Stolen from the Purpose

God has given us many beautiful things. These things are given to honor God through us, and so that we can use them to become like Him, but Satan, in his counterfeit, reactionary attitude, wants to rob us of the true purposes of God ( John 10:10). The devil wants that which God has given to be elevated in position above God so that no longer will it be in submission to the Life of God that it may be used to honor God. Satan causes these things to operate in themselves, corrupting and perverting the true, holy intentions of God.

God has given marriage to be servant and not master. Many times, though, people fall into human love and then because of insecurities, frustrations, and problems, the very thing given in Christ to serve them becomes their master. What God wanted to use to work grace in their emotions, to work unconditional love in their hearts, to work the Cross in their lives, to work the Word of life in their minds, to bring health in their countenance, and to establish His plan as their purpose, was the marriage.

God wants to use marriage as a servant to work God in, thereby fulfilling the purpose of all God gives. But what happens is that one or both marriage partners refuse to be crucified and the marriage becomes master. Jesus, a personal cross, and a personal relationship with the power of the Spirit, is overridden by a natural marriage that will end up in its own consequences, stolen from God’s true and original purpose.

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