Taking on an Image

Every day I live I want to be as sweet as God will let me be, but as hard against the devil as necessary. Know what mood to live in because of the actual need of truth in every situation. Dare to believe God and to step out and challenge. Know that you are weak, but that you received God’s ministry because your weakness made itself available for God’s strength.

We do not come to God because we are educated or because we are of good speech. We do not come because of any attribute of our own. We come because God called us. We grow with our heart becoming softer. We want the Word to keep us soft, tender, and kind, as we live in truth with conviction, sure direction, and a single eye. Do not lose your first love. Do not allow your lack of convenience to take away your spiritual comfort. Do not allow your schedule to take away your appointments with God. Do not allow misunderstanding to harden your heart, but only to make you humble in a ministry of reconciliation toward others. Pharaoh had subjective reservations about God, and it showed up. What you reserve subjectively against objective truth as it is revealed in life will display itself as a testimony, and your countenance will testify against you (Isaiah 3:9). As a man thinketh, so is he (Proverbs 23:7). What a man thinks against truth is what he is in experience. You will reap what you have sown in your thoughts.

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