That I Might Self Not

The Holy Spirit brings to remembrance the hidden Word to reveal a Glorified Christ. To God’s glory, Christ is revealed and for my benefit I am kept from temptation. I receive the Word through meekness that I might not sin against God. The Word is a provision for the Spirit to use to keep me in life from the actual result of temptation-sin. If I receive the Word in meekness by transferring my rights in Adam through the Cross, the Word I receive, though I may not understand or comprehend all I have received, becomes my personal property so that I will not fall into sin.

So many people receive the Word of God as the word of men. In doing so, they feel they have a right to evaluate the message, injecting their own thoughts and feelings as to how the subject should apply to their lives. They do not receive the Word in meekness and therefore they are left without an experiential victory, and they wonder why. People would rather follow their own Adam and reserve their rights than to follow God’s men and hear God speak by grace. They miss out on the constant impartation of a sound and single mind. People would rather be double-minded and allow their faculties to work in terms of their own self-rights than to be under the living authority of God’s Word, God’s man, God’s Body, and God’s Son through the Cross.

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