ. Then, we are not divisive, negative, selfish, greedy, unkind, hateful, cruel, indifferent, or reactionary. We are thoroughly motivated by His love and the consciousness of truth. Vision, prayer, a heart attitude of love, tears, compassion, goals, desires, delight, and purpose are realized when a local assembly magnifies Christ in the spirit of unity.

Every Christian must esteem others more highly than himself. Applying this principle does not mean that a believer views himself as having less value to God, but rather he honors another’s privacy. Therefore, our attitude is, “I esteem your freedom and privacy. I must protect your rights as a believer-priest, and minister the provision of grace which allows you to stand or fall before God without my interference.” We are to value the individual calling of each member in the Body of Christ, for it is “fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth” (Ephesians 4:16a).

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