Take the Shield of Faith

The Christian who is not experiencing the law of faith is living in the law of fear described in Job 3:25-26. He must have the attitude of “As it is written, so it shall be. I know it will be as God said.” Any area of his life where faith, through the grace of God with confidence in Jesus Christ is not functioning, fear will take over.

Many believers unknowingly live in the law of fear because they do not define it. They do not necessarily feel it, but if they do not believe with the right quality of faith in Christ, it is possible for anxiety to produce fear in their hearts. It leaves one intellectualizing truth rather than internalizing it. He may hear messages, but he fails to appropriate the Word in practicality. There are many Christians who do not live in overt sin, but live in the law of fear. They can overcome this by trusting Christ according to categorical doctrine. Living by every Word of God (3) creates a shield to keep out fear!

Realize this: Life is made up of moments which reveal in whom we trust. Every situation we face today will expose our frame of reference, whether it is the cross of Calvary or self-orientation.

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