The Bishop of Our Soul

When a person is saved, the Holy Spirit dwells within him, and it is possible for Jesus to pastor his soul. The still, small voice we hear is Jesus' voice. Inside our soul is the Great Bishop. Our pastor and our friends can't be everywhere we go, but the Great Bishop is, and He wants to counsel us.

King David had lost just about everything he could lose. Out in the Judean hills, he was fighting a war against his son, Absalom. With his army outnumbered, David didn't expect to return from the hills. He believed he would be defeated-that he would never again hold out his scepter or wear the armor of a king.

What was David to do now? He had made mistakes, but he had been used of God mightily. He went off by himself, telling his six hundred men that he needed to be alone with God. Then, David declared, "The Lord is continually shepherding me, and I shall not want." David didn't know how it would go with Absalom, but he did know that inside his soul was the Great Bishop.

The Great Bishop has vowed never to leave nor forsake us. The Great Bishop has promised that He will never let us hit the bottom. Underneath us are His everlasting arms (Deuteronomy 33:27).

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