Tears In a Bottle

In Luke 19:41, Jesus Christ is approaching Jerusalem in the last days of his earthly ministry. The Scripture records that He “wept” (klaio in the Greek), meaning not only that He shed tears, but that He had a visible display of grief. Not emotionalism or sentimentality, but unconditional love for a people who had ears to hear, but would not, and eyes to see, but were blinded to the truth that could set them free.

A wife weeps with Christ for a husband who will not respond to the truth that could set him free. A husband weeps with Christ as he considers the responsibility of bringing a family up with doctrine. A pastor is found weeping with Christ as he prays over members of his congregation who are negative toward doctrine, fellowship and prayer, the very things that make for peace, joy, and contentment.

Do not run from tears, but learn to experience God’s emotions in them. Remember, “Thou tellest my wanderings: put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book?” (Psalm 56:8).

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