Take God Into It

If you seek, you still will die. You are living in the provision of what you went after. But if you eat from Jesus Christ, you will never die because He is eternal. If you have a weakness and it has not been rooted out, then what is the result when it is pointed out to you? Usually you would get embarrassed, hurt, wounded, and then condemned because of comparison, until finally you end up seeking something to correct it. The solution is not seeking for correction, but the solution is receiving revelation. Have it rooted out by Calvary and then eat from God, and you will have life forevermore in that area of need. You will not have to seek after corrective provision, but you will feed on eternal life that will sustain you in every step of your need as God’s own substance for provision in life.

God does not send things to bless you; He came to bless you. He does not give material things to bless you. He is the very substance that makes you blessed. God does not want us to try to get our situation changed so we can be blessed. He wants us to take Him into our situation so He can bless us while the situation goes on. We do not try to escape from the furnace to escape the fire, but we let God be in the furnace with us while the fire rages seven times hotter.

The Lord wants to be between us and our situation, just as He was between the fire and the three Hebrew boys in order that they might not be burned.

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