Suffering of Fallen Design

Some people suffer because of their situation. Others may suffer because of temptation and the negative onslaught of the enemy. These people do not have the mind or the mood of God to live in that Christ may be presented in conviction. They take on a reactionary mood toward that which they dislike, but it leaves them frustrated, without peace and void of experiential life. If we knew Christ in the reality of our personality, we would see that this suffering has no real purpose. People suffer in their own personality and then situations bring reality to that suffering personality. The problem is that though many things were taken to Calvary, they forgot to take their own make-up to the Cross. Our design and make-up was, of course, given to us by God; but because of the Fall, it has entered into human depravation and the effects of a lost man.

Without a personality exchange, meaning a cleansing in the reality of God’s personality, a person is left with the scar tissue of years of life without the covering of God upon his mind and emotions. Perhaps in childhood the person was rejected, impoverished, rebellious, or proud. He carries that personality into the Christian faith. The person lives in a humanly depraved personality, never experiencing the eternal purpose of God to glorify Himself through his particular design. This person never took a trip to Calvary with his personality, so the person lives without the reality of God in every expression of his person.

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