Storehouse of Truth

The devil can defeat us with the knowledge of truth. When the objective mind states how things should be and the subjective mind wars against it, saying it has no provision to make it that way, we have the ability of knowledge, but our minds are not made available to the Spirit by faith. We hear messages with half of our mind. The more we know, the more we go into mental frenzy. Our mind is divided by what we know we should be and what we really are. We understand the complexities of failure. This then, makes a believer feel guilty. He has allowed knowledge to stand alone, without the provision found in the life of God’s Spirit. The believer has no grace to recognize the truth presented to him in victory.

One’s attitude may be right toward his state of being and he may hate the defeat of his life; however, a mere attitude toward a condition will not change the condition. Only action in faith can bring attributes that are divinely charged to dispel defeat. If you live in attributes that turn you toward God, you will be changed into His image.

Let the Word of God set you apart from defeat. Many people condition their natural minds to know what they should be as Christians. These people become frustrated over what they are without the mind of God. Let God’s mind be in you. That is the provision that repudiates the devil. No matter how the devil accuses you, the storehouse of truth in your subjective mind is committed to reveal its victory.

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