Terrible, Yet Beautiful

We have been called into a life of love, to live in the Holy of Holies where all is sacred. It is the place where God fellowships with His saints in a seated position of rest. It is the place where the issue of sin has been settled and no longer exists. The only issue is love, the love between the Bride and her Lord. The fellowship contains all the dynamics and expression of the revelation of Christ to the world. It is the place where the Lord beholds the Bride in all her spotless beauty.

The Lord describes the Bride with perfect spiritual detail as He beholds her closely in their fellowship. To Him, she is as beautiful as Tirzan, the residential palace of the king. She is as comely as Jerusalem, the center of all activities. And she is as terrible as an army with banners, meaning she is twofold. To the Lord, she is as beautiful as the palace where the King lives all the time, filled with nothing but that which is priceless. She is the center of all His activity as His entire love, desire, and devotion is toward her. But, she is as terrible as an army with banners. She is beautiful before the Lord, because she is within the veil before the eyes of God without the flesh, and she is terrible to the spiritual enemies in the atmosphere because they cannot move her or charge her with accusation, condemnation, and sin. She has no need for weapons of warfare. Her victory banner spells out unconditional love, the only issue in a finished triumph.

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