Stronger than the Devil at Your Weakest Point

When we are tempted in a situation, do we live by the dictates of the air or by the Spirit-quickened Word that proceeds from the mouth of God? Jesus Christ was not forced to battle when tempted by the devil (Matthew 4). He was sensitive to a voice that had declared its victory over the prince of this world. Jesus did not even enter into battle, for the prince of this world has nothing to do with Him. The devil earns no recognition from a Christ Who is familiar only with His Father.

Christ gave the devil the substance of divinity against his projection. Christ did not even live in His own purposes or power but in the Father’s protected victory. We do not have to keep our victory, for it is kept by an eternal, unchanging faith that works by love. The Father’s purpose, plan, provision, and power is Christ’s substance. Christ did not rationalize how to handle Satan. He did not go through analysis to find out where He was in relation to the temptations.

Jesus walked as a son under the guidance of His Father. He set aside His divinity and lived in His humanity to experience trust in the Father’s life. He thought the Father’s Word and quoted the Father’s thoughts. He communicated Words the Father said and the Word produced substance. He gave Satan the substance of God’s strength. Christ’s weakest point of humanity was stronger than Satan at his strongest moment, because of the substance of the Word.

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