Thank God for Ephesus

How many people sing and praise God for their location in Christ, and yet they dislike their Ephesus? They can never be faithful in their experience with Christ if they go against the will of God in their Ephesus. The will of God is that we be at our Ephesus. God’s provision is that we be in Christ Jesus, therefore making it our privilege to be faithful.

To the saint who is unhappy in his present circumstance geographically, I ask, “Do you know you are in Christ Jesus?”

“No,” you say. “I only know I am in Ephesus. It is great to be in Christ, but not so great to be in Ephesus. It is fun to sing songs about Zion, but not so much fun to be in Ephesus. It is one thing to be a saint, but who wants to be at Ephesus.”

How many hours do we spend disliking our Ephesus? The result of our dislike is our non-acceptance of the will of God. Going up Golgotha’s hill was Ephesus for Jesus. Anything other than Golgotha at that point for Jesus Christ in human history would have been outside the will of God. There is no reason for me to evaluate my Ephesus. It is where I am in the will of God. To resist it is to take my human will and frail mind and challenge the sovereign plan of God’s will.

Here I am at Ephesus, located in a particular location in God’s plan, so that God can use the location to bless me and to share my life with those at Ephesus.

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