The Absolutes of Eternity

Heaven is an absolute. Thank God, the only death for the believer is physical death (2 Corinthians 5:8). Hell is also absolute. What motivates us in the love of God are these absolutes.

Don't deviate from the absolutes. Let's enjoy the rich blessings we have. Every Word of God is pure. We have an absolute faith and an absolute prayer. We can think absolutely through grace, mercy, and love; and we can enjoy absolute victories as overcomers with a foundation from God.

If you seem to be in the worst state that anyone could be in, don't give up. You are just as precious to God as the most spiritual person on earth. Don't give up because of failure. You are so precious to the Father. This is absolutely true. God's love for us is permanent, unconditional, and unchanging.

You may be struggling and fighting some battles. Let the Body of Christ fight them with you. Let others pray with you, love you, and help you. Receive these absolutes from God and be built up by them as you continue to build on an absolutely sure foundation.

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