Streamlined Discipleship

Instead of listening for the words, “Forsake all you have or you cannot be My disciple,” many people want discipleship language streamlined where they can accept it on the basis of common sense. They want to have everything that Adam wants and yet in themselves try to do all that God requires. It is a comfortable Christianity that does not have a mind to suffer. People say they suffer and label it to be so. But, in actuality, it is only that they are suffering from what they reap in their flesh.

What is biblical discipleship as illustrated in the Word of God? The Apostle John endured a season of incarceration on the Isle of Patmos. Jesus called disciples, and they all ended up martyred with the exception of John. Jesus dispelled any thought of ease. It certainly does not make sense, but it is this kind of identification that will make it in the future. Satan wants man to tone it all down to appease the lusts of men. The devil wants to make sure you have security in the temporal so that you will not please God in the spiritual.

How popular was Jesus when He so clearly made the claims of discipleship? How popular will preachers and individuals be when they arm themselves with the same mind? People react to, resent, and attack discipleship as fanatical. Why? Because they are so conditioned to be carnal that the Cross cannot even be mentioned without eliciting a reaction from them. But it will be mentioned, and for some it won’t be comfortable. Result: John 6:66.

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