Substance that Produces Action

Jesus called Peter in Galilee. Peter walked with Jesus from that time forward. Peter saw the small portions of bread and fish feed the hungry multitudes. Peter saw his mother-in-law healed, the lepers healed, people delivered from devil possession, and the dead raised back to life. Peter did much with Jesus and yet Peter still did not know Him, with the exception of his famous revelation and declaration in Matthew 16:16-17. It wasn't until Luke 22:61 that Peter truly saw the amazing love that Jesus had for him. Never had Peter denied Christ before this. They had done much together. Peter had the privilege of witnessing and observing the words and actions of Jesus, among the disciples and among the multitudes.

After Peter had denied Christ three times, we have the record of Jesus looking upon Peter. When Jesus looked at Peter we do not see the angry rebuke that discredits Peter. Neither do we see a display of flesh that demands from Peter reconciliation, retribution, or something done or given for making amends. We see a personal Christ.

The Life of Christ goes beyond action into substance. That substance produces action. Jesus came to love, to show His love, and to be loved. He looked at Peter with His whole heart and communicated this message, "You are hurting My love." Jesus would not speak words of rebuke but looked with His eyes, and Peter wept bitterly.

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